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Nintendogs/Unused Models

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This is a sub-page of Nintendogs.

Placeholder Dog

Nintendogs model3.png
A copy of bgl_a.nsbmd. Found in many /root/DogArc/---_-.narc/ files. An earlier version of the Beagle breed used for dogs that have not had a model created for them yet.


Nintendogs Dice (Cube)

Nintendogs item2.png Nintendogs item2 tex.png

Present in /root/Items/Cube.narc/, only its model and texture remains.

Dot Collar / Placeholder Collar (S_Coller_S / S_Coller_T)

Nintendogs item4.png Nintendogs item4 tex.png

Two copies of the Dot Collar, while their overworld models are copies of the Japanese-Print Collar.

Green Pearl Ribbon / Placeholder Ribbon (S_Ribbon_K)

Nintendogs item6.png Nintendogs item6 tex.png

A copy of the Green Pearl Ribbon which is used as a placeholder as well.

Jukebox (s_record)

Nintendogs itemJukeBox.png

The final game uses 2D graphics instead of a model.

Cyan Music Box (Mbox_d)

Nintendogs item1.png Nintendogs item1 tex.png

Present in /root/Items/Mbox_d.narc/. It's unknown what song it could have played.

Modern Clock (S_clock_a)

Nintendogs item5.png Nintendogs item5 tex.png

A placeholder model for the modern clock. It uses the Tennisball files.



Nintendogs model1.png
A sphere, present in /root/Debug/col_a.nsbmd/.


Nintendogs model2.png
A cube, present in /root/Debug/col_b.nsbmd/.