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Notes:Deus Ex: Invisible War (Windows)

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This page contains notes for the game Deus Ex: Invisible War (Windows).

Unused Models

SkeletalMeshes folder includes Testman/testman_two files that are likely unused.

e3 Content

Some files still have e3 in the name and are likely to be leftovers, but I don't have any tools that can open them.

Early Script

The following is the file con text.eng which contains unused dialogue and developer comments related to the game. This should probably be combed through to see what's cut and not. Also yours truly will try and clean it up.

AvaJohnson: "A new face.  Interesting.  Introduce yourself."
// M01AvaMet can be set during any mission -- doesn't mean the player met Ava in Seattle.
StandardPlayer: "This is a pretty unusual setup.  Afraid to come here in person?"
AvaJohnson: "I search every place that I can.  You're very close but not quite the one I'm looking for."
StandardPlayer: "The cockpit of a helicopter is a funny place to try and meet people."
AvaJohnson: "I talk to everyone that I can.  You're very close but not quite the one I'm looking for."
StandardPlayer: "Close to what?"
AvaJohnson: "You look modified."
StandardPlayer: "So?"
AvaJohnson: "I need help.  I'm a helicopter pilot.  They're holding me captive, along with my chopper, at the WTO terminal in New Seattle."
StandardPlayer: "I just came from New Seattle.  How'd you get this call past WTO security?"
StandardPlayer: "Right, I watched them lock down the helicopter.  How'd you get this call past WTO security?"
AvaJohnson: "I've tapped into the terminal's local network.  The passcode to the hangar holding my vehicle is 00485.  Get me out of here, and I'll fly you anywhere you want -- free of charge."
// GOAL: Rescue pilot Ava Johnson and her helicopter from the WTO Terminal in New Seattle.
StandardPlayer: "I've risked my neck for less.  I'll think about it."
StandardPlayer: "I could use a pilot.  I'll think about it."
AvaJohnson: "They have me in the hangar on the [east] side of the complex.  Watch out for the [bot on patrol] in the hangar."
AvaJohnson: "They haven't been able to unlock my cockpit yet.  I'm ready to fly as soon as you do two things.  First disable the ground-to-air missile system using the security terminals at the [southeast and southwest] corners of this hangar.  Then use the controls on the wall to extend the landing platform so I can take off."
// GOAL: Disable the ground-to-air missile system using the security terminals at the [southeast and southwest] corners of the hangar complex.
// GOAL: Use the controls on the wall to extend the landing platform so that Ava's chopper can take off.
AvaJohnson: "That takes care of one missile battery.  Now disable the other with the security terminal at the other corner of the building."
AvaJohnson: "Good, the terminal defenses have been disabled.  Now extend the landing platform with the controls in the hangar bay, and I will be able to honor our bargain.  I will be your pilot until I can resume my mission."
AvaJohnson: "Good, the terminal defenses have been disabled and the landing platform has already been extended.  Come to the helicopter, and I will honor our bargain.  I will be your pilot until I can resume my mission."
AvaJohnson: "Excellent.  The landing platform in position.  Now take care of those missiles so that we can take off."
AvaJohnson: "All set.  Get in."
AvaJohnson: "Where to?"
StandardPlayer: "The Mako facility north of town.  Who do you work for?  You mentioned a mission..."
AvaJohnson: "I will take you to the facility.  Realize, however, that I must minimize the danger to my helicopter.  I can't provide air cover or take unnecessary risks."
StandardPlayer: "Risks that might jeopardize your mission, I presume."
AvaJohnson: "I can't reveal anything more.  Be informed, however, that when I locate my passenger, you will have to hire another pilot."
Choice: "I'm ready.  Let's go."
Choice: "Sit tight.  I'll be right back."
// TRIGGER: fly-out cinematic.
AvaJohnson: "It would be unsafe to approach any closer.  You will have to bypass the [bot-patrols] on your own."
StandardPlayer: "Where will you pick me up?"
AvaJohnson: "I will watch from the air.  Perhaps I will be able to land on a rooftop during a break in the defenses."
StandardPlayer: "Thanks for sticking around.  What are the chances that you could take me to Cairo?"
AvaJohnson: "Cairo would be an acceptable destination.  I haven't yet searched Cairo for my passenger."
StandardPlayer: "Is that what you do?  Go from city to city looking for one person?"
AvaJohnson: "It's an unusual assignment, but I'm committed to carrying it out.  Let's go."
Choice: "All right.  I'm ready."
Choice: "Hang tight.  I'll be right back."
AvaJohnson: "Hurry."
// Trigger exit cinematic
AvaJohnson: "Let's go."
AvaJohnson: "I was unable to locate Cairo International Airport.  This small landing pad was the closest I could come to the city center."
StandardPlayer: "Why did you expect to find an international airport?"
AvaJohnson: "According to my map, there should be an airport 22 kilometers northeast of central Cairo.  Instead, that seems to be the site of a landfill."
StandardPlayer: "There hasn't been commercial air travel since the Collapse.  Twenty years ago."
AvaJohnson: "Perhaps my navigation database is out of date."
StandardPlayer: "I'm talking about the Collapse.  The biggest depression in world history.  I guess you don't follow current events."
AvaJohnson: "I collect information that will help me locate my passenger.  Of course I know about the Collapse.  I am going to begin my search now.  If I fail to find him here, I will be available to take you to another destination.  We will leave from this landing pad."
AvaJohnson: "I have work to do in Cairo."
AvaJohnson: "Perhaps I can be of assistance later."
AvaJohnson: "I will remain with my craft."
M02MeetAva: "[Leave Cairo] Meet helicopter pilot Ava Johnson at the helipad in the village outside the New Cairo arcology."
AvaJohnson: "Alex [D].  You seem to have business in many different places."
StandardPlayer: "I guess I'm not the only one.  Are you still sitting in your helicopter on the landing pad?"
AvaJohnson: "I've finished my search of Cairo.  I'm ready for the next destination."
StandardPlayer: "And you don't care where I'm headed.  You're ready to go anywhere I decide to go."
AvaJohnson: "I've decided that you might be going in the right direction."
StandardPlayer: "Toward your passenger?"
AvaJohnson: "I've said enough.  If you would like free transportation, I will be waiting at the landing pad in the medina outside the arcology."
StandardPlayer: "I guess I'm not the only one.  Are you still a prisoner of the WTO in Seattle?"
AvaJohnson: "I escaped.  You may be interested to know that I found another person who appears to be modified in the way that you were.  Leo Kowalski.  I gave him a ride to Cairo."
StandardPlayer: "So you fly modified humans around the world.  That's a pretty weird assignment.  And you're looking for one in particular...?"
AvaJohnson: "So I find that interesting.  I would like to talk sometime.  Do you need a pilot?  My helicopter is on the landing pad in the town outside the arcology."
StandardPlayer: "What's your rate?"
AvaJohnson: "No charge.  I'm waiting to pick up a passenger.  Until I locate him, however, I'm authorized to take other jobs.."
AvaJohnson: "I have failed to locate my passenger.  Where do you want to go?"
Choice: "Take me to Trier, Germany."
Choice: "Wait here.  I'll be right back."
// Trigger cinematic.
AvaJohnson: "So do you need a lift?  I was in Cairo looking for someone, but he isn't here."
StandardPlayer: "You want to fly me around... because I'm modified?"
AvaJohnson: "I learn more by traveling than sitting on a landing pad.  Where do you want to go?"
M04MeetAva: "After talking to JC, meet Ava Johnson's helicopter at the Versalife abandoned base."
AvaJohnson: "Alex Denton, welcome to your brother's sanctuary.  My new assignment is to answer your questions and provide transportation."
StandardPlayer: "It's getting to be quite a crowd down here for an impregnable fortress.  You were looking for JC Denton, too?"
AvaJohnson: "I left Hong Kong in 2052 with instructions to search for JC Denton near Groom Lake in Nevada.  I am an AI construct developed by Tracer Tong.  My instructions were not to stop looking until I was certain that Mr. Denton was safe."
StandardPlayer: "He isn't exactly safe with my former classmate Billie Adams planning to blow the place up.  She went over to the Templars."
AvaJohnson: "You will stop her.  She is in the computer room on the lowest level.  She has planted explosives that could destroy the Helios core and JC's mind with it."
StandardPlayer: "She always was a prankster."
AvaJohnson: "Take the lift down to where the computers are stored.  When you have eliminated the threat and spoken to JC, go outside to the abandoned VersaLife base.  I see that you have already turned on the pilot beacon.  I will be able to meet you there."
AvaJohnson: "Take the lift down to where the computers are stored.  When you have eliminated the threat and spoken to JC, go outside to the abandoned VersaLife base.  You will need to turn on the pilot beacon so that I can land safely and take you to your next destination."
StandardPlayer: "He's safe now.  My former classmate, Billie Adams, was going to destroy the Helios core, but I stopped her."
AvaJohnson: "JC will now speak with you.  I will be waiting offshore so that I can take you to your next destination."
AvaJohnson: "JC remains in a deep coma.  You need to transfer your biomod microkernal architecture to the JC-Helios processing core.  You will find an infusion chamber in the computer room on the lowest level.  Until you talk to JC, I will remain offshore.  Then I will take you to your next destination."
StandardPlayer: "Where will you pick me up?"
AvaJohnson: "Go outside to the abandoned VersaLife base.  You will need to turn on the pilot beacon so that I can land safely."
AvaJohnson: "Go outside to the abandoned VersaLife base.  I see that you have already turned on the pilot beacon.  I will be able to meet you there."
StandardPlayer: "I'm sure you made your usual wonderful first impression..."
BillieAdams: "Yeah.  She wasn't exactly thrilled to catch me rifling through her office..."
StandardPlayer: "You've always been good at making friends."
BillieAdams: "You should see if you have more luck...  There were an awful lot of strange files in there, something about observing an experiment... "
StandardPlayer: "Interesting...."
BillieAdams: "All this stuff about test subjects... I just can't imagine what that has to do with working as a fitness trainer..."
StandardPlayer: "Okay, you've piqued my curiosity.  I'll think about looking into it."
StandardPlayer: "Have you met anyone else here besides Nassif?"
BillieAdams: "Yeah, I've met two of the other trainees.  I wasn't impressed."
StandardPlayer: "Not exactly Chicago material, eh?"
BillieAdams: "More like Beauty and the Beast.  Doesn't seem to be much brains or real skill in this outfit."
StandardPlayer: "Did you hear about this Code Yellow? "
BillieAdams: "Now what? Can't they do anything right around here?"
StandardPlayer: " Any idea what's going on?"
BillieAdams: "First that stuff in Nassif's office and now this...  I really don't like this place."
BillieAdams: "Listen -- I rummaged around in Nassif's office before and found files on some strange experiment.  I'll bet this has something to do with that.  I keep telling you I don't like this place."
// Billie runs up right after Leila tells player to get to the lab for infusion.
BillieAdams: "We've got to get out of here... but you've got to get your biomods first."
StandardPlayer: "Don't you think I should just make a run for it?"
BillieAdams: "No.  Get the mods.  I've already got mine and, believe me, it will make all the difference.  Hit the lab and I'll see you on the outside."
// Billie leaves the complex.  Player CANNOT follow.
// trigger at apt lab exit tunnel checkpoint, after talking to WTO guards
BillieAdams: "You've gotten past the checkpoint.  Good.  Now forget everything those troopers just said.  Tarsus was just a factory turning us into covert operatives for the WTO -- I don't trust either one of them now.  If you need further proof of the program's duplicity, you should stop by Nassif's apartment.  I got the address when I broke into her office - it's near the center of town, by the Museum of Nanotechnology.  "
// to be triggered once you get to leila's apartment for the first time
BillieAdams: "Good work - you found Dr. Nassif's place.  Now see what you can learn."
// needs to be triggered when player tries to leave the apartment....
BillieAdams: "Wait - You're just going to leave without looking at the vmail?  Don't you want to know what's really going on?  If they're really innocent, Tarsus and Nassif have no reason to hide anything from us."
// when player opens mail from minister of culture
BillieAdams: "Hey - I remember seeing that guy in the news....  He's Mark Finley, the Minister of Culture for Seattle.  He got a lot of press last year when he opened that Museum of Nanotechnology.  Now why would he be talking to Nassif about a shipment...?"
BillieAdams: "This is the Minister of Culture's penthouse.  Strange....  this is quite a nice set up for a mere city bureaucrat....  Take a look around and see what you can dig up."
// trigger at WTO terminal
BillieAdams: "I told you:  We can't trust Tarsus or the WTO.  You should really come refinery and hear what the Order has to say.  They can teach you to break free of these programmed reflexes and stop kneeling before false profits.  May Her Holiness watch over you."
BillieAdams: "I can't believe that after everything you learned in meeting with the Order members that you persist in seeking out the WTO.  (sigh)  May Her Holiness watch over you."
BillieAdams: "You made it in.  Now start going through her v-mails.  There's got to be more evidence that the program is corrupt.  None of this had to do with our best interests - we were just their guinea pigs.... That's why I've joined the Order."
StandardPlayer: "How can you?  They're the ones who attacked the facility.  And they probably have something to do with the destruction in Chicago."
BillieAdams: "No Alex, they've explained it all to me. I've been talking with their High Augur, Lin May Chen. The Order had nothing to do with Chicago, and they only raided the facility here to free us from Tarsus and their bizarre experiments."
StandardPlayer: "We've been with the program since we were thirteen years old.  You're really going to leave all that work behind?"
BillieAdams: "I'm only ridding myself of dihi --  wrongful thinking.  You've got to do the same.  Don't let Tarsus's lies cloud your mind.  Go to the Order headquarters in the Refinery in Old Seattle.  They will make it all clear to you."
// should trigger just as exiting museum
BillieAdams: "Don't believe the WTO.  I've talked with Order members at their headquarters in the Refinery in Old Seattle.  They've shown me the truth -- That's why I'm joining their ranks.  Why do you resist their call?"
BillieAdams: "Don't follow the WTO's path to greed and self-destruction.  Follow the Order."
// play a slightly different version of the leila apt holo here, maybe ftf
GoalComplete: ""
M02TalkToOmar: "Talk to the Omar in their warehouse hideout [across from ____].  They claim to know where to find proof that the WTO could cure the [black-lung] epidemic if they wanted to."
StandardPlayer: "Tell me about this epidemic."
BillieAdams: "The air's full of toxic nanite debris, decades-old fallout from the Collapse, they say. They keep dragging in more villagers -- a pretty pitiful sight."
StandardPlayer: "What are we supposed to do?"
BillieAdams: "As far as I'm concerned, it's not our problem."
StandardPlayer: "High Seer Chen said you were in charge of handling the epidemic."
BillieAdams: "She told me to send you into the medina -- the village -- to talk to the Omar in their warehouse hideout [across from ____].  Supposedly they say that the WTO has technology to clean up the nanites but won't use it."
StandardPlayer: "That's quite a claim."
BillieAdams: "Well, apparently they can get you inside an arcology corporation where there's proof.  Personally, I'm not going to waste my time saving the planet until we figure out where Dr. Nassif is hiding."
Saman: "High Seer Chen is a fine seeker.  She has a strong heart, but a strong heart often runs contrary to a seeker's purpose."
StandardPlayer: "Do you think Dr. Nassif is still in Cairo?"
BillieAdams: "We have good reason to believe that ApostleCorp's headquarters are in Cairo.  This is where she would go looking for help."
BillieAdams: "Saman, everything's going according to plan.  Preliminary tests indicate that the gate should transport me to JC's hideout.  We've also isolated a keystone piece that will easily disable the gate without permanently damaging it.  I'll be making the jump myself shortly, after which a detail of guards will be dispatched with the [tech babble name of piece] to your compound."
// to black templar #1
BillieAdams: "...according to plan.  I had a bit of trouble on arrival, owing to a group of Versalife monstrosities, but it was easy enough to sneak past those gray freaks. Why Denton would want those awful little things around, I have no idea. "
M03BlackTemplar1: "Grays?  Disgusting."
BillieAdams: " In any event, we've located the facility, positioned the powered armor troopers and begun excavation."
M03BlackTemplar1: "Excellent work.  I'll relay your report to headquarters."
GoalComplete: ""
BillieAdams: "I see you finally found your way out of your cage."
StandardPlayer: "Lovely security around here, eh?  Have you managed to escape this floor?"
BillieAdams: "I've seen a little more of the facility.  Not all that impressive.  I've got the elevator code, though, if you want it:  28901."
StandardPlayer: "Yeah, thanks.  I guess I should meet our "hostess" here already."
