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This page contains notes for the game Celeste.

These are the tools needed to access/extract Celeste's content.

  • These tools extract the textures differently than the graphics dump, placing everything into combined texture sheets rather than individual textures. The individual texture filenames can still be seen in the .meta files alongside each atlas and appear to still be used by the game.
  • Additionally, some of the textures included in the graphics dump (e.g. the old Oshiro sprites) appear to have actually been removed in later versions of the game, so this will need to be looked into.
  • Audio: The FMOD project for Celeste is publicly available on the FMOD Demos page, under "Learning Resources". FMOD Bank Tools can also be used to extract the audio directly from the game, though this will only include the audio files, and not any other event data.
  • Objects and other map things: You'd need to decompile the game to figure out exactly what objects and settings are implemented. Ahorn is a community-made map editor which allows access to lots of additional options not used in the official maps, but it doesn't really distinguish between vanilla features and Everest (mod loader) features, so you'd need to double-check whether these are actually unused or just custom.