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Notes:DJMax Trilogy

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This page contains notes for the game DJMax Trilogy.

Instructions on how to play the unused songs

Here is the quick way to play those, discovered by me:

Technical Information: It replaces the filename parameter of a song in the song list and config file (System_Script_0007.pak/discstock.csv), to make it load the unused paks.

  1. If you want to ensure you can undo any possible damage to your scores or game data, use the cracked version and backup the following files:
    1. The file %PROGRAMFILES%\PENTAVISION\DJMaxTrilogy\System\System_Script_0007.pak which we'll be modifying.
    2. Any files ending with .dat in %PROGRAMFILES%\PENTAVISION\DJMaxTrilogy\ (like USB_16128_1.dat)
    3. Every hidden folder at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\DJMaxTrilogy\Profile\
  2. Edit the file %PROGRAMFILES%\PENTAVISION\DJMaxTrilogy\System\System_Script_0007.pak with a simple hex editor. Don't accumulate this edits.
    1. To play Yo Max Megatonic (replacing "Ya! party!"): Replace the ASCII string at hex offset 4DF5 from "YAPARTY" to "yomaxhi"
    2. To play Carmen Toreador (replacing "End of the Moonlight)", Replace at 0x269E "oon" to "tor" , and at 0x26B3 replace "endofm" to "carmen" . This may seem weird, but the LZ777 like pak compression avoids text repetition, so the decompressor joins those strings to form "carmentor".
    3. To play NB Rangers Megatonic (Replacing "My Jealousy)": Replace at 0x51C4 "myj" for "nbr" , at 0x51B9 "ealous" for "angerh" , and at 0x4E6D "y" for "i".
    4. To play End of the Moonlight Megatonic (replacing "The One"): Replace at 0x514D "theone" for "moonhi".
  3. Open the game, go to freestyle and look for the new song, probably it has the old name you've replaced (ex. yomaxhi will look like yaparty). Be sure to play an existing chart, otherwise it will crash. These are the only keycharts available:
    1. Carmen Toreador: There're normal difficulty charts for every key mode, plus hard difficulty in 4k, 5k and 7k modes.
    2. The other three songs: Only normal difficulty charts for every key mode.