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This page contains notes for the game Cubivore.

Debug Stuff

Metric ton of stuff in filesystem's default.dol. Stuff with % and /n I'm 99% sure is for HUD or menu. hadtotrimthismajorly :(

ROM:002BEBAC 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:40:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BEBC8 00000030 C [shokai]INFO__AI_SET %s, map_index:%d type:%x \n 
ROM:002BEBF8 00000012 C _AIDATA_sk_normal
ROM:002BEC0A 00000033 C [shokai]INFO_____SET %s %s, map_index:%d type:%x \n
ROM:002BEC3D 00000016 C SHOKAI_ID_sk_rokusetu
ROM:002BEC53 0000000A C Unused. 7
ROM:002BEC5D 00000017 C _AIDATA_sk_03_gosoku01 
ROM:002BEC74 00000016 C SHOKAI_ID_sk_zenekon0
ROM:002BEC8A 00000017 C _AIDATA_sk_03_gosoku02 
ROM:002BECF7 00000031 C `[shokai]INFO__AI_SET %s, map_index:%d type:%x \n
ROM:002BED28 00000015 C _AIDATA_sk_02_buta01 
ROM:002BED3D 00000015 C _AIDATA_sk_02_buta02 
ROM:002BED52 00000033 C [shokai]INFO_____SET %s %s, map_index:%d type:%x \n
ROM:002BEE8E 0000001D C ,HASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002BEEAB 00000016 C sh_kmr_arrange_ol03.c
ROM:002BEEC1 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:41:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BEFF8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002BF013 00000011 C ss_k1_demo_kui.h 
ROM:002BF024 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:41:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BF060 00000019 C \n**********************\n\n 
ROM:002BF07E 00000005 C X %d 
ROM:002BF088 00000018 C g\n\n*******************\n 
ROM:002BF0A0 00000016 C sh_kmr_arrange_ol07.c
ROM:002BF0DF 00000016 C p<<CAMERA FOR DEBUG>>
ROM:002BF0F5 0000001B C debug_int_target_kimera_id 
ROM:002BF1B2 00000009 C REAL FOV 
ROM:002BF225 00000011 C REAL ANGLE ROT X 
ROM:002BF236 00000011 C REAL ANGLE ROT Y 
ROM:002BF247 00000015 C <<KARI CAMERA HELP>> 
ROM:002BF25C 0000001A C kari_track_dis_room_nclip
ROM:002BF276 00000015 C <<YOKERU_OBJ_FUKAN>> 
ROM:002BF28B 0000001C C obj_to_fukan_or_chng_map_ht
ROM:002BF2A7 00000011 C <<ROT AT LOOK2>> 
ROM:002BF2B8 00000018 C lrot_dif_deg_change_dir
ROM:002BF2D0 00000019 C <<ROT TO DEFAULT SHARE>> 
ROM:002BF2E9 00000015 C chang_dir_area_wtime 
ROM:002BF316 00000014 C ima_cam_div_add_rot
ROM:002BF32A 00000016 C ima_cam_div_add_track
ROM:002BF340 00000012 C ima_cam_add_track
ROM:002BF352 00000010 C ima_cam_add_fov
ROM:002BF362 00000012 C <<MESUBA CAMERA>>
ROM:002BF374 00000014 C mesu_default_dis_xz
ROM:002BF388 00000013 C mesu_default_dis_y 
ROM:002BF39B 00000011 C mesu_default_fov 
ROM:002BF3AC 00000013 C mesu_default_nclip 
ROM:002BF3BF 00000013 C mesu_default_fclip 
ROM:002BF3D2 00000013 C mesu_default_scale 
ROM:002BF3E5 00000017 C <<NAMAASI GET CAMERA>> 
ROM:002BF3FC 00000013 C nag_default_dis_xz 
ROM:002BF40F 00000012 C nag_default_dis_y
ROM:002BF421 00000010 C nag_default_fov
ROM:002BF431 00000012 C nag_default_nclip
ROM:002BF443 00000012 C nag_default_fclip
ROM:002BF471 0000000D C ch_par_ttime 
ROM:002BF47E 00000012 C ch_par_int_spwoer
ROM:002BF490 00000012 C ch_par_int_epwoer
ROM:002BF4A2 00000012 C ch_par_eye_spwoer
ROM:002BF4B4 00000012 C ch_par_eye_epwoer
ROM:002BF4C6 00000012 C ch_par_fov_spwoer
ROM:002BF4D8 00000012 C ch_par_fov_epwoer
ROM:002BF4EA 00000011 C ch_par_fov_wtime 
ROM:002BF50F 0000000E C default_scale
ROM:002BF51D 00000012 C default_near_clip
ROM:002BF52F 00000011 C default_far_clip 
ROM:002BF540 0000000F C REAL Near Clip 
ROM:002BF54F 0000000E C REAL Far Clip
ROM:002BF55D 00000035 C -------------- [camera dbg] start!!! --------------\n
ROM:002BF592 00000033 C -------------- [camera dbg] end!!! --------------\n
ROM:002BF5C5 00000020 C [camera dbg] debug marking log\n 
ROM:002BF5E5 0000000C C [%12s %4d] 
ROM:002BF61C 0000000C C AC3DCamInit
ROM:002BF628 0000000A C start %s\n 
ROM:002BF632 00000015 C acn_camera_manager.c 
ROM:002BF647 00000011 C AC3DCamLoopStart 
ROM:002BF658 0000000F C AC3DCamLoopEnd 
ROM:002BF667 0000000F C AC3DCamAddCont 
ROM:002BF676 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002BF691 0000000D C NULL != pCam 
ROM:002BF69E 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:42:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BF6BA 00000033 C pCam->m_QuantityContList <= AC3D_CAM_CONT_TYPE_MAX 
ROM:002BF6ED 00000015 C NULL != pContElemVec 
ROM:002BF702 00000015 C NULL != pContElemVal 
ROM:002BF734 0000000E C NULL != pCont
ROM:002BF742 0000001E C AC3D_CAM_CONT_MAX > type_elem
ROM:002BF760 00000017 C AC3DCam_ContElemAddVec 
ROM:002BF777 00000022 C AC3D_CAM_CONT_VEC_MAX > type_elem
ROM:002BF799 00000036 C pCont->m_QuantityElemVecList <= AC3D_CAM_CONT_VEC_MAX
ROM:002BF7CF 00000017 C AC3DCam_ContElemAddVal 
ROM:002BF7E6 00000044 C AC3D_CAM_CONT_VEC_MAX <= type_elem && type_elem < AC3D_CAM_CONT_MAX
ROM:002BF82A 00000036 C pCont->m_QuantityElemValList <= AC3D_CAM_CONT_VAL_MAX
ROM:002BF860 0000000E C 0 != num_list
ROM:002BF86E 00000024 C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector(vEyeDir)
ROM:002BF892 0000001B C ACVAL(0.0) < traciking_min 
ROM:002BF8AD 0000001B C ACVAL(0.0) < traciking_max 
ROM:002BF8C8 00000015 C traciking_min=%0.4f\n
ROM:002BF8DD 00000014 C cam_distance=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002BF8F1 00000017 C ACVAL(0.0) == tracking 
ROM:002BF908 00000023 C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector(vDirXZ) 
ROM:002BF92B 00000059 C !( ACVAL(0.0) == vEyeDir.m.x && ACVAL(0.0) == vEyeDir.m.y && ACVAL(0.0) == vEyeDir.m.z ) 
ROM:002BF984 00000022 C ---------- FOV limited----------\n 
ROM:002BF9A6 00000017 C pEnv->m_persp_norm=%d\n
ROM:002BF9BD 00000015 C pEnv->m_FOV_Y=%0.4f\n
ROM:002BF9D2 00000016 C pEnv->m_Aspect=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002BF9E8 00000018 C pEnv->m_NearClip=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002BFA00 00000017 C pEnv->m_FarClip=%0.4f\n
ROM:002BFA17 00000015 C pEnv->m_Scale=%0.4f\n
ROM:002BFA30 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002BFA4B 0000001B C acn_camera_static_hentai.c 
ROM:002BFA66 00000025 C type_num < ACN_CAM_STATIC_HENTAI_MAX 
ROM:002BFA8B 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:42:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BFACE 00000025 C special_num < (ACNCAM_HT_KIND_MAX-1) 
ROM:002BFAF8 00000013 C ACNCamStaticUpdate 
ROM:002BFB0B 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002BFB26 00000018 C acn_camera_static_man.c
ROM:002BFB3E 00000031 C 0 <= kimera_id && kimera_id < KIMERA_DISPLAY_MAX 
ROM:002BFB6F 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:43:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BFB8B 0000000E C 0 < kimera_id
ROM:002BFB99 00000023 C offset < _ACNCAMERA_STATIC_SET_MAX 
ROM:002BFBBC 00000026 C ACN_CAM_AREA_PARAM_MAX > area_paramID
ROM:002BFBE8 00000012 C ACNCamCollideInit
ROM:002BFBFA 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002BFC15 00000017 C acn_k1_cam_collision.c 
ROM:002BFC2C 00000053 C ACN_COLLIDE_SOURCE_WORK_VECTOR_NUM == ACWCullingSourceWorkVectorNumGet( pCulArea ) 
ROM:002BFC7F 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:43:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BFC9B 00000013 C ACNCamCollideEntry 
ROM:002BFCAE 00000011 C NULL != pMapInfo 
ROM:002BFCBF 00000016 C NULL != pLayerSection
ROM:002BFCD5 0000003A C ACN_COLLIDE_SOURCE_AREA_POINT_OBJ == pCulArea->m_Quantity
ROM:002BFD0F 0000001C C failed collision of camera\n 
ROM:002BFD30 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002BFD4B 00000013 C acn_k1_cam_image.c 
ROM:002BFD5E 00000012 C NULL != pContData
ROM:002BFD70 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:43:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BFD8C 00000013 C NULL != pContData2 
ROM:002BFD9F 0000000D C image camera 
ROM:002BFDAC 00000022 C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector(vWork)
ROM:002BFDD0 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002BFDEB 00000013 C acn_k1_cam_utils.c 
ROM:002BFDFE 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:43:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002BFE1A 00000011 C NULL != pFEyeDir 
ROM:002BFE2B 00000016 C NULL != pFEyeRightDir
ROM:002BFE41 00000013 C NULL != pvCamAngle 
ROM:002BFE54 00000014 C NULL != pPersp_norm
ROM:002BFE87 00000009 C OPENNING 
ROM:002BFE90 0000000A C HT_RIREKI
ROM:002BFE9A 0000000B C ST_MC_MOJI 
ROM:002C02A0 00000016 C ACNCamInitACNK1Camera
ROM:002C02B6 0000000A C start %s\n 
ROM:002C02C0 00000015 C ACNCamInitStateStart 
ROM:002C02D5 00000010 C acn_k1_camera.c
ROM:002C02E5 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C0300 00000030 C ACVAL(-90.0) < anglewh && anglewh < ACVAL(90.0)
ROM:002C0330 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:43:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C034C 00000019 C IsKimeraValid( pKimera ) 
ROM:002C0365 00000015 C always normal camera 
ROM:002C039C 00000020 C CAM_MODE_DEAD != GET_CAM_MODE()
ROM:002C03BC 00000021 C [camera] change mode %d last %d\n
ROM:002C043F 0000004B C $0 <= quantity_kari_kimera && quantity_kari_kimera <= KIMERA_DISPLAY_MAX-1 
ROM:002C048A 0000004C C 0 < quantity_kari_kimera && quantity_kari_kimera < ACN_QUANTITY_KARI_KIMERA
ROM:002C04D8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C04F3 00000015 C acn_k1_camera_dead.c 
ROM:002C0508 0000001A C IsKimeraValid( pKimeraP )
ROM:002C0522 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:43:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C053E 00000019 C ACVAL(0.0) != total_time 
ROM:002C0557 00000013 C dead camera start\n
ROM:002C056A 00000011 C dead camera end\n
ROM:002C057B 0000004B C ACVAL(0.0) < pContDeadCor->m_ACycTotalTime[ACN_CONT_DEADMAIN_TARGET_ANG_Y] 
ROM:002C05C8 00000015 C acn_k1_camera_demo.c 
ROM:002C05DD 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002C05F9 00000032 C ( pData->nums < ACN_CAM_DEMO_CURVE_INSTANCE_MAX )
ROM:002C062B 00000023 C invalid instance num %d offset %d\n
ROM:002C064E 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:43:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C066A 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C0685 00000023 C ACN_CAM_DEMO_OPENNING_MAX > demoID 
ROM:002C06A8 0000001A C ACN_CAM_DEMO_MAX > demoID
ROM:002C06C2 0000000C C time=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C06CE 00000016 C %s %0.2f %0.2f %0.2f\n 
ROM:002C06E4 0000000B C fov=%0.4f\n
ROM:002C06EF 0000000C C near=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C06FB 0000000B C far=%0.4f\n
ROM:002C0706 0000000C C roll=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C0712 0000000D C scale=%0.4f\n
ROM:002C071F 0000000E C aspect=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C0730 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C074B 00000017 C acn_k1_camera_except.c 
ROM:002C0762 00000025 C (BYTE)-1 == gCamera.m_SaveEyeDirType 
ROM:002C0787 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:44:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C07B2 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C07CD 00000017 C acn_k1_camera_hentai.c 
ROM:002C07E4 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:44:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C0800 0000001A C IsKimeraValid( pKimeraP )
ROM:002C081A 0000004B C ACVAL(0.0) == vCurrAngleContHen.m.y && ACVAL(0.0) == vCurrAngleContHen.m.z 
ROM:002C0865 0000003D C ACVAL(0.0) == vCurrAngle.m.y && ACVAL(0.0) == vCurrAngle.m.z 
ROM:002C08A2 00000019 C ACVAL(0.0) != total_time 
ROM:002C08D4 0000003B C CAM_HENTAI_FLAGS_NORMAL & stCamHtDat[pHen->m_Kind].m_Flags 
ROM:002C090F 0000002B C ACVAL(0.0) == pHen->m_ACycAdvTimeFromStart 
ROM:002C093A 00000024 C ACVAL(0.0) != pHen->m_ACycTotalTime
ROM:002C095E 0000002F C ACVAL(0.0) == pHen->m_ACycAdvTimeFromStartAngY 
ROM:002C098D 00000028 C ACVAL(0.0) != pHen->m_ACycTotalTimeAngY
ROM:002C09B5 0000001E C ACVAL(0.0) != acyc_total_time
ROM:002C09D3 0000001C C FALSE == pHen->m_bLastCycle
ROM:002C09EF 0000001B C TRUE == pHen->m_bLastCycle 
ROM:002C0A32 00000013 C 0.0f != total_time 
ROM:002C0A45 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002C0A61 00000025 C ( cont_hentai_kind == pHen->m_Kind ) 
ROM:002C0A86 0000002D C current hentai camera kind %d. entry is %d.\n
ROM:002C0AB3 0000001A C total_time2 <= total_time
ROM:002C0AD0 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C0AEB 00000015 C acn_k1_camera_kari.c 
ROM:002C0B00 0000000D C 0.0f < ttime 
ROM:002C0B0D 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:44:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C0B29 0000003B C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector(pContBasicBindInt->m_vEyeDirXZ) 
ROM:002C0B64 00000018 C ACVAL(0.0) < total_time
ROM:002C0B7C 00000017 C ACVAL(0.0) < ave_speed 
ROM:002C0B93 00000027 C [camera] exception! dif_distance = %f\n
ROM:002C0BBA 00000024 C [camera] exception! ave_speed = %f\n 
ROM:002C0BDE 00000025 C [camera] exception! total_time = %f\n
ROM:002C0C03 00000032 C quantity_key <= ACN_CONT_KEYE_FC_CORRECT_FKYE_MAX 
ROM:002C0E34 00000031 C ACVAL(0.0) < next_fov && next_fov < ACVAL(179.0) 
ROM:002C0ED6 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002C0EF2 000000D0 C ( ( -10000.0f <= vToTarget[i].m.x && vToTarget[i].m.x <= 10000.0f ) || ( -10000.0f <= vToTarget[i].m.y && vToTarget[i].m.y <= 10000.0f ) || ( -10000.0f <= vToTarget[i].m.z && vToTarget[i].m.z <= 10000.0f ) )
ROM:002C0FC2 00000040 C quantity of target %d, target id %d, target pos %.0f %.0f %.0f\n 
ROM:002C1002 00000031 C ACVAL(0.0) < curr_fov && curr_fov < ACVAL(179.0) 
ROM:002C1033 0000002F C ACVAL(0.0) < org_fov && org_fov < ACVAL(179.0)
ROM:002C117B 0000001A C ACVAL(0.0) >= dif_dis_min
ROM:002C1195 00000028 C [camera kari] change to neutral state!\n 
ROM:002C11BD 00000025 C [camera kari] change to kari state!\n
ROM:002C11E8 0000000C C Camera Data
ROM:002C11F5 00000011 C DirID[0-7]%d 
ROM:002C1207 0000001D C Eye Pos[mm] %.0f %.0f %.0f 
ROM:002C1225 0000001D C Int Pos[mm] %.0f %.0f %.0f 
ROM:002C1243 00000013 C cam dis[mm] %.2f 
ROM:002C1257 00000013 C fov[deg]%.2f 
ROM:002C126B 00000018 C Rot XY[deg] %.2f %.2f
ROM:002C1284 00000013 C scale[] %.2f 
ROM:002C1298 00000013 C nclip[] %.2f 
ROM:002C12AC 00000013 C fclip[] %.2f 
ROM:002C12C0 0000000B C ACNCamInit 
ROM:002C12CB 00000013 C [camera] start %s\n