BillieAdams: "Oh yeah, she and I have already met.  Dr. Nassif's a real pill."
BillieAdams: "I'll find a way out of this place.  Just give me time."
BillieAdams: "Guess I haven't scored any points with Dr. Nassif."
BillieAdams: "Good thing there's two of us.  We can watch each other's back."
BillieAdams: "Sometimes High Augur Chen has her head in the clouds."
BillieAdams: "You might as well do what the Order wants.  Who knows -- you might turn up a lead.  The Nassifs run the greenhouse."
BillieAdams: "Good luck."
ChadDumier: "I'm just trying to get a handle on the situation.  What do the strikers WANT?"
Saman: "Decent pay, fair treatment, a clean environment -- the usual, I guess."
ChadDumier: "Trier is your home.  Surely you must have some insight into why they would kidnap your lady, Her Holiness.  She's practically a patron saint in this district."
Saman: "Indeed, the people here are very devout.  It's true that many of the most faithful are less than pleased by the appearance of their spiritual leader partnering with the WTO."
ChadDumier: "Your followers must understand the need for dialogue."
Saman: "I have done my best to explain this summit to them.  Frankly, it seems unlikely even to me that the Church followers will ever countenance the closed, monolithic communities of the WTO, but I suppose that's a matter for the wise discretion of Her Holiness."
ChadDumier: "Yes, it is.  If she's still alive."
Saman: "Let's pray that she is."
ChadDumier: "I recognize you.  You're one of the escapees.  Good work on the illegal greenhouse in Cairo."
ChadDumier: "I recognize you.  You're one of the escapees.  I wish you hadn't ignored that illegal greenhouse in Cairo."
StandardPlayer: "I'd think an operation that small wouldn't concern the Head of the WTO."
ChadDumier: "I've been following the ApostleCorp investigation very closely.  Your loyalty in this matter is critical.  However, I'm.... Well, we have a crisis here.  I can't be distracted right now."
StandardPlayer: "Anything I can do to help?"
ChadDumier: "No.  No, this concerns Her Holiness.  She's been taken prisoner by the rioters at Panzerwerks.  A very delicate situation.  I need to handle this myself."
StandardPlayer: "I'm trained to deal with hostage situations."
ChadDumier: "You came to Trier looking for a certain ApostleCorp official.  I need you to stay focused on that objective.  Perhaps he knows why this city has erupted so suddenly."
StandardPlayer: "I'm looking for Tracer Tong, their head researcher."
ChadDumier: "Notice how we begin to unpeel the layers of history.  We're getting close to the principals -- and none too soon..  Report to me when you find Mr. Tong."
ChadDumier: "Not now."
ChadDumier: "Leave me."
ChadDumier: "Come back when you've found out more about the Trier branch of ApostleCorp."
StandardPlayer: "I talked to Tracer Tong.  He says that you and he have a common enemy -- the Templars.  He thinks they're behind the riots at Panzerwerks."
ChadDumier: "Is that so?"
StandardPlayer: "The Templars ran him out of the Black Gate ApostleCorp facility.  He believes that they've recoded the security lock on the teleporter to JC's sanctuary -- and that we'll have to find the Templar hideout in Trier in order to learn how to activate the device."
ChadDumier: "Where is he now?"
StandardPlayer: "In town.  I could take him a message if you want."
ChadDumier: "Never mind.  I think we both want the same thing, which is for you to go through the Gate and find JC.  The only difference is what we expect you to do when you get there."
StandardPlayer: "Put me on the ground at Panzerwerks.  Maybe I can figure out what's going on."
ChadDumier: "I guess I'm running out of choices.  Our negotiations have completely stalled.  Have your pilot take you there.  I'll arrange for Agent Klara Sparks to meet you.  Whether or not the Templars are behind the riots, I want to make sure that Her Holiness gets out of that factory alive."
ChadDumier: "If Her Holiness dies, I don't want to imagine what will happen to the Order Church."
ChadDumier: "Whatever its shortcomings, the Church has at least brought stability to a large part of the world."
ChadDumier: "I was the one who convinced her it was time for a summit.  Ultimately, I'm to blame."
ChadDumier: "They better not hurt her."
StandardPlayer: "You followers haven't expelled you yet?"
ChadDumier: "Word is leaking out that Her Holiness and I have been secretly working together.  I think we can spin that into "diplomatic ties.""
NicoletteDuclare: "Or "private negotiations.""
NicoletteDuclare: "How does that sound, darling?"
ChadDumier: "No need for people to have the perception that we started these organizations for some other purpose."
StandardPlayer: "Unless somebody tells them."
ChadDumier: "I could tell them myself.  They would think it was the same old story: the Illuminati secretly controlling the world.  Oooo.  Some might believe it, but everybody else would laugh in my face."
NicoletteDuclare: "People want to believe certain things about their leaders.  That's always been our key to power."
StandardPlayer: "Well, I've got business to take care of."
ChadDumier: "I hope you mean Saman's compound.  We need access to the Black Gate teleporter and JC's sanctuary."
ChadDumier: "I hope you mean the ApostleCorp facility at the Black Gate.  We need access to the teleporter and JC's sanctuary."
StandardPlayer: "Talk to you later."
StandardPlayer: "That was a pretty low trick you played on the world, taking advantage of the Collapse to seize power, distracting people with a phony conflict between business and idealism."
NicoletteDuclare: "No society is without this conflict.  Our intention is to develop both principles and then integrate them into an open, secular society."
StandardPlayer: "One puppeted by the Illuminati."
NicoletteDuclare: "Our work has always done more good than harm.  The Collapse would have been far more devastating if Chad and I hadn't served the memory of my mother and of my family's history by rebuilding the Illuminati organization, which was nearly destroyed by MJ-12."
ChadDumier: "There was a time when we were the rebels.  The older generation had failed us in so many ways.  But now we see that the flaw was in their methods, not their intentions."
StandardPlayer: "Their intention to disguise tyranny with so-called "free" institutions."
ChadDumier: "The average citizen in a society of billions is never free, whether because of tyranny or simply because of the contrast between his small size and the size of the government."
NicoletteDuclare: "We plan to give people a sense of freedom and a prosperous world.  In practical, historical terms, that's about as good as it gets."
ChadDumier: "Be there for us, Alex.  The critical time is approaching."
ChadDumier: "The old order is generally recognized as the high point of civilization.  We simply want to revive it."
ChadDumier: "Decide where you stand, Alex.  It won't be long before you have to choose."
ChadDumier: "JC Denton did what the Illuminati asked: he destroyed Bob Page, the leader of MJ-12.  Don't be tricked into believing that the Helios-JC hybrid is true to JC.  It might have its own agenda, one driven by a well-disguised machine intelligence."
ChadDumier: "I believe you have "business" to attend to."
StandardPlayer: "You played a pretty low trick on the world, taking advantage of the Collapse to seize power, distracting people with a phony conflict between business and idealism."
ChadDumier: "And that's why you killed Her Holiness, the spiritual leader of half the world?"
StandardPlayer: "She was a liar and a fake.  And so are you."
ChadDumier: "She was a human being, for God's sake."
StandardPlayer: "One life.  Insignificant, I would think, for the leader of the Illuminati."
ChadDumier: "She was a great leader and a great friend.  You completely misunderstand our work.  The Collapse would have been far more devastating if Nicolette and I hadn't served the memory of her mother and of her family's history by rebuilding the Illuminati organization, which was nearly destroyed by MJ-12."
StandardPlayer: "A conspiracy to disguise tyranny with so-called "free" institutions."
ChadDumier: "Enough.  Nothing I can say will convince you.  I only hope you will think twice next time you face a decision that could affect billions of people."
ChadDumier: "Perhaps you lost someone close to you in the Chicago disaster.  How does it feel?  You going to let it turn you into a killer?"
ChadDumier: "Do me a favor.  Try to understand what this confilct is about before you murder anybody else."
ChadDumier: "The goals of the Illuminati -- prosperity, relative freedom, social stability -- are not so baleful to humanity at large."
ChadDumier: "Alex Denton.  How does it feel to share such an infamous name?  Don't be deluded by the AI's ingenuity.  Your brother, JC, has long since been devoured by the Helios core, and if you revive Paul you will be reviving a sworn terrorist.  There is a better way.  More when you reach Cairo."
M05KillPaul: "Kill Paul Denton, whose body is in the [East Hangar] at the top of the arcology.  This will help the Illuminati keep biomodification under international regulation."
ChadDumier: "As promised, the Illuminati have prepared a more reasonable line of action for you to follow.  We want you to destroy Paul Denton and help return biomod technology to international regulation.  Please discuss the operation with the Elite Commando waiting for you in the street.  Paul's frozen body is located in the [East hangar] at the top of the arcology."
// Should be launched by scripting when the Elite Commando is killed by the player.
ChadDumier: "I'll take that as a slap in the face.  Don't be a fool, Alex.  Do you really think that the Dentons will have any use for you once their technology is imposed on humanity?  It will be a nanite plague worse than the one in Cairo, and you will be responsible."
// This should be triggered when the Elite Commando is killed by someone other than the player.
ChadDumier: "The Elite Commando has been killed, but we still have you.  Remember what I said about Paul.  He and JC want to impose biomodification worldwide -- a nanite plague worse than the one in Cairo.  Help us keep the technology under control."
// Plays when the player is nearing Paul's corpse.
ChadDumier: "Don't think of him as your brother.  He was a clone just like you, an experiment, the difference being that he has let his anger at his creators turn into megalomania.  He has made YOU into an experiment, remember, and next it will be the whole world, all of us living inside an ApostleCorp laboratory.  Say no, Alex.  For all of us."
StandardPlayer: "Chief Morgan?  You wanted to see me?"
DonnaMorgan: "I want to hear what you know about the terrorist attack that led to your escape from Tarsus Academy."
StandardPlayer: "The Order wanted to stop the experiment.  That's about all I know."
DonnaMorgan: "We were watching that facility ourselves.  Ever heard of an organization code-named ApostleCorp?"
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like a cult.  Why were you watching Tarsus?"
StandardPlayer: "I flipped through some records on my way out of the building.  Didn't learn much more than the name.  Why was the WTO watching the training facility?"
DonnaMorgan: "I'm Chief of Security for all WTO city centers.  My job is to make sure that businesses comply with the WTO Charter.  For instance, your biomods.  They diverge from the Piezochem architecture, the only system approved for sale."
StandardPlayer: "That's a security concern?"
DonnaMorgan: "Your biomod system has completely rewritten your DNA."
StandardPlayer: "I thought that's how nanite infusions worked."
DonnaMorgan: "Not to this extent.  Only one in twenty people can undergo Piezochem infusions.  The ApostleCorp product seems capable of restructuring any host to tolerate biomodification."
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like a good product.  I didn't know that competition was illegal."
DonnaMorgan: "We aren't protecting Piezochem.  We limit nanotech applications because they're destabilizing.  Without limits to cityscaping, for instance, a company like Symmetriad would cause the real estate market to implode."
StandardPlayer: "And biomodification would cause the people market to implode?"
DonnaMorgan: "Labor market, yes.  We don't want another Collapse.  What you can do for us is investigate your former employer.  We think they're using the Nanotech Museum to smuggle equipment into the arcology."
StandardPlayer: "You're sending me on a covert op... to a museum?"
DonnaMorgan: "Start with the Culture Minister's penthouse, above the train station.  He directs the museum.  We've noticed that he puts away a lot more cash than the city pays him."
StandardPlayer: "Interesting."
DonnaMorgan: "Show us what you can do, Alex.  With Tarsus gone, maybe a position with WTO Security would appeal to you."
M01InvestigateMuseum: "Investigate the a possible smuggling operation at the Nanotech Museum in New Seattle."
M01InvestigatePenthouse: "Look for access codes to the Nanotech Museum at the Culture Minister's penthouse above the train station."
DonnaMorgan: "Labor market, yes.  We don't want another Collapse.  What you can do for us is follow up on your discovery at the museum.  Check out the Mako lab north of town.  We know they've been doing illegal weapons research and that your former trainer, Dr. Nassif, has a hand in it.  You'll need to hire a pilot and leave at once."
StandardPlayer: "You don't have any extra pilots?"
DonnaMorgan: "I wish we did, but the Chicago disaster is occupying every available craft.  You shouldn't have any trouble finding a pilot at the bar in the Mercenary District."
StandardPlayer: "I'll give it a try."
StandardPlayer: "There's a harrier pilot who owes me a favor.  I'll see if he's interested."
StandardPlayer: "I think I've got a lead on a chopper.  I'll let you know if it pans out."
DonnaMorgan: "The WTO is fighting an invisible war against a hundred enemies.  Give us your loyalty, Alex.  We need it."
DonnaMorgan: "Good work at the museum.  What we need you to do now is check out the Mako lab north of town.  We know they've been doing illegal weapons research and that your former trainer, Dr. Nassif, has a hand in it.  You'll need to hire a pilot and leave at once."
DonnaMorgan: "Interesting.  Those are contemporary nanomanipulators, not much to build an exhibit around.  Check the room for evidence of where they came from or where they might be going."
// GOAL: Report to Donna Morgan at the Air Terminal for a debriefing.
// GOAL: Clear Vault goal.
DonnaMorgan: "Looks like people from Tarsus are mixed up in that transaction.  I'd like to know why they're running equipment to Mako Ballistics.  Report to the air terminal.  We have a lot to discuss."
DonnaMorgan: "This is WTO Security Chief Donna Morgan.  I thought you were told to report to the air terminal.  Very well.  Tour the museum, but do us a favor.  We think the Tarsus scientists were using the museum as cover for a smuggling operation.  Try to take a peek at the vaults on the lower level.  We might learn something about the experiments the scientists were performing on you."
DonnaMorgan: "The vault is on the lower level.  If you can find proof of a smuggling operation, we'll be a step closer to catching the scientists who were experimenting on you."
// GOAL: Look for access codes to the Nanotech Museum at the Culture Minister's penthouse above the train station.
DonnaMorgan: "If you don't have any luck, look for access codes in the Culture Minister's penthouse above the train station. He directs the museum.  We've noticed that he puts away a lot more cash than the city pays him."
// GOAL: Search the biolab for clues to Dr. Nassif's whereabouts.
DonnaMorgan: "The nanomanipulators at the museum were intended for scientists in this lab.  Search the area for evidence about Dr. Nassif's whereabouts."
LinMayChen: "Our seekers from the Tarsus raid say that scientists in this laboratory helped Dr. Nassif and her colleagues leave the city.  See if you can find a clue to where they went."
DonnaMorgan: "So ApostleCorp has some sort of home base in Cairo.  I think you found your next line of investigation.  Your pilot will be waiting for you on the roof.  Hurry.  Every minute counts."
LinMayChen: "So ApostleCorp has some sort of home base in Cairo.  I guess we know where you're going to spend your vacation.  Your pilot will be waiting for you on the roof."
// GOAL: Meet your pilot on the roof.
LinMayChen: "So ApostleCorp has some sort of home base in Cairo.  I guess we know where you're going to spend your vacation -- but first you must deal with the scientist in the weapons lab."
DonnaMorgan: "So ApostleCorp has some sort of home base in Cairo.  I think you found your next line of investigation.  But first you must steal those plans for the railgun."
// Sorry, a case of "people talking in your head."  We can look at alternatives at some point.
DonnaMorgan: "That's the head scientist.  Talk to him -- find out how to access the vault chamber.  He may be the only one who can get you inside."
BillieAdams: "Right -- the head scientist.  That's what you call a soft target.  Take him out.  The Order will be displeased if you fail to achieve this objective."
// GOAL: Enter the MAKO facility.
DonnaMorgan: "First step -- get inside the complex.  This is a research facility, so expect surveillance and automated security."
LinMayChen: "You will first gain entry to the complex.  Mako Ballistics is a very inward-looking, distrustful enterprise.  Expect surveillance and automated security."
// GOAL: Clear EnterMAKO.
// GOAL: [Order] Kill the scientist in charge of developing Mako's railgun.
// GOAL: [WTO] Upload the railgun scematic to the WTO office in Seattle.
DonnaMorgan: "So the Order hired you to kill the chief scientist on the railgun project.  A pretty way to do business.  The WTO prefers that you spare the scientist and instead upload the gun's schematics to our Seattle headquarters.  By law all innovations must be registered and patented through one of our offices."
LinMayChen: "So the WTO wants you to steal the railgun schematics.  Don't be fooled.  They'll monopolize the technology for their own security forces.  The Order asks that you kill the scientist who developed the gun.  We will send Mako a message.  Such work breeds nothing but strife and suffering."
// GOAL: Meet your pilot on the roof.
