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This page contains notes for the game Animorphs.

Every song in the game is given a name in the code. Here is all of them, as well as links to each track if applicable.

0x274CE: ULOSE

0x27B5B: MORPH (

0x27CA7: TEMPLATE (Blank)

0x2A487: SOPHISTO (

0x2C007: INTROA (

0x2CF3B: MORPH3 (

0x2D077: MISSIONC (


0x30007: JOURNEY (

0x311C2: STEPUP (

0x32625: WORLD1 (

0x32969: AINTUS (

0x34007: ILLUSION (

0x35188: DBASS (


0x37180: SHITSACK (

0x38007: FAGGAGS (

0x39672: WANDERIN (

0x3B2F6: MORPH2 (

0x3E997: INTRO2 (