ROM:002C12DE 00000011 C [camera] end %s\n
ROM:002C12EF 00000018 C ACNCamInitForSceneStart
ROM:002C1307 00000015 C acn_k1_camera_main.c 
ROM:002C131C 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C1337 0000000F C NULL != pK1Cam 
ROM:002C1346 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:44:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C1362 0000001F C [camera] start ACNCamSetScene\n
ROM:002C1381 00000015 C [camera] sceneID %d\n
ROM:002C1396 00000013 C [camera] scene %s\n
ROM:002C13A9 00000020 C [camera] scene start pos %f %f\n 
ROM:002C13C9 00000021 C [camera] scene start pos = null\n
ROM:002C13EA 00000025 C FALSE == pNCam->m_bInitForSceneStart 
ROM:002C140F 0000002D C [camera] before ACNCamUpdate( ACVAL(0.0) ) \n
ROM:002C143C 0000002C C [camera] after ACNCamUpdate( ACVAL(0.0) ) \n 
ROM:002C1468 00000024 C TRUE == pNCam->m_bInitForSceneStart
ROM:002C148C 0000001D C [camera] end ACNCamSetScene\n
ROM:002C14A9 00000017 C [camera] ACNCamSave()\n
ROM:002C14C0 00000017 C [camera] ACNCamLoad()\n
ROM:002C14D7 0000001A C ACN_CAM_SCENE_MAX > scene
ROM:002C14F8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C1513 00000018 C acn_k1_camera_manager.c
ROM:002C152B 00000041 C pK1Cam->m_QuantityCamera <= ACN_K1_CAMERA_MANAGER_AC3DCAMERA_MAX 
ROM:002C156C 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:44:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C1588 0000000D C NULL != pCam 
ROM:002C1595 00000010 C ACNK1CamLoopEnd
ROM:002C15A5 0000000F C NULL != pK1Cam 
ROM:002C15E4 00000010 C 255 >= a_contID
ROM:002C1661 00000033 C targetType != ACNK1CAM_CONT_CNCT_VEC_TYPE_VEC_ZERO 
ROM:002C16FF 00000048 C !_AC3DVectorCheckZeroVector( pContCnct2DVec->m_ContF.m_vBasicEyeDirXZ )
ROM:002C1748 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C1763 00000013 C acn_k1_camera_mc.c 
ROM:002C1776 00000019 C IsKimeraValid( pKimera ) 
ROM:002C178F 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:45:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C17AB 00000010 C vPos.m.y=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C17BB 00000010 C vRot.m.x=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C17CB 00000010 C tracking=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C17DB 0000000B C fov=%0.4f\n
ROM:002C17E6 0000001A C [camera mc] state set %d\n 
ROM:002C1800 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002C181C 0000002D C ( 0 <= aim_eye_dir && aim_eye_dir <= (8-1) ) 
ROM:002C1849 0000001D C invalid value. input val %d\n
ROM:002C1868 0000000D C eye_y=%0.4f\n
ROM:002C1875 00000010 C vPos.m.y=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C1885 00000010 C vOrg.m.y=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002C1898 00000017 C camera x,z = %.2f,%.2f 
ROM:002C18B0 0000000E C ht_obj = %.2f
ROM:002C18BF 0000000B C add y = %f 
ROM:002C18CB 00000009 C buff=%s\n
ROM:002C18D8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C18F3 00000016 C acn_k1_camera_param.c
ROM:002C1909 00000019 C IsKimeraValid( pKimera ) 
ROM:002C1922 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:45:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C193E 00000016 C !ACNCamCameraIsKari()
ROM:002C1954 00000023 C [camera] Load camera area data %d\n
ROM:002C1977 0000001F C 2 <= pFCurve[i].m_quantity_key 
ROM:002C1998 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002C19B4 00000016 C acn_k1_camera_rot_y.c
ROM:002C19CA 0000002F C ( 0 <= type_eye_dir && type_eye_dir <= (8-1) ) 
ROM:002C19F9 0000001D C invalid value. input val %d\n
ROM:002C1A16 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:45:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C1A32 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C1A4D 00000037 C 0.0f < 0.0f || 0.0f < gCamStaticSet.m_chang_dir_ang_sp 
ROM:002C1A84 00000079 C ( 0 <= pNCam->m_ContDirRotY.m_TypeEyeDirCurr && pNCam->m_ContDirRotY.m_TypeEyeDirCurr <= (ACN_CAM_EYEDIR_DIVIDE_NUM-1) 
ROM:002C1AFD 0000000D C [camera] %d\n
ROM:002C1B0A 0000002D C -180.0 <= curr_angle && curr_angle <= 180.0f 
ROM:002C1B37 00000029 C 0.0f <= dif_angle && dif_angle <= 360.0f 
ROM:002C1B60 0000001D C ACVAL(0.0) != chang_dir_time 
ROM:002C1B7D 0000001E C ACVAL(0.0) < chang_dir_ang_sp
ROM:002C1B9B 00000061 C ( 0 <= pNCam->m_ContDirRotY.m_TypeEyeDirCurr && pNCam->m_ContDirRotY.m_TypeEyeDirCurr <= (8-1) ) 
ROM:002C1BFC 0000003A C ( 0 <= dir_type && dir_type < ACN_CAM_EYEDIR_DIVIDE_NUM )
ROM:002C1C36 00000029 C This type of eye direction[%d] is error\n
ROM:002C1C5F 00000040 C ( -(8/2) <= add_type_eye_dir && add_type_eye_dir <= ((8/2)-1) )
ROM:002C1C9F 0000000E C 0.0f < rot_sp
ROM:002C1CAD 0000001D C 0.0f < 0.0f || 0.0f < rot_sp 
ROM:002C1CCA 0000000D C 0.0f < ttime 
ROM:002C1CD7 00000029 C CAM_ROT_DIR_AREA_MAX > next_rot_dir_area 
ROM:002C1D00 00000030 C ( 0 <= dir && dir < ACN_CAM_EYEDIR_DIVIDE_NUM )
ROM:002C1D30 00000032 C [camera] This type of eye direction[%d] is error\n 
ROM:002C1D62 00000034 C ( ACNCamContDirRotYIsAbleRotAtArea2( pNCam, dir ) )
ROM:002C1D96 00000034 C [camera] data error in camera area data. s_dir[%d]\n 
ROM:002C1DCA 00000030 C 0 <= s_dir && s_dir < ACN_CAM_EYEDIR_DIVIDE_NUM
ROM:002C1DFA 00000030 C 0 <= e_dir && e_dir < ACN_CAM_EYEDIR_DIVIDE_NUM
ROM:002C1E2A 0000002E C ( -(8/2) <= add_dir && add_dir <= ((8/2)-1) )
ROM:002C1E58 00000027 C 0.0f < 0.0f || 0.0f < chang_dir_ang_sp 
ROM:002C1E7F 00000021 C current type of eye direction %d 
ROM:002C1EA1 00000017 C pos for area %.2f %.2f 
ROM:002C1EB9 00000011 C NULL != pKimeraP 
ROM:002C1ECA 00000011 C NULL != pKimeraT 
ROM:002C1EDB 0000002F C ( 0 <= aim_dir_type && aim_dir_type <= (8-1) ) 
ROM:002C1F0A 00000038 C ( -(8/2) <= sub_dir_type && sub_dir_type <= ((8/2)-1) )
ROM:002C1F48 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C1F63 00000017 C acn_k1_camera_script.c 
ROM:002C1F7A 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:45:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C1F96 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002C1FB2 00000039 C [camera scr] This type is invlid! kind %d type %d @nari\n
ROM:002C1FEB 0000000D C *pVal=%0.4f\n
ROM:002C1FF8 00000036 C [camera scr] This type is invlid! cont kind %d @nari\n 
ROM:002C202E 00000039 C [camera scr] This kind is invlid! kind %d type %d @nari\n
ROM:002C20F4 00000031 C [camera scr] This kind is invlid! kind %d @nari\n
ROM:002C2144 00000022 C ShokaiGetTargetPos( &vTargetPos )
ROM:002C2168 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C2183 00000017 C acn_k1_camera_shokai.c 
ROM:002C219A 00000061 C TRUE == _ACNK1Cam_ContCnctVecGetCorrectEnd( pK1Cam, ACNK1CAM_CONT_CNCT_VEC_TYPE_SHOKAI_INT_EYE ) 
ROM:002C21FB 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:45:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C2243 0000002F C [camera] shokai camera org pos %.2f %.2f %.2f\n
ROM:002C2272 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002C228E 00000048 C ( ((ACVALUEF)(-180.0)) <= vAim.m.y && vAim.m.y <= ((ACVALUEF)(180.0)) )
ROM:002C22D6 0000001D C invalid value. input val %f\n
ROM:002C22F3 00000023 C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector( vDif ) 
ROM:002C2316 0000001F C The ContShokai isn't neutral.\n
ROM:002C2335 00000059 C SKC_TYPE_NULL != pNCam->m_ContShokai.m_Type && SKC_TYPE_MAX > pNCam->m_ContShokai.m_Type 
ROM:002C238E 0000002E C ( SHOKAI_CAMERA_ID_MAX > shokai_camera_type )
ROM:002C23C0 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C23DB 0000001A C acn_k1_camera_viewpoint.c
ROM:002C23F5 00000010 C NULL != pKimera
ROM:002C2405 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:45:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C2421 00000042 C 0 < quantity_target && quantity_target < ACN_QUANTITY_KARI_KIMERA
ROM:002C2463 00000014 C 0 < quantity_target
ROM:002C2477 00000026 C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector(*pvEyeDir)
ROM:002C249D 0000002B C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector(*pvEyeRightDir) 
ROM:002C24C8 00000018 C !IS_FLOAT_ZERO( ttime )
ROM:002C24E0 00000012 C 0.0f < total_time
ROM:002C24F2 0000001B C 0.0f < pVP->m_ZeroModeTime 
ROM:002C250D 00000019 C IsKimeraValid( pKimera ) 
ROM:002C2526 00000028 C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector(vWorkSpeed1)
ROM:002C254E 0000002D C !_AC3DVectorCheckFewVector(vp_work.m_vSpeed) 
ROM:002C257B 0000001F C ACVAL(0.0) != magnitude_speed0 
ROM:002C25A0 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C25BB 00000011 C acn_light_menu.c 
ROM:002C25CC 0000000B C 0<=i&&7>=i 
ROM:002C25D7 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:46:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C25F3 0000001A C << VI SPECIAL FEATURES >>
ROM:002C260D 0000000C C OS_VI_GAMMA
ROM:002C2619 00000013 C OS_VI_GAMMA_DITHER 
ROM:002C262C 0000000C C OS_VI_DIVOT
ROM:002C2638 00000014 C OS_VI_DITHER_FILTER
ROM:002C2668 0000000C C COLOR RED
ROM:002C2674 0000000C C COLOR GREEN
ROM:002C2680 0000000C C COLORBLUE
ROM:002C268C 0000000C C COLOR ALPHA
ROM:002C2698 00000018 C << MAP AMBIENT LIGHT >>
ROM:002C26B0 00000018 C << MAP DIFFUSE LIGHT >>
ROM:002C26EE 0000000A C COLOR RED
ROM:002C26F8 0000000B C COLOR BLUE 
ROM:002C2703 0000000C C DIRECTION X
ROM:002C270F 0000000C C DIRECTION Y
ROM:002C271B 0000000C C DIRECTION Z
ROM:002C2727 00000016 C << FOG ENVIRONMENT >>
ROM:002C273D 0000000E C FOG Color RED
ROM:002C274B 00000010 C FOG Color GREEN
ROM:002C275B 0000000F C FOG Color BLUE 
ROM:002C2787 0000000D C BG Color RED 
ROM:002C2794 0000000F C BG Color GREEN 
ROM:002C27A3 0000000E C BG Color BLUE
ROM:002C27C7 0000000E C InfoText Flag
ROM:002C27D5 0000000E C K_CAMERA Flag
ROM:002C27E8 00000015 C <<CAMERA PARAM SET>> 
ROM:002C2813 00000013 C default_int_height 
ROM:002C2845 00000019 C intf_room_dis_o_depth_is 
ROM:002C285E 00000019 C intf_room_dis_i_depth_is 
ROM:002C2877 00000017 C intf_room_dis_width_is 
ROM:002C288E 00000014 C intf_room_cor_ttime
ROM:002C28A2 00000019 C intf_room_cor_ttime_kari 
ROM:002C28BB 00000014 C intf_room_cor_wtime
ROM:002C28E9 00000011 C fukan_eye_cp_dc0 
ROM:002C28FA 00000012 C fukan_eye_cp_fov0
ROM:002C290C 00000012 C fukan_eye_cp_awh0
ROM:002C291E 00000015 C fukan_eye_cp_fov_sl0 
ROM:002C2933 00000015 C fukan_eye_cp_awh_sl0 
ROM:002C2948 0000001A C <<FUKAN CONTROL POINT 1>>
ROM:002C2962 00000011 C fukan_eye_cp_dc1 
ROM:002C2973 00000012 C fukan_eye_cp_fov1
ROM:002C2985 00000012 C fukan_eye_cp_awh1
ROM:002C2997 00000015 C fukan_eye_cp_fov_sl1 
ROM:002C29AC 00000015 C fukan_eye_cp_awh_sl1 
ROM:002C29C1 0000001A C <<FUKAN CONTROL POINT 2>>
ROM:002C29DB 00000011 C fukan_eye_cp_dc2 
ROM:002C29EC 00000012 C fukan_eye_cp_fov2
ROM:002C29FE 00000012 C fukan_eye_cp_awh2
ROM:002C2A10 00000015 C fukan_eye_cp_fov_sl2 
ROM:002C2A25 00000015 C fukan_eye_cp_awh_sl2 
ROM:002C2A3A 00000013 C <<FUKAN TRACKING>> 
ROM:002C2A4D 00000017 C fukan_track_dif_for_in 
ROM:002C2A64 0000001D C fukan_track_dif_for_in_nclip 
ROM:002C2A81 0000001B C fukan_track_start_int_rate 
ROM:002C2A9C 00000018 C fukan_track_sp_dc_start
ROM:002C2AB4 00000016 C fukan_track_sp_dc_end
ROM:002C2ACA 00000015 C <<FUKAN TRACKING 2>> 
ROM:002C2ADF 00000016 C fukan_track_r_add_spi
ROM:002C2AF5 00000016 C fukan_track_r_add_spo
ROM:002C2B0B 00000019 C fukan_track_r_add_spi_nc 
ROM:002C2B24 00000019 C fukan_track_r_add_spo_nc 
ROM:002C2B3D 0000001A C fukan_track_r_acc_add_spi
ROM:002C2B57 0000001A C fukan_track_r_acc_add_spo
ROM:002C2B71 00000018 C <<LOW CONTROL POINT 0>>
ROM:002C2B89 0000000F C low_eye_cp_dc0 
ROM:002C2B98 00000010 C low_eye_cp_fov0
ROM:002C2BA8 00000010 C low_eye_cp_awh0
ROM:002C2BB8 00000013 C low_eye_cp_fov_sl0 
ROM:002C2BCB 00000013 C low_eye_cp_awh_sl0 
ROM:002C2BDE 00000018 C <<LOW CONTROL POINT 1>>
ROM:002C2BF6 0000000F C low_eye_cp_dc1 
ROM:002C2C05 00000010 C low_eye_cp_fov1
ROM:002C2C15 00000010 C low_eye_cp_awh1
ROM:002C2C25 00000013 C low_eye_cp_fov_sl1 
ROM:002C2C38 00000013 C low_eye_cp_awh_sl1 
ROM:002C2C4B 00000018 C <<LOW CONTROL POINT 2>>
ROM:002C2C63 0000000F C low_eye_cp_dc2 
ROM:002C2C72 00000010 C low_eye_cp_fov2
ROM:002C2C82 00000010 C low_eye_cp_awh2
ROM:002C2C92 00000013 C low_eye_cp_fov_sl2 
ROM:002C2CA5 00000013 C low_eye_cp_awh_sl2 
ROM:002C2CB8 00000011 C <<LOW TRACKING>> 
ROM:002C2CC9 00000015 C low_track_dif_for_in 
ROM:002C2CDE 0000001B C low_track_dif_for_in_nclip 
ROM:002C2CF9 00000019 C low_track_start_int_rate 
ROM:002C2D12 00000016 C low_track_sp_dc_start
ROM:002C2D28 00000014 C low_track_sp_dc_end
ROM:002C2D3C 00000013 C <<LOW TRACKING 2>> 
ROM:002C2D4F 00000014 C low_track_r_add_spi
ROM:002C2D63 00000014 C low_track_r_add_spo
ROM:002C2D77 00000017 C low_track_r_add_spi_nc 
ROM:002C2D8E 00000017 C low_track_r_add_spo_nc 
ROM:002C2DA5 00000018 C low_track_r_acc_add_spi
ROM:002C2DBD 00000018 C low_track_r_acc_add_spo
ROM:002C2DD5 00000013 C <<KARI EXCEPTION>> 
ROM:002C2DE8 0000000E C kari_dis_in_k
ROM:002C2DF6 0000001C C kari_dis_in_k_rate_by_speed
ROM:002C2E12 00000017 C kari_dis_in_k_add_rand 
ROM:002C2E29 00000012 C <<KARI INTEREST>>
ROM:002C2E3B 00000016 C kari_int_start_spower
ROM:002C2E51 00000016 C kari_int_start_epower
ROM:002C2E67 00000016 C kari_int_start_ave_sp
ROM:002C2E7D 00000014 C kari_int_end_spower
ROM:002C2E91 00000014 C kari_int_end_epower
ROM:002C2EA5 00000017 C kari_int_end_min_ttime 
ROM:002C2EBC 00000015 C <<CHANGE LOW FUKAN>> 
ROM:002C2ED1 00000014 C chng_type_ttime_tof
ROM:002C2EE5 00000014 C chng_type_ttime_tol
ROM:002C2EF9 00000013 C <<ROT AT CBUTTON>> 
ROM:002C2F0C 00000011 C chang_dir_ang_sp 
ROM:002C2F1D 00000019 C chang_dir_ang_slp_s_rate 
ROM:002C2F36 00000019 C chang_dir_ang_slp_e_rate 
ROM:002C2F4F 00000010 C <<ROT AT LOOK>>
ROM:002C2F5F 00000015 C chang_dir_ang_ar0_sp 
ROM:002C2F74 0000001D C chang_dir_ang_ar0_slp_s_rate 
ROM:002C2F91 0000001D C chang_dir_ang_ar0_slp_e_rate 
ROM:002C2FAE 00000015 C chang_dir_ang_ar1_sp 
ROM:002C2FC3 0000001D C chang_dir_ang_ar1_slp_s_rate 
ROM:002C2FE0 0000001D C chang_dir_ang_ar1_slp_e_rate 
ROM:002C2FFD 00000012 C <<ROT AT BEHIND>>
ROM:002C300F 00000015 C chang_dir_ang_bh0_sp 
ROM:002C3024 0000001D C chang_dir_ang_bh0_slp_s_rate 
ROM:002C3041 0000001D C chang_dir_ang_bh0_slp_e_rate 
ROM:002C305E 00000015 C chang_dir_ang_bh1_sp 
ROM:002C3073 0000001D C chang_dir_ang_bh1_slp_s_rate 
ROM:002C3090 0000001D C chang_dir_ang_bh1_slp_e_rate 
ROM:002C30AD 00000013 C <<ROT TO DEFAULT>> 
ROM:002C30C0 00000014 C chang_dir_ang_td_sp