DonnaMorgan: "The intellectual property has been secured.  It will be analyzed by our experts.  Well done.  Your pilot will be waiting for you on the roof."
// GOAL: Search the biolab for clues to Dr. Nassif's whereabouts.
DonnaMorgan: "The intellectual property has been secured and will be analyzed by our experts.  Well done.  We will have another mission for you as soon as you learn where Dr. Nassif went.  Look for clues in the biolab on the second floor.  We believe that ApostleCorp has sleeper agents in that division of Mako."
DonnaMorgan: "The intellectual property has been secured and will be analyzed by our experts.  Well done.  We will have another mission for you as soon as you learn where Dr. Nassif went.  Look for clues in the biolab on the second floor.  Those nanomanipulators in the museum were headed for a scientist there -- probably an ApostleCorp sleeper agent."
M02Greenhouse: "Destroy the Nassif greenhouse on the [East] side of the village."
DonnaMorgan: "So I guess you've gone rogue on us.  It's not too late to show some loyalty to the WTO.  We want you to destroy the Nassif greenhouse on the [East] side of the village.  That's right -- your old instructor's family has been developing illicit strains of crops without any regard to WTO safety regulations.  Destroy the hydroponics -- and maybe pick up a hint regarding Dr. Nassif's whereabouts in the process."
DonnaMorgan: "Once again, good work in Seattle.  The WTO is making good use of the data.  Your next objective: destroy the Nassif greenhouse on the [East] side of the village.  That's right -- your old instructor's family has been developing illicit strains of crops without any regard to WTO safety regulations.  Destroy the hydroponics -- and maybe pick up a hint regarding Dr. Nassif's whereabouts in the process."
M02Greenhouse: "Destroy the Nassif greenhouse on the [East] side of the village."
DonnaMorgan: "So I guess you've gone rogue on us.  It's not too late to show some loyalty to the WTO.  We want you to destroy the Nassif greenhouse on the [East] side of the village just outside the arcology [Tier 1] exit.  That's right -- your old instructor's family has been developing illicit strains of crops without any regard to WTO safety regulations.  Destroy the hydroponics -- and maybe pick up a hint regarding Dr. Nassif's whereabouts in the process."
DonnaMorgan: "Once again, good work in Seattle.  The WTO is making good use of the data.  Your next objective: destroy the Nassif greenhouse on the [East] side of the village just outside the arcology [Tier 1] exit.  That's right -- your old instructor's family has been developing illicit strains of crops without any regard to WTO safety regulations.  Destroy the hydroponics -- and maybe pick up a hint regarding Dr. Nassif's whereabouts in the process."
StandardPlayer: "Now that you know the WTO isn't what it seems, what are you going to do?  Leave the organization?"
DonnaMorgan: "I don't know.  I'm still reeling from the shock...   But somehow it's starting to make sense now.  "
StandardPlayer: "Can you forgive them for their lies?"
DonnaMorgan: "It does make me uneasy, finding out it's all a front... but I can also see what the Illuminati are trying to accomplish and why they must work in secret.  I'll probably continue publicly working for the WTO, but with a new awareness of it's true importance."
DonnaMorgan: "I don't know what I'll finally decide about the WTO, but it's hard to pass up a chance to play a role in such a monumental project."
DonnaMorgan: "Perhaps this is my destiny, to join the Illuminati in their endeavors."
DonnaMorgan: "It still seems surreal somehow, that both the WTO and Order were manufactured."
DonnaMorgan: "This changes everything."
GoalComplete: ""
StandardPlayer: "Why are you hiding out back here?  "
EevaNassif: "I'm not answering any questions until you tell me who you are."
StandardPlayer: "A concerned citizen.  I got a bad feeling once I set foot in this place.  I've been trying to find out why students have been going missing."
StandardPlayer: "Maskini Nassif asked me to look for his daughter, Eeva.  He's very worried.  Is that you?"
EevaNassif: "Okay, okay, yes, I'm Eeva.  And people should be worried.  We were poking around the Headmaster's office one day, and found this secret room.  From the looks of it, he's plotting something horrible for some of the students here."
StandardPlayer: "How can you be sure?  What did you see?"
EevaNassif: "Something to do with "purification"...some group called the "Templars"... I couldn't make sense of it, but I'm fairly certain that he didn't mean expulsion when he was talking about terminating students...  If you need to see for yourself, here's the [code, directions]."
EevaNassif: "Thanks for the tip.  It sounds like you got yourself to safety just in time."
StandardPlayer: "I know.  I stumbled over the same materials myself.  It looks like he's working for one of those Purity fanaticism groups -- the Templars.  Looks like you got yourself to safety just in time."
EevaNassif: "For the time being, at least...  I'm going to stay hidden until I'm sure it's safe out there, and just hope he doesn't find us."
StandardPlayer: "You don't need to worry about him anymore.  I've taken care of the situation."
StandardPlayer: "Looks like things are settling down around here, now that the Headmaster has been arrested.  I hope the missing kids turned up safe."
EevaNassif: "As a matter of fact, I'm Eeva Nassif, one of the students that was on the Headmaster's secret roster.  As soon as we heard that SSC had captured Archer, we knew we could come out of hiding."
StandardPlayer: "Looks like things are settling down around here, now that the Headmaster has been arrested. "
EevaNassif: "As soon as we heard that SSC had captured Archer, we knew we could come out of hiding.  Thanks for taking care of it."
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: "The students are fortunate that Archer's plans were uncovered... but my family is far from safe."
EevaNassif: "We're pretty sure there are Templars in the apartment downstairs, here to threaten my family, or worse."
EevaNassif: "From what I saw of Archer's files, the Templars will stop at nothing."
EevaNassif: "Maybe they're here to complete their orders for the school, any way that they can."
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: ""
EevaNassif: ""
Harvester: "Mmm, what do I see?  An exceptional young man.  Modified, correct?  Lovingly grown behind walls -- and now you step into the dangerous world."
Harvester: "Mmm, what do I see?  An exceptional young woman.  Modified, correct?  Lovingly grown behind walls -- and now you step into the dangerous world."
Harvester: "Mmm, what do I see?  An exceptional young man.  Modified, correct?  Lovingly grown behind walls -- and now you step into the dangerous world.  Shut the door, Tarik."
Harvester: "Mmm, what do I see?  An exceptional young woman.  Modified, correct?  Lovingly grown behind walls -- and now you step into the dangerous world.  Shut the door, Tarik."
// Trigger Tarik to shut the door.  Maybe play some fancy games with lighting and cameras.
StandardPlayer: "Am I about to get jumped or something?"
Harvester: "Such a prize, mmmm...  A shame to send you straight to the chop shop.  Perhaps you heard that I'm hiring a mercenary...?"
StandardPlayer: "Yeah?"
Harvester: "I am interested in the AnubisBanc security chief.  He is soaked in biomod tech, beta biocules, the next rev of the Piezochem architecture -- who knows, maybe something beyond Piezochem.  I have a client who will pay handsomely to study one of his biomods."
StandardPlayer: "How do you expect me to steal a biomod?  Kill him and bring you the body?"
Harvester: "Just kill him and my people in the morgue will remove the components I need.  I like how you think.  You will be well paid.  [1000 credits.]"
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like pretty fancy wetware for a bank security guard."
Harvester: "So it appears to me, too.  I think there's more to AnubisBanc than meets the eye."
StandardPlayer: "I've already been to HORDE.  I'm pretty sure I killed that guy."
StandardPlayer: "I went to HORDE and killed that guy."
Harvester: "A man [with a mustache] on the [lower-level]?"
StandardPlayer: "Yeah."
Harvester: "I will notify my friend at the morgue.   Mmm, lovely.  The Omar love a sweet-meat surprise."
StandardPlayer: "What about my money?"
Harvester: "Certainly.  Well done."
// Transfer money to the player.
Harvester: "Come back when you have some news."
Harvester: "I will be waiting."
Harvester: "You know what you've been asked to do."
Harvester: "I should be getting some choice cuts by tomorrow morning."
Harvester: "The cyborgs pay for beta code.  Believe me."
Harvester: "The Omar.  Hmph.  They show up out of nowhere.  Now they're in a hurry to turn into something else.  Running away from themselves, the people that they used to be."
Harvester: "You have my admiration."
// Just a stub convo.  Gets triggered in certain situations when a cinematic is required.
// insincere and flat, creepy and suspicious, in the delivery
Headmaster: "Welcome to Tarsus Cairo.  I am Silas Archer, the Headmaster.  Can I help you?"
StandardPlayer: "This is an impressive campus.  "
Headmaster: "Too bad the students are hopeless."
StandardPlayer: "Isn't that just a bit harsh?  "
Headmaster: "Tarsus just likes to keep their standards high..."
Headmaster: "Okay.  Well, this does seem like a great facility -- nothing like the Tarsus I went to at their age."
Headmaster: "Oh...  really...  you're a graduate?"
StandardPlayer: "I guess you could say that.  What about you, have you been with the organization long?"
Headmaster: "Too long.  Fortunately, this job is almost finished."
StandardPlayer: "So you're getting a transfer?"
Headmaster: "You could say that...."
Headmaster: "A Headmaster's work is never done."
Headmaster: "I can hardly wait...  for the school dance."
Headmaster: "These students are hopeless."
Headmaster: "At least this assignment is almost finished."
Headmaster: "Is there anything else you need?"
Choice: "I know your secret.  I'm not going to let you get away with this."
Choice: "No thanks.  I've seen all I need to see."
StandardPlayer: "I know what you're really doing here.  You're on assignment from the Templars to "purify" this school, you monster."
Headmaster: "It's too late.  Our cause is just.  There's simply nothing you can do."
StandardPlayer: "That's what you think."
Headmaster: "...and now onto the rest of the Nassif clan."
M05HidingTemplar1: "Why this family?"
Headmaster: "The Nassif girl was one of the key candidates for nanite infusion at Tarsus.  Her whole family is likely to give itself over to that pollution, so they must be exterminated."
M05HidingTemplar1: "There are no more in Cairo.  They've all been terminated."
Headmaster: "Are you certain?  A threat to Purity like this must not be tolerated.  Then we must identify new targets..."
Headmaster: "Tarsus was easy.  Now we'll take care of the rest of Cairo."
Headmaster: "We have tried peaceful means, but our message is ignored.  Now we must strive to protect human Purity, even if it means terminating those who would pollute the race."
Headmaster: "They're hardly human, after they undergo infusions anyway, so it's not murder that we commit."
Headmaster: "Someday humankind will thank us for so vigilantly defending the genome."
JCDenton: "... yes... at last..."
JCDenton: "... infusion chamber... below... nanite-capsid upgrate necessary... go..."
JCDenton: "... processing decentralized... unable... unable..."
JCDenton: "... go... damage... you are... only chance..."
JCDenton: "At last, my scientists found a solution.  The merger is complete."
StandardPlayer: "You're really JC Denton?  What happened?  How'd you end up in Antarctica?"
JCDenton: "You are the complete solution.  My brother, Paul, was to be upgraded first so that he could carry the infusions through the Gate, which I built for him alone.  I came here and built this place because I was incomplete, fragmented, vulnerable."
StandardPlayer: "What happened to Paul?"
JCDenton: "He nearly died two years ago.  My chief scientist, Tracer Tong, thought that he had perfected the biomod substrate, but there were recombinant anomalies in Paul.  He had to be cryogenically frozen to save his life.  Luckily, the tissues in you and the other subjects at last accepted complete transformation."
StandardPlayer: "Which is why we can pass through the Gate and enter this place."
JCDenton: "And much more, much more.  We are now ready to transform the human race.  It became clear to me after the defeat of MJ-12 that the old answers to tyranny are inadequate.  I needed the Helios merger in order to contemplate the problem effectively."
StandardPlayer: "And...?"
JCDenton: "Join me in the creation of the first posthuman order.  Perhaps you doubt my reasoning.  I will be happy to explain my principles."
StandardPlayer: "First tell me what you want me to do."
JCDenton: "You will need to return to Cairo to rescue my brother, Paul, who was seized by the Templars who raided our laboratory.  Then you will meet me at Liberty Island, where far below ground, in a secret laboratory that once belonged to MJ-12, there is an Aquinas node that can be used to distribute the infusion technology world-wide."
Choice: "Guess I'll find my pilot and consider your request."
Choice: "Tell me more about this "posthuman order.""
JCDenton: "Before the disruptions, Helios and I had many months of productive thought.  Up to now, all free societies have started with one premise: human nature is cruel, unjust -- a force to be controlled."
StandardPlayer: "Go on."
JCDenton: "The separation of powers -- from Aristotle to Montesquieu -- is designed purely to thwart the ambitions of individuals.  How comical, the West's pride in its vast tangle of agencies, jurisdictions, arcane procedures..."
StandardPlayer: "What's the alternative?"
JCDenton: "Address the flaws in human nature.  Make all beings truly equal in both body and mind.  Start with healthy minds -- lucid, knowledgable, emotionally sound -- and the needs of government change dramatically."
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like you want to put everyone on antidepressants.  Is that freedom?"
JCDenton: "Is it freedom when one child is born to poverty, a chance combination of organic materials, while the wealthy child is shaped every day of his life, enhanced genetically, trained, educated, often augmented nanotechnologically?"
StandardPlayer: "Why not get rid of the technologies that divide people?"
JCDenton: "Then you go down the path of intolerance, as Billie did.  Is human nature perfect?  My answer to that is no.  Therefore, improvements are to be welcomed, not annihilated in Templar pogroms.  As enhanced beings, we can establish a pure democracy that runs on daily input from the electorate."
Choice: "Guess I'll find my pilot and consider your request."
Choice: "What would this "pure democracy" look like?"
JCDenton: "The Helios AI has the processing power to handle all governmental functions worldwide, legislative, executive, and judicial.  Once every mind has been enhanced and can merge with the AI, attitudes toward major legislation can be processed on a daily or even more frequent basis."
StandardPlayer: "You want everyone to be like the Omar and meld themselves together into one huge AI construct?"
JCDenton: "Access to Helios would be provided with special terminals, which would function as very advanced voting booths in every home.  Otherwise, life would go on as usual."
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like enlightened despotism to me."
JCDenton: "All governments have power.  The benefit of giving this power to a synthetic intellect is that human affairs would no longer need to be ruled by generalities.  Helios will have a deep understanding of every person's life and opinions."
StandardPlayer: "What if I don't want someone peeking into my mind?"
JCDenton: "Upon consideration, you will see that this arrangement is for the best.  "General ideas are no proof of the strength, but rather of the insufficiency of the human intellect."  The words of Alexis de Toqueville, an observer of the birth of modern democracy.  Though general ideas allow human minds to make judgments quickly, they are necessarily incomplete."
StandardPlayer: "You didn't answer my question."
JCDenton: "But I did.  De Tocqueville noted that an all-knowing mind -- the mind of God, as he conceived it -- would have no need for general ideas.  It would understand every individual in detail and at a glance.  Incomplete applications of law or justice would be impossible for such a mind."
Choice: "Guess I'll find my pilot and consider your request."
Choice: "So you see yourself as a god?"
JCDenton: "I want human affairs to be driven by wisdom.  Finding the correct recipe for wisdom has been my project these long years under the ice."
StandardPlayer: "You seem to think you've succeeded."
JCDenton: "Wisdom must first be human.  You must start with what a human sees and feels.  But wisdom must also be knowledgeable, logical, and fair to billions of other beings."
StandardPlayer: "How much of you is a machine?"
JCDenton: "I am one consciousness.  No distinction is possible."
StandardPlayer: "You expect ten billion people to submit to the rule of a software construct?  What if some of them resist?"
JCDenton: "The people will recognize true equality.  Help me, Alex.  You have come this far toward restoring ApostleCorp.  Make use of the helicopter that followed you here.  Go to Cairo and rescue my brother."
StandardPlayer: "Where do I meet the helicopter?"
JCDenton: "Tracer Tong sent a helicopter to pick me up from Area 51 after my infiltration of the MJ-12 command center.  Ava Johnson was the pilot, an AI construct.  She followed you here, and I'm putting her at your disposal.  Go back to the surface and activate the pilot beacon at the abandoned VersaLife base so that she will know where to land."
StandardPlayer: "Already done.  She should be waiting for me."
JCDenton: ""
JCDenton: ""
JCDenton: ""
JCDenton: "We will meet again in New York.  I will build a new Statue to represent our vision to the rest of the world."
JCDenton: "When I merged with Helios in the 2050's, I never dreamed that I would have to wait twenty years for a chance to implement my plans."
JCDenton: "Go now.  I have preparations to make."
