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Notes:Croc 2

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This page contains notes for the game Croc 2.

Level Files

The levels in the game are made up of wad files. As seen with the level select, each level is assigned a tribe, and letters represent exactly what is in each file.

  • T = Tribe (hub)
  • I = Intro (cutscene)
  • B = Boss
  • S = Secret
  • M = Map (level)

Tribe values are as follows -

  • 0 = Menus & Demos
  • 1 = Sailor Tribe
  • 2 = Cossack Tribe
  • 3 = Caveman Tribe
  • 4 = Inca Tribe
  • 5 = Secret Villages

Note: Words in italics are not part of the internal file name.

Filename Level / Scene
t0i0m000 Sailor Village (Main Menu)
t0i0m001 Main Menu screen
t0i0m002 Main Menu screen
t0i0m003 Main Menu screen
t0i0m004 Main Menu screen
t0i0m006 Main Menu screen
t0i0m999 Unknown
t0l0m005 (Empty) (credits)
t0l1m001 Bride of the Dungeon of Defright (demo)*
t0l1m002 The Village Masher (demo)
t0l1m003 Burning Down the Forest (demo)
t0l1m004 Find the Wheels in the Jungle (demo)
t0l1m005 HEY! He Stole my Lunch! (demo)
t0l1m006 Ice Trapped Gobbos (demo)
t0l1m007 Find 3 Lost Treasure Chests (demo)
t1b1m001 Soveena the Squid (level)
t1b1m002 Soveena the Squid (boss)
t1b2m001 Cannon Boat Keith
t1i1m001 Main Game Intro
t1i1m002 Sailor Village (cutscene)
t1i2m001 Cannon Boat Keith (cutscene)
t1l1m001 Sailor Village
t1l1m004 Swap Meet Pete (Sailor Village)
t1l2m001 Find the Key! Save the Gobbo!
t1l2m002 Find the Key! Save the Gobbo! (game demo)*
t1l3m001 Find 5 Lost Treasure Chests
t1l4m001 Get the Gobbo's Sandwich!
t1l5m001 Croc Vs. Dantini Boat Race
t1l6m001 Save the Bird from the Thief
t1s1m001 Sailor Tribe - Secret Mine
t2b1m001 Flavio the Thermal Fish
t2b2m001 Lava Lamp Larry
t2i2m001 Lava Lamp Larry (cutscene)
t2l1m001 Cossack Village
t2l1m004 Swap Meet Pete (Cossack Village)
t2l2m001 Save the Ice Trapped Gobbos!
t2l3m001 Chase the Choo Choo Train
t2l3m002 Chase the Choo Choo Train (unused)*
t2l5m001 It's Just Snowball Madness!
t2l6m001 Hang Glider Valley
t2l7m001 KaBoom! It's Roger Red Ant
t2s1m001 Cossack Tribe - Secret Ice Cap
t3b1m001 Venus Fly Von-Trappe (level)
t3b1m002 Venus Fly Von-Trappe (boss)
t3b2m001 The Village Masher (level)
t3b2m002 The Village Masher (boss)
t3i1m001 The Village Masher (cutscene)
t3l1m001 Caveman Village
t3l1m004 Swap Meet Pete (Caveman Village)
t3l2m001 Find the Wheels in the Jungle!
t3l3m001 Find the Wheels in the Mine!
t3l4m001 Race Day at Goldrock
t3l5m001 Climb the Devil's Tower!
t3l7m001 Save 50 Trapped Gobbos!
t3s1m001 Caveman Tribe - Secret Mine
t4b1m001 Dante's Peak
t4b2m001 Dante's Final Fight
t4i1m001 Dante's Peak (plane cutscene)
t4i2m001 Default new map (ending cutscene)
t4l1m001 Inca Village
t4l1m004 Swap Meet Pete (Inca Village)
t4l2m001 Save 30 Gobbo Babies!
t4l3m001 Up the Waterfall
t4l5m001 Bride of the Dungeon of Defright
t4l6m001 Goo Man Chu's Tower
t4s1m001 Inca Tribe - Secret Maze
t5l2m001 Secret Sailor Village
t5l2m002 Sailor Secret 1
t5l2m003 Sailor Secret 2
t5l2m004 Sailor Secret 3
t5l2m005 Sailor Secret 4
t5l2m006 Sailor Secret 5
t5l3m001 Secret Cossack Village
t5l3m002 Cossack Secret 1
t5l3m003 Cossack Secret 2
t5l3m004 Cossack Secret 3
t5l3m005 Cossack Secret 4
t5l3m006 Cossack Secret 5
t5l4m001 Secret Caveman Village
t5l4m002 Caveman Secret 1
t5l4m003 Caveman Secret 2
t5l4m004 Caveman Secret 3
t5l4m005 Caveman Secret 4
t5l4m006 Caveman Secret 5

* = PlayStation only