ROM:002C30D4 0000001C C chang_dir_ang_td_slp_s_rate
ROM:002C30F0 0000001C C chang_dir_ang_td_slp_e_rate
ROM:002C310C 00000010 C <<ROT AT AREA>>
ROM:002C311C 00000016 C chang_dir_ang_area_sp
ROM:002C3132 0000001E C chang_dir_ang_area_slp_s_rate
ROM:002C3150 0000001E C chang_dir_ang_area_slp_e_rate
ROM:002C316E 00000010 C <<YOKERU OBJ1>>
ROM:002C317E 00000013 C obj1_needed_ht_add 
ROM:002C3191 00000012 C obj1_dis_cul_area
ROM:002C31A3 00000011 C obj1_sp_acl_rate 
ROM:002C31B4 00000016 C obj1_sp_acl_rate_down
ROM:002C31CA 00000010 C <<YOKERU WALL>>
ROM:002C31DA 00000019 C wall_eye_pos_up_add_rate 
ROM:002C31F3 00000018 C wall_eye_pos_up_rate_ht
ROM:002C320B 00000016 C wall_int_pos_limit_wd
ROM:002C3221 00000016 C wall2_dis_is_from_map
ROM:002C3237 00000011 C <<DEAD CAMERA1>> 
ROM:002C3248 00000015 C dead_cor_wtime_start 
ROM:002C325D 00000017 C dead_cor_default_ang_x 
ROM:002C3274 00000019 C dead_cor_default_dis_cam 
ROM:002C328D 00000015 C dead_cor_ttime_start 
ROM:002C32A2 00000015 C dead_cor_ttime_k_int 
ROM:002C32B7 00000018 C dead_cor_default_ht_int
ROM:002C32CF 00000015 C <<DEAD CAMERA MAIN>> 
ROM:002C32E4 00000010 C dead_acyc_ttime
ROM:002C32F4 00000018 C dead_track_sp_dc_to_nor
ROM:002C330C 00000016 C <<DEAD CAMERA ANG_Y>>
ROM:002C3322 00000015 C dead_ang_y_min_limit 
ROM:002C3337 00000015 C dead_ang_y_drift_max 
ROM:002C334C 00000014 C dead_ang_y_vib_type
ROM:002C3360 00000014 C dead_ang_y_dri_type
ROM:002C3374 00000016 C dead_ang_y_t_dri_type
ROM:002C33A6 0000000F C hen_acyc_ttime 
ROM:002C33B5 00000015 C hen_acyc_ttime_ang_y 
ROM:002C33CA 00000017 C hen_acyc_last_sp_ang_y 
ROM:002C33E1 00000016 C hen_dis_cam_limit_min
ROM:002C33F7 00000016 C hen_dis_cam_limit_max
ROM:002C340D 00000012 C <<MASKUP CAMERA>>
ROM:002C341F 00000018 C hen_m_cor_default_ang_x
ROM:002C3437 0000001A C hen_m_cor_default_dis_cam
ROM:002C3451 00000019 C hen_m_cor_default_ht_int 
ROM:002C346A 00000016 C hen_m_cor_default_fov
ROM:002C3480 00000016 C <<INERTIA NEAR WALL>>
ROM:002C3496 00000014 C wall_iner_speed_min
ROM:002C34AA 00000014 C wall_iner_speed_max
ROM:002C34BE 00000015 C wall_iner_speed_rate 
ROM:002C34D3 00000018 C wall_iner_inertia_ttime
ROM:002C34EB 00000019 C wall_iner_inertia_multip 
ROM:002C3504 00000017 C wall_iner_return_ttime 
ROM:002C351B 00000018 C wall_iner_return_multip
ROM:002C3538 00000016 C <<HENTAI CAMERA SET>>
ROM:002C3580 00000013 C <<HENTAI CAMERA1>> 
ROM:002C3593 00000014 C hen_cor_ttime_start
ROM:002C35A7 00000012 C hen_cor_ttime_end
ROM:002C35B9 00000016 C hen_cor_default_ang_x
ROM:002C35CF 00000018 C hen_cor_default_dis_cam
ROM:002C35E7 00000017 C hen_cor_default_ht_int 
ROM:002C35FE 00000014 C hen_cor_default_fov
ROM:002C3612 00000018 C <<HENTAI CAMERA ANG_X>>
ROM:002C362A 00000014 C hen_ang_x_drift_max
ROM:002C363E 00000013 C hen_ang_x_vib_type 
ROM:002C3651 00000013 C hen_ang_x_dri_type 
ROM:002C3664 00000015 C hen_ang_x_t_dri_type 
ROM:002C3679 00000014 C hen_ang_x_keep_type
ROM:002C368D 00000018 C <<HENTAI CAMERA ANG_Y>>
ROM:002C36A5 00000014 C hen_ang_y_drift_max
ROM:002C36B9 00000013 C hen_ang_y_vib_type 
ROM:002C36CC 00000013 C hen_ang_y_dri_type 
ROM:002C36DF 00000015 C hen_ang_y_t_dri_type 
ROM:002C370E 00000016 C hen_dis_cam_drift_max
ROM:002C3724 00000015 C hen_dis_cam_vib_type 
ROM:002C3739 00000015 C hen_dis_cam_dri_type 
ROM:002C374E 00000017 C hen_dis_cam_t_dri_type 
ROM:002C3765 00000016 C hen_dis_cam_keep_type
ROM:002C377B 00000019 C <<HENTAI CAMERA HT_INT>> 
ROM:002C3794 00000015 C hen_ht_int_drift_max 
ROM:002C37A9 00000014 C hen_ht_int_vib_type
ROM:002C37BD 00000014 C hen_ht_int_dri_type
ROM:002C37D1 00000016 C hen_ht_int_t_dri_type
ROM:002C37E7 00000015 C hen_ht_int_keep_type 
ROM:002C37FC 00000016 C <<HENTAI CAMERA FOV>>
ROM:002C3812 00000012 C hen_fov_drift_max
ROM:002C3824 00000011 C hen_fov_vib_type 
ROM:002C3835 00000011 C hen_fov_dri_type 
ROM:002C3846 00000013 C hen_fov_t_dri_type 
ROM:002C3859 00000012 C hen_fov_keep_type
ROM:002C386B 00000017 C <<HENTAI CAMERA ROLL>> 
ROM:002C3882 00000013 C hen_roll_drift_max 
ROM:002C3895 00000012 C hen_roll_vib_type
ROM:002C38A7 00000012 C hen_roll_dri_type
ROM:002C38B9 00000014 C hen_roll_t_dri_type
ROM:002C38CD 00000013 C hen_roll_keep_type 
ROM:002C38E0 00000017 C <<HENTAI CAMERA NEAR>> 
ROM:002C38F7 00000011 C hen_near_dis_cam 
ROM:002C3908 00000013 C hen_near_fov_limit 
ROM:002C391B 00000014 C hen_near_fov_sp_cor
ROM:002C392F 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C394A 00000012 C acn_menu_hentai.c
ROM:002C395C 00000025 C type_num < ACN_CAM_STATIC_HENTAI_MAX 
ROM:002C3981 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:46:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C399D 00000027 C offset < ACN_CAM_STATIC_HENTAI_SET_MAX 
ROM:002C39C8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C39E3 0000000D C acn_spline.c 
ROM:002C39F0 00000017 C 0.0f <= t && t <= 1.0f 
ROM:002C3A07 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:46:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C3A23 0000001D C 0 != pFCurve->m_quantity_key 
ROM:002C3A40 0000001E C NULL != pFCurve->m_pFcurveKey
ROM:002C3A5E 0000000F C -1 != curr_seg 
ROM:002C3A6D 00000012 C 2 <= quantity_key
ROM:002C3A7F 0000001A C ACVAL(-30000) < val_x_min
ROM:002C3A99 00000019 C val_x_max < ACVAL(30000) 
ROM:002C3AB8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002C3AD3 00000014 C camera_data_stage.c
ROM:002C3AE7 0000001A C ( MAP_NUM_MAX > stageID )
ROM:002C3B01 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:46:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002C3B20 0000000C C sk_camera.c
ROM:002C3B2C 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002C3B48 00000017 C gfx - pDL < MY_GFX_MAX 
ROM:002C3B5F 0000002C C cameraEnvCreateDL_Make gfx over. call okita
ROM:002C3B8B 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:46:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E165C 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E1677 0000000C C sat_edraw.c
ROM:002E1683 0000000B C NULL != kp 
ROM:002E168E 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:47:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E16AA 00000036 C lpEobj->m_pNvtx < (lpEobj->m_EffectPList+SAT_ALL_GFX)
ROM:002E1920 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E193B 0000000D C sat_edraw2.c 
ROM:002E1948 00000036 C lpEobj->m_pNvtx < (lpEobj->m_EffectPList+SAT_ALL_GFX)
ROM:002E197E 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:48:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E27B9 00000018 C EFFECT no kazu %d < %d\n 
ROM:002E27D1 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E27EC 0000001C C BUILD=11:29:15:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E2808 0000000C C NULL != pDL
ROM:002E2814 0000002A C pDL < (lpEobj->m_EffectPList+SAT_ALL_GFX)
ROM:002E283E 00000036 C lpEobj->m_pNvtx < (lpEobj->m_EffectPList+SAT_ALL_GFX)
ROM:002E28EC 00000014 C iFnum < _FOCUS_OBJS
ROM:002E2900 0000001A C cObjType<KITAE_OBJECT_MAX
ROM:002E291A 0000000B C iKnum >= 0 
ROM:002E2925 0000001B C iKnum < KIMERA_DISPLAY_MAX 
ROM:002E2958 0000000E C sat_effect2.c
ROM:002E2966 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E2981 0000002F C pDL < (pDPrim->m_VGfx[iCount]+_DREAM_DL_BNUMS) 
ROM:002E29B0 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:50:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E29E8 0000000C C NULL != pDL
ROM:002E29F4 0000002A C pDL < (lpEobj->m_EffectPList+SAT_ALL_GFX)
ROM:002E2A1E 00000018 C << KIMERA HEAD LIGHT >>
ROM:002E2A36 0000000A C KIMERA No
ROM:002E2A40 00000010 C DiffuseLight No
ROM:002E2A50 0000000E C DIF Color RED
ROM:002E2A5E 00000010 C DIF Color GREEN
ROM:002E2A6E 0000000F C DIF Color BLUE 
ROM:002E2A7D 0000000E C ENV Color RED
ROM:002E2A8B 00000010 C ENV Color GREEN
ROM:002E2A9B 0000000F C ENV Color BLUE 
ROM:002E2AAA 00000018 C << KIMERA BODY LIGHT >>
ROM:002E2AC2 0000000B C 0<=i&&7>=i 
ROM:002E2AEC 0000000A C Color RED
ROM:002E2AF6 0000000C C Color GREEN
ROM:002E2B02 0000000B C Color BLUE 
ROM:002E2B31 00000009 C TRIANGLE 
ROM:002E2B3A 00000009 C %s %4.1f 
ROM:002E2B43 0000000B C %s x%4.1fx 
ROM:002E2B4E 0000000B C %s y%4.1fy 
ROM:002E2B59 0000000B C %s z%4.1fz 
ROM:002E2B78 0000001D C shokaiID %d\n
ROM:002E2B95 0000001D C infoID %d\n
ROM:002E2BB2 0000001D C shokaiID and infoID MAX%d\n
ROM:002E2C00 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E2C1B 0000000B C ganim_ch.c 
ROM:002E2C26 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:50:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E2C42 00000019 C v == ch->end - ch->start 
ROM:002E2C5B 0000000F C 0 == ch->start 
ROM:002E2C6A 00000037 C GORIEvaluateChannel: channel type:%d is not supported\n
ROM:002E2CA1 00000033 C GANIM_CG.C: _GORIAnimMixinUpdateTime: dummy_alloca 
ROM:002E2CDD 0000000B C @afmax=%d\n
ROM:002E2CE8 00000015 C obj->proto->name=%s\n
ROM:002E2CFD 00000019 C aflavor->proto->name=%s\n
ROM:002E2D16 00000035 C _GORIAnimMixinCleanupRemove():cannot remove list:%d\n
ROM:002E2D4B 00000034 C GANIM_CG.C: _GORIAnimMixinCleanupStop: dummy_alloca
ROM:002E2D88 0000000A C @cmax=%d\n 
ROM:002E2D92 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002E2DAE 00000022 C obj->dinfo.current_pose->quantity
ROM:002E2DD0 00000034 C _GORIObjectEvalAnimation(): pose transform is empty
ROM:002E2E08 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E2E23 0000000F C ganim_kcubic.c 
ROM:002E2E32 0000000F C 0.0F != length 
ROM:002E2E41 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:50:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E2E60 0000000D C ganim_main.c 
ROM:002E2E6D 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E2E88 000000B7 C (3*8 * 2) == FixedAllocSet( &gGameContext.m_GoriContext.animproto_alloc_context, gGameContext.m_GoriContext.animproto_work, sizeof(gGameContext.m_GoriContext.animproto_work), (3584)) 
ROM:002E2F3F 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:51:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E2F5B 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002E2F77 00000021 C GORIObjectReset(): proto is null 
ROM:002E2F98 0000007C C (2) == FixedAllocSet(&obj->jf_alloc_context, obj->joint_flavor_work,sizeof(obj->joint_flavor_work),sizeof(GORIJointFlavor))
ROM:002E3014 0000008F C (3) == FixedAllocSet(&obj->pose_alloc_context,obj->joint_pose_work,sizeof(obj->joint_pose_work),KIMERA_GORI_JOINT_MAX* sizeof(GORITransformF)) 
ROM:002E30A3 0000002A C GORIObjectReset(): transition init failed
ROM:002E30CD 0000002C C GORIObjectReset(): display info init failed
ROM:002E30F9 0000002C C ganim_main.c: _objfree_jmixin: dummy_alloca
ROM:002E312E 0000000A C @cmax=%d\n 
ROM:002E3138 0000000B C obj->proto 
ROM:002E3143 00000015 C obj->proto->gcontext 
ROM:002E3158 0000002A C GORIObjectClear(): could not found object
ROM:002E3182 00000009 C ptr==obj 
ROM:002E318B 00000035 C GORIObjectClear(): could not remove object from list 
ROM:002E31C0 0000002B C GORIObjectClear(): cannot remove from list 
ROM:002E31EB 0000001D C GORIJointProtoFindFromName() 
ROM:002E3208 00000038 C GORIJointProtoFindFromName(): joint proto list is empty
ROM:002E3240 00000022 C %s: cannot find jointproto: %s %s
ROM:002E3262 0000002E C GORIJointFlavorCreateFromProto(): obj is null
ROM:002E3290 00000038 C GORIJointFlavorCreateFromProto(): joint_proto not found
ROM:002E32C8 0000003B C GORIJointFlavorCreateFromProto(): proto_attribute is empty 
ROM:002E3303 00000039 C GORIJointFlavorCreateFromProto(): cannot allocate flavor 
ROM:002E333C 0000002C C GORIJointFlavorFree(): joint flavor is null
ROM:002E3368 00000033 C GORIAnimProtoFindFromName(): proto is null\n(%s %s)
ROM:002E339B 0000003E C GORIAnimProtoFindFromName(): anim proto list is empty\n(%s %s) 
ROM:002E33D9 0000001B C !aproto->protowork.m_bLock 
ROM:002E33F4 00000026 C 1==aproto->protowork.m_ReferenceCount
ROM:002E341A 00000026 C 20>aproto->protowork.m_ReferenceCount
ROM:002E3440 00000025 C 0<aproto->protowork.m_ReferenceCount 
ROM:002E3465 0000001A C aproto->protowork.m_bLock
ROM:002E347F 0000004F C GORIObjectProtoLoad:not enough buffer(kimera proto too large)\tKIMERA_TRIBE:%s\n 
ROM:002E34CE 00000026 C 0==aproto->protowork.m_ReferenceCount
ROM:002E34F4 00000018 C aproto->protowork.pwork
ROM:002E350C 00000035 C GORIAnimProtoUnload: anim proto is already unloaded. 
ROM:002E3541 00000030 C GORIJointPoseProtoFindFromName(): proto is null
ROM:002E3571 0000002D C GORIJointPoseCreateFromProto() : obj is null 
ROM:002E359E 00000017 C obj->proto->pose_proto 
ROM:002E35B5 00000039 C GORIJointPoseCreateFromProto() : pose_proto list is null 
ROM:002E35EE 0000002B C obj->proto->quantity_pose_proto>pose_index 
ROM:002E3619 0000003A C GORIJointPoseCreateFromProto() : invalid pose proto index
ROM:002E3653 0000002D C GORIJointPoseCreateFromProto(): pose is null 
ROM:002E3680 0000002C C GORIJointPoseGetCurrentPose() : obj is null
ROM:002E36AC 0000002C C GORIJointPoseGetCurrentPose(): pose is null
ROM:002E36D8 0000002E C GORIJointPoseCopy(): one of args(dst) is null
ROM:002E3706 0000002E C GORIJointPoseCopy(): one of args(src) is null
ROM:002E3734 00000014 C cmax==src->quantity
ROM:002E3748 0000002C C GORIJointPoseCopy(): size mismatch %d != %d
ROM:002E3774 00000020 C GORIJointPoseNew(): obj is null
ROM:002E3794 0000001C C KIMERA_GORI_JOINT_MAX>=cmax
ROM:002E37B0 00000022 C GORIJointPoseFree(): pose is null
ROM:002E37D2 00000020 C obj->proto->quantity_joint_node
ROM:002E37F2 00000028 C GORIObjectDisplayInit(): joint is empty
ROM:002E381A 00000018 C obj->dinfo.current_pose
ROM:002E3832 0000002E C GORIObjectDisplayInit(): current_pose is null
ROM:002E3860 00000028 C GORIObjectTransitionInit(): obj is null
ROM:002E3888 0000002B C GORIObjectTransitionInit(): joint is empty 
ROM:002E38B3 0000002C C _update_amixin_sub1(): joint_cache is empty
ROM:002E38DF 00000029 C GORIObjectUpdateAnimMixin(): obj is null 
ROM:002E3908 00000011 C obj->joint_cache 
ROM:002E3919 0000003C C GORIObjectUpdateAnimMixin(): obj->joint_cache mixin is null
ROM:002E3955 00000022 C ganim_main.c: kadono _dummy_alloca 
ROM:002E3986 0000000B C Bjmax=%d \n
ROM:002E3991 00000036 C ganim_main.c: GORIObjectUpdateAnimMixin: dummy_alloca
ROM:002E39D0 0000000B C @afmax=%d\n
ROM:002E39DB 0000001F C GORI_ANIM_CACHE_MAX>=acachenum 
ROM:002E39FA 00000050 C GORIObjectUpdateAnimMixin():Not enough anim_cache buffer. please call WATANABE.