// This should be dropped somewhere AFTER the place where the player is most likely to talk to the Elite Commando.
M05SavePaul: "Revive and protect Paul Denton, who will help his brother JC enact universal biomodification.  His cryogenically frozen body is guarded by Templars in the [East Hangar] at the top of the arcology."
JCDenton: "It seems that the Illuminati is making one last grab for power.  Yes, they are correct that the Templars have Paul in the [East Hangar], but you must revive him, Alex.  ApostleCorp needs a strong leader who can restore it to global prominence.  The Illuminati want only to steal our research to increase their wealth and power."
// GOAL: clear MeetKlara.
KlaraSparks: "Hello there!  You must be Alex.  I'm Klara Sparks."
StandardPlayer: "Hi."
KlaraSparks: "You must be overwhelmed.  I mean -- Chicago, the whole city.  Was your family from there?"
StandardPlayer: "My foster parents.  I guess they're "chemical dust" by now, as Dr. Nassif likes to say."
KlaraSparks: "Your parents!  Oh, that's terrible.  I'm so sorry.  I'm sure Dr. Nassif didn't mean anything by that."
StandardPlayer: "No problem.  I'm gonna have to get used to the idea sooner or later."
KlaraSparks: "At least you're safe.  If I can do anything to make you feel more at home, let me know."
StandardPlayer: "You could tell me what a Code Yellow emergency is.  When I was talking to Dr. Nassif, a scientist interrupted to tell her that a security guard had been killed."
KlaraSparks: "Oh?  Really?  That's hard to believe.  The SSC people keep this place air-tight."
StandardPlayer: "I'm not kidding about the emergency.  The scientist said "Code Yellow.""
KlaraSparks: "I'm sure Standard Security has it under control."
StandardPlayer: "Does this sort of thing happen a lot?"
KlaraSparks: "Ask Dr. Nassif.  I'm just a trainee -- they moved me here a couple weeks ago."
StandardPlayer: "After the attack on Chicago, aren't you a little nervous?  Why so many transfers?"
KlaraSparks: "Actually, Leo and I requested to be sent here, because this is where you finish training and get briefed on your first assignment.  Isn't it exciting?  I wonder what company I'll be working for."
StandardPlayer: "So you've been here two weeks.  Any advice?"
KlaraSparks: "Just do your best, and I'm sure you'll get a good rating.  We have drills in the morning, exercise and self-study in the afternoons.  Oh!  And you'll be getting a suite of biomods -- they have an infusion chamber upstairs."
StandardPlayer: "Good.  I think that after two years I've mastered the flashlight biomod.  What's it like living here?"
StandardPlayer: "Good.  I think that after two years I've mastered the flashlight biomod.  What's it like living here?  I walked by the front door and was told I couldn't leave without Dr. Nassif's permission."
KlaraSparks: "I like it.  In the evening we're usually free to move about the city.  This building is at the edge of New Seattle.  You'll be amazed at what a nice enclave the WTO has built."
StandardPlayer: "Yeah?"
KlaraSparks: "Actually, I feel a little guilty when I think about all the people still living in post-Collapse shanties.  My family's from Old Seattle."
StandardPlayer: "Billie and I are from Old Chicago.  We had sector passes to go to the Tarsus school in the WTO enclave.  I guess all of that's gone now.  Billy and I -- we always planned to send money home once we got assigned."
KlaraSparks: "At least one trainee besides me reported to the authorities.  Have you seen Leo?"
StandardPlayer: "No, but I've heard from Billie.  She seems to be mixed up with the Order Church."
StandardPlayer: "Yeah, he's laying low like Dr. Nassif requested.  Billie seems to be mixed up with the Order Church."
KlaraSparks: "They can do what they want, I guess.  I can't believe that Tarsus is a front -- after all those years of training."
StandardPlayer: "What's going on back there?"
KlaraSparks: "A suspicious helicopter was circling the arcology.  Fortunately, both the pilot and the aircraft are now in WTO custody."
StandardPlayer: "Order reconnaissance?"
KlaraSparks: "The pilot will be interrogated.  I shouldn't tell you more than that."
StandardPlayer: "So you're on the WTO payroll now, huh?"
KlaraSparks: "I'm just glad I didn't have a reaction to whatever the Tarsus people were shooting into our veins, and now I've got my security assignment.  That's all I ever wanted from that place."
StandardPlayer: "I'd like to hear more about that helicopter pilot."
KlaraSparks: "Talk to WTO Security.  It's up to them what information to release."
// Klara can bot with you?  Choice and trigger?
KlaraSparks: "It's about time you showed up.  "
StandardPlayer: "It's been a busy day."
KlaraSparks: "And a strange one at that.  Getting orders from the head of the WTO to rescue Her Holiness?  I don't know what's going on here."
StandardPlayer: "Yeah, it grabbed my attention too...  Maybe I'll get some answers once I find her."
KlaraSparks: "Well here's the intel I've got so far:  [briefs player on layout of situation]    [offers to bot]"
StandardPlayer: "[accepts or rejects offer]"
KlaraSparks: "Change your mind?  What do you want me to do?"
StandardPlayer: "[choice]"
// prox barks (simple) to play while botting              these are sparks barks.  hahaha get it?
KlaraSparks: "Strange orders...but I'm not one to question an objective from Dumier himself."
KlaraSparks: "The Panzerwerks employees really are in an uproar this time."
KlaraSparks: "I'm a little suspicious about this summit now."
KlaraSparks: "[more specific barks about state of panzer]"
// unhide klara only after you've retrieved the code for entry
KlaraSparks: "What are you doing here?"
StandardPlayer: "There's more to this than just a bank robbery..."
KlaraSparks: "I suspected as much.  It doesn't make much sense how SSC is handling this.  The WTO should be granted full access to any facility inside one of it's own arcologies."
StandardPlayer: "Looks like Dr. Nassif is at the heart of this, along with some conflict with a fanatic anti-mod group called the Templars. "
KlaraSparks: "Good work tracking all that down.  See what you can find out.  Nassif owes us all some answers."
KlaraSparks: "SSC being held back like this -- it doesn't make any sense."
KlaraSparks: "Nassif has some explaining to do."
KlaraSparks: "Nice detective work."
KlaraSparks: "I hope this gets resolved soon."
KlaraSparks: "Take care of yourself, Alex.  You've been through a lot."
KlaraSparks: "It was good meeting you."
KlaraSparks: "I think you'll like it here.  Just give the place a chance."
LeilaNassif: "Getting restless, Alex?"
StandardPlayer: "Just checking out my new apartment.  That's what it is -- right?  Or is it supposed to be a five-star jail cell?"
LeilaNassif: "Let me introduce myself.  Leila Nassif, Director of the Tarsus Academy here in Seattle."
StandardPlayer: "We've been moved to Seattle?"
LeilaNassif: "Alex, I'm afraid something happened in Chicago -- a terrorist attack.  We evacuated you and Billie just in time."
StandardPlayer: "No one told me anything about an attack."
LeilaNassif: "I wanted to brief you myself.  I'm sorry, Alex.  The damage to the city is extensive."
StandardPlayer: "How bad is it?  I have friends in Chicago."
LeilaNassif: "You don't want the full story in one dose -- trust me.  Step over to the terminal on your desk and create a profile for our records.  Then I'll unlock your door and tell you what I can about the disaster."
M01CreateProfile: "Create trainee profile on the apartment's computer."
LeilaNassif: "Good.  Now come back to the holoterminal, and we'll get started."
LeilaNassif: "It's time for you to meet the other trainees.  Billie Adams you know from Chicago.  The other two are local: Klara Sparks and Leo Kowalski."
StandardPlayer: "You said you'd tell me more about the attack on Chicago."
LeilaNassif: "In the hall you'll find a public terminal.  Honestly, I don't see how to break the news other than to let you see it for yourself."
StandardPlayer: "Why aren't Billie and I there to help?  We didn't train to watch emergencies on the news."
LeilaNassif: "You trained to provide covert security for your sponsoring corporation.  At this time, that corporation feels you are more useful here."
StandardPlayer: "More safe, maybe.  I bet they just don't want to risk thier security people for non-employees."
LeilaNassif: "You aren't yet part of anybody's security force, Alex.  Remember that.  As for Chicago, if you'd been there you and Billie would be chemical dust right now just like the Tarsus Academy and -- for that matter -- the Chicago branch of your sponsor."
StandardPlayer: "That bad?  You're kidding.  Were we the targets?"
LeilaNassif: "As you see, there's more to this attack than anyone understands at this point.  Stop second-guessing your orders and go meet Billie in Apartment 4.  She has the code to the elevator that will bring you down to the training area to meet the others."
M01MeetBillie: "Meet Chicago classmate Billie Adams in Apartment 4."
M01WatchBulletin: "Learn about the Chicago disaster at the public terminal in the corridor."
LeilaNassif: "There will be plenty of time to explore the city during recreational hours.  For now, please meet Billie in Apartment 4.  The elevator will not function without my approval."
LeilaNassif: "There will be plenty of time to explore the city during recreational hours.  For now, please join the others in the training area.  The elevator will not function without my approval."
LeilaNassif: "There will be plenty of time to explore the city during recreational hours.  Note that the elevator will not function without my approval."
LeilaNassif: "I'll give you the code after you install your biomods.  Double back immediately.  The infusion machine is in the upper laboratory overlooking the pool."
LeilaNassif: "Take the elevator to the ground level.  We've released the security lock -- you should have no difficulty."
// The "entered elevator" flag is temporary for a demo.
StandardPlayer: "Alex D., reporting for duty, ma'am."
LeilaNassif: "This isn't an army barracks, Alex."
StandardPlayer: "Ma'am, no ma'am."
LeilaNassif: "Do you have a problem with the way you're being treated?"
StandardPlayer: "Just trying to adapt."
LeilaNassif: "This lockdown situation won't be permanent.  You'll be free to come and go -- just as you were in Chicago.  This is your home now.  Try to adapt to that."
// (holocomm static) -- activate holocomm.
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "Doctor... Doctor!  We have a Code Yellow."
LeilaNassif: "Uh... Hello, Stan.  Are you sure?"
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "One of the guards turned up dead."
LeilaNassif: "I'll be right there."
LeilaNassif: "You'd better introduce yourself to the others.  Klara's in the cafeteria, and Leo's running laps on the track."
StandardPlayer: "What's going on?"
LeilaNassif: "Nothing our Standard Security people can't handle.  Please carry on."
// Trigger Leila to exit her office.
// GOAL: Meet Leo Kowalski.
// GOAL: Meet Klara Sparks.
LeilaNassif: "This is no drill.  The facility is under attack.  Alex: please go to your equipment locker and arm yourself immediately.  More details when they become available."
// GOAL: Get equipment from locker.
LeilaNassif: "This is no drill.  The facility is under attack.  Alex: you found your equipment.  Good.  Stay with the others until further notice."
LeilaNassif: "The terrorists seem to belong to the Order -- religious fanatics.  Their exact objective is unclear.  Billie, Leo, Klara: evacuate the training area at once.  Alex: you haven't had your biomod upgrade.  There's still time.  Come to the upper laboratory overlooking the pool."
// GOAL: Exit the building.
LeilaNassif: "You've found the lower laboratory.  Yes -- our researchers have been observing your training and living quarters.  Don't be alarmed.  Such precautions are standard procedure before giving trainees their corporate assignments.  Go to the upper level to install your biomods."
LeilaNassif: "Trust me -- Tarsus has a strict policy against voyeuristic behavior by our researchers.  Your living quarters were observed only to insure that our graduates show no behavioral abnormalities after the biomod infusion procedure."
LeilaNassif: "Good.  You found the biomod facility.  We don't have much time."
StandardPlayer: "I don't know if I like the idea of being a laboratory specimen."
LeilaNassif: "The Tarsus program may be unconventional, but trust me -- we take care of our trainees."
// TBD: ensure an Order DL or, better, a PA announcement.
StandardPlayer: "The voice on the intercom called this a rescue attempt."
LeilaNassif: "The Order is an intolerant cult.  They want nothing but the total destruction of multinationals and their respective security forces."
StandardPlayer: "Which means me."
LeilaNassif: "Exactly."
StandardPlayer: "Why should I believe someone who spies on me in my own apartment?  I'd like to hear what the Order has to say."
LeilaNassif: "They'll want to use you to get at us.  Avoid all contact with the Order.  With everyone, for that matter.  You and the others will be on your own in Seattle.  Just keep your heads down and I will contact you when Tarsus can arrange an extraction."
StandardPlayer: "I'd like to know what's really going on."
StandardPlayer: "I came across a reference to an... ApostleCorp.  Do they own Tarsus or something?"
LeilaNassif: "We keep our operations a secret for a reason, Alex.  Don't expect a full debriefing while you're still in danger of being captured by terrorists.  Now step over to the infusion chamber.  Use the interface to select three biomod functions."
StandardPlayer: "Yes, ma'am."
LeilaNassif: "The system will inject seed populations of nanites into subregions of your body.  To increase your running speed, upgrade your legs.  To increase your reflexes, upgrade your cranium slot.  Etc.  Descriptions of the different biomod programs are provided by the device."
// GOAL: Install three biomods with the infusion device in the upper laboratory.

// GOAL: Exit the apartment-lab facility.
LeilaNassif: "Good work.  Now get down to the street. Your orders are to slip into the city and keep a low profile until contacted by me directly.  The code to the elevator is 12546."
LeilaNassif: "Good work.  Don't hesitate to use that piezoelectric speed boost on your way down to the street. Your orders are to slip into the city and keep a low profile until contacted by me directly.  The code to the elevator is 12546."
LeilaNassif: "Good work.  Don't hesitate to use that walk-silent biomod to keep a low profile on your way down to the street.  Your orders are to slip into the city and keep a low profile until contacted by me directly.  The code to the elevator is 12546."
LeilaNassif: "Good work.  Don't hesitate to cloak on your way down to the street. Your orders are to slip into the city and keep a low profile until contacted by me directly.  The code to the elevator is 12546."
LeilaNassif: "Good work.  Don't hesitate to use those tricked-out eyes to look for danger on your way down to the street. Your orders are to slip into the city and keep a low profile until contacted by me directly.  The code to the elevator is 12546."
LeilaNassif: "Good work.  Don't hesitate to spawn a spy drone to help find a safe route down to the street. Your orders are to slip into the city and keep a low profile until contacted by me directly.  The code to the elevator is 12546."
LeilaNassif: "Just confirming my departure.  No contact from Cairo yet.  I don't know what we'll do if headquarters gets hit as well.  More after I arrive in Egypt."
// This conversation needs to go on a diet.
LeilaNassif: "You realize that the Knights Templar are right on your butt."
StandardPlayer: "You mean the guys in the lobby?  They're history."
StandardPlayer: "You mean the guys in the lobby?  I can handle them."
LeilaNassif: "The guys in the lobby and all over this arcology.  They're tearing apart our organization piece by piece.  The last thing we need is one of our own fishing for classified information."
StandardPlayer: "You could've told me and the other trainees about the experiments."
LeilaNassif: "Our security was too lax as it was.  I think that should be evident."
StandardPlayer: "It's a little late to be splitting hairs about security."
LeilaNassif: "You want the scoop?  Fine.  Here it is.  You've been an experiment since the day you were born, since about five years before ApostleCorp even existed.  You were the third Denton prototype, some sort of super-being designed by the MJ-12 conspirators."
StandardPlayer: "That's a good start.  MJ-12, huh?  The offshoot of the Illuminati?  Started the Gray Death plague of the 2050s...?  I was supposed to be part of a plot to take over the world?"
LeilaNassif: "Until your older brother, JC, broke up their network and in the process caused the world economic collapse.  When you were five, ApostleCorp moved you and your parents to Chicago."
StandardPlayer: "From Area-51.  My parents always said we were from Palm Springs."
LeilaNassif: "They were extremely loyal to our cause after MJ-12 was exposed.  I regret that we weren't able to save them from the Chicago attack."
StandardPlayer: "What about the others?"
LeilaNassif: " All four of you have had your physiologies normalized to JC Denton's.  Yours was already very close.  In founding ApostleCorp, JC wanted to make his abilities available to all humans -- not just an elite ruling class. "
StandardPlayer: "So is JC Denton here?  Is that who you're protecting?"
// CUTAWAY: paladins pushing Paul on a gurney.
LeilaNassif: "The directors of this facility are either dead or captured.  JC was never one of them.  Beyond that, I'm as ignorant as you.  I saw the paladins remove a cryogenically frozen body from [the vault].  Maybe that was the facility director, maybe a botched experiment.  Who knows.  There wasn't much communication between the different cells."
