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Normality/Unused Textures

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This is a sub-page of Normality.

Normality is one of the most richly-textured early-to-mid-90s Doom-style 3D games. As you'd expect, there's a couple of extra little things that fell by the wayside during development.

Interestingly, all textures in the game not only have a name, but also a description, likely as reminder for the level designers for where they were supposed to go. These descriptions can often give a good hint for what the unused textures were designed for.

To do:
Add everything else. There's quite a lot.


There's a texture here for visible radio waves that were supposed to come out of the gizmo. This texture is also found in the Plush-Rest Reception area.

Normality - Unused Texture (GIZRAY).gif
Gizmo rays


The landing with the sinister robot just outside of Kent's front door has an unused texture for a fire door.

Normality - Unused Texture (FIREDOOR).png
fire door

There's an unused line of text where Kent seems to be describing it:

This door is rusted in place.

Plush-Rest Factory


The factory interior textures include an unused version of the belt from the ducts, probably an older version. You were possibly originally meant to find the belt in the main factory area.

Factory (Unused) Duct
Normality - Unused Texture (BELT3-factory).png
Belt on floor
Normality - Unused Texture (BELT3-ducts).png
Belt in duct

Paul Nystalux Portrait

The Paul Nystalux portrait in Tiddler's office has an earlier version hidden in the files for the ducts map. You can only see a tiny little piece of Tiddler's office from inside the ducts, so this is not visible from your vantage point.

Unused Used
The only way this would be more obvious is if his name was Lou Siffer. He's nice, you can trust him!

Although the unused texture is never visible, the old portrait does appear in a very short cutscene in which Kent steals the debris from the alarmed case:

Normality - Old Paul Portrait in GDV.png


There are two unused textures for a safety barrier.

Normality - Unused Texture (BARRIER1).png
Front of Safety barrier
Normality - Unused Texture (BARRIER2).png
Side of Safety barrier

The rusty spot on the top of the container has an alternate version with a hole in it.

Normality - Unused Texture (CONTRUST).png
Container rusty water
Normality - Unused Texture (CONTRST2).png
Container rusty hole

There are voice lines present of Kent talking about how the rusty patch collapses inward to make a hole. There's no way to actually do this in-game, though.

LookThere's a little puddle of rain water in the middle of the rusty patch. Oops, it's collapsed inside!
LookI made a little hole in the container. There's a strong chemical smell coming up from inside.

M.I.N.T. Mall

One of the CD racks has an alternate texture with one of the CDs taken. In the final version you take a CD from the special offer section, so this alternate texture is never seen.

Regular Shelf Clap CD Taken
Normality - Unused Texture (CDRACK1).png
CD shelf1
Normality - Unused Texture (CDRACK1B).png
CD shelf1 no clap CD

Also, apparently Brian was supposed to have a mug. It's nowhere to be found, though, and doesn't get reused anywhere else in the game.

Normality - Unused Texture (BRIMUG).png
Brians mug

TV Station

The edges of the texture are just barely visible behind the scenery.

Although all textures are technically used in the map, these two textures of a skyline cannot be seen since they're right behind the scenery on the set.

Normality - Unused Texture (BACKDRP1).png
Dodgy scene half1
Normality - Unused Texture (BACKDRP2).png
Dodgy scene half2

Ordinary Outpost


The position of the calendar.

There's a sexy calendar behind the whiteboard containing evidence of your crimes.

Again this is technically not an unused texture, but it's very difficult to see in-game due to its placement.

Normality - Unused Texture (BAKBOARD).png
Back of b.board

On another note, the whiteboard is called a blackboard in all related texture descriptions, indicating it might originally have been that before being changed.


The prison mostly has textures that appear to have been replaced by cutscenes in the final version of the game.

The orifice that takes you to the mood filter has an "open" position for the capsule to fit through. This is never used, as the capsule only comes and goes during cutscenes.

Normality - Unused Texture (FLORIRIS).png
Normality - Unused Texture (FLRIRIS2).png
Iris on floor open

The following textures were likely meant for when the cell gets flooded with gravy. In the final version, this is displayed in a cutscene instead, and you're returned to a cleaned up cell afterwards.

Normality - Unused Texture (FOODIRIS).png
Food iris
Normality - Unused Texture (FLRIRIS3).png
Splosh Iris closed
Normality - Unused Texture (FLRIRIS4).png
Splosh Iris open
Normality - Unused Texture (MATFRNT3).png
Front Food splat!
Normality - Unused Texture (WALL8A).png
Dispenser slop wall
Normality - Unused Texture (GRAVY).png
Gravy puddle

The book that Kent uses to smash a hidden camera in the prison guard version of the section has two extra textures. Again, an action that's only shown as a cutscene in-game, so only a closed book texture is ever seen.