ROM:002E3A4A 0000002B C _update_jmixin_sub1: joint flavor is empty 
ROM:002E3A75 0000000B C index<jmax 
ROM:002E3A80 00000024 C _update_jmixin_sub1: index overflow
ROM:002E3AA4 0000002A C GORIObjectUpdateJointMixin(): obj is null
ROM:002E3ACE 00000023 C FakeListNumItem(&obj->joint_mixin) 
ROM:002E3AF1 00000032 C GORIObjectUpdateJointMixin(): joint_mixin is null
ROM:002E3B23 00000033 C GORIObjectUpdateJointMixin(): current_pose is null 
ROM:002E3B56 00000032 C GORIObjectUpdateJointMixin(): joint_node is empty
ROM:002E3B88 00000037 C ganim_main.c: GORIObjectUpdateJointMixin: dummy_alloca 
ROM:002E3BC8 0000000A C @cmax=%d\n 
ROM:002E3BD2 0000001B C count<GORI_JOINT_CACHE_MAX 
ROM:002E3BED 00000037 C joint cache area over:must be %d<GORI_JOINT_CACHE_MAX\n
ROM:002E3C24 0000001E C _mixin_remove(): list is null
ROM:002E3C42 0000001F C _mixin_remove(): list is empty 
ROM:002E3C61 0000000A C pos < ret
ROM:002E3C6B 0000001E C _mixin_remove():invalid index
ROM:002E3C89 0000001E C GORIObjectRemoveJointFlavor()
ROM:002E3CA7 00000032 C GORIObjectRemoveJointFlavor(): remove-mixin error
ROM:002E3CD9 0000002A C GORIObjectRemoveAnimFlavor(): obj is null
ROM:002E3D03 00000031 C GORIObjectRemoveAnimFlavor(): remove-mixin error 
ROM:002E3D34 00000037 C ganim_main.c: GORIObjectRemoveAnimFlavor: dummy_alloca 
ROM:002E3D74 0000000A C @cmax=%d\n 
ROM:002E3D7E 0000001B C _mixin_add(): list is null 
ROM:002E3D99 0000001B C pos == GORI_MIXIN_LIST_TOP 
ROM:002E3DB4 00000026 C _mixin_add pos = %d error. call okita
ROM:002E3DDA 00000028 C GORIObjectAddJointFlavor(): obj is null
ROM:002E3E02 0000002C C GORIObjectAddJointFlavor(): add-mixin error
ROM:002E3E2E 00000027 C GORIObjectAddAnimFlavor(): obj is null 
ROM:002E3E55 00000037 C \"GORIObjectAddAnimFlavor(): transition already exist\"\n
ROM:002E3E8C 0000000D C KimeraID:%d\n
ROM:002E3E99 0000002C C 0<flavor->proto->protowork.m_ReferenceCount
ROM:002E3EC5 00000030 C GORIObjectAddAnimFlavor(): not loaded animproto
ROM:002E3EF5 0000002B C GORIObjectAddAnimFlavor(): add-mixin error 
ROM:002E3F20 0000000C C label_proto
ROM:002E3F2C 0000003B C GORIAnimLabelProtoFindLabelFromName(): label_proto is null 
ROM:002E3F67 0000001B C label_proto->label_segment 
ROM:002E3F82 0000003D C GORIAnimLabelProtoFindLabelFromName(): label_segment is null 
ROM:002E3FBF 00000043 C GORIAnimLabelProtoFindLabelFromName(): label_segment is empty list 
ROM:002E4002 00000030 C GORIAnimLabelProtoFindFromName(): proto is null
ROM:002E4032 00000013 C proto->label_proto 
ROM:002E4045 00000036 C GORIAnimLabelProtoFindFromName(): label_proto is null
ROM:002E407B 0000003C C GORIAnimLabelProtoFindFromName(): label_proto is empty list
ROM:002E40B7 00000023 C GORIObjectApplyPose(): obj is null 
ROM:002E40DA 0000002C C GORIObjectApplyPose(): current_pose is null
ROM:002E4106 0000002B C GORIAnimFlavorSetTransition(): obj is null 
ROM:002E4131 0000001F C obj->transition_proto.channels 
ROM:002E4150 0000003B C GORIAnimFlavorSetTransition(): transition channels is null 
ROM:002E418B 0000001F C obj->transition_proto.animlink 
ROM:002E41AA 0000003B C GORIAnimFlavorSetTransition(): transition animlink is null 
ROM:002E41E5 00000016 C 0<from_pose->quantity
ROM:002E41FB 0000002C C GORIAnimFlavorSetTransition(): invalid pose
ROM:002E4227 00000027 C to_pose->quantity==from_pose->quantity 
ROM:002E424E 00000041 C GORIAnimFlavorCreateTransition(): pose mismatch, or invalid pose 
ROM:002E428F 00000018 C to_pose->quantity==jmax
ROM:002E42A7 00000036 C GORIAnimFlavorCreateTransition(): joint_node mismatch
ROM:002E42F9 00000021 C GORIObjectSetMode(): obj is null 
ROM:002E431A 00000029 C GORIObjectUpdateAnimation(): obj is null 
ROM:002E4343 00000021 C gcontext == obj->proto->gcontext 
ROM:002E4364 00000029 C GORIUpdateAnimation(): gcontext mismatch 
ROM:002E43C0 0000001A C !pAnim->protowork.m_bLock
ROM:002E43DA 00000016 C jmax==pPose->quantity 
ROM:002E5398 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E53B3 00000013 C ganim_script_bin.c 
ROM:002E53C6 00000020 C 0==(((long)pAddr)%sizeof(long))
ROM:002E53E6 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:51:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E5402 00000022 C 0==(((long)MaxSize)%sizeof(long))
ROM:002E5424 00000029 C stCommonHeapSize>stCommonHeapCursor+size 
ROM:002E544D 0000000D C 2==(*srcP++) 
ROM:002E545A 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002E5476 00000020 C nameId < HDBIN_DEFAULT_NAME_MAX
ROM:002E5496 0000001E C stringGet() Invalid nameId:%d
ROM:002E54B4 00000027 C strlen (name) <= ANIMATION_NAME_LENGTH 
ROM:002E54DB 00000016 C stringGet len over %d
ROM:002E54F1 00000014 C stbCommonHeapEnable
ROM:002E5505 00000026 C c == HDBIN_DEFAULT_NAME_tree_instance
ROM:002E552B 00000012 C quantityJointNode
ROM:002E553D 0000001F C nodeNumber < quantityJointNode 
ROM:002E555C 0000001D C c == HDBIN_DEFAULT_NAME_pose 
ROM:002E5579 00000022 C c == HDBIN_DEFAULT_NAME_anim_link
ROM:002E559B 00000027 C aproto->quantity_label_proto==numLabel 
ROM:002E55C2 0000001E C c == HDBIN_DEFAULT_NAME_label
ROM:002E55E0 00000039 C KimeraAnimationHentaiStart ANIMATION_MODE_COMMAND_NEW 1\n
ROM:002E5620 00000021 C pos not found t (%g), type (%d)\n
ROM:002E5641 00000012 C in (%g) out (%g)\n 
ROM:002E5653 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E566E 0000000B C ht_curve.c 
ROM:002E5679 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:51:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E5695 0000002F C HentaiCreateRandomCurve rc_data->seg_num (%d)\n
ROM:002E56C4 00000016 C pos not found t (%g)\n 
ROM:002E56DA 0000001A C seg_start (%g), end (%g)\n 
ROM:002E56F4 0000000E C seg_num (%d)\n 
ROM:002E61F4 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E620F 0000000A C ht_prog.c
ROM:002E6219 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:51:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E6235 0000001C C prog_data.c_type_r[i] (%d)\n 
ROM:002E6258 0000000F C ht_anim_menu.c 
ROM:002E6267 0000001C C << Hentai Animation Menu >>
ROM:002E6283 0000000E C Parameter Set
ROM:002E6291 0000000C C Shrink Time
ROM:002E629D 0000000C C Longer Time
ROM:002E62A9 00000015 C << Parts Depth %d >> 
ROM:002E62BE 0000000A C Time Rate
ROM:002E62C8 0000000D C Rot Curve %d 
ROM:002E62D5 0000000F C Scale Curve %d 
ROM:002E62E4 00000016 C << Parts Depth2 %d >>
ROM:002E62FA 0000000E C Rot Curve2 %d
ROM:002E6308 0000000A C Frequency
ROM:002E6312 0000000B C Time Drift 
ROM:002E631D 00000012 C << Head Move X >>
ROM:002E632F 00000012 C << Head Move Y >>
ROM:002E6341 00000012 C << Head Move Z >>
ROM:002E6353 00000011 C << Head Rot X >> 
ROM:002E6364 00000011 C << Head Rot Y >> 
ROM:002E6375 00000011 C << Head Rot Z >> 
ROM:002E6386 00000011 C << Mouth open >> 
ROM:002E6397 00000024 C << Renzoku Hentai Animation Menu >>
ROM:002E63BB 0000000F C Renzoku Hentai 
ROM:002E63CA 00000016 C Renzoku Hentai Number
ROM:002E63E0 00000010 C Renzoku Henai 0
ROM:002E63F0 00000010 C Renzoku Henai 1
ROM:002E6400 00000010 C Renzoku Henai 2
ROM:002E6410 00000010 C Renzoku Henai 3
ROM:002E6420 00000010 C Renzoku Henai 4
ROM:002E6430 00000010 C Renzoku Henai 5
ROM:002E6440 0000001A C << Renzoku Hentai Type >>
ROM:002E645A 00000021 C << Move Hentai Animation Menu >> 
ROM:002E647B 0000000C C Move Hentai
ROM:002E6487 0000000A C Move Time
ROM:002E6491 0000000C C Move Curve1
ROM:002E649D 0000000C C Move Curve2
ROM:002E64A9 0000000C C Move Curve3
ROM:002E64B5 0000000C C Move Curve4
ROM:002E64C1 00000015 C << Move Rot Curve >> 
ROM:002E64D6 0000000B C Rot Curve1 
ROM:002E64E1 0000000B C Rot Curve2 
ROM:002E64EC 0000000B C Rot Curve3 
ROM:002E64F7 0000000B C Rot Curve4 
ROM:002E6502 00000012 C << Check Keiro >>
ROM:002E6514 0000000C C check keiro
ROM:002E6520 00000011 C << Bg Control >> 
ROM:002E6531 0000000B C Num Bg Key 
ROM:002E653C 0000000B C << BG H >> 
ROM:002E6547 0000000B C << BG S >> 
ROM:002E6552 0000000B C << BG V >> 
ROM:002E655D 0000000E C << BG Key1 >>
ROM:002E656B 0000000E C << BG Key2 >>
ROM:002E6579 0000000E C << BG Key3 >>
ROM:002E6587 0000000E C << BG Key4 >>
ROM:002E6595 0000000E C << BG Key5 >>
ROM:002E65A3 0000000E C << BG Key6 >>
ROM:002E65B1 00000021 C << Character Light %d Control >> 
ROM:002E65D2 00000014 C Num Chara Color Key
ROM:002E65E6 00000017 C << Chara Light %d H >> 
ROM:002E65FD 00000017 C << Chara Light %d S >> 
ROM:002E6614 00000017 C << Chara Light %d V >> 
ROM:002E662B 0000001F C << Charactor Light %d Key %d>> 
ROM:002E664A 00000017 C << Hentai Fade Menu >> 
ROM:002E6661 0000000E C Fade Out Time
ROM:002E666F 00000013 C Fade Out Stay Time 
ROM:002E6682 0000000D C Fade In Time 
ROM:002E668F 00000012 C Fade In Stay Time
ROM:002E66A1 0000000E C Gakujutu Time
ROM:002E66AF 00000022 C << Hentai Head Vibration Value >>
ROM:002E66D1 00000023 C << Hentai Other Vibration Value >> 
ROM:002E66F4 0000000A C Parts Rot
ROM:002E66FE 0000000C C Parts Scale
ROM:002E670A 0000001D C << Hentai Vibration Curve >> 
ROM:002E6727 00000024 C HtMenuOperationFuckSet no function\n 
ROM:002E674B 00000010 C << Zuru Play >>
ROM:002E675B 00000014 C eat color parts num
ROM:002E676F 0000000E C sc hentai num
ROM:002E677D 00000010 C item re-arrange
ROM:002E678D 00000018 C rolling area tex change
ROM:002E67A5 00000018 C HtMenuOperationItemAdd\n 
ROM:002E67BD 00000038 C HtMenuOperationItemTypeDecrease ht_menu_item_type (%d)\n 
ROM:002E67F5 00000019 C HtMenuOperationItemDump\n
ROM:002E680E 00000010 C << Item Edit >>
ROM:002E681E 00000009 C get mode 
ROM:002E6827 0000000A C item dump
ROM:002E6831 0000003F C HtMenuOperationSarukoshiStateSet ht_menu_sarukoshi_state (%d)\n
ROM:002E6870 00000015 C << Unko & Shuffle >> 
ROM:002E6885 0000000A C unko type
ROM:002E688F 00000010 C sarukoshi state
ROM:002E689F 0000000C C hentai type
ROM:002E68AB 0000000C C zako delete
ROM:002E68B7 0000000E C << Henshin >>
ROM:002E68C5 0000000D C henshin saki 
ROM:002E68D2 00000010 C henshin release
ROM:002E6FF7 0000001C C rASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E7020 00000029 C !_KimeraAccessoryIsActive(pKimera,a_num) 
ROM:002E7049 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:52:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E7065 00000034 C TokutyoType >= 0 && TokutyoType < TOKUCYOU_TYPE_MAX
ROM:002E7099 00000029 C Level >= 0 && Level < TOKUCYOU_LEVEL_MAX 
ROM:002E7314 0000000F C k1_100jyu.c%d\n
ROM:002E7334 00000018 C Caution!! ForceReturn.\n 
ROM:002E734C 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E7367 0000003C C !IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera) || K1_MODE_KOROHEN != K1GetMode()
ROM:002E73A3 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:52:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E73FC 00000005 C ?333>
ROM:002E747C 00000006 C ?fff@
ROM:002E74C4 00000006 C ?fff?