StandardPlayer: "So you're all that's left?"
LeilaNassif: "In Cairo, maybe so.  I've been trying to reach Trier, Germany, our last hidden base, but all lines are down.  I snooped around and found out that the leader of that cell is a man named Tracer Tong.  He's the only one who can contact JC."
StandardPlayer: "I guess JC wants to be the patron saint of the biomodified.  The Templars must want him dead.  Why tell me all this?"
LeilaNassif: "Maybe if you know the truth you'll protect JC when you find him, because the goons you're working for would've found out about Trier one way or another -- and then sent their hired gun in to investigate.  Just try to think for yourself and make the right choice when you get the chance."
LeilaNassif: "I'm not coming out, Alex, and you're not getting in.  I said to keep a low profile, and now you're endangering the Program that made you possible.  Somebody's twisted you around their little finger."
LeilaNassif: "Very well.  You want some answers?  Come over to the [holocomm unit]  I'll give you some gossip to take back to the other test subjects."
StandardPlayer: "So after the Collapse JC went underground to....  what?  Start his own biomod firm?  From what I know, he doesn't seem like the corporate type."
LeilaNassif: "I've never met the Dentons.  They stay behind the scenes.  But the story I've always heard is that they realized after the Collapse that no attempt to restore the United Nations or any form of world government was going to succeed right away.  They decided instead to prepare the conditions for a new type of government"
StandardPlayer: "With biomods?"
LeilaNassif: "A way to level the playing field between rich and poor.  A society is no better than the individuals it contains.  If all of them can be healthy, intellectually gifted, and self-reliant, the prospects for liberty look much better than they did early in the century."
StandardPlayer: "And you buy it?  You think Paul and JC are sincere?"
LeilaNassif: "That's the story we're all told when we join -- the story you would've been told, eventually, if your training hadn't been interrupted.  In any case, it sounds a lot better than the constant bickering and war-mongering between the Order, the WTO, the Templars... all the quasi-Feudal powers that sprang up after the Collapse."
LeilaNassif: "Having grown up poor, I appreciated the Tarsus school, and when ApostleCorp came to me and said they wanted to get rid of the enclave-mentality that keeps the rich inside protected arcologies and the poor -- like my relatives in the medina -- scrambling in the dirt -- I couldn't refuse."
// Add "completed" barks if we let the player "save" her.
LeilaNassif: "See if you can do [X], then maybe I can escape before anyone else breaches the facility."
LeilaNassif: "I helped complete the immune-response code.  Your batch of trainees may very well be the answer -- the seed of 22nd-century humanity."
LeilaNassif: "Who knows how far a new biomod architecture could go?  What if mental illness and manic emotional states could be eliminated?  Violent crime might disappear on its own accord.  The dangers of a vast police apparatus might become a thing of the past."
LeilaNassif: "Playing the organizations against each other, and maybe you can follow an agenda of your own."
LeilaNassif: "I trust you to do what's best for everyone."
LeilaNassif: "I need you to create a trainee profile for our records."
LeilaNassif: "Find your friend Billie and meet me in the training area."
// GOAL: clear MeetLeo.
LeoKowalski: "So they let the Chicago transfers out of their cages.  You're looking at Leo Kowalski.  You train here now, so I guess you can call me Leo."
StandardPlayer: "Alex.  I just talked to Dr. Nassif.  Know anything about a Code Yellow emergency?  Apparently a security guard has been murdered."
LeoKowalski: "Would I be running laps if there was an emergency?  Me?  You never heard the name Leo Kowalski in Chicago?"
StandardPlayer: "Uh, sorry."
LeoKowalski: "I'm the one with a perfect special-ops rating.  They didn't tell you this?  Why would they keep it a secret?"
StandardPlayer: "Ever heard the name Alex D?  They told me the same thing."
LeoKowalski: "What?!  Really?"
StandardPlayer: "Just kidding.  I think Tarsus has their reasons for keeping the schools separated."
LeoKowalski: "Well.  They rewrote the exercises because of my performance.  If there was trouble, they'd notify me immediately."
StandardPlayer: "I guess you're in this for the adventure."
LeoKowalski: "Why'd you sign up?  Money?"
StandardPlayer: "My foster parents got me enrolled at a Tarsus middle school.  I never thought about it much."
LeoKowalski: "An orphan.  You were pretty pampered for an orphan.  Why not be a banker or something?"
StandardPlayer: "I grew up in Old Chicago, not some cozy arcology.  My parents made it clear I was gonna have to make it on my own.  When I got picked for the covert ops program, I figured what the hell."
LeoKowalski: ""What the hell?"  What kind of assignment do you expect with that attitude?"
StandardPlayer: "A risky one.  With a big salary."
StandardPlayer: "Leo..."
LeoKowalski: "Chicago.  You made it out."
StandardPlayer: "What are you doing down here?  Sign up with the Order Church like Billie?"
LeoKowalski: "Huh.  Terrorists."
StandardPlayer: "The WTO?"
StandardPlayer: "The WTO?  Chief Morgan seems pretty intent on recruiting us."
LeoKowalski: "Leeches.  They want a monopoly on everything -- including security agents."
StandardPlayer: "Then what are you going to do?"
LeoKowalski: "You need work, you go to the Pit.  This is what I did.  I found work.  Mercenary.  Black market.  In a few hours, they send me to Egypt."
StandardPlayer: "I thought you wanted to be a corporate heavy."
LeoKowalski: "I don't like being a lab monkey.  I've been thinking about this.  I don't want to be in anybody's army.  I don't want to be a piece of meat they fight over.  Corporate heavy, maybe.  But right now I work for myself."
LeoKowalski: "Let me finish my run."
LeoKowalski: "Is that what you plan to tell corporate headhunters?  "What the hell?""
LeoKowalski: "Tough break about Chicago.  I guess you knew people there."
// additional barks for A.
LeoKowalski: "I'm running."
LeoKowalski: "Hey -- I'm running."
LeoKowalski: "You deaf?"
LeoKowalski: "Probably just a fire drill."
LeoKowalski: "Like we don't have the training to handle a fire if we had to."
LeoKowalski: "The building's one hundred percent ferroconcrete.  Not exactly flammable."
LeoKowalski: "Stay sharp, Chicago."
LeoKowalski: "I'm ready."
// (disgusted)
LeoKowalski: "Terrorists..."
StandardPlayer: "Why Egypt?"
LeoKowalski: "I'm working for the Omar -- you know, the cyborgs.  They're a global operation these days."
StandardPlayer: "What are they paying you?"
LeoKowalski: "I'm protection to help them open shop in a scabland medina near New Cairo.  Five thousand per week -- plus mods."
StandardPlayer: "Not bad.  What kind of mods?"
LeoKowalski: "Anything I want.  Anything.  The best mods are black-market.  Reconstructive glands.  Bot domination.  This will add value when I go back to the corporate market."
StandardPlayer: "Well, good look out there."
LeoKowalski: "Also, my Omar contact says they have stuff that goes way beyond biomods.  Luck will not be a factor for me."
StandardPlayer: "I've learned some things about the experiments they were doing on us."
LeoKowalski: "Yeah?"
StandardPlayer: "Tarsus is a front for something called ApostleCorp.  They gave us an experimental biomod architecture -- one that can supposedly reconfigure anybody's DNA to accept nanite infusions."
LeoKowalski: "As long as it works."
StandardPlayer: "That's what the Order and WTO are fighting over.  Universal biomodification."
LeoKowalski: "Universal.  Are you sure?  That would screw up the market pretty bad.  Why would Tarsus want to undercut their own product?"
StandardPlayer: "I told you -- Tarsus is a front.  No one's quite sure what ApostleCorp is after."
LeoKowalski: "Funny way to end up a free agent."
LeoKowalski: "I'm not anybody's pet project."
LeoKowalski: "I wonder if they even cared how we did at the training.  Or was it purely a medical test?"
LeoKowalski: "Chicago.  Someone put you on my tail?  You're a long way from home."
StandardPlayer: "I'm on Dr. Nassif's tail.  The program we came out of -- ApostleCorp -- it's based here in Cairo."
LeoKowalski: "ApostleCorp?"
StandardPlayer: "The scientists who ran our training.  Tarsus was a front."
LeoKowalski: "I'm standing here thinking about this.  I'm standing here, and this is some coincidence.  Either there's a contract on my head --"
StandardPlayer: "Or maybe the Omar have an interest in the program that created us, too.  What do they have you doing out here?"
LeoKowalski: "Me?  (grunt)  Protection."
LeoKowalski: "I told you before.  Protection."
StandardPlayer: "Protection from what?"
LeoKowalski: "Anybody.  Most people don't like Omar.  Most people think they're freaks.  Right now, supposedly these Knights Templar fanatics are planning a raid.  I'm waiting for them."
StandardPlayer: "All by yourself?"
LeoKowalski: "That's my assignment, but these cyborgs can fight when they have to.  I just wish we had a better tip -- like, when the raid's gonna happen.  Then maybe I could get some sleep."
StandardPlayer: "Who tipped you off to begin with?"
LeoKowalski: "Someone in the village, but the Templar command is in the arcology.  They have a recruiting kiosk there.  We can't move people into New Cairo too easily."
StandardPlayer: "Maybe I'll do some sightseeing in New Cairo.  I'll let you know if I come across anything."
StandardPlayer: "I have an arcology pass.  I'll let you know if I hear anything."
LeoKowalski: "Yeah?  Well, if you check out that kiosk, keep a low profile.  Use a laser mic or sneak up on the place.  They aren't gonna just blurt out their plans on a crowded street."
TemplarEavesdrop: "Eavesdrop on the Templar recruiting kiosk in New Cairo.  Report any details of a raid against the Omar to Leo in the medina."
StandardPlayer: "I eavesdropped on the Templar recruiting station in the arcology."
LeoKowalski: "Huh.  My lucky day.  I see that it pays to have old friends from Tarsus.  They must have trained you well in Chicago."
Choice: "The raid is going to happen any minute."
Choice: "Don't sweat it.  They called the raid off."
LeoKowalski: "You know this for certain?  I should stay in position -- how long?"
StandardPlayer: "Hard to say.  Maybe an hour."
LeoKowalski: "I will be ready.  Thank you.  [Give player black-market biomod or something?]"
LeoKowalski: "You know this for certain?  I can take a break and don't have to worry?"
StandardPlayer: "Just relax.  You look like you could use some down-time."
LeoKowalski: "(sigh)  Thank God.  I'm about to lose my edge if I stand here any longer."
StandardPlayer: "You might be interested in something I overheard at the Templar recruiting station in the arcology."
LeoKowalski: "One thing I am is dependable."
LeoKowalski: "No sign of trouble so far."
LeoKowalski: "A Templar would just as soon lynch a merc like you or me, cuz of our biomods.  If there's a fight, I plan to fight."
LeoKowalski: "I wasn't sure about you at first, but you turned out to be a good man."
LeoKowalski: "At last.  Time I can use to think about my own problems."
LeoKowalski: "Crazy what you end up doing sometimes, isn't it?"
LeoKowalski: "They won't catch me sleeping."
LeoKowalski: "If I go down fighting bigots, I guess that's not so bad."
LeoKowalski: "This'll be my first real engagement.  Hard to believe."
LeoKowalski: "The Omar are safe.  Thanks for the tip."
LeoKowalski: "This gig is working out."
LeoKowalski: "One thing I can't stand is one human being who hates another human being.  Know what I mean?"
LeoKowalski: "Look what they did to him."
LeoKowalski: "My first gig -- and I blew it.  Oh God did I blow it!"
LeoKowalski: "You betrayed me.  Why?"
M01ReportToLinMay: "Report to the Order Church at the refinery in Old Seattle."
LinMayChen: "The Order is with you.  Go.  You're free."
StandardPlayer: "Who are you?"
LinMayChen: "We can't protect you in New Seattle.  You'll have to come to our church, then we'll talk more."
StandardPlayer: "Protect me from who?"
LinMayChen: "Everyone.  Tell no one who you are or where you came from.  Avoid all contact with Dr. Nassif -- she will try to recapture you."
StandardPlayer: "No one forced me into the covert ops program."
LinMayChen: "That's because you never tried to leave.  Believe me: you would have been killed the second you let down those scientists -- the ones peeping into your bedroom back there."
StandardPlayer: "We're just a few trainees.  Why make such an effort to rescue us?"
LinMayChen: "The Order has much to tell you about your past -- and your future.  You'll find us in the refinery in the Mercenary District of Old Seattle."
StandardPlayer: "What about some specifics?  Why should I trust the Order Church?"
StandardPlayer: "You know about ApostleCorp?  I found evidence that an organization with that name is funding this division of Tarsus Academy."
LinMayChen: "No time now for talk.  Find us at the refinery.  May Order prevail."
GoalComplete: ""
StandardPlayer: "I'm here.  You said you had more to say about the raid on Tarsus."
LinMayChen: "Your rescue, yes.  You and the other trainees were being used as testbeds for recombinant tissue experiments.  The Order doesn't tolerate deception of that magnitude.  It's a sin."
StandardPlayer: "Biomods are part of the training.  We knew what they'd do to our tissues."
LinMayChen: "Your biomod architecture is no Piezochem knockoff.  It's something quite new."
StandardPlayer: "They said I'd be compatible with Piezochem infusions."
LinMayChen: "Compatible, perhaps.  Equivalent, no.  The trainees' DNA has been completely rewritten.  We're pretty certain that the one called Leo would have been completely ineligible for biomodification without extensive homologous replacement."
StandardPlayer: "And you want the design.  To sell to who?  Piezochem?"
LinMayChen: "The Order does not wish to profit by commodifying the human organism.  We want to know what this technology is for.  The uses exceed what you might expect."
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like it would expand the biomod market.  A pretty typical secret for a corporation."
LinMayChen: "It could transform entire populations.  Standardize the human organism.  Make all ability and talent into software modules.  Radically disrupt the social order."
StandardPlayer: "You think there's a political agenda -- behind my biomods?"
LinMayChen: "An underground network of scientists called ApostleCorp.  We want you to help us find them."
StandardPlayer: "How do I do that?"
LinMayChen: "Some of our seekers didn't make it back from the raid.  They're being held hostage at the top of the Space Needle."
StandardPlayer: "A rescue mission."
LinMayChen: "Yes.  They were intercepted by Templar bigots.  A random attack?  Maybe.  But I'm not so sure.  Find our people and report back to me.  We think they know where the escaping scientists were going."
// GOAL: rescue the Order operatives being held hostage at the Space Needle.  Learn what they found out about ApostleCorp.
StandardPlayer: "So your agents in the Space Needle found a connection to a Mako facility north of town?"
LinMayChen: "You have served the Order well, Alex.  Yes, we need you to infiltrate that facility and untangle its operations for us."
StandardPlayer: "According to your operatives, the ApostleCorp people seem to be sleeper agents."
LinMayChen: "True.  What immediately concerns the Order is that the Templars have commissioned a new grade of firearm -- a rail gun.  We very much oppose the creation of any new weapons.  Your objective will be to locate the scientist in charge and kill him."
StandardPlayer: "Won't Mako just hand the project to another scientist?"
LinMayChen: "An assassination will send a message and cost the firm money.  To make a weapon is an act of war.  By the will of Her Holiness, they will learn this principle.  Meanwhile, you will find out whether any Tarsus scientists have taken cover there."
StandardPlayer: "I'd certainly like to ask Dr. Nassif a question or two."
LinMayChen: "We understand each other.  Just hire a pilot in the Mercenary District and get moving as soon as possible."
// GOAL: Infiltrate the Mako Ballistics corporate campus and assassinate the head of the railgun program.
// GOAL: Hire a pilot at the Mercenary district bar to take you to the Mako facility.
StandardPlayer: "You can't get me a ride?"
LinMayChen: "The Order is spiritually rich, but that doesn't buy many private jets.  Go to the bar.  You should have no trouble finding a pilot there.   You must reach that facility before Dr. Nassif can escape again."
StandardPlayer: "I know a chopper pilot that might be available."
// GOAL: Meet Ava Johnson at the WTO Terminal and go to the Mako facility.
StandardPlayer: "I busted a harrier pilot out of jail.  He'll fly me in."
// GOAL: Meet Sid at his jet and go to the Mako facility.
LinMayChen: "Well done.  Order is with us.  Hurry.  You must infiltrate that facility before Dr. Nassif can slip away again."
StandardPlayer: "I did my best to save your people."
LinMayChen: "Well, we're fighting an invisible war.  I guess casualties are to be expected."
StandardPlayer: "I did my best to save your people, but one of them didn't make it."