Normality - Unused Texture (BOOK2).png
Ledger open
Normality - Unused Texture (BOOK3).png
Ledger open with bug

There's also this texture that was evidently meant for the food tray in the Norm staff room (which we know thanks to the internal description). The food station can't be used in any way other than to destroy the bugs.

Normality - Unused Texture (SPLAT).png
Splat food on norm tray

TV shop

The storage area in-game.

The storage area inside the TV shop is actually partially textured, even though it's inaccessible and the only way to ever see it is by clipping out of bounds. Even the parts that are textured look somewhat unfinished.

Normality - Unused Texture (STORWAL1).png
Storwall 1
Normality - Unused Texture (STORWAL2).png
Storwall 2

It's possible you were meant to go in here at some point, especially since the room includes a key for the door leading to it. You can lock the owner in here when he goes to fetch you a remote, but that actually doesn't affect anything. Additionally, it might have been intended to be visible only from afar.

Heather's Den

Roger Moore

This texture is visible only in the first version of the hideout, before you're allowed to move around freely. Although it's not technically unused, you never see this texture up close enough to make out that it's James Bond actor Roger Moore.

Normality - Unused Texture (DARKROGR).png
Roger Moore cutout


The rope object, as seen in a prerelease shot on Gremlin's website.

There's a rope texture in the files that used to be an item according a prerelease screenshot. It was potentially used for creating the raft, instead of the rope from the MINT Mall.

Normality - Unused Texture (ROPE).png
Rope on bay

A copy of this rope texture can still be seen (but not interacted with) in the Plush-Rest Factory, behind the door through which you can see the factory machines creating furniture.

The blue box that you find in the traffic bollard actually has a texture as well, but it's never seen since investigating the bollard instantly puts the item in your inventory.

Normality - Unused Texture (BOX).png
Box junk



There's a rather large texture for a ladder here that isn't seen anywhere. Note that despite the "Ladder2" description, there is no other ladder to be found in the file.

Normality - Unused Texture (BIGGUN2).png

There are two pieces of floating junk that seemingly go unused.

Normality - Unused Texture (JUNKCOKE).gif
Coke bob??
Normality - Unused Texture (JUNKNAPP).gif
Nappy Rash mad dash

While in the sewers you eventually find a box, which you have to hack open with an axe to get a PVC Suit. This suit actually has a sprite, but since you instantly get it in your inventory after using the axe, you never get to see it.

Normality - Unused Texture (PVCSUIT).png
PVC suit

Two animations for the sewer rats go unused.

Normality - Unused Texture (RATBLINK).gif
Not Ratfink..but ratblink!
Normality - Unused Texture (RATSTAND).gif
Rat grinning his ass off

Both of these rats actually do appear in the sewer, but with alternate animations.

Finally, there's a texture that claims to be unused, except that it's clearly being used in the crossroads section in the middle of the map.

Normality - Unused Texture (GIRDBOT2).png


In the lab there's a variety of random junk and doodads, but still two small textures go unused.

Normality - Unused Texture (BULB).png
Light in lab
Normality - Unused Texture (ELECBIT3).png
Electric bit1


Despite the puzzle being cut, the crocodile was kept in. It's interactive but you can't unlock its chain or do anything else with it.

Apparently, the crocodile was originally supposed to play a bigger role or be part of some kind of puzzle, as there are textures for unlocking his chain.

Normality - Unused Texture (CROCLOK1).png
Padlock/chain all on
Normality - Unused Texture (CROCOPEN).png
Padlock/chain all on P.lock op
Normality - Unused Texture (CROCPAD).png
Padlock no chain
Normality - Unused Texture (CROCBIT1).png
No padlock no chain
Normality - Unused Texture (CROCLOK2).png
chain-back wall
Normality - Unused Texture (CROCBIT2).png
No chain

There's a crocodile log as well that goes unused.

Normality - Unused Texture (CROCODIL).gif
Crocodile soggy log

There are also some unused lines that refer to the puzzle:

Pick the lock? I guess I can do that. I'm a resourceful guy...
AAAARGH! Oh great! The "alligator disguised as a log" gag! I fell for it, the oldest trick in the book!

An interesting fact is that the textures all refer to this being a crocodile, whereas the voice lines and an internal object name string refers to it being an alligator, indicating the devs were just as confused as most people are about what the difference is between the two. Visually it seems to be a crocodile, for the record.



There are several versions of the green sky (and blue sky, after blowing up the Ordinary Outpost):