ROM:002E7528 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E7543 00000010 C k1_bite_slide.c
ROM:002E7553 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:53:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E756F 00000012 C IsKimeraValid(pB)
ROM:002E7581 0000002D C KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pA).m_BodyBits[0]=%d\n
ROM:002E75AE 0000002D C KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pA).m_BodyBits[1]=%d\n
ROM:002E75DB 0000002D C KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pA).m_BodyBits[2]=%d\n
ROM:002E7608 0000002D C KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pA).m_BodyBits[3]=%d\n
ROM:002E7635 0000002B C KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pA).m_Direction=%d\n
ROM:002E7660 0000000B C k_teishoku 
ROM:002E76A5 00000022 C KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pA).pB==pB
ROM:002E76C8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002E76E3 0000000B C k1_curve.c 
ROM:002E76EE 00000016 C fTime <= K1_CURVE_END
ROM:002E7704 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:53:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002E7720 0000002B C 0.0F <= endtime && K1_CURVE_END >= endtime 
ROM:002E774B 00000015 C starttime <= endtime 
ROM:002E7760 0000000E C k1_d_tackle.c
ROM:002E778C 00000006 C ?333?L 
ROM:002E7794 00000005 C ?fff=
ROM:002E77B4 0000000A C RUN=%0.3f
ROM:002E77BE 00000010 C GURO=%d MAP =%d
ROM:002E77CE 00000010 C GURO=%d, MAP=%d
ROM:002E77DE 00000011 C MAP_HEAP = %d/%d 
ROM:002E77EF 00000015 C DL+VTX+TEX = %d / %d 
ROM:002E7804 00000017 C DDL=%d HOOK=%d XOBJ=%d 
ROM:002E781B 0000001D C ACW=%d TER=%d COL=%d EXT=%d
ROM:002E7838 00000012 C SLOPE=%d MCTEX=%d
ROM:002E784A 0000001A C kitaeba=%d mode=%s ov2=%d
ROM:002E7864 0000001A C %s %s H%3ld/H%3ld F%d T%d
ROM:002E787E 00000012 C mode=%s,%s ov2=%d
ROM:002E7890 0000001E C kitaeba=%d dokan=%d hentai=%d
ROM:002E78AE 0000001A C %d %s K%d D%d xz=%d,%d,%d
ROM:002E78C8 00000012 C %8s L%d K%d %d %d
ROM:002E78DA 00000029 C %8s (%d) %d %d %d %d %d,%d %d %d %d %d 
ROM:002E7903 00000010 C TIME%d:%d %s %s
ROM:002E7913 0000001B C rate%0.2f xz%d,%d dir%0.2f 
ROM:002E792E 00000009 C %d %s %s 
ROM:002E7937 0000000F C %d %d %d %d %d 
ROM:002E7946 0000001F C M%d J%d xz%d,%d A%d G%d H%d/%d 
ROM:002E7965 00000012 C %s=%s %s %s %d %d
ROM:002E7977 00000020 C me%d,%d mokuba=%d,%d saru=%d,%d
ROM:002E7997 00000016 C PDNB.m_SeityouSaki:%d
ROM:002E79AD 0000000B C k1_debug.c 
ROM:002E79B8 0000000E C <<K1_MENU_0>>
ROM:002E79C6 00000013 C BANCHO_WORLD_TIME: 
ROM:002E79D9 00000013 C IsHentaiCheckMode: 
ROM:002E79EC 0000001B C IsSarugakuMapCheckDisplay: 
ROM:002E7A07 00000010 C IsAlreadyGreen:
ROM:002E7A17 0000000B C forSATUEI: 
ROM:002E7A22 00000013 C IsBanchoWorldTime: 
ROM:002E7A35 0000000E C IsDebugPadSw:
ROM:002E7A43 00000010 C IsAiStackCheck:
ROM:002E7A53 0000000F C PD_PLAY_TIMES: 
ROM:002E7A62 0000000A C PD.m_Lap:
ROM:002E7A6C 00000012 C K1.m_DebugStatus:
ROM:002E7A7E 0000000D C <<K1_DEBUG>> 
ROM:002E7A8B 00000014 C K1.m_GameSpeedRate:
ROM:002E7A9F 00000011 C K1.m_DebugFVal0: 
ROM:002E7AB0 00000011 C K1.m_DebugFVal1: 
ROM:002E7AC1 00000011 C K1.m_DebugFVal2: 
ROM:002E7AD2 00000011 C K1.m_DebugFVal3: 
ROM:002E7AE3 00000011 C K1.m_DebugFVal4: 
ROM:002E7AF4 00000013 C DbBodylevelUpNeed: 
ROM:002E7B07 00000013 C <<WALK SIZE RATE>> 
ROM:002E7B1A 0000000F C _A (WALK, XS): 
ROM:002E7B29 0000000F C _A (WALK, SS): 
ROM:002E7B38 0000000E C _A (WALK, S):
ROM:002E7B46 0000000E C _A (WALK, M):
ROM:002E7B54 0000000E C _A (WALK, L):
ROM:002E7B62 0000000F C _A (WALK, LL): 
ROM:002E7B71 00000015 C <<WALK MASK RATE 0>> 
ROM:002E7B86 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 0):
ROM:002E7B96 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 1):
ROM:002E7BA6 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 2):
ROM:002E7BB6 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 3):
ROM:002E7BC6 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 4):
ROM:002E7BD6 00000015 C <<WALK MASK RATE 1>> 
ROM:002E7BEB 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 5):
ROM:002E7BFB 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 6):
ROM:002E7C0B 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 7):
ROM:002E7C1B 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 8):
ROM:002E7C2B 00000010 C _ALV (WALK, 9):
ROM:002E7C3B 00000012 C <<RUN SIZE RATE>>
ROM:002E7C4D 0000000E C _A (RUN, XS):
ROM:002E7C5B 0000000E C _A (RUN, SS):
ROM:002E7C69 0000000D C _A (RUN, S): 
ROM:002E7C76 0000000D C _A (RUN, M): 
ROM:002E7C83 0000000D C _A (RUN, L): 
ROM:002E7C90 0000000E C _A (RUN, LL):
ROM:002E7C9E 00000014 C <<RUN MASK RATE 0>>
ROM:002E7CB2 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 0): 
ROM:002E7CC1 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 1): 
ROM:002E7CD0 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 2): 
ROM:002E7CDF 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 3): 
ROM:002E7CEE 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 4): 
ROM:002E7CFD 00000014 C <<RUN MASK RATE 1>>
ROM:002E7D11 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 5): 
ROM:002E7D20 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 6): 
ROM:002E7D2F 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 7): 
ROM:002E7D3E 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 8): 
ROM:002E7D4D 0000000F C _ALV (RUN, 9): 
ROM:002E7D5C 00000013 C <<BACK SIZE RATE>> 
ROM:002E7D6F 0000000F C _A (BACK, XS): 
ROM:002E7D7E 0000000F C _A (BACK, SS): 
ROM:002E7D8D 0000000E C _A (BACK, S):
ROM:002E7D9B 0000000E C _A (BACK, M):
ROM:002E7DA9 0000000E C _A (BACK, L):
ROM:002E7DB7 0000000F C _A (BACK, LL): 
ROM:002E7DC6 00000015 C <<BACK MASK RATE 0>> 
ROM:002E7DDB 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 0):
ROM:002E7DEB 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 1):
ROM:002E7DFB 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 2):
ROM:002E7E0B 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 3):
ROM:002E7E1B 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 4):
ROM:002E7E2B 00000015 C <<BACK MASK RATE 1>> 
ROM:002E7E40 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 5):
ROM:002E7E50 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 6):
ROM:002E7E60 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 7):
ROM:002E7E70 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 8):
ROM:002E7E80 00000010 C _ALV (BACK, 9):
ROM:002E7EAC 00000018 C _A (JUMP_DISTANCE, XS):
ROM:002E7EC4 00000018 C _A (JUMP_DISTANCE, SS):
ROM:002E7EDC 00000017 C _A (JUMP_DISTANCE, S): 
ROM:002E7EF3 00000017 C _A (JUMP_DISTANCE, M): 
ROM:002E7F0A 00000017 C _A (JUMP_DISTANCE, L): 
ROM:002E7F21 00000018 C _A (JUMP_DISTANCE, LL):
ROM:002E7F57 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 0): 
ROM:002E7F70 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 1): 
ROM:002E7F89 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 2): 
ROM:002E7FA2 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 3): 
ROM:002E7FBB 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 4): 
ROM:002E7FF2 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 5): 
ROM:002E800B 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 6): 
ROM:002E8024 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 7): 
ROM:002E803D 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 8): 
ROM:002E8056 00000019 C _ALV (JUMP_DISTANCE, 9): 
ROM:002E808F 00000016 C _A (JUMP_HEIGHT, XS):
ROM:002E80A5 00000016 C _A (JUMP_HEIGHT, SS):
ROM:002E80BB 00000015 C _A (JUMP_HEIGHT, S): 
ROM:002E80D0 00000015 C _A (JUMP_HEIGHT, M): 
ROM:002E80E5 00000015 C _A (JUMP_HEIGHT, L): 
ROM:002E80FA 00000016 C _A (JUMP_HEIGHT, LL):
ROM:002E8110 0000001C C <<JUMP_HEIGHT MASK RATE 0>>
ROM:002E812C 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 0): 
ROM:002E8143 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 1): 
ROM:002E815A 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 2): 
ROM:002E8171 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 3): 
ROM:002E8188 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 4): 
ROM:002E819F 0000001C C <<JUMP_HEIGHT MASK RATE 1>>
ROM:002E81BB 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 5): 
ROM:002E81D2 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 6): 
ROM:002E81E9 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 7): 
ROM:002E8200 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 8): 
ROM:002E8217 00000017 C _ALV (JUMP_HEIGHT, 9): 
ROM:002E822E 00000018 C <<JUMP_TIME SIZE RATE>>
ROM:002E8246 00000014 C _A (JUMP_TIME, XS):
ROM:002E825A 00000014 C _A (JUMP_TIME, SS):
ROM:002E826E 00000013 C _A (JUMP_TIME, S): 
ROM:002E8281 00000013 C _A (JUMP_TIME, M): 
ROM:002E8294 00000013 C _A (JUMP_TIME, L): 
ROM:002E82A7 00000014 C _A (JUMP_TIME, LL):
ROM:002E82BB 0000001A C <<JUMP_TIME MASK RATE 0>>
ROM:002E82D5 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 0): 
ROM:002E82EA 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 1): 
ROM:002E82FF 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 2): 
ROM:002E8314 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 3): 
ROM:002E8329 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 4): 
ROM:002E833E 0000001A C <<JUMP_TIME MASK RATE 1>>
ROM:002E8358 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 5): 
ROM:002E836D 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 6): 
ROM:002E8382 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 7): 
ROM:002E8397 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 8): 
ROM:002E83AC 00000015 C _ALV (JUMP_TIME, 9): 
ROM:002E83C1 00000015 C K1DebugPadProc UNKO\n
ROM:002E83D6 00000022 C modeProc Test trigger for hentai\n 
ROM:002E83F8 00000020 C modeProc Test trigger for mesu\n 
ROM:002E8432 00000008 C b %s %s
ROM:002E843A 0000001E C K1_ARRANGE_MODE_IS_HIRU()=%d\n 
ROM:002E845F 0000000B C | is [%c]\n
ROM:002E8472 00000005 C C %d 
ROM:002E8481 00000005 C )%d
ROM:002E8499 00000005 C [=%d 
ROM:002E84A3 00000007 C v =%d\n
ROM:002E84AA 0000002D C mode=%s mode2=%s mode3=%s ov2=%s kitaeba=%d\n
ROM:002E84D7 00000026 C ModeTimeFromStart=%f ModeState=%d,%f\n 
ROM:002E84FD 00000043 C PRIME = %s\nPARAMETER = %s\nLAST_KOROHEN = %s\nLAST_CHILD = %s\n 
ROM:002E8540 0000001F C PAD OFF level = prog %d ai %d\n
ROM:002E855F 00000062 C %d : Prime=%s Cuttenr=%s TribeID2=%s houdini=%s mask=%s(%d)\n ai-data=%s anim-data=%s anim-mode=%s(
ROM:002E85CC 00000055 C b)\n Dead%d KariTarget%d lookSW%d kariSW%d xz=%d,%d dir=%f\n kegaDepth=%d NUM_BODY=%d\n
ROM:002E8621 0000000A C BODY = 
ROM:002E862B 00000019 C [%s(%d)n%d l%d s%d k%d]
ROM:002E8649 00000008 C o=%d/%d
ROM:002E8654 00000005 C o=%d 
ROM:002E865C 00000005 C o=%d\n 
ROM:002E8666 00000005 C o=%d 
ROM:002E866E 00000005 C s=%d 
ROM:002E8676 00000007 C _=%d\n 
ROM:002E8694 00000028 C animation flag SAFETY data=%d mode%d\n 
ROM:002E86BC 00000027 C KimeraPartsBlinkLastPlayTime %f < -%f\n
ROM:002E86E3 00000025 C KimeraAnimationGetDataFlags %x & %x\n
ROM:002E8708 00000009 C %d %d %d 
ROM:002E8711 00000015 C %d %s %d %0.2f %0.2f 
ROM:002E8726 00000027 C HEAP buffer remain peak=%d current=%d\n
ROM:002E875F 0000000B CDEBUG LOG 
ROM:002EA5D0 0000000A C k1_demo.c
ROM:002EA6D0 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EA6EB 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:54:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EA738 00000011 C k1_demo_in_ov2.c 
ROM:002EA7B8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EA7D3 0000000D C k1_dokohen.c 
ROM:002EA7E0 00000028 C strlen (string) < K1_KEIKOKU_STRING_MAX
ROM:002EA808 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:55:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EA83E 00000006 C>>>\n 
ROM:002EA844 00000036 C KimeraTribeNumberToName (PLAYER_TRIBE_LAST_CHILD)=%s\n 
ROM:002EA87A 00000038 C KimeraTribeNumberToName (PLAYER_TRIBE_LAST_KOROHEN)=%s\n 
ROM:002EA8BF 00000006 C g ->\n 
ROM:002EA8C5 00000020 C KimeraTribeNumberToName (i)=%s\n 
ROM:002EA944 00000019 C IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera) 
ROM:002EA967 0000000F CK1PeaceAiCalc 
ROM:002EA982 00000011 C p->m_PeaceAi=%d\n
ROM:002EA998 00000029 C [k1 door] map change door mode start!!!\n
ROM:002EA9C1 00000030 C [k1 door] mode state %d at start of K1ModeDoor\n 
ROM:002EA9F1 0000000A C k1_door.c
ROM:002EA9FB 0000001A C [door] waiting camera mc\n 
ROM:002EAA15 0000001F C [door] state 1. is map change\n
ROM:002EAA34 00000023 C [door] state 1. is not map change\n
ROM:002EAA57 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EAA72 0000000B C 0 < dis_to 
ROM:002EAA7D 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:55:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EAA99 0000002E C [k1 door] mode state %d at end of K1ModeDoor\n 
ROM:002EAAF8 0000000E C k1_e_tackle.c 
ROM:002EACAC 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EACC7 00000009 C k1_eat.c 
ROM:002EACD0 00000020 C 0<=i && KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>i
ROM:002EACF0 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:55:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EAD0C 00000019 C 0.0F<=frate&&1.0F>=frate 
ROM:002EAD25 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002EAD41 00000031 C Invalid mode definition:in KimeraAnimationGetUp\n
ROM:002EAD7C 00000007 C ?333@@ 
ROM:002EAD8C 00000005 C ?333?
ROM:002EAD9C 0000001F C NULL!=pState->m_pKuiAnimFlavor 
ROM:002EADBB 0000001A C pState->m_pPakuAnimFlavor
ROM:002EADE0 00000005 C ?333 
ROM:002EADEC 0000000A C ?333?333?Y 
ROM:002EAE14 00000030 C KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pKimera).m_Direction=%d\n 
ROM:002EAE44 00000071 C 0<=KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pKimera).m_Direction&&KIMERA_DIRECTION_MAX>KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pKimera).m_Direction 
ROM:002EAEB5 0000000C C KegaBit=%d\n 
ROM:002EAEC1 00000020 C num==pState->m_ValidEatPartsNum
ROM:002EAEE1 0000000B C k_teishoku 
ROM:002EAEEC 00000010 C blower | bupper
ROM:002EAEFC 00000020 C pKimera&&IsKimeraValid(pKimera)
ROM:002EAF1C 00000035 C KIMERA_EAT_PARTS_INFO (pKuiKimera).pB==pKuwareKimera 
ROM:002EAF51 00000029 C !IS_KIMERA_TRIBE_TYPE_SOKUSI(pKuiKimera) 
ROM:002EAFA6 00000041 C pKuwareKimera == KimeraGetKariTargetIfNothingReturn0(pKuiKimera) 
ROM:002EAFE7 00000032 C pState->m_pEatingKimera != pState->m_pEatenKimera
ROM:002EB019 0000002E C NULL!=gGameContext.m_Kimera.m_pTeishokuKimera
ROM:002EB047 0000002F C GORIAnimFlavorValid(pState->m_pPakuAnimFlavor) 
ROM:002EB076 0000000D C k_missescape 
ROM:002EB083 00000009 C k_escape 
ROM:002EB090 0000000E C k1_eat_zako.c
ROM:002EB09E 0000000B C k_teishoku 
ROM:002EB0B0 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EB0CB 0000000A C k1_fade.c
ROM:002EB0D5 00000015 C 0<=iType && 2> iType 
ROM:002EB0EA 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:56:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EB1C8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EB1E3 0000000C C k1_forcus.c
ROM:002EB1EF 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:56:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EB210 00000009 C fade out
ROM:002EB222 0000000A C menu exec
ROM:002EB22C 00000009 C to black 
ROM:002EB235 0000000A C zako free
ROM:002EB23F 0000000C C player load
ROM:002EB24B 0000000B C game end 0 
ROM:002EB438 0000000F C k1_game_over.c 
ROM:002EB447 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EB462 00000011 C pPlayer!=pKimera 
ROM:002EB473 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:56:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EB52F 0000001C C <ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n 
ROM:002EB54B 0000000B C k1_gitai.c 
ROM:002EB556 0000006B C 0<=gGameContext.m_Map.m_MapInfo.m_FieldType && MAP_FIELD_TYPE_MAX>gGameContext.m_Map.m_MapInfo.m_FieldType 
ROM:002EB5C1 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:57:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EB5DD 00000015 C !pPreserve->m_bValid 
ROM:002EB5F2 00000014 C pPreserve->m_bValid
ROM:002EB608 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EB623 0000000E C k1_hitokoto.c
ROM:002EB631 0000001A C K1_HITOKOTO_MAX>RequestID
ROM:002EB64B 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:57:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EB6A4 00000028 C 0<=RequestID&&K1_HITOKOTO_MAX>RequestID
ROM:002EB6D0 0000000F C k1_kamitsuki.c 
ROM:002EB708 00000006 C ?&ff?Y 
ROM:002EB710 00000005 C ?s33 
ROM:002EB720 00000006 C ?s33?Y 
ROM:002EB738 00000005 C ?s33 
ROM:002EB744 00000009 C ?fff?s33 
ROM:002EB76C 00000005 C ?s33>
ROM:002EB7BC 0000000D C k1_korohen.c 
ROM:002EB7C9 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EB7E4 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:57:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EB800 00000026 C Jump:KimeraAnimationToKibaHoreHore()\n 
ROM:002EB826 00000035 C PARTS_RAW_NOTHING<iRawType && PARTS_RAW_MAX>iRawType 
ROM:002EB85B 00000011 C Request Korohen\n
ROM:002EB882 00000009 CK1_MODE 
ROM:002EB912 0000000B C A%s (%s %d 
ROM:002EB934 00000023 C KimeraAnimationToHentai():Called.\n
ROM:002EB957 0000000F C HentaiType=%d\n
ROM:002EB966 00000019 C Nothing Hentai Request.\n
ROM:002EB97F 00000027 C 0==PDNB.m_EvolRawPartsStack.m_Quantity 
ROM:002EB9A6 00000008 C K1_MODE
ROM:002EBA32 00000019 C pInfo->bEnableShokai=%d\n
ROM:002EBA4B 00000042 C K1NavigationHtStatusGetTribeID( K1NAVI_HT_INFO_STATUS_AFTER )=%d\n 
ROM:002EBA8D 00000020 C Called:K1NavigationIroHentai()\n 
ROM:002EBAAD 0000000D C stiCount=%d\n
ROM:002EBABA 00000047 C (1? pKimera->m_pStatic->m_aAnimationIndex[KANIM_K_SUP].m_bAvailable:0) 
ROM:002EBB08 0000000F C k1_koshikake.c 
ROM:002EBB23 0000000C C-> return\n 
ROM:002EBB48 00000006 CDIR\n 
ROM:002EBCA4 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EBCBF 0000000F C k1_kuchipaku.c 
ROM:002EBCCE 00000020 C GORIAnimFlavorValid(pAnimation)
ROM:002EBCEE 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:58:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EBD58 0000000C C 1.0F>=fTime
ROM:002EBD64 00000020 C Kuchipaku fatal error!! JESUS!!