LinMayChen: "Well, we're fighting an invisible war.  Even one survivor is a blessing, I suppose."
StandardPlayer: "Your seekers are fine.  They should be on their way back to the church."
LinMayChen: "Her Holiness will be pleased.  We're fighting an invisible war, Alex.  The Order has a great need for allies like you."
StandardPlayer: "I infiltrated the Space Needle, as requested.  So your agents found a connection to a Mako facility north of town?"
// GOAL: Meet your pilot on the roof.
LinMayChen: "Her Holiness will be pleased.  Praise Order, praise peace, praise your loyalty.  Now slip away.  Your pilot will be waiting on the roof."
// GOAL: Search the biolab for clues to Dr. Nassif's whereabouts.
LinMayChen: "Her Holiness will be pleased.  Praise Order, praise peace, praise your loyalty.  Now, back onto the trail of Dr. Nassif.  Our seekers traced her contacts to the biolab on the [second floor].  Look for evidence there.  When you determine where Nassif went, your pilot will meet you on the roof."
M02ReportToBillie: "Report to Billie Adams in the mosque that separates New Cairo from the village."
LinMayChen: "Will will try to overlook your betrayal at the Mako facility if you help us find Dr. Nassif.  You'll notice that the village has been decimated by a disease called [black lung] thanks to WTO indifference to nanite pollution outside the arcology.  Dr. Nassif comes from a poor family in the area.  If you and Billie help the locals, maybe they will put you on her trail.  Billie will coordinate your efforts from the mosque that lies between the arcology and the village.  Report to her at once."
LinMayChen: "Loyal seeker, you'll notice that the village has been decimated by a disease called [black lung] thanks to WTO indifference to nanite pollution outside the arcology.  Dr. Nassif comes from a poor family in the area.  If you and Billie help the locals, maybe they will put you on her trail.  Billie will coordinate your efforts from the mosque that lies between the arcology and the village.  Report to her at once."
// GOAL: report to Billie in the mosque that separates New Cairo from the village.
LinMayChen: "Your first objective is to go to the village outside the arcology walls, where Leila's family lives.  You will have to make your way to the ground level.  Billie is waiting for you in the mosque that separates the New Cairo arcology from the village."
LinMayChen: "The mosque is [right outside].  You'll notice that the village has been decimated by a disease called [black lung] thanks to WTO indifference to nanite pollution outside the arcology.  Dr. Nassif comes from a poor family in the area.  If you and Billie help the locals, maybe they will put you on her trail."
LinMayChen: "Excellent.  The good doctor saved us some snooping around.  Meet your pilot [at the top of the arcology].  You're going to find this Mr. Tong in Trier.  But first kill that woman.  The Order does not tolerate egregious tampering with the human organism."
DonnaMorgan: "You got what you could out of her -- more than enough.  Meet your pilot [on top of the arcology].  You're going to find this Mr. Tong in Trier.  But first upload the nanite-capsid core schematics.  Piezochem is the only firm licenced to deal in biomods."
// Deal with dead Nico.
LinMayChen: "What's happening?  I've heard strange stories about Her Holiness."
StandardPlayer: "Like what?"
LinMayChen: "Just rumors.  But is it true?  Did she make a secret alliance with the WTO?"
Choice: "Chad and Nicolette are leaders of a secret society called the Illuminati.  The WTO and Order are merely puppet organizations."
Choice: "Someone's reading too much into [Chairman] Dumier's concern for your leader.  I think he was simply being a good statesman by authorizing a rescue attempt."
LinMayChen: "I don't understand."
StandardPlayer: "Nicolette DuClare is the real name of the woman you call Her Holiness -- she's the daughter of the Illuminatus Beth DuClare.  She founded the Church after the Collapse as a foothold to regaining power."
LinMayChen: "But how could she support the WTO?"
StandardPlayer: "She and Mr. Dumier knew that it would be too hard to pull together a one-world government from the chaos of the Collapse.  They chose to reinvent specific aspects of power and then bring them together later into one body."
LinMayChen: "The Scriptures..."
StandardPlayer: "A well-designed psychological tool."
LinMayChen: "I grew up in post-Collapse Hong Kong.  My parents were Max Chen and Maggie Chow, conspirators involved wirh MJ-12.  I swore I would never ruin myself with lies the way they did."
StandardPlayer: "You aren't the one to blame."
LinMayChen: "I've deceived millions.  Hundreds of millions of people.  I -- I'm such a fool!"
// Lin May storms away.
LinMayChen: "When I say that to people, they laugh and call me naive."
StandardPlayer: "Just another conspiracy theory.  Does anyone have proof?"
LinMayChen: "All I want is to understand what happened, the kidnapping, Saman leaving the Church, a Templar army..."
StandardPlayer: "It's a hard time for the Church, but this is when Her Holiness needs your support.  Tell her your concerns.  She will put your mind at ease."
LinMayChen: "Perhaps you're right.  May She forgive my doubt.  I grew up in post-Collapse Hong Kong.  My parents were Max Chen and Maggie Chow, conspirators involved wirh MJ-12.  My worst fear is that I'll give my allegiance to a deceptive cause.  May Order prevail."
// Lin May walks away.
LinMayChen: "I was one of the Church's first disciples!"
LinMayChen: "They lied to me!"
LinMayChen: "My whole life... just something they outlined on a piece of paper."
LinMayChen: "I feel like such a fool in this costume."
LinMayChen: "Thank you.  You've put my mind at ease."
LinMayChen: "Doubt comes easily like a weed.  Faith is something you must cultivate if you ever want to enjoy its fruits."
LinMayChen: "If I stand by Her Holiness, perhaps we can put an end to these rumors."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "You--!"
StandardPlayer: "Yeah?"
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "You were told to remain in hiding until one of us contacted you."
StandardPlayer: "I think I recognize you.  You're the scientist on the holocomm who warned Dr. Nassif about the security breach."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "Enough.  We don't control the entire campus -- only the biolab.  Careful what you say."
StandardPlayer: "I want to see Dr. Nassif."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "Dr. Nassif will contact YOU.  Now leave at once.  We can't allow you to fall into the hands of the Templars.  In case you haven't noticed, this faciity is gearing up to fill an arms shipment large enough to arm fifty thousand Templar paladins."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "Please, listen to me.  This secrecy of our organization is vital, not just to you, but to the billions of people who will be affected by our research."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "Patience.  All of us, Dr. Nassif included, were once trainees like you."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "You've been treated fairly.  In the post-Collapse world, every stable organization is a secret society.  Companies, governments, religious movements.  The difference with ApostleCorp is that we plan to change all of that."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "Dr. Nassif does not want to be found."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "You better get out of here."
M01CampusAcorpScientist: "What are you doing?"
GoalComplete: ""
M01CampusGunScientist: "Can I help you?"
StandardPlayer: "Are you the one who designed the railgun?"
M01CampusGunScientist: "Chief Engineer.  How'd you get down here?"
StandardPlayer: "I wandered off the tour.  So you're custom-designing weapons for this group calling itself the Templars?"
M01CampusGunScientist: "Talk to Sales.  I just built the thing.  Don't ask me why we want to arm a bunch of bigots.  Genetic purists, ha!  They say they want to protect the human body from modification.  Well, with fifty thousand magnetic pulse railguns, they'll be modifying bodies, that's for sure, turning them into ion dust."
StandardPlayer: "I'd like to take a look at it."
M01CampusGunScientist: "What for?  You a spy?"
StandardPlayer: "Yeah.  I work for the genetically impure.  Sounds like we're gonna need weapons, too."
M01CampusGunScientist: "Doesn't matter much to me.  Sure -- take a look.  Go over to the vault door and get ready to press that [red] button.  I've got to ping the authentication circuit at the same instant you press the access panel."
M01CampusPressButton: "Access vault door by pressing the access panel button in usison with the head scientist."
M01CampusGunScientist: "Just get ready to press the button."
M01CampusGunScientist: "This could mean my job."
M01CampusGunScientist: "I'd like to see 'em try to fire me, though."
M01CampusGunScientist: "A beauty, isn't it?"
M01CampusGunScientist: "Not that I don't trust you -- but I'm staying right here."
M01CampusGunScientist: "Most of us are a little uneasy about the Templar order.  I guess a company the size of Mako doesn't have much of a conscience."
M01CampusGunScientist: "Making weapons for a bunch of clubhouse sadists wasn't my first choice of profession -- but jobs are pretty scarce these days."
M01CampusGunScientist: "If you leak anything to the press, don't mention my name."
M01CampusGunScientist: "It wouldn't be a good idea for you to hang around here indefinitely."
M01CampusReceptionist: "Can I help you?"
StandardPlayer: "I'm here to see Echols, the scientist."
M01CampusReceptionist: "You must be the liason from Symmetriad."
StandardPlayer: "You blew my cover.... Seriously, our firm is very excited about your new project."
M01CampusReceptionist: "Dr. Echols is waiting for you in his laboratory.  Go straight ahead from the reception area then take the left hallway and go through the weapons lab.  I hope you like the demonstration."
M01FindScientist: "Locate Dr. Echols in the weapons lab and learn about Mako's research.  Go straight ahead from the reception area then take the left hallway and go through the weapons lab."
M01CampusReceptionist: "Good to make your acquaintance, Mr. Saunders."
M01CampusReceptionist: "Good to make your acquaintance, Ms. Saunders."
M01CampusReceptionist: "Just say so if you need anything."
M01CampusReceptionist: "Everyone's been talking about your visit.  I hope it goes well."
M01CivicManager: "What do you want?  I'm busy."
StandardPlayer: "Sorry..."
M01CivicManager: "If you're asking about the Inclinator, I DON'T KNOW.  Some sort of toxic spill.  We're on it."
StandardPlayer: "Actually, I --"
M01CivicManager: "If you're worried about the terrorist attack, don't be.  SSC and WTO security did their jobs.  The Order Church won't try something like that again."
StandardPlayer: "I'm sure you have everything under control."
M01CivicManager: "And don't make me file another complaint about corruption.  I'm up to my EARS in corruption.  Dodgy business owners.  Smugglers.  Meanwhile half of Old Seattle banging on the walls wanting CITIZENSHIP in this zoo."
StandardPlayer: "Just wanted to commend the administrators for holding together the arcology.  I have some covert security training myself, actually.  If I can help, let me know."
M01CivicManager: "Covert ops, huh?  You want to make my day?  Bring me the balance sheet for that dive nightclub.  VOX.  Down at the end of the block."
StandardPlayer: "One of those "dodgy business owners?""
M01CivicManager: "Tax evasion, I'm pretty sure.  That small-time cheat probably keeps his books in his office on the second floor.  Bring me hard evidence against VOX, I'll hand over a 1500 credit Citizen's Bonus.  How's that?"
// GOAL: Find the accounting balance sheet for the VOX nightclub, possibly in the second-floor offices.  Report back to the Civic Manager for a 1500 credit reward.
StandardPlayer: "I already took a peek at the club's records."
M01CivicManager: "Yeah?  What's that scumbag up to?  Give me something I can get a warrant with, and it means a 1500 credit Citizen's Bonus to you."
StandardPlayer: "One of those "dodgy business owners?""
M01CivicManager: "Tax evasion, I'm pretty sure.  That small-time cheat probably keeps his books in his office on the second floor.  Bring me hard evidence against VOX, I'll hand over a 1500 credit Citizen's Bonus.  How's that?"
M01CivicManager: "Never trust a nightclub owner."
M01CivicManager: "Come back and tell me what you find out."
M01CivicManager: "I've got work to do."
M01CivicManager: "Quit wasting my time."
M01CivicManager: "Placeholder."
M01CivicManager: "Placeholder."
M01CivicManager: "Placeholder."
NGResonance: "Hi.  I'm NG Resonance.  What would you like to talk about?"
M01ClubBud: "I'm Bud Puckett.  Remember me?"
NGResonance: "Bud!  It's been three days.  How was your date?"
M01ClubBud: "Uh, I don't know..."
NGResonance: "Come on, Bud.  Fill me in.  Did you hit it off?"
M01ClubBud: "Not really.  That so-called dating service ripped me off."
NGResonance: "Tell me about the young woman."
M01ClubBud: "Well, first of all, she wasn't young.  Hey, NG, I have a question."
NGResonance: "Yes..."
M01ClubBud: "I know you're just software.  Probably have holocoms all over the world..."
NGResonance: "We'll have more fun if you pretend I'm NG."
M01ClubBud: "But -- I was wondering -- does the real NG ever see these conversations -- like, watch recordings or anything?"
NGResonance: "Sure.  NG loves hearing from her fans."
M01ClubBud: "Yeah?"
NGResonance: "Yes.  I love my fans."
M01ClubBud: "Hi, NG, I hope you're listening.  I'd like to meet you for real sometime."
NGResonance: "Of course I'm listening.  Don't be silly."
M01ClubBud: "I'm Bud Puckett.  I live in New Seattle.  Call me sometime.  Okay?"
M01ClubBud: "She's all yours."
M01ClubBud: "Great, isn't she?"
M01ClubBud: "I wish the real NG would come to North America again.  She's awesome live."
StandardPlayer: "It must be pretty risky for the Omar to operate in the heart of New Seattle."
StandardPlayer: "What's an Omar doing in the heart of New Seattle?"
M01ClubOmar: "Without an Omar presence in WTO enclaves, the black market cannot operate internationally.  Shall we conduct business?"
StandardPlayer: "Sure."
M01ClubOmar: "You will appreciate our merchandise.  You may purchase now or earn a discount by providing a service to the Omar."
M01ClubOmar: "With your abilities, you will appreciate our merchandise.  You may purchase now or earn an additional discount by providing another service to the Omar."
StandardPlayer: "Go on."
M01ClubOmar: "The service will be a theft.  On the [second floor] of the Nanotech Museum in New Seattle there is a cadaver.  An unusual mutant.  We are interested in the properties of the mutant's tissues, which are highly resistant to radiation and extreme temperature."
StandardPlayer: "You want me to steal a carcass?"
M01ClubOmar: "A tissue scan, please.  The biological properties could be used to improve Omar adaptability.  Or would you prefer to make a purchase now?"
StandardPlayer: "One of the local businesspeople wanted me to ask the Omar a refund on a military bot that went haywire in his store."
M01ClubOmar: "Maintenance responsibility resides with the customer.  Request is denied."
// GOAL: Clear Refund Subquest.
M01ClubOmar: "The service you performed for my companion is appreciated.  Mr. O'Rourke was a danger to the sect."
StandardPlayer: "My pleasure."
M01ClubOmar: "Your compensation will be access to our markets."
M01ClubOmar: "Shall we conduct business?"
M01ClubOmar: "Shall we conduct business, or shall we wait until you examine the mutant in the Nanotech Museum?"
M01HubVendor1: "That'll keep you safe.  An Order fanatic jumps you?  Zap!  His brains run out his nose."
M01HubCitizen1: "I have a mind to head over to ground zero and give it a go on a couple of real-life terrorists."
M01HubVendor1: "If you're looking for an offensive weapon..."
M01HubCitizen1: "Just kidding.  Burns you up, though, doesn't it?  The fact that they could hit the enclave..."
M01HubVendor1: "I've been warning people for years.  They just strut on by in their slacks and neck sweaters like this was an island and not a commercial center in complete contact with Old Seattle and the whole scabby world."
M01HubCitizen1: "Well, thanks for the prod.  Now I won't be so worried when I've got business in the Merc. District."
M01HubCitizen1: "I don't think I know you."
M01HubCitizen1: "This is a bad time to be harassing a complete stranger.  We just had a terrorist attack, you know."
M01HubCitizen1: "Come to think of it, you don't look like an enclave type at all."
M01HubCitizen1: "You're starting to make me nervous, man."
M01HubCitizen1: "You're starting to make me nervous, lady."
M01HubCitizen1: "Leave me alone."
M01HubCitizen1: "I'm armed..."
M01HubCitizen1: "Go away!"
M01HubJanitor: "Me?  I'm the utility manager on the first floor."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "You can pass."
M01HubJanitor: "If you ask me, I think you oughtta make a clean sweep of the city.  Order fanatics oughtta be shot on sight."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "Thank you, sir.  Move along now."
// TRIGGER: Janitor starts walking.
M01HubJanitor: "I coulda got killed..."
M01HubJanitor: "I saw 'em go in, dressed like a bunch of loony-tunes."
M01HubJanitor: "The WTO's supposed to be able to keep people out of the enclave.  That's the whole point of us being incorporated."
M01HubJanitor: "The Order, huh!  Some kind of religion.  I don't even think they believe in God."
M01HubJanitor: "Guess I'll just wander around until they let me back into the building."
