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Nintendogs/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Nintendogs.

Unused Item Icons

Nintendogs-icnToyMonkey.png Nintendogs-Towel.png Nintendogs-icon dummy.png
Three unused icons showing removed items can be found. These are labeled icnToyMonkey, Towel and icon_dummy, respectively.

Early Graphics

Nintendogs opening u.png

Present in Scene/gametitle. An early version of the logo. The kanji transfers to "working title".

Early/Debug Font

Nintendogs debugFont.png

Present in /root/Kernel/dbgfont.ncgr/.

Early Clock

Nintendogs earlyClock.png

Present in /root/Scene/objtest.narc/ and /root/Scene/ogtest.narc/. An early version of a clock design that never made it to the final game. Interestingly, there is a third handle which likely represented seconds as seen in pre-release material.

Early Walk

Nintendogs earlyWalk.png

Present in /root/Items/TestWalk.narc. A very early version of the walk map, which almost seems like a rough draft. Parks weren't present, and the roads seemed to have gone through them. A building on the map resembling the icon of the Interior Decorator can be seen, which may have been enter-able like the Discount Shops.

Hidden Walk Icons

Nintendogs unusedWalkIcons.png

While these aren't actually unused (they mark the positions of trash, dogs, items, and warps {parks, shops, etc.}), they aren't visible in-game.

Placeholder Dog Icon

Nintendogs placeholderDogIcon.png


An early version of Bgl_a.nce.bncd, Beagle's icon for Variant 1, used by unused dog breeds and missing variants. It can be seen on early screenshots.

Unused Title Screens

Nintendogs untitle1.png
Nintendogs untitle2.png
Nintendogs untitle3.png
Three, to be precise, representing different versions. All of them are the same, but with a different palette. The early logo can actually be seen in a Japanese trailer.

Nintendogs untitle4.png
Only used in Best Friends, but left unused in the other versions. It was replaced with the Dalmatian title screen in Dalmatian & Friends.

Early Menus

Main Menu - Home

Nintendogs earlyMenu1.png Nintendogs earlyMenu2.png

Park HUD

Nintendogs earlyMenuPark.png

Clock HUD

Nintendogs earlyMenuClock.png

Present in a NARC called cns_clock, the file doesn't have a palette.


Nintendogs earlyMenu3.png Nintendogs earlyMenu4.png

More buttons available in the item menu. The menu for clocks isn't found there. Interestingly, two more buttons called Letter and Design were added. It looks impossible to exit the menu because the Exit button is missing.

Inventory Goods

Nintendogs earlyMenuItem2.png

An alternate version of the final Item menu. The banner and name is different, and the paw's textures are unused.


Nintendogs earlyMenu5.png

A menu called "Move Menu", purpose unknown.