ROM:002EBD84 00000037 C GORIAnimFlavorValid(KIMERA_ANIM_FLAVOR_MOUTH(pKimera))
ROM:002EBFE4 00000028 C 0<=Type && HEAD_ANIMATION_TYPE_MAX>Type
ROM:002EC090 0000000E C NEW_SEQUENCE:
ROM:002EC0B9 00000006 C h %d\n 
ROM:002EC0BF 00000011 C PD_LAPLEVEL != 3 
ROM:002EC0D0 0000000D C k1_lap_end.c 
ROM:002EC142 00000018 C PD.m_Ext.peace_mask < 3
ROM:002EC15A 00000010 C PD_LAPLEVEL=%d\n 
ROM:002EC16A 0000000C C textNum=%d\n 
ROM:002EC1D0 0000000A C k1_look.c
ROM:002EC1F0 0000001B C Type = %d x=%0.2f z=%0.2f\n
ROM:002EC20B 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EC226 0000000D C 0.0F<=fAngle 
ROM:002EC233 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:58:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EC24F 00000015 C IsKimeraValid(pFrom) 
ROM:002EC264 00000013 C IsKimeraValid(pTo) 
ROM:002EC2B0 0000000D C K1_MODE_NULL 
ROM:002EC357 00000014 C K1_MODE_HENTAI_DISP
ROM:002EC381 0000000E C K1_MODE_DOKAN
ROM:002EC3A4 00000013 C K1_MODE_GAME_START 
ROM:002EC3D2 0000000F C K1_MODE_SHOKAI 
ROM:002EC3E1 0000000F C K1_MODE_STATUS 
ROM:002EC3F0 00000011 C K1_MODE_ITEM_GET 
ROM:002EC401 00000010 C K1_MODE_DOKOHEN
ROM:002EC411 00000010 C K1_MODE_LAP_END
ROM:002EC421 0000000E C K1_MODE_DEBUG
ROM:002EC42F 0000000D C K1_MODE_DOOR 
ROM:002EC47B 00000016 C K1_MODE_100JYU_IROKOI
ROM:002EC491 0000000F C K1_MODE_ENDING 
ROM:002EC63F 0000000A C k1_mode.c
ROM:002EC649 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EC664 00000014 C KDGetPlayerKimera()
ROM:002EC678 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:59:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EC694 0000002A C [sk proc] kitaeba shokai. kitaeba obj %d\n 
ROM:002EC6BE 0000003F C [sk proc] K1ModeShokaiEventReport(K1_MODE_EVENT_IN_TERRITORY)\n
ROM:002EC717 0000000A C HK1_MODE_
ROM:002EC77A 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002EC796 00000016 C !K1.m_ModeAppointNext
ROM:002EC7AC 00000031 C already appointed K1_MODE %s %d (%s). call okita 
ROM:002EC7DD 00000019 C --- mode record log ---\n
ROM:002EC7F6 00000012 C %d : %s %s %d %s\n 
ROM:002EC808 00000012 C ---end ---\n 
ROM:002EC81A 00000029 C pSC < &StageInfo.aTerrSC[FIELD_SC_MAX+1] 
ROM:002EC843 0000001C C K1_MODE_SHUFFLE depth (%d)\n 
ROM:002EC860 00000011 C k1_mode_hentai.c 
ROM:002EC908 0000000F C k1_mode_proc.c 
ROM:002EC917 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EC932 0000001C C BUILD=10:18:59:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002ED6D7 00000031 C Invalid mode definition:in KimeraAnimationGetUp\n
ROM:002ED708 00000034 C Invalid mode definition:in KimeraAnimationRollWait\n 
ROM:002ED750 00000031 C pContext->m_CurrentOrderIndex+1<=KROLL_ORDER_MAX 
ROM:002ED781 0000000A C 0.0F<time
ROM:002ED78B 0000003B C NOTICE FOR DESIGNER::%s has no label at KANIM_K_LUCKY....\n
ROM:002ED7C6 00000017 C index<=KROLL_ORDER_MAX 
ROM:002ED7DD 00000031 C pContext->m_CurrentOrderIndex+3<=KROLL_ORDER_MAX 
ROM:002ED80E 00000017 C 0<=fCount&&ONE>=fCount 
ROM:002ED825 00000034 C Invalid mode definition:in KimeraAnimation[Kuware]\n 
ROM:002ED859 0000001F C 0.0F<=timeRate&&1.0F>=timeRate 
ROM:002ED878 00000021 C 0==pContext->m_CurrentOrderIndex 
ROM:002ED8F2 00000019 C ~4IsKimeraValid(pKimera) 
ROM:002ED99C 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002ED9B7 0000000E C k1_roll_exp.c
ROM:002ED9C5 00000015 C pIndex->m_bAvailable 
ROM:002ED9DA 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:01:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EDA04 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EDA1F 00000010 C k1_roll_local.c
ROM:002EDA2F 00000012 C -1==sign||1==sign
ROM:002EDA41 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:01:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EDA5D 00000014 C KROLL_AXIS_MAX>axis
ROM:002EDA71 00000020 C 0.0F <=fcount && 1.0F >= fcount
ROM:002EDA91 0000002C C KROLL_DIRECTION_MAX>direction&&0<=direction
ROM:002EDABD 0000000A C NULL!=afp
ROM:002EDAC7 00000016 C ONE==afp->proto->time
ROM:002EDADD 00000027 C afp && GORI_ANIM_STATE_PLAY&afp->state 
ROM:002EDB04 00000022 C NULL!=pContext->m_pTeishokuKimera
ROM:002EDB26 00000016 C %s %0.2f %0.2f %0.2f\n 
ROM:002EDB81 00000005 C F%d\n
ROM:002EDB88 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EDBA3 0000000E C k1_showtime.c
ROM:002EDBB1 00000019 C IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera) 
ROM:002EDBCA 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:01:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EDBE6 0000000A C iLeft=%d\n 
ROM:002EDBF0 0000001C C Half2FullDigit(adig, iLeft) 
ROM:002EDD80 0000003F C PARTS_RAW_NOTHING < parts_rawID && PARTS_RAW_MAX > parts_rawID 
ROM:002EDF10 0000000A C k1_stag.c
ROM:002EDF1A 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EDF35 00000017 C IsKimeraValid(pKimera) 
ROM:002EDF4C 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:01:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EDF90 0000000B C k1_start.c 
ROM:002EDF9B 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EDFB6 00000017 C IsKimeraValid(pKimera) 
ROM:002EDFCD 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:02:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EDFE9 0000001A C !IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera)
ROM:002EE003 00000017 C !IsKimeraDead(pKimera) 
ROM:002EE01A 00000022 C K1_MODE_DOKAN_DEPORT==K1GetMode()
ROM:002EE076 00000008 Cfrom AI 
ROM:002EE120 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EE13B 0000000C C k1_t_bite.c
ROM:002EE147 00000009 C pKimeraB 
ROM:002EE150 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:02:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EE16C 00000045 C 0<=pInfoTT->m_ValidEatPartsNum && num >= pInfoTT->m_ValidEatPartsNum 
ROM:002EE1B1 0000001A C IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimeraB)
ROM:002EE1CB 00000019 C IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera) 
ROM:002EE1E4 0000001B C GORIAnimFlavorValid(pAnim) 
ROM:002EE210 0000000E C k1_t_tackle.c
ROM:002EE3EC 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EE407 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:02:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EE428 0000000C C k1_tackle.c
ROM:002EECB0 00000010 C [info]index:%d\n 
ROM:002EECC0 0000000F C k1_territory.c 
ROM:002EECCF 00000032 C [debug]OnTerrChange wk:%d psc:%x lock:%x flag:%x\n 
ROM:002EEE34 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EEE4F 0000000C C k1_threat.c
ROM:002EEE5B 00000015 C IsKimeraValid(pFrom) 
ROM:002EEE70 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:03:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EEE8C 0000001D C [debug]>>>> special_ikaku%d\n
ROM:002EEEA9 0000001D C [debug]---- special_ikaku%d\n
ROM:002EEED0 0000001A C%d <= %d, HP=%f Anim=%d\n 
ROM:002EEEEA 00000013 C *** DOKUDENPA ***\n
ROM:002EEEFD 00000011 C !pData->m_bGrowl 
ROM:002EEF0E 00000013 C !pData->m_bSpecial 
ROM:002EEF21 00000010 C pData->m_bGrowl
ROM:002EEF31 0000003A C !IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera) || K1GetMode()!=K1_MODE_KOROHEN
ROM:002EEFC0 00000017 C BACKJUMP_TYPE_MAX>type 
ROM:002EEFD7 0000003B C NOTICE FOR DESIGNER::%s has no label at KANIM_K_LUCKY....\n
ROM:002EF024 0000001A C IsKimeraPlayer01(pKimera)
ROM:002EF040 0000000A C k1_util.c
ROM:002EF04A 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EF065 0000004E C IsKimeraValid (pKimera) && !IsKimeraDead (pKimera) && !IsKimeraDeku (pKimera)
ROM:002EF0B3 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:03:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EF0CF 00000030 C [ai change] [for sk] %d %s entry ai %s from %s\n 
ROM:002EF0FF 00000027 C [ai change] [for sk] result ai %s\n
ROM:002EF126 0000005B C [ai change] [for sk] ai data not changed for KAMODE_FLAGS_PLEASE_DONT_TOUCH_AT_SHOKAI\n
ROM:002EF181 0000004E C [ai change] [for sk] ai data not changed for IsK1AnimationModeChangeable\n 
ROM:002EF1CF 0000002E C [ai change] [for sk] %d %s current ai %s\n 
ROM:002EF1FD 00000044 C [ai change] [for sk] target kimera is invalid or dead or deku.\n 
ROM:002EF248 0000000B C k1_water.c 
ROM:002EF258 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EF273 0000000A C k1_yume.c
ROM:002EF27D 00000016 C j<(KIMERA_IN_MAP_MAX)
ROM:002EF293 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:03:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EF2E8 0000000E C k1_z_tackle.c
ROM:002EF2FA 00000007 C K1init 
ROM:002EF30D 00000018 C PD.m_Ext.peace_mask < 3
ROM:002EF325 00000009 C k1init.c 
ROM:002EF337 0000000A C g : DEBUG
ROM:002EF34D 00000009 CLAP END 
ROM:002EF380 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EF39B 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:04:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EF3B7 0000003A C [info] GAME_LOOP_INIT init Change:%d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n 
ROM:002EF3F1 0000003A C [info] GAME_LOOP_LOAD init Change:%d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n 
ROM:002EF42B 0000003A C [info] GAME_LOOP_MENU init Change:%d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n 
ROM:002EF465 0000000F C GI.cChange > 0 
ROM:002EF474 0000004C C !!!!!!!![info]OnStageChange:%d index:%d bgm(valid:%d )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n
ROM:002EFA7C 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002EFA97 00000014 C acw_kmr_animation.c
ROM:002EFAAB 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:04:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002EFAC7 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002EFAE3 00000015 C p==&pStatic->m_Proto 
ROM:002EFAF8 0000002A C KimeraAnimationProtoFree(): remove failed
ROM:002EFB22 0000004A C Invalid animation type definition. Please check kmr_animation_name_def.h\n 
ROM:002EFB6C 00000038 C KIMERA_ANIMATION_INDEX_m_RequestID_MAX >= animIdInProto
ROM:002EFBA4 00000014 C anim req id over %d
ROM:002EFBB8 0000001E C GORIAnimFlavorValid(pAflavor)
ROM:002EFC08 00000009 C pAflavor 
ROM:002EFC2F 00000011 C NULL != pAflavor 
ROM:002EFC40 00000031 C FATAL ERROR!! Could not create AnimationFlavor.\n
ROM:002EFC71 00000015 C pIndex->m_bAvailable 
ROM:002EFC86 00000032 C nothing anim data %s in %s:%s\n AI#%s\nAM=\n%s\n%s\n%s 
ROM:002EFCB8 0000003F C pose nothing %s in %s(may be animation data insufficiency...)\n
ROM:002EFCF7 0000000E C AF %s. SN=%d\n 
ROM:002EFD05 00000009 C nothing\n
ROM:002EFD0E 0000001B C no name(mey be transition) 
ROM:002EFD29 00000022 C%s le%0.2f la%0.2f t%0.2f r%0.2f
ROM:002EFD58 00000010 C boot_kmr_data.c
ROM:002EFDB0 00000018 C PD.m_Ext.peace_mask < 3
ROM:002EFDC8 0000000F C peace_mask < 3 
ROM:002F0550 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F056B 00000010 C kmr_accessory.c
ROM:002F057B 0000001D C KIMERA_ACCESSORY_MAX > Index 
ROM:002F0598 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:04:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F0640 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F065C 00000015 C kmr_accessory_nama.c 
ROM:002F0671 0000000B C Max>=Level 
ROM:002F067C 00000033 C Invalid Parts Level Max:%d/Level:%d\nType:%d LAP:%d
ROM:002F06AF 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:05:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F06D0 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F06EC 00000010 C kmr_animation.c
ROM:002F06FC 0000003D C KimeraAnimationInit error m_pStatic->m_pProto is null %d %s\n
ROM:002F0739 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:05:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F0758 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F0774 00000016 C kmr_animation_joint.c
ROM:002F078A 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:05:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F07A6 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F07C1 0000002F C TABLE_INDEX_MAX(pNodeInfo->m_ParentTable)>=num 
ROM:002F07F0 0000000B C body_model 
ROM:002F07FB 00000016 C %s %0.2f %0.2f %0.2f\n 
ROM:002F0811 00000016 C HeadCenterFPOSInTrans
ROM:002F0827 0000002F C KimeraGoriMake EatPartsInfo :: Eat Parts calc\n
ROM:002F0856 00000013 C animJointNodeI=%d\n
ROM:002F0869 0000000D C geoNodeI=%d\n
ROM:002F0876 00000011 C dirDigree=%0.2f\n
ROM:002F0887 0000001F C dirDigree=%0.2f set dir4=%d\n
ROM:002F08A6 00000014 C up down parts = %d\n 
ROM:002F08BA 00000012 C joint=%d. Geo=%d\n 
ROM:002F08CC 00000013 C Make m_Direction \n
ROM:002F08DF 0000000C C bDir=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002F08EB 0000000F C aToBDir=%0.4f\n
ROM:002F08FA 00000012 C bDirALocal=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002F090C 0000001A C pEatInfo->m_Direction=%d\n 
ROM:002F0926 0000003B C pInfo->m_EsaRollAxis != -1 && pInfo->m_EsaHineriAxis != -1 
ROM:002F0961 00000019 C make_TAORE_ROLL_INFO err 
ROM:002F0980 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F099B 00000015 C kmr_animation_mode.c 
ROM:002F09B0 00000023 C KIMERA_DISPLAY_MAX + 1>sn && 0<=sn 
ROM:002F09D3 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:05:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F0A20 00000019 C %d %d %9s (%4s %d) %12s\n
ROM:002F0A39 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F0A55 0000004B C !(KimeraAnimationGetModeFlags (pKimera) & KAMODE_FLAGS_NON_DISCONTINATION) 
ROM:002F0AA0 0000001F C \n(%s) %s(%d) -> %s(%d) flag=%x\n
ROM:002F0AE3 00000009 C \n(%s %d)
ROM:002F0AF0 0000001E CKimeraAnimationModeChange ()
ROM:002F0B34 00000019 C i < ANIMATION_CHANGE_MAX 
ROM:002F0B4D 0000000B C call okita 
ROM:002F0B58 00000036 C animation mode change over. from START (%s %s %s)\n%s\n
ROM:002F0B8E 00000038 C animation mode change over. from CONTROL (%s %s %s)\n%s\n 
ROM:002F18B4 0000000B C kmr_data.c 
ROM:002F18D0 00000018 C PD.m_Ext.peace_mask < 3
ROM:002F18E8 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F1904 0000000A C tribeID>0
ROM:002F190E 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:05:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F192A 00000028 C myKimera New position error %s xz=%d %d
ROM:002F1952 00000011 C maskID isZERO %s 
ROM:002F1963 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F197E 00000039 C 0<=serialNumber && KIMERA_DISPLAY_MAX + 1 > serialNumber 
ROM:002F1B08 00000027 C partsInfo.m_PartsNum>pPartsIndexRev[i] 
ROM:002F1B59 00000019 C IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera) 
ROM:002F1B72 0000000D C *ppKB == pKB 
ROM:002F1B7F 0000004D C pKimera == KimeraNewWithGORILoadWithSNPos ( ppKB, -1, isAnimationGo, &pos2d) 
ROM:002F1BCC 00000020 C Warning:KimeraBasePoint moved.\n 
ROM:002F1BEC 0000001B C pKimera->m_pKimeraBase=%x\n
ROM:002F1C07 00000035 C !KIMERA_GET_NON_UNLOAD (pKimera)|| isEvolutionChange 
ROM:002F1C4F 00000006 C [ %s\n 
ROM:002F1C55 00000018 C IsKimeraValid (pKimera)
ROM:002F1C6D 0000000E C no target %d\n 
ROM:002F1CA8 00000015 C %d/8 MUST_LOAD:%04d\n
ROM:002F1CBD 00000025 C [test]unload on map route:%s dis:%f\n
ROM:002F1CE2 0000002B C [info]zako unload validID:%d kmr(%s)ID:%d\n
ROM:002F1D0D 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F1D28 00000010 C kmr_data_load.c
ROM:002F1D38 00000017 C num<KIMERA_DISPLAY_MAX 
ROM:002F1D4F 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:06:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F1D6B 00000029 C [info]num:%d<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<quit unload\n
ROM:002F1D94 00000029 C [info]OnInitialKimeraBaseLoad infoID:%d\n
ROM:002F1DD4 0000000B C phase >= 0 
ROM:002F1DDF 00000026 C [bug]KmrBaseLoad i:%d ppKB:%x pKB:%x\n 
ROM:002F1E05 0000000D C [bug]KmrBase 
ROM:002F1E40 00000027 C [info]------ KIMERA_GET_NON_UNLOAD %s\n
ROM:002F1E67 00000007 C [info] 
ROM:002F1E7E 00000005 C%s\n
ROM:002F1E83 00000023 C [bug or demo:kmrbasefree]kbnum:%d\n
ROM:002F1EA6 0000002D C [info]<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<free without player\n
ROM:002F1ED3 00000013 C pK->m_ppKimeraBase 
ROM:002F1EE6 00000012 C pK->m_pKimeraBase
ROM:002F1EF8 00000039 C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![debug]KIMERA_GET_NON_UNLOAD\n