M01HubJanitor: "It's bad enough they let street preachers in here."
// GOAL: Take the monorail to the WTO Terminal and report to Security Chief Donna Morgan.
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Sir, that's close enough.  Do not attempt to approach the checkpoint."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Ma'am, that's close enough.  Do not attempt to approach the checkpoint."
StandardPlayer: "What's happening?"
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Let me ask the questions.  State your employment information.  All non-arcology workers must leave the enclave until security can be restored."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "That's one of them."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Are you sure?"
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "Positive."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Sir -- stay right there, sir.  Okay.  You can pass, but you're instructed to report immediately to Chief Morgan at the WTO air terminal."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Ma'am -- stay right there, ma'am.  Okay.  You can pass, but you're instructed to report immediately to Chief Morgan at the WTO air terminal."
StandardPlayer: "Is something wrong?"
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Those are our orders."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "You'll be safe in the WTO enclave.  Whatever you do, don't go down the Inclinator into Old Seattle.  The Order terrorists are strong there."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "You can reach the air terminal via the monorail system.  The closest station is directly above us.  Please move along."
StandardPlayer: "Why me?  Are you sure you've got the right person?"
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "I just spot faces.  Don't ask me what you did."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "I'm sure Chief Morgan knows what she's doing."
StandardPlayer: "I can't be accused of anything, or you'd arrest me right now."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "Tell it to the Chief."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Yeah, tell it to the Chief."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "The train terminal's around the bend and up the stairs ______ (?)."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "We've got work to do."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint1: "Don't be a nuisance."
StandardPlayer: "Why me?  Are you sure you've got the right person?"
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "I said tell it to the Chief."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "Move along."
M01HubWTOCheckPoint2: "Chief Morgan doesn't like to be kept waiting."
StandardPlayer: "I can't stand being locked up like this.  How do I get out of this place?"
M01LabJanitor: "Just give yourself some time and I'm sure it will start to feel like home."
StandardPlayer: "It's locked."
M01LabJanitor: "You'll need to talk to your trainer or maybe someone else in the program about that.  I just mop floors."
StandardPlayer: "No, I've been downstairs.  I mean I want to get out of the complex entirely.  Maybe you have the codes for exit...?"
M01LabJanitor: "Sorry, I don't unlock anything without Dr. Nassif's express permission."
M01LabJanitor: "When I catch the joker who's been gumming up the works with Monte Bites..."
M01LabJanitor: "I think we may be running out of detergent."
M01LabJanitor: "Trying to keep all these windows clean sure takes a lot out of you."
M01LabJanitor: "What's going on?  This is crazy..."
M01LabJanitor: "Security breach?  Oh no..."
M01LabJanitor: "Not another Chicago..."
StandardPlayer: "Did you see that guy -- in the labcoat -- the one who fell through the ceiling?!"
M01LabJanitor: "Where the hell is security?"
StandardPlayer: "He looks like a scientist, from some sort of lab, adjoining the apartments!"
M01LabJanitor: "We hired SSC to keep this from happening, especially after Chicago."
StandardPlayer: "What do you mean "we" ?!?!  What is going on here?"
M01LabJanitor: "We were only monitoring your progress...  "
M01LabJanitor: "You were spying on us?!  Along with these scientists?"
StandardPlayer: "Excuse me.  I'm looking for..."
M01LabSSCPatrol: "See this uniform?  I'm SSC.  I have nothing to do with the program."
StandardPlayer: "I'm just trying to find the training facility. "
M01LabSSCPatrol: "The elevator will take you there, but you'll need an access code, and I'm not authorized to provide that."
StandardPlayer: "What do you know about the evacuation of the Chicago facility?"
M01LabSSCPatrol: "Do I look like an information terminal?"
M01LabSSCPatrol: "I just work here."
M01LabSSCPatrol: "I'm not a tour guide."
M01LabSSCPatrol: "Move along."
M01LabSSCPatrol: "Stand back!  We've got a red alert!"
StandardPlayer: "Can you tell what exactly is going on here?"
M01LabSSCPatrol: "Just get to your assigned location... and let US get this situation under control."
M01LabSSCPatrol: "This is way more than I bargained for when I signed on."
M01LabSSCPatrol: "Clear the hallways!  Return to your designated stations!"
M01LabSSCPatrol: "I don't have time for your nonsense now!"
StandardPlayer: "What does a Code Yellow mean anyway?"
M01LabSSCPatrol: "Just means heightened security.  "
StandardPlayer: "But why?  What's going on?"
M01LabSSCPatrol: "None of your concern.  SSC will take care of it, so you can get back to your studies."
M01LabScientist1: "Dr. Nassif told me to expect you.  You will be allowed to take the elevator to the upper laboratory.  The biomod infusion chamber remains undamaged."
M01LabScientist1: "Dr. Nassif informed me.  Your biomods seem to have set nicely.  Now get moving.  You can take the elevator down to the street or try to find a way down from the roof."
StandardPlayer: "The terrorists seem to have the upper hand.  You must be the captain who goes down with his ship."
M01LabScientist1: "In a manner of speaking.  I won't hand my research over to militants and fanatics -- not without a fight."
StandardPlayer: "Is all this equipment to study us -- the trainees?"
M01LabScientist1: "Biomodificaftion is a touch more involved than you might imagine, Alex.  This equipment is to ensure your safety."
StandardPlayer: "You know my name."
M01LabScientist1: "I better know a lot more than that if my code's going to be regulating protein synthesis in the cells of your body."
StandardPlayer: "You programmed the biomods?"
M01LabScientist1: "Our corporate sponsors do most of the junior-level applications work.  My contribution -- minor as it may be -- was to the chromatin-synthesis module in the core architecture."
StandardPlayer: "What sponsor?  The company I'm supposed to go to work for eventually?"
StandardPlayer: "What sponsor?  I came across a reference to an ApostleCorp.  Is that the company I'm supposed to go to work for eventually?"
M01LabScientist1: "(laugh) I think that's enough talking shop.  Go to the infusion chamber and follow Dr. Nassif's instructions."
M01LabScientist1: "(laugh) I think that's enough talking shop.  You better get out of here before one of these religious fanatics puts a yellow cap on your head."
M01LabScientist1: "The elevator's on the other side of the chamber."
M01LabScientist1: "Dr. Nassif will be leaving as soon as you have your upgrades.  Don't keep her waiting."
M01LabScientist1: "I can take care of myself."
M01LabScientist1: "I'll die before I let outsiders paw through our data."
M01LabScientist1: "You better get moving."
M01LabScientist1: "You sure are a curious young woman."
M01LabScientist1: "You sure are a curious young man."
M01LabScientist1: "Dr. Nassif says evacuate, so you better evacuate."
M01LabScientist1: "We don't want you falling into the wrong hands.  Go!"
M01LabScientist1: "Are you nuts?  Move!"
LeilaNassif: "The lab's a wreck and swarming with Order and SSC.  There's nothing I can do here."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Sender replied:"
M01LeilaAptAcorp1_DELETED_ARCH_D_518: "Report to Tarsus C-14.  You'll need to debrief there.  At least there are personnel to debrief this time....  We're still searching the wreckage at B-5, but we're not hopeful. The extent of the damage in Chicago is significant."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Next message:"
M01LeilaAptAcorp2_DELETED_ARCH_D_519: "We have intel that a terrorist group may be planning a major attack on this facility, so we're relocating two trainees to Seattle for their own protection.  Please make the necessary preparations. I'll be sending along their dossiers soon."
StandardPlayer: "Something wrong?"
StandardPlayer: "I'm looking for a pilot.  Can you help me out?"
StandardPlayer: "I hear your boyfriend's a pilot."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "That's a fancy getup.  You New Seattle?  My lucky stars, tell me you're a WTO citizen!"
StandardPlayer: "Why?"
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "The officials don't answer my calls.  Guess I'm too poor for anybody to care about.  Somebody's gotta go to the civic building and TALK to them."
StandardPlayer: "About what?"
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "The man I love -- Sid Black."
StandardPlayer: "Who?"
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "Only the best Harrier jet-jockey in the Northern Hemisphere.  You never heard of Sid?"
StandardPlayer: "Sorry."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "They have him locked up because of some money he owes the WTO.  Terminal fees.  Which is stupid, because he doesn't even USE terminals.  He drops his birds right on the curb -- that's what he always says."
StandardPlayer: "What am I supposed to do about it?"
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "Tell 'em he's good for the money.  Tell 'em you've got a big job -- and if he can fly it then he can get out of debt.  Tell 'em --"
StandardPlayer: "What if I just bust him out?"
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "Bust him out -- of a WTO jail?"
StandardPlayer: "I'm not so good at making up stories."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "I just want to see him again -- I don't care how.  If you do find Sid, tell him Sandy loves him, will ya?"
M01RescueSid: "Rescue Sid Black from the New Seattle Civic Building, either by paying his fine or breaking him out."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "He was gonna take me with him this time..."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "Poor Sid..."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "It's always like this, when he goes away..."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "... if I could just afford a lawyer..."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "He was gonna pay..."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "I know Sid.  He'll escape.  I just know it."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "At least you got him back for me."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "He's always leaving me."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "I'll get by, I guess."
StandardPlayer: "Pit's closed."
M01MercBarThug1_DELETED_ARCH_D_962: "So?"
StandardPlayer: "So no one likes a rigged fight."
M01MercBarThug1_DELETED_ARCH_D_962: "What fight?  You see any fight?"
StandardPlayer: "I see me and you, one round.  Loser gets recycled into greasel feed for the next tournement.  Unless you want to hand over your piece and let me pass on your apology to the owner."
M01MercBarThug1_DELETED_ARCH_D_962: "What piece?"
StandardPlayer: "Wanna place any bets before we get started?"
M01MercBarThug1_DELETED_ARCH_D_962: "All right.  Jeez, here.  If you're gonna feeb out about it."
GoalComplete: ""
M01MercBarThug1_DELETED_ARCH_D_962: "Now what?  Gah."
M01MercBarThug1_DELETED_ARCH_D_962: "Think you're hard, offbrand?  Just wait."
M01MercBarThug1_DELETED_ARCH_D_962: "You already ROBBED me, yo.  Now what?"
M01MercBarThug2_DELETED_ARCH_D_963: "Goin' someplace?"
M01MercBarThug2_DELETED_ARCH_D_963: "Ain't no fights tonight."
M01MercBarThug2_DELETED_ARCH_D_963: "Don't say nobody warned you."
M01MercBarThug3_DELETED_ARCH_D_964: "A lot of talkers around here.  Well, I'm not one of 'em."
M01MercBarThug3_DELETED_ARCH_D_964: "Which was to say, get lost."
M01MercBarThug3_DELETED_ARCH_D_964: "Don't have much to say to enclave feebs."
StandardPlayer: "What's on tap?"
M01MercBartender: "Nuke malt.  That's it.  But take my advice: come back in a few hours.  We have some unknowns in the house, and one of em's packing.  I'm sure of it."
StandardPlayer: "Comes with the territory down here, I'd think."
M01MercBartender: "We get some mercs, some paranoids, some part-time SSC... sure.  But not like this.  Pug-dog scowl, stone deaf when I asked about the gun, red handkerchief on his head -- do-rag, they call it."
StandardPlayer: "Just a front.  I know the type.  Want me to ask him to leave?"
M01MercBartender: "No.  Don't start anything in here.  The punk went down to the cock-fight pit.  He's mixed up in all of that.  You don't want to get in the middle of cock-fight betting."
StandardPlayer: "I'll take that under advisement."
M01MercBarConfrontThug: "Confront the thug in the red do-rag down at the cock-fight pit.  Persuade him to turn over his gun."
M01MercBartender: "No vigilante business on my shift."
M01MercBartender: "I know this cock-fight crowd.  Listen to me."
M01MercBartender: "Good.  Stay up here where no one will try anything."
StandardPlayer: "I disarmed the thug.  You can relax now."
M01MercBartender: "Just like that?  I didn't hear shooting..."
StandardPlayer: "I made a strong verbal argument."
M01MercBartender: "That so?  Guess I owe you a drink or something.  Here.  It's the best I got."
M01MercBartender: "I should hire a security guard."
M01MercBartender: "Funny.  You see more thugs around since New Seattle incorporated.  Bottom-feeders, I guess."
M01MercBartender: "Thanks again."
M01MercJetGuard1: "State your business."
StandardPlayer: "Just going for a walk."
M01MercJetGuard1: "You scoping the place?  Working for Sid Black, maybe?"
StandardPlayer: "Never heard of him."
StandardPlayer: "I've heard the name."
StandardPlayer: "I've seen him around."
M01MercJetGuard1: "He owes Miss Sak some money.  We're keeping his jet until he pays up.  Last thing we need is some stranger casing the landing pad."
StandardPlayer: "Can I talk to Miss Sak?"
M01MercJetGuard1: "What for?"
StandardPlayer: "Maybe I can help her get Mr. Black to pay."
StandardPlayer: "Maybe I can settle things on Mr. Black's behalf."
M01MercJetGuard1: "You better not be feeding me a line."
StandardPlayer: "You wouldn't fall for something like that."
M01MercJetGuard1: "I guess you're right.  You can go inside to talk to her, but I'll be standing right there in case you try something."
M01MercJetGuard1: "Miss Sak's office is in the [back]."
M01MercJetGuard1: "You better not be pulling my leg."
M01MercJetGuard1: "Stop casing the place."
M01MercJetGuard1: "I've got my eye on you."
M01MercJetGuard1: "He your brother or something?  Huh."
M01MercJetGuard1: "You in love with the guy or something?  Huh."
M01MercJetGuard1: "Miss Sak thanks you."
M01MercJetGuard1: "Tell Sid it's time for him to get back to work."
M01MercJetGuard1: "Time to go."
M01MercJetGuard1: "If you want to talk to Miss Sak, fine.  But no snooping around."
M01MercJetGuard1: "I'm here for Miss Sak to make sure you deal straight."
M01MercJetGuard1: "Make up your mind."
M01MercJetGuard1: "Miss Sak will see you when you can pay the pilot's fine."
M01MercJetGuard1: "If it was me, I'd let that cocky Brit twist in the wind."
M01MercJetGuard1: "Why Miss Sak trusts a scab flyer like Sid, I'll never know."
M01MercJetGuard1: "The jet's on the landing pad."
M01MercJetGuard1: "You have no reason to see Miss Sak."
M01MercJetGuard1: "From here out, you deal directly with Sid."
M01MercJetGuard1: "You're getting on my nerves."
M01MercJetGuard2: "The landing pad is off-limits."
M01MercJetGuard2: "Go on about your business."
M01MercJetGuard2: "Hey.  I was talking to you."
M01MercJetGuard2: "Leave."
M01MercJetGuard2: "You may pass."
M01MercJetGuard1: "This guy wants to talk to you about Sid."
M01MercJetGuard1: "This chick wants to talk to you about Sid."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Are you going to pay his debt or bring me his head?"
M01MercSophiaSak: "Unless Sid Black sent you to pay his debt -- or you want to bring me his head -- you better let one of my mercenaries escort you out."
StandardPlayer: "What do I get if I bring you his head?"
M01MercSophiaSak: "That was a joke.  I already have his jet -- I don't have any use for a half pound of his flesh.  Did you have some business to discuss?  I need a pilot, but until Sid settles his debt I can't let him run product for the Omar."
StandardPlayer: "Why not make him work it off?"
M01MercSophiaSak: "He WAS working it off, then he lost a whole shipment of biocells to a WTO patrol."
Choice: "Here's 1000 credits to cover the loss, provided I can hire him myself if the need arises."
Choice: "Wish I could help."
Choice: "I'll think about settling his debt, but I don't have the money right now."
Choice: "Wish I could help."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Very good.  I will allow the jet to leave.  Why do you need a pilot?"
StandardPlayer: "That's my business."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Well, fly with Sid all you want -- the money gets back to me one way or another.  He's a good pilot, especially for... non-traditional jobs, if that's what you're after.  It's worth the few extra credits for air support and a good drop point."
StandardPlayer: "Now I just need to find this Sid Black."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Like I said, the WTO has him locked up in the civic building in New Seattle.  More debts to settle."
// GOAL: Rescue Sid Black from the New Seattle Civic Building, either by paying his fine or breaking him out.
StandardPlayer: "Now I just need to find Sid and go, right?"
M01MercSophiaSak: "Go down to the landing pad.  I'll send word to Sid to meet you by the jet."
// GOAL: Meet Sid Black by his jet when in need of a pilot.
M01MercSophiaSak: "Are you going to pay loverboy's fine or what?"