ROM:002F1F31 00000027 C [test]>>>> suspend:%d %s pk:%x pkb:%x\n
ROM:002F1F58 0000001E C [debug]<<<< resume:%s pk:%x \n 
ROM:002F1F76 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F1F92 0000003A C KIMERA_TRIBE_NULL < tribeID && tribeID < KIMERA_TRIBE_MAX
ROM:002F1FCC 00000032 C KimeraDataGetEvolutionChangeStart tribeID==%d err
ROM:002F1FFE 00000017 C pKimeraOrg!=P_TEISHOKU 
ROM:002F2015 0000000F C pKimeraOrg=%x\n
ROM:002F2024 0000000F C P_TEISHOKU=%x\n
ROM:002F2033 00000018 C (long)pKB >= 0x80000000
ROM:002F204B 00000017 C kbd broken %d %x %s %d 
ROM:002F2062 0000001D C player prime err %s %s %s %d 
ROM:002F207F 00000015 C index < KB_DUMMY_MAX 
ROM:002F2094 00000014 C dummy ptr over%s %d
ROM:002F20A8 0000002E C invalid pointer BSN=%d %s %s SN=%d file=%s %d
ROM:002F20D6 00000022 C num[pKimera->m_SerialNumber] <= 1
ROM:002F20F8 00000041 C kimerabase dp %s:%d kbsn=%d SN=%d kimeraBase=%x %x num=%d %s %s\n
ROM:002F2139 00000033 C pKimera->m_pKimeraBase == *pKimera->m_ppKimeraBase 
ROM:002F216C 00000035 C pkb!=ppkb %s:%d kbsn=%d SN=%d kb=%x %x num=%d %s %s\n
ROM:002F21A1 00000026 C %s:%d kbsn=%d SN=%d kimeraBase=%x %x\n 
ROM:002F21C8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F21E3 00000011 C kmr_dekirukana.c 
ROM:002F21F4 0000001A C KIMERA_OPTION_MAX>iOption
ROM:002F220E 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:06:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F222A 0000002E C 0<=iLevel && KIMERA_ABILITY_LEVEL_MAX> iLevel
ROM:002F2280 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F229B 00000011 C kmr_fade_light.c 
ROM:002F22AC 00000015 C !pPreserve->m_bValid 
ROM:002F22C1 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:06:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F22DD 00000014 C pPreserve->m_bValid
ROM:002F22F8 0000000B C kmr_gori.c 
ROM:002F2303 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F231E 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:06:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F233A 00000011 C IsKimeraValid(a) 
ROM:002F234B 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F2367 0000001E C FALSE != pIndex->m_bAvailable
ROM:002F2385 00000031 C houdini data animation label nothing in %s %s %s 
ROM:002F23B6 00000017 C %s %s %s label nothing 
ROM:002F23CD 00000013 C NULL != pAnimProto 
ROM:002F23E0 0000000C C pLabelProto
ROM:002F23EC 00000017 C k1 label nothing in %s 
ROM:002F2403 00000017 C IsKimeraValid(pKimera) 
ROM:002F241A 00000047 C KimeraGoriPositionUpdateNormal():invalid kimera.Called from %s Line:%d 
ROM:002F2461 00000014 C Called by %s at %d\n 
ROM:002F2490 00000031 C KMR_GORI.C: KimeraGoriJointFreeAll: dummy_alloca 
ROM:002F24CA 0000000E C @quantity=%d\n 
ROM:002F24D8 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F24F3 00000011 C kmr_greenpoint.c 
ROM:002F2504 0000001C C ( MAP_NUM_MAX > NowMapNum )
ROM:002F2520 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:06:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F253C 00000011 C AddGreenPoint(): 
ROM:002F255C 00000019 C Z MAP:%d BIT:%d [%d/%d]\n
ROM:002F2575 00000011 C AddGreenPoint(): 
ROM:002F2596 00000034 CGreenPointShokaiEntryClear() stage = %dbit = %d\n 
ROM:002F25CA 0000002F CGreenPointShokaiEntry() stage = %dbit = %d\n
ROM:002F25F9 00000022 C GREENPOINT_INDEX_MAX > ChangedBit
ROM:002F261B 0000001F C -1 != stGPSkState.m_ChangedBit 
ROM:002F266B 0000001C C bASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n 
ROM:002F2687 0000000B C kmr_init.c 
ROM:002F2692 00000019 C IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera) 
ROM:002F26AB 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:07:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F26FC 00000047 C [ERROR]ss_takahashi.h HENTAI_INDEX_ARRAY is arrary over hentai_num:%d\n
ROM:002F2755 0000003A C K1NV: NAZO ITEM = KmrItemGetReportSATID(%d)\tUNIQUEID(%d)\n
ROM:002F279E 00000006 C F %s\n 
ROM:002F27CC 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F27E7 0000000B C kmr_item.c 
ROM:002F27F2 00000015 C ItemID < ITEM_ID_MAX 
ROM:002F2807 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:07:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F2823 00000019 C KmrItemUse: ItemID = %d\n
ROM:002F283C 00000029 C kmr_item.c: Error Unknown 'ItemID' = %d\n
ROM:002F2865 0000002E C -1==KitaeObjectFind (KITAE_OBJECT_ITEM_COVER)
ROM:002F2898 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F28B3 0000000C C kmr_parts.c
ROM:002F28BF 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:07:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F28DB 00000039 C PARTS_RAW_NOTHING < namaType && PARTS_RAW_MAX > namaType 
ROM:002F293F 0000004B C KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>=BodyPartsCount(pParts) && 0<=BodyPartsCount(pParts) 
ROM:002F298A 00000015 C 0<pParts->m_Quantity 
ROM:002F299F 00000029 C KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>pParts->m_Quantity 
ROM:002F29C8 0000001B C FALSE == pState->m_bActive 
ROM:002F29E3 0000001D C 0<=Type&&BLINK_TYPE_MAX>Type 
ROM:002F2AB2 00000007 C \n=?6\va> 
ROM:002F304C 0000001A C 0.0F<=frate && 1.0F>frate
ROM:002F3066 0000000B C 0<Quantity 
ROM:002F3071 00000019 C IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera) 
ROM:002F308A 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F30A6 0000002A C 0==BodyPartsCount(&PDNB.m_EvolPartsStack)
ROM:002F30D0 00000030 C FatalError:PartsStack not end attended:Stack %d
ROM:002F3100 00000040 C KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>BodyPartsCount(&PDNB.m_EvolRawPartsStack)
ROM:002F3140 0000001A C IsKimeraPlayer01(pKimera)
ROM:002F315A 0000001F C GeomID.m_TypeID||GeomID.m_Nama 
ROM:002F31B2 0000001C C !PDNB.m_EvolveInfo.m_bValid
ROM:002F31CE 0000000E C pKuwareKimera
ROM:002F31DC 0000001D C IsKimeraValid(pKuwareKimera) 
ROM:002F31F9 00000015 C *******************\n\n
ROM:002F3224 0000001A C c\n\n*********************\n 
ROM:002F323E 00000017 C IsKimeraValid(pKimera) 
ROM:002F3255 0000001B C PDNB.m_EvolveInfo.m_bValid 
ROM:002F3270 0000002A C KimeraGetKegaDepth(pKimera) >= iCureParts
ROM:002F329A 00000037 C KIMERA_GET_TRIBE_CURRENT (pKimera)!=PDNB.m_SeityouSaki 
ROM:002F32D1 0000008F C KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>=BodyPartsCount(&(gGameContext.m_PlayerData).m_UnkoStack) && 0<=BodyPartsCount(&(gGameContext.m_PlayerData).m_UnkoStack) 
ROM:002F3360 00000025 C KimeraUnkoPartsStack():Stack Over!!\n
ROM:002F3385 00000034 C IsKimeraIdentityValid(&pRawParts->m_RobberIdentity)
ROM:002F33B9 00000055 C PARTS_RAW_NOTHING<pRawParts->m_Geom.m_Nama && PARTS_RAW_MAX>pRawParts->m_Geom.m_Nama 
ROM:002F340E 0000002B C KIMERA_ANIMATION_GET_NUM_BODY(pKimera)=%d\n
ROM:002F3484 00000035 C PARTS_RAW_NOTHING<iRawType && PARTS_RAW_MAX>iRawType 
ROM:002F34B9 0000003A C pRawParts->m_Geom.m_NamaLevel<=GetRawPartsPiece(iRawType)
ROM:002F34F3 00000013 C !RawGeom.m_bStolen 
ROM:002F3506 00000032 C KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>PD.m_RawPartsInfo.m_Level-1
ROM:002F3538 0000001A C !IsKimeraPlayer0(pKimera)
ROM:002F3552 0000003B C IsKimeraFinalBoss(pKimera) || KimeraRawPartsBlank(pKimera) 
ROM:002F358D 0000001D C KimeraRawPartsBlank(pKimera) 
ROM:002F35AA 00000031 C KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>=PD.m_RawPartsInfo.m_Level 
ROM:002F35DB 00000035 C PARTS_RAW_NOTHING<iNamaType&&PARTS_RAW_MAX>iNamaType 
ROM:002F3610 00000030 C KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>PD.m_RawPartsInfo.m_Level
ROM:002F3640 00000033 C PARTS_RAW_NOTHING<NamaType&&PARTS_RAW_MAX>NamaType 
ROM:002F3673 0000001D C !IsKimeraPlayer0(pKuiKimera) 
ROM:002F3690 00000010 C pParts->m_bHave
ROM:002F36A0 0000003D C 0==(bit & 0x01 << pRev[pKimera->m_Ability.m_PartsIndex[i]] ) 
ROM:002F36DD 00000018 C KimeraName(pKimera)=%s\n 
ROM:002F36F5 00000011 C No %d:\tIndex:%d\n 
ROM:002F3706 00000035 C KimeraAbility Data Error:Invalid Parts Index Table.\n
ROM:002F373B 00000022 C Fatal Error:please call watanabe\n 
ROM:002F375D 0000000D C PartsBit=%x\n
ROM:002F376A 00000035 C Notice:[Reverse Parts Index Reference] make failed.\n
ROM:002F379F 00000016 C pPartsIndexRev[i]=%d\n 
ROM:002F37B5 0000001B C Fatal Error. Invalid Info\n
ROM:002F37D0 00000014 C THROUGH: %s ( %d )\n 
ROM:002F37E4 0000001B C PartsNum>pPartsIndexRev[i] 
ROM:002F37FF 0000002D C 0<=PartsNum&&KIMERA_BODY_PARTS_MAX>=PartsNum
ROM:002F3835 0000000C C KegaBit=%x\n 
ROM:002F3841 0000000E C KegaLevel=%d\n
ROM:002F3859 0000000F C KegaBitRev=%x\n
ROM:002F3873 0000001F C IsKimeraPlayer0(pKuwareKimera) 
ROM:002F3892 0000002E C bReturnValue == PD.m_RawPartsInfo.m_bRobbered
ROM:002F390D 00000028 C BIsKimeraETackleDisable():result TRUE.\n 
ROM:002F3992 0000002F C BIsKimeraBaraBaraTackleDisable():result TRUE.\n
ROM:002F39C1 0000004E C !KimeraIdentityCompare(&PD.m_BossDefeatInfo.m_aBossInfo[i].m_Identity, pBoss)
ROM:002F3A23 0000000A CBIT_BOSS
ROM:002F3AA8 0000001B C kmr_rom_kimera_data_read.c 
ROM:002F3AC3 00000011 C ai_data_null(-1) 
ROM:002F3B2F 00000012 C drun%0.2f ai%0.2f
ROM:002F3BA4 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F3BBF 0000000F C kmr_shogohki.c 
ROM:002F3BCE 00000027 C pAnimProto->protowork.m_ReferenceCount 
ROM:002F3BF5 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:08:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F3C11 0000001E C pAnimProto->protowork.m_bLock
ROM:002F3C2F 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:002F3C4B 0000002A C 0 <= pShogohki->m_aAnimationProtoIndex[j]
ROM:002F3C75 0000001D C anim poroto nothing %s in %s 
ROM:002F3C92 00000013 C pKimera->m_pStatic 
ROM:002F3CA5 00000028 C gGameContext.m_Kimera.m_pTeishokuKimera
ROM:002F3CE2 00000028 C P_TEISHOKU->m_GeometryInfo.m_bDirty=%x\n 
ROM:002F3D0A 0000002A C TRUE==P_TEISHOKU->m_GeometryInfo.m_bDirty
ROM:002F3D34 00000029 C 0<=num&&_ACW_TEISHOKU_PARTS_NUM_MAX>=num 
ROM:002F3D7F 00000014 C THROUGH: %s ( %d )\n 
ROM:002F3D93 00000014 C Teishoku modified.\n 
ROM:002F3DA7 00000015 C Enemy body nums.:%d\n
ROM:002F3DBC 0000000A C count=%d\n 
ROM:002F3DC6 0000000D C count>Offset 
ROM:002F3DD3 0000000B C Offset=%d\n
ROM:002F3DDE 00000069 C KIMERA_BODY_INDEX_TO_BODY_TYPE(pTeishoku, i):TypeID = %x\tNama = %x\tNamaLevel = %x\tStolen = %x\tKega = %x\n
ROM:002F42C7 00000011 C \nnewScale=%0.4f\n 
ROM:002F453C 0000002A C KitaeCountUp(): OMAKE ITEM count [%d/%d]\n 
ROM:002F4566 0000001C C ExpBase %dExpNext %d%f\n 
ROM:002F4582 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:002F459D 0000000B C kmr_size.c 
ROM:002F45A8 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:08:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:002F45C4 0000000F C -1 != reportID 
ROM:002F45D8 0000000D C kmr_static.c 
ROM:00302808 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:00302824 00000023 C KIMERA_STATIC table space nothing! 
ROM:00302847 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:08:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:00302863 00000014 C <<SOUND TIMMING 0>>
ROM:00302877 00000010 C SndRunTimming0:
ROM:00302887 00000017 C kmr_static_menu_item.h 
ROM:0030289E 00000030 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndRunTimming0\"\":\")
ROM:003028CE 00000010 C break %x %x %s\n 
ROM:003028DE 00000010 C SndRunTimming1:
ROM:003028EE 00000030 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndRunTimming1\"\":\")
ROM:0030291E 00000010 C SndRunTimming2:
ROM:0030292E 00000030 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndRunTimming2\"\":\")
ROM:0030295E 00000010 C SndRunTimming3:
ROM:0030296E 00000030 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndRunTimming3\"\":\")
ROM:0030299E 00000018 C <<SOUND TIMMING GRASS>>
ROM:003029B6 00000012 C SndGrassTimming0:
ROM:003029C8 00000032 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndGrassTimming0\"\":\")
ROM:003029FA 00000012 C SndGrassTimming1:
ROM:00302A0C 00000032 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndGrassTimming1\"\":\")
ROM:00302A3E 00000017 C <<SOUND TIMMING JUMP>> 
ROM:00302A55 00000011 C SndJumpTimming0: 
ROM:00302A66 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndJumpTimming0\"\":\") 
ROM:00302A97 00000011 C SndJumpTimming1: 
ROM:00302AA8 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndJumpTimming1\"\":\") 
ROM:00302AD9 00000017 C <<SOUND TIMMING WALK>> 
ROM:00302AF0 00000011 C SndWalkTimming0: 
ROM:00302B01 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndWalkTimming0\"\":\") 
ROM:00302B32 00000011 C SndWalkTimming1: 
ROM:00302B43 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndWalkTimming1\"\":\") 
ROM:00302B74 00000017 C <<SOUND TIMMING BACK>> 
ROM:00302B8B 00000011 C SndBackTimming0: 
ROM:00302B9C 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndBackTimming0\"\":\") 
ROM:00302BCD 00000011 C SndBackTimming1: 
ROM:00302BDE 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndBackTimming1\"\":\") 
ROM:00302C0F 00000011 C SndBackTimming2: 
ROM:00302C20 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndBackTimming2\"\":\") 
ROM:00302C51 00000011 C SndBackTimming3: 
ROM:00302C62 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SndBackTimming3\"\":\") 
ROM:00302C93 00000012 C <<ABILITY SPEED>>
ROM:00302CA5 0000000E C SpeedWalkMin:
ROM:00302CB3 0000002E C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SpeedWalkMin\"\":\")
ROM:00302CE1 0000000E C SpeedWalkMax:
ROM:00302CEF 0000002E C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SpeedWalkMax\"\":\")
ROM:00302D1D 0000000D C SpeedRunMin: 
ROM:00302D2A 0000002D C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SpeedRunMin\"\":\") 
ROM:00302D57 0000000D C SpeedRunMax: 
ROM:00302D64 0000002D C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SpeedRunMax\"\":\") 
ROM:00302D91 0000000E C SpeedBackMin:
ROM:00302D9F 0000002E C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SpeedBackMin\"\":\")
ROM:00302DCD 0000000E C SpeedBackMax:
ROM:00302DDB 0000002E C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"SpeedBackMax\"\":\")
ROM:00302E09 00000011 C <<ABILITY TURN>> 
ROM:00302E1A 00000012 C TurnStepRunFront:
ROM:00302E2C 00000032 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"TurnStepRunFront\"\":\")
ROM:00302E5E 00000011 C TurnStepRunSide: 
ROM:00302E6F 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"TurnStepRunSide\"\":\") 
ROM:00302EA0 00000011 C TurnStepRunBack: 
ROM:00302EB1 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"TurnStepRunBack\"\":\") 
ROM:00302EE2 0000000E C TurnStepBack:
ROM:00302EF0 0000002E C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"TurnStepBack\"\":\")
ROM:00302F1E 00000012 C <<ABILITY ACCEL>>
ROM:00302F30 00000012 C KariRunSpeedRate:
ROM:00302F42 00000032 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"KariRunSpeedRate\"\":\")
ROM:00302F74 00000012 C FatigueAddParSec:
ROM:00302F86 00000032 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"FatigueAddParSec\"\":\")
ROM:00302FB8 00000015 C <<ABILITY D TACKLE>> 
ROM:00302FCD 00000010 C tackleJumpTime:
ROM:00302FDD 00000030 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"tackleJumpTime\"\":\")
ROM:0030300D 00000014 C tackleJumpDistance:
ROM:00303021 00000034 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"tackleJumpDistance\"\":\")
ROM:00303055 00000019 C DTackleJumpHoseiDirHalf: 
ROM:0030306E 00000039 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"DTackleJumpHoseiDirHalf\"\":\") 
ROM:003030A7 00000015 C <<ABILITY E TACKLE>> 
ROM:003030BC 00000011 C etackleJumpTime: 
ROM:003030CD 00000031 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"etackleJumpTime\"\":\") 
ROM:003030FE 00000015 C etackleJumpDistance: 
ROM:00303113 00000035 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"etackleJumpDistance\"\":\") 
ROM:00303148 0000000B C <<A JUMP>> 
ROM:00303153 0000000E C JumpDistance:
ROM:00303161 0000002E C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"JumpDistance\"\":\")
ROM:0030318F 0000000B C JumpHight: 
ROM:0030319A 0000002B C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"JumpHight\"\":\") 
ROM:003031C5 0000000A C JumpTime:
ROM:003031CF 0000002A C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"JumpTime\"\":\")
ROM:003031F9 00000009 C JumpRot: 
ROM:00303202 00000029 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"JumpRot\"\":\") 
ROM:0030322B 00000009 C <<LOOK>> 
ROM:00303234 00000015 C lookForcusBDistance: 
ROM:00303249 00000035 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"lookForcusBDistance\"\":\") 
ROM:0030327E 00000009 C <<KAMI>> 
ROM:00303287 00000018 C KamitsukiAnimationTime:
ROM:0030329F 00000038 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"KamitsukiAnimationTime\"\":\")
ROM:003032D7 00000013 C KamitsukiDistance: 
ROM:003032EA 00000033 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"KamitsukiDistance\"\":\") 
ROM:0030331D 00000010 C GikusyakuCount:
ROM:0030332D 00000030 C !strcmp (pItem->m_pSubject,\"GikusyakuCount\"\":\")
ROM:0030335D 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:00303378 00000017 C 0 <= n100 && n100 <= 9 
ROM:0030338F 00000015 C 0 <= n10 && n10 <= 9 
ROM:003033A4 00000013 C 0 <= n1 && n1 <= 9 
ROM:003033B7 00000014 C GRUPO_MAX > grupoID
ROM:003033E9 00000020 C KIMERA_TRIBE_start_5 != tribeID
ROM:00303410 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:0030342B 0000000F C kmr_variable.c 
ROM:0030343A 00000024 C 0==KimeraVariableKegaLevel(pKimera)
ROM:0030345E 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:08:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:003034C0 00000046 C count <= KIMERA_TRIBE2MATRIX_Y(KIMERA_GET_TRIBE_CURRENT(pKimera)) + 1
ROM:00303506 00000031 C KIMERA_ANIMATION_GET_NUM_BODY(pKimera)==PartsNum 
ROM:00303537 00000010 C PartsNum>=count
ROM:00303547 00000014 C THROUGH: %s ( %d )\n 
ROM:0030355B 00000023 C _ACW_EAT_BITE_DEPTH_MAX>=KamiLevel 
ROM:0030357E 00000011 C pKimera!=pTarget 
ROM:0030358F 00000012 C IsKimeraValid(pB)
ROM:003035A1 0000000C C pKimera!=pB
ROM:003035AD 00000013 C *** DOKUDENPA ***\n
ROM:003035C0 00000020 C KPITime=%1.2f KPIPenalty=%1.2f\n 
ROM:003035E0 0000004C C pKimera->m_Variable.m_KPIntervalPenalty >= KARI_POWER_INTERVAL_PENALTY_RATE
ROM:0030362C 00000030 C pKimera->m_Variable.m_KPIntervalPenalty <= 1.0F
ROM:0030365C 00000010 C pInfo->m_bValid
ROM:0030367C 00000025 C : kmrType=%d bodyType=%d MySetsu=%d\n
ROM:003036C6 0000000A C%f %s %s
ROM:003036D2 00000005 C =%d\n
ROM:003036E8 00000015 C%f(add) -> %f(all)\n
ROM:003036FD 00000019 C KVReportAtEatKimera(): \n
ROM:003037A4 00000021 C AP%3ld HP%3ld/%3ld KP%3ld SP%3ld 
ROM:003037C5 00000010 C Distance %1.1f 
ROM:003037D5 0000000C C KAMI/TACKLE
ROM:003037E1 0000002B C KimeraVariableHPRecovery(): SOUNDPLAY(hp)\n
ROM:0030380C 0000002E C KimeraVariableHPRecovery(): SOUNDSTOP(hp, 0)\n 
ROM:0030383A 0000002E C KimeraVariableHPRecovery(): SOUNDPLAY(hpfix)\n 
ROM:00303868 0000002E C KimeraVariableHPCureStop(): SOUNDSTOP(hp, 0)\n 
ROM:00303898 00000011 C scalar=%d dir=%d 
ROM:003038B0 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:003038CC 0000000B C si_gutil.c 
ROM:003038D7 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:09:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:003038F3 00000017 C HDDisplayGetPosition() 
ROM:0030390A 00000011 C %s: pos is null\n
ROM:0030391B 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:00303938 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:00303953 0000000A C acw_map.c
ROM:0030395D 00000017 C length<pGrid->m_Length 
ROM:00303974 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:09:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:00303990 00000009 C 0<=index 
ROM:00303999 00000019 C Layer has no element...\n
ROM:003039B2 0000000D C NULL!=pPoint 
ROM:003039BF 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:003039DB 00000036 C ACWMapLayerElementNearGet():invalid order difinition\n
ROM:00303F0F 0000001C C PASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n 
ROM:00303F2B 00000017 C acw_map_layer_loader.c 
ROM:00303F42 0000000F C MAP_NUM_MAX>ID 
ROM:00303F51 0000001C C BUILD=11:29:16:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:00303F6D 0000001C C Section %s has grid field.\n 
ROM:00303F89 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:00303FA5 00000029 C %s/ERROR:Already exist area difinition.\n
ROM:00303FCE 0000001B C RangeMin = X:%f,Y:%f,Z:%f\n
ROM:00303FE9 0000001B C RangeMax = X:%f,Y:%f,Z:%f\n
ROM:00304004 00000019 C Origin = X:%f,Y:%f,Z:%f\n
ROM:0030401D 0000002A C %s/ERROR:Already exist scale difinition.\n 
ROM:00304047 00000018 C Scale = X:%f,Y:%f,Z:%f\n 
ROM:0030405F 0000000B C !bquantity 
ROM:0030406A 0000002D C %s/ERROR:Already exist quantity difinition.\n
ROM:00304097 00000016 C Number of section:%d\n 
ROM:003040AD 0000000A C bquantity
ROM:003040B7 00000022 C %s/ERROR:No quantity difinition.\n 
ROM:003040D9 0000001A C counter<pInfo->m_Quantity
ROM:003040F3 0000001C C %s/ERROR:Section too much.\n 
ROM:0030410F 0000000C C 3==quantity
ROM:0030411B 00000015 C 0<pLayer->m_UniqueID 
ROM:00304130 00000037 C %s/ERROR:Must be designate number of point over ZERO.\n
ROM:00304167 00000013 C 0==pLayer->m_pName 
ROM:0030417A 0000002A C %s/ERROR:Multiply definition Layer name.\n 
ROM:003041A4 00000013 C TOKEN_STRING==type 
ROM:003041B7 00000038 C %s/ERROR:Layer Name must be enclose double quartation.\n 
ROM:003041EF 0000003B C %s/ERROR:Layer Caption must be enclose double quartation.\n
ROM:0030423B 00000038 C %s/ERROR:Must be set quantity before Layer definition.\n 
ROM:0030428C 00000024 C %s/ERROR:Layer definition too lot.\n 
ROM:00304300 0000000F C quantity>count 
ROM:0030430F 00000010 C X:%f Y:%f Z:%f\n 
ROM:0030431F 00000009 C 2<=count 
ROM:00304328 0000000F C NULL!=pSection 
ROM:00304337 00000015 C 0==pSection->m_pName 
ROM:0030434C 00000031 C %s/ERROR:Multiply definition LayerSection name.\n
ROM:0030437D 0000003F C %s/ERROR:LayerSection Name must be enclose double quartation.\n
ROM:003043BC 00000010 C SectionName:%s\n 
ROM:003043CC 00000042 C %s/ERROR:LayerSection Caption must be enclose double quartation.\n 
ROM:0030440E 0000000C C Caption:%s\n 
ROM:0030441A 00000012 C NumberOfLayer:%d\n 
ROM:0030442C 00000013 C pSection->m_pLayer 
ROM:0030443F 0000003F C %s/ERROR:Must be set quantity before LayerSection definition.\n
ROM:0030447E 0000001B C count<pSection->m_Quantity 
ROM:00304499 0000002A C %s/ERROR:Multiple defined section color.\n 
ROM:003044C3 0000001A C 0==pSection->m_pGridField
ROM:003044DD 00000023 C %s/ERROR:Already exist GridField.\n
ROM:00304500 0000002C C %s/ERROR:Invalid argument in LayerSection.\n 
ROM:0030452C 0000002B C %s/ERROR:Invalid definition LayerSection.\n
ROM:00304557 00000015 C Section: Read Done.\n
ROM:0030456C 00000014 C LayerName:%s ID:%d\n 
ROM:00304580 0000001C C count==pSection->m_Quantity
ROM:0030459C 00000032 C %s/ERROR:No mach LayerSection definition too lot\n 
ROM:00304620 0000003E C 0<pGrid->m_Divide.x&&0<pGrid->m_Divide.y&&0<pGrid->m_Divide.z
ROM:0030465E 0000002D C %s/ERROR:divide ha 1 ijou de onegai simasu.\n
ROM:0030468B 00000010 C BitLength = %d\n 
ROM:0030469B 00000015 C 0<pGrid->m_BitLength 
ROM:003046B0 00000030 C %s/ERROR:BitLength ha 1 ijou de onegai simasu.\n 
ROM:003046E0 00000031 C (sizeof(*pGrid->m_pField)*8)>=pGrid->m_BitLength 
ROM:00304711 00000026 C %s/ERROR:BitLength ga ohkisugi desu.\n 
ROM:00304737 0000002A C %s/ERROR:Invalid argument in grid field.\n 
ROM:00304761 00000013 C Grid BitLength:%d\n
ROM:00304774 00000016 C Grid Divide:%d/%d/%d\n 
ROM:0030478A 0000001A C MapScaled X:%f Y:%f Z:%f\n
ROM:003047D1 0000001E C Linked:Section%s\t\tAddress%xh\n 
ROM:003047EF 00000056 C 0<=pInfo->m_Area.m_Size.m.x&&0<=pInfo->m_Area.m_Size.m.y&&0<=pInfo->m_Area.m_Size.m.z
ROM:00304845 0000002A C LayerSection[%s]->GridField Constructed.\n 
ROM:0030486F 00000017 C GridRangeMin:%d/%d/%d\n
ROM:00304886 00000017 C GridRangeMax:%d/%d/%d\n
ROM:0030489D 00000017 C GridOrigin:%d/%d/%d\n
ROM:003048B4 00000011 C OriginOffset:%d\n
ROM:003048C5 00000016 C NULL==pGrid->m_pField
ROM:003048DB 00000009 C 0<length 
ROM:003048E4 0000002E C unitlength<1<<(sizeof(pGrid->m_UnitLength)*8)
ROM:00304912 0000000A C 0<=length
ROM:0030491C 0000000C C GridBit:%d\n 
ROM:00304928 0000001A C GridMinX:%dGridMaxX:%d\n 
ROM:00304942 0000001A C GridMinZ:%dGridMaxZ:%d\n 
ROM:00304A0B 0000001C C m_StageNumber (%d), i (%d)\n 
ROM:00304A27 0000001A C m_AreaNuber (%d), i (%d)\n 
ROM:00304A41 00000035 C StCreateStageAreaMapTable map too much in GURO (%d)\n
ROM:00304A76 00000031 C stage_pos (%d), area_pos (%d), c (%d), map (%d)\n
ROM:00304AA7 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:00304AC2 00000017 C acw_map_number_alias.c 
ROM:00304AD9 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:09:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:00304AF5 00000030 C StGetStageAreaNumFromMapId called MAP_NUM (%d)\n 
ROM:00304B25 00000042 C StGetStageAreaNumFromMapId can't find stage area for map_id (%d)\n 
ROM:003050CE 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:003050F9 00000012 C MAP_NUM_MAX>Stage
ROM:0030510B 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:10:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:00305127 00000016 C _COURSE_END!=*pRecord
ROM:0030513D 00000015 C _POINT_END!=*pRecord 
ROM:00305152 00000017 C ROUTE_INDEX_MAX>=count 
ROM:00305169 00000009 C count==j 
ROM:00305172 0000001E C 0<=*pRecord && count>*pRecord
ROM:00305190 00000019 C ROUTE_BANISH_POINT_MAX>i 
ROM:003051A9 0000001B C Number of Banish Point:%d\n
ROM:003051C4 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:003051E0 0000001A C ROUTE_INDEX_MAX>=Quantity
ROM:003051FA 00000031 C ACWMapRouteNetworkSet():Junction too much.\t%d:%d
ROM:0030522B 0000001A C Number of Route Point:%d\n 
ROM:00305245 0000001D C WorkAreaLength>indexquantity 
ROM:00305262 0000002D C ACWMapRouteNetworkSet():WorkArea not enough. 
ROM:0030528F 00000022 C PointID:%d\tConnectionQuantity:%d\t
ROM:003052B1 0000001B C Index<pNetwork->m_Quantity 
ROM:003052D0 00000010 C SYSTEM_RESERVED
ROM:003052EA 00000009 C IS_JIMEN 
ROM:00305704 0000000F C \tLayerName:%s\n 
ROM:00305713 0000000D C \tLayerID:%d\n 
ROM:00305720 0000000E C \tQuantity:%d\n
ROM:0030572E 0000000E C \t\tType:Point\n 
ROM:0030573C 0000000D C \t\tType:Line\n
ROM:00305749 0000000C C \t\tType:Box\n 
ROM:00305755 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:00305770 00000011 C acw_map_useful.c 
ROM:00305781 00000009 C -1!=type 
ROM:0030578A 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:10:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:003057A6 00000010 C \t\tType:Unknown\n 
ROM:003057B6 0000000E C \t\tX:%f\t\tZ:%f\n 
ROM:003057C4 00000025 C Initialize Map Layer(ATX File.)...\t\n 
ROM:003057E9 00000011 C Section Name:%s\n
ROM:003057FA 00000029 C quantity<=_ACW_MAP_VALUE_ARRANGEMENT_MAX 
ROM:00305823 00000016 C TerritoryQuantity:%d\n 
ROM:00305839 00000011 C \tTerritoryID:%d\n 
ROM:0030584A 00000013 C \t\tAreaQuantity:%d\n
ROM:0030585D 00000025 C \t\tMinX:%f MinZ:%f - MaxX:%f MaxZ:%f\n
ROM:00305882 00000014 C \t\tPointQuantity:%d\n 
ROM:00305896 00000011 C \t\tPos:%f Pos:%f\n
ROM:003058A7 00000026 C quantity <= ACN_CAM_EYEDIR_DIVIDE_NUM
ROM:003058F4 00000026 C sizeof(aTemp)>strlen(pLayer->m_pName)
ROM:0030591A 00000010 C pLayer->m_ID==j
ROM:0030592A 00000031 C ACWMapRecordValueFromLayerName():Ignore name:%s\n
ROM:0030595B 00000017 C \tLayer No:%d Value:%f\n 
ROM:00305972 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:0030598E 00000028 C quantity<_ACW_MAP_VALUE_ARRANGEMENT_MAX
ROM:003059B6 00000032 C Too many layers. call WATANABE(masa@acolon.co.jp)
ROM:003059E8 0000001F C \tLayer Name:%s\tType:%s\t\tNo:%d\n
ROM:00305A07 00000044 C \tLayer Name:%s\tType:No Definition(must be folow up ss_map_field.h)\n 
ROM:00305A4B 00000028 C ACWMapRecordIndexChar():Ignore name:%s\n 
ROM:00305A73 00000017 C \tLayer No:%d Value:%d\n 
ROM:00305A8A 00000009 C pSection 
ROM:00305A93 00000019 C ID<=pSection->m_Quantity 
ROM:00305AAC 00000013 C pLayer->m_ID==ID+1 
ROM:00305ABF 00000009 C quantity 
ROM:00305AC8 00000009 C 0<=Index 
ROM:00305AD1 00000028 C ACWMap_TeritoryAreaNumGet(AreaID)>Index
ROM:00305AF9 00000009 C 0<=index 
ROM:00305B4C 00000017 C pSection->m_pGridField 
ROM:00305B63 00000046 C ACWMapObstacleCheck():Must need layer section[height]and[collision].\n 
ROM:00305BA9 0000001C C stCollisionContext.m_bValid
ROM:00305BC5 00000014 C 0.0F>=inpFrom*inpTo
ROM:00305BD9 0000000B C safetyzone 
ROM:00305C64 0000000F C Event Name:%s\n
ROM:00305C73 00000011 C !pInfo->m_bValid 
ROM:00305C84 00000024 C MapEvent:Redefined start position.\n 
ROM:00305CA8 00000015 C 0==pInfo->m_Quantity 
ROM:00305CBD 0000002B C _ACW_MAP_EVENT_OASIS_MAX>pInfo->m_Quantity 
ROM:00305CE8 00000018 C MapEvent:Oasis too lot.
ROM:00305D00 00000014 C player->m_pName=%s\n 
ROM:00305D14 00000016 C %s %0.2f %0.2f %0.2f\n 
ROM:00305D2A 00000013 C poasis->m_Position 
ROM:00305D3D 00000012 C Rectangle Mached\n 
ROM:00305D4F 0000001C C Center Location:\tX:%f\tZ:%f\n 
ROM:00305D6B 00000020 C MapEvent:Redefined Nuts Layer.\n 
ROM:00305D8B 00000029 C ACMAP_POINT_ORDER_POINT==ppoint->m_Order 
ROM:00305DB4 00000027 C MapEvent:Nuts layer permit point only. 
ROM:00305DDB 00000027 C MapEvent:Multiple defined [%s] Layer.\n
ROM:00305E40 0000001E C Oasis mached:Territory ID %d\n 
ROM:00305E5E 0000001C C Found No connection oasis.\n 
ROM:00305E7A 0000001C C _MapSection(SECTION_HEIGHT)
ROM:00305E96 0000001D C SAFETY_ZONE_RECORD_MAX>count 
ROM:00305EB3 00000016 C pZone->m_Quantity=%d\n 
ROM:00305EC9 00000010 C pInfo->m_bValid
ROM:00305ED9 00000017 C IsKimeraValid(pKimera) 
ROM:00305EF0 00000010 C pinfo->m_bValid
ROM:00305F00 00000027 C 0<=Index && GREENPOINT_INDEX_MAX>Index 
ROM:00305F27 0000002F C !gGameContext.m_Map.m_Misc.m_aWhiteArea[Index] 
ROM:00306178 00000038 C WARING:acw_maplight.c:MAP_NUM=%d N64Fog mul=%d, ofs=%d\n
ROM:003061C0 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n 
ROM:003061E9 00000027 C quantity==pSource->m_pArea->m_Quantity 
ROM:00306210 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:10:Sep 10 2002\n
ROM:00306298 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:003062C1 00000027 C gGameContext.m_Map.m_RareItem.m_bValid 
ROM:003062E8 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:10:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:00306304 00000012 C ITEM_DEFINE_MAX>i
ROM:00306316 00000064 C 0==(gGameContext.m_Map.m_ItemSaveData.m_aItemGetFlag[i/(sizeof(int)*8)] & (1<<(i%(sizeof(int)*8))))
ROM:0030637A 00000064 C 0!=(gGameContext.m_Map.m_ItemSaveData.m_aItemGetFlag[i/(sizeof(int)*8)] & (1<<(i%(sizeof(int)*8))))
ROM:003063DE 0000000D C UniqueID=%d\n
ROM:00309D34 0000001B C ASSERT %s %d:violation:%s\n
ROM:00309D70 0000001C C BUILD=10:19:11:Sep 10 2002\n 
ROM:00309D8C 00000011 C 0<pOcc->m_Height 
ROM:00309D9D 00000011 C size < ZBUF_SIZE 
ROM:00309DAE 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s : 
ROM:00309DCA 00000043 C ERROR:Invalid occupation\tMinX:%d MinZ:%d MaxX:%d MaxZ:%d X:%d Z:%d
ROM:00309E0D 00000023 C 0<=cursor && pOcc->m_Length>cursor 
ROM:00309E58 00000023 C ST_ITEM_DISP_TABLE_MAX>=tablecount 
ROM:00309E7B 00000028 C Fixed-Item too much. must be %d below.\n 
ROM:00309EA3 00000018 C MAP_NUM_MAX>OffsetCount
ROM:00309EBB 0000003E C Item definition too mach. must not be over kinds of itmes %d\n 
ROM:00309EF9 00000024 C please confirm [st_item_arrange.h]\n 
ROM:00309F1D 00000020 C ItemNo:%d\tSATID:%d\tQuantity:%d\n 
ROM:00309F3D 0000002C C Stage No:%d\t\tNumber of item definition :%d\n 
ROM:00309F69 00000035 C Fixed item definition :%d\tIvalid item definition:%d\n 
ROM:00309F9E 00000017 C RARE_ITEM_DEFINE_MAX>i 
ROM:00309FB5 00000021 C Number of covered item table:%d\n
ROM:00309FD6 00000013 C Selected table:%d\n
ROM:00309FE9 00000021 C Number of covered item definition
ROM:0030A00B 00000005 C F%d\n
ROM:0030A010 00000012 C Covered item SATID 
ROM:0030A023 00000005 C F%d\n
ROM:0030A028 0000000D C RareNumMax>i 
ROM:0030A035 00000014 C Covered item SATID() 
ROM:0030A3E9 0000001C C ALERT %s %d:violation:%s :