StandardPlayer: ""
M01MercSophiaSak: ""
StandardPlayer: ""
StandardPlayer: "Hate to break the news, but Sid's dead."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Not likely.  The WTO picked him up for unpaid terminal fees.  He's tucked away in a jail cell somewhere."
StandardPlayer: "I broke him out and then killed him."
M01MercSophiaSak: "For God's sake, why did you do that?"
StandardPlayer: "It was a confusing situation."
StandardPlayer: "He died while I was trying to break him out."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Well, there goes another pilot.  Good thing I managed to save his jet."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Now I can settle up with the Omar.  They're my biggest client."
M01MercSophiaSak: "It was a pleasure doing business."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Don't get my best pilot into any trouble."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Guess I can forget about collecting that fine."
M01MercSophiaSak: "I'll have to find a buyer for the jet."
M01MercSophiaSak: "I don't believe we have anything more to discuss."
M01MercSophiaSak: "You better go."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Leave me alone."
M01MercSophiaSak: "Out."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Next message:"
LeilaNassif: "We're going to need some extra cover for the shipment next week.  "
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Sender replied:"
M01MinisterCulture: "I'll do what I can.  Maybe something like that distraction I staged a few months ago, that kept everyone away from the vault?  Just FYI, WTO is pestering me me to join the Elite Committees again."
// OBJ:  get the code
M01MinisterCulture: ""
M01MinisterCulture: ""
Pawn: "Poor JC.  He's so misunderstood.  I can't believe that some people actually BLAME him for the Collapse."
StandardPlayer: "Does anyone really know what happened?  "
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "I CANNOT understand where they get these ideas.  He did disappear right when the Collapse occured, but only to protect himself.  "
StandardPlayer: "Actually, I thought he died--"
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "That's just what they want you to think.  He's still out there, somewhere.  My neighbor's best friend's cat-sitter said she once saw him at a truck stop in Montauk."
StandardPlayer: "Hm.  You seem to know a lot about JC."
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "Of course I do, I'm the president of the Seattle Chapter of the JC Appreciation and Promotion Society -- J-CAPS for short.  We're trying to piece together his true intentions and legacy.  Everyone knows that he worked for UNATCO, then the NSF, but did you know he loved corndogs and despised the color chartreuse?  It's also rumored that he was part alien, on his mother's side, we think possibly from Jupiter...."
StandardPlayer: "Um..."
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "I knew it!  I could tell you're pro-JC too.  You could start coming to meetings with me.  It would be great!"
StandardPlayer: "Yeah--"
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "You just missed our big annual event, where the national chapters meet at Liberty Island, where he was first stationed with UNATCO, to celebrate all things JC.  As usual, it didn't go quite as planned though, since the area's been cordoned off as a disaster area since the Collapse...   But I could sign you up for our newsletter?"
StandardPlayer: "Uh, yeah, I'll think about it."
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "Did you know JC is a Gemini?  That explains his dual nature and ability to see the other side of any issue. "
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "I'll bet Paul got bent out of shape when JC was getting all the attention.  That would be just like him."
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "I heard he once took down an entire battalion of those old military bots, armed with just a multitool and some Monte Bites."
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "You know, JC's vision was augmented."
M01MuseumAnnoyingGirl: "As far as we know, JC never had a girlfriend.  He must be SO lonely."
M01MuseumChild1: "It was Elliott's idea to come here.  He like UFO's and robots."
M01MuseumChild1: "Elliott is a doofus.  He's always in the garage building things."
M01MuseumChild1: "This is so bo-ring.  Can we go home yet?"
M01MuseumChild1: "I'm hungry."
M01MuseumChild2: "My dad says that the WTO is run by a bunch of crooks."
M01MuseumChild2: "You have weird hair."
M01MuseumChild2: "I learned a new song today."
M01MuseumChild2: "Have you ever been to Canada?"
M01MuseumChild3: "Help!"
M01MuseumChild3: "Oh no!"
M01MuseumChild3: "Stupid bot!"
M01MuseumChild3: "Shoo!  Go away!"
M01MuseumChild3: "Gah!"
M01MuseumChild3: "Hey!"
// kid has seen gray.  maybe more specific on WHERE he saw it later?
M01MuseumChild3: "Thanks.  I never thought I'd get away from that stupid thing."
StandardPlayer: "What are you doing back here in the first place?"
M01MuseumChild3: "I was just looking around...then I saw this really creepy weird monster.  I think they were dissecting it.  I wanted to get a closer look, then all of a sudden that bot started chasing me...  I guess I wasn't supposed to be back there."
StandardPlayer: "Yeah, I think this area is off-limits.  You should probably get back to your family."
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "I try to encourage scientific curiosity in the boy...but sometimes...  argh."
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "I'm sure he's just wandered off to look at another exhibit."
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "Next time, I'm putting all three of them on a leash...  haha I'm just kidding."
StandardPlayer: "Is there a problem here?"
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "I didn't know SSC had plainclothes working the museum...  I guess, if you can call that "plainclothes.""
StandardPlayer: "No, no.  Not me.  "
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "Oh...  Yeah...  Somehow my son, Elliott, got away from me.  He's probably just looking at another one of the exhibits... a naturally scientific and curious mind -- I think he may make it into Tarsus next year...  Anyway, as I was saying, it's probably nothing but I am a bit worried.  "
StandardPlayer: "Hm, and it looks like you've got your hands full already.  Maybe you could ask one of the guards for help?"
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "SSC couldn't find a riot prod in a Horde lab.  "
StandardPlayer: "Oh..."
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "Nah, I guess I'll just have to wait for him here, since this is the last place we were all together.  If you see him though, please tell him to meet us here."
StandardPlayer: "Sure."
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "...well he can't have wandered far...  When was the last time you remember seeing your brother?"
M01MuseumChild1: "I want a snack.  "
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "We'll get you a snack just as soon as we find Elliott, okay?"
M01MuseumChild1: "He was right here just a minute ago.  Let's go find him, so I can have a snack!"
M01MuseumFamilyGuy: "I don't know.  I think we should wait here, so he knows where to find us."
M01MuseumGuide: "The Gray Death was an international pandemic that thrust the world into chaos as the population was decimated by this plague."
M01MuseumGuide: "Unbeknownst to the public at the time, the biotech corporation Versalife engineered the Gray Death virus in order to infect the world's population, then profit enormously by selling them the only possible cure."
M01MuseumGuide: "Some scientists at Versalife were secretly involved in genetic manipulation that eventually spawned new lifeforms.  These transgenic creatures then escaped the labs during the Collapse.  They have adapted well and multiplied substantially, to become fairly common though hardly safely domesticated.  They gravitate toward living in heavily populated areas, offering them ample opportunity to scavenge, as well as to attack unsuspecting men, women, and children."
M01MuseumGuide: "Karkians are genetically manipulated reptilian quadrupeds, largely based on crocodile DNA.  They are territorial loners, with crushing jaws and razor sharp teeth.  They are slow moving predators, who will not race to attack, but are truly formidable in conjunction with greasels, another species of transgenic with which they share an unexpected symbiotic bond."
M01MuseumGuide: "It is strongly suspected that there are other transgenics that have not yet been documented officially."
M01MuseumGuide: "Greasels were created via the de-evolution of avine DNA to it's dinosaur origins.  They share a flock mentality and are hostile in these groups, but easily frightened when alone.  They attack by spitting a caustic venom that blurs the vision and affects the physical coordination of their prey.  They possess an unexpected symbiotic bond with karkians, and when attacking in the company of one, they will disable their target, then flank, waiting for the karkian to make the kill.  Then they will scavenge the remains when the karkian has finished feeding."
M01MuseumGuide: "Medbots can help a patient to quickly recover lost health; however, it may not be possible to achieve full recovery in one use, necessitating a waiting period while the unit recharges, before the injured individual can use it again."
M01MuseumGuide: "Repair bots can attend to the needs of biomodified individuals as well as electronic equipment.  Such humans can use them to recharge the bioelectric energy required for the function of their mods.  Repair bots will also fix any damaged or malfunctioning electronics that they encounter, such as cameras, lights, or other bots.  They can also deactivate demolitions devices."
M01MuseumGuide: "Security Bots are used by corporations and security agencies to protect against hostilities. The land-based units are armed with assault gun style weapons and often called "bulldogs" in common parlance because of their appearance.  Water-based units are used for security in aquatic environments. Their weapons include tight radius electrical discharges and torpedoes.  Air-based security bots are essentially flying turrets that can fit into small areas."
M01MuseumGuide: "Nanotechnology has been deployed in a number of ways, perhaps most notably in the form of biomods.  An individual is infused with nanites that provide him with a given biomodification, such as a reflex boost or enhanced strength."
M01MuseumGuide: "While the primary cause of the Great Collapse remains unclear, it's repercussions were immediately evident.  Global communications were lost when the Aquinas router disintegrated.  Without it, the world descended into a dark age, as interdependent industries faltered or failed completely.  The electronically facilitated ties that bound the world together unraveled, fragmenting States and nations across the globe.  It has been a slow and cumbersome recovery from this catastrophe."
M01MuseumGuide: "UNATCO (United Nations' Anti-Terrorist Coalition) was formed to deal with escalating unrest and terrorist activity.  The organization was created with the best intentions, but fell under corrupt influences that lead it astray, and crippled it's abilities to adequately combat the Gray Death.  During this same period, the NSF (Northwest Secessionist Forces) emerged, when several northwestern states tried to secede from the U.S. in protest.  Although the secession was halted, the NSF and the dissent it represented remained.  It evolved into the National Secessionist Forces and opposed UNATCO, using guerrilla tactics. The NSF is regarded as a terrorist fringe group because of their attacks; however, their suspicions that the cure for the plague was being intentionally delayed in order to benefit an elite few were later proven valid."
M01MuseumGuide: "There is a wide range of opinions about biomodification technology and how it affects humanity.  Besides milder forms of apprehension or praise, there are extremist groups on both sides of the issue.  There are those that promote the thorough and complete biomodification of all citizens.  These individuals have gone so far as to develop dangerous and unapproved biomods, available only on the black market.  At the other end of the spectrum, there are militant extremists so opposed to what they view as pollution of the human species that they terrorize and murder those who have biomods."
M01MuseumGuide: "Although both the extent and intent of his actions remain shrouded in mystery, JC Denton played a major role in resolving the Gray Death plague; however, some suspect that he also had something to do with initiating the Great Collapse.  He began his career as an agent for UNATCO, but when he realized that it was corrupt, he joined his brother Paul and the NSF revolutionaries.  Both JC and Paul remain powerful and mysterious figures.  They disappeared around the time of the Collapse, so little is known about their true actions or intentions.  In their absences, both their deification and demonization grow in the public mind."
// series of barks on rules of establishment, to communicate that there is gameplay on map, so that veteran players do not ignore map as trainer/sim.
M01MuseumPatronFemale1: "Those Purity fanatics just make me a little nervous."
M01MuseumPatronFemale1: "There's a group that calls themselves the Templars."
M01MuseumPatronFemale1: "I've heard rumors that some of these extremists want to murder everyone even the simplest biomods."
M01MuseumPatronFemale1: "I thought I read somewhere that they have these bizarre rituals... involving greasel blood."
M01MuseumPatronFemale1: "A world without mods?  They're crazy -- We'd be returned to savagery like chemotherapy to treat genetic problems."
// maybe cutting this one.... but keeping structure built here just in case.
M01MuseumPatronFemale2: ""
M01MuseumPatronFemale2: ""
M01MuseumPatronFemale2: ""
M01MuseumPatronFemale2: ""
M01MuseumPatronFemale2: ""
M01MuseumPatronFemale2: ""
M01MuseumPatronFemale2: ""
M01MuseumPatronFemale2: ""
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "...I just think they've taken it way too far.  Modifying your body THAT much is just...unnatural."
M01MuseumPatronFemale1: "You're starting to sound like one of those wacko extremist groups for human purity. "
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "There should be limits to how much you can change.  What about individuality?  We'll all be clones if we follow their path. "
M01MuseumPatronFemale1: "And who's going to regulate THAT?  The government?  You're just begging for another Collapse, giving away that much power to a bloated centralized authority."
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "Besides, it just seems wrong to tamper that much with nature."
M01MuseumPatronFemale1: "It seems unnatural to enforce what's "normal"."
StandardPlayer: "What do you think of this exhibit?  "
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "It creeps me out a little.  I don't like these Omar -- they're far too fanatical about biomods."
StandardPlayer: "What's the big deal with the Omar?  Are you against biomods?"
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "No, no.  Not at all.  I just think you can go too far with that sort of thing.  "
StandardPlayer: "Who gets to decide though?  You?  The government?  These extremists over here?"
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "It's one thing to clear up someone's allergies; It's something altogether different if you give them the ability to eat corpses or fire a gun from their eye sockets."
StandardPlayer: "You may have a point there."
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "Maybe we'd be superheroes, but we'd all be alike."
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "We shouldn't be trying to stamp out our natural diversities."
M01MuseumPatronMale1: "After a certain point, it would be like we're smothered by the technology, with nothing truly human left."
M01MuseumPatronMale2: "Just think:  the old medbots couldn't hardly travel on the ground, while the new ones can hover and are so much more maneuverable."
M01MuseumPatronMale2: "I can hardly believe that the old security and military bots weren't summonable.  What's the point of having them around if you can't easily call for them when you need them? "
M01MuseumPatronMale2: "You've really got to watch out for those security bots, whether they've been summoned or if they're on automatic.  They may look simple, but believe me, they've got a good bite.  My good-for-nothing brother made that mistake..."
M01MuseumPatronMale2: "Repairbots have changed a lot -- far more integrated into maintenance systems, so they can quickly fix problems on the fly, without human direction -- including disarming explosives.  Which is something that my idiot brother apparently did not know...  We all wish he'd just settle down and get a decent job already, you know?                                            "
M01MuseumPatronMale2: "I can't even imagined what it would be like trying to deal with one of the heavy-duty military grade bots.  I've never seen one for real, but I hear they're enormous and indestructible, but everything's got to have a weak point, I guess....  That's why these old bots are museum pieces now, right?"
M01MuseumPatronMale2: "It's those aerobots that creep me out the most..."
M01MuseumPatronMale2: "When are they going to make a soda-bot?"
M01MuseumPatronMale2: "I wonder what it was like before there were adbots and medbots...  I just can't imagine...."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "Mean-looking suckers..."
StandardPlayer: "Uh yeah...  Sure are."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "You look like New Seattle, so I guess you don't see too many of them..."
StandardPlayer: "Actually..."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "...but if you want to get around in the more interesting parts of town, you've got to learn to deal with 'em."
StandardPlayer: "You know, I'm kinda preoccupied, do you think you could --"
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "I've taken down a few in my day..."
StandardPlayer: "That's fascinating but..."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "So, you know, if we, uh, wanted to go out sometime, to one of the bars in Old Seattle, you know, you'd be safe with me...."
StandardPlayer: "I'll think about it...."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "Like I said, all the best bars are in Old Seattle."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "You look familiar.  I'm sure we met last week at Zed's party on the houseboat."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "I LOVE that outfit you're wearing."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "Don't worry, I'm right behind you, in case one of those creatures comes to life, heh heh."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "I've taken one of those down.  Just me and my pocket knife."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "What a freak show."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "If he's such a hero, where is he now?  "
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "There are so many stories about that guy, I don't know which ones to believe."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "I think the eyes on that statue are following me.  It gives me the creeps."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "It's obvious those Omar are overcompensating for SOMETHING.  Me, I've got no such problem."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "Mmmm....  polymer vinyl pleather...."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "What do you suppose they do with the body parts they DON'T want?  The mind reels..."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "I think that area's off-limits, honey."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "C'mon.  I don't think we really want to set off the alarm system here."
M01MuseumSleazyGuy: "Ah yes, the thrill of the forbidden.  Very alluring.  Like you, my dear."
M01PenthouseAcorp: "Finley, we're eternally grateful for your simplifying some of our commerce and transportation issues.  After what just happened in Chicago, however, we're much more concerned about security issues.  It might be a good idea to keep that recent delivery in storage for a bit longer."
M01MinisterCulture: "I'm doing what I can, Simon.  I'm having a little trouble convincing customs that it's for an "exhibit".  Give me a few more days."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Sender replied:"
M01PenthouseScientist: "I'm trying to be patient, but I still haven't received my RJ-4 nanomanipulators.  It's holding up the whole project at S-12."
M01PenthouseWTO: "Once again Minister Finley, we'd like to extend an invitation for you to join one of the WTO's Elite Committees, with all the privileges and clearance.  The WTO thinks very highly of your work and would like to facilitate the mission of the History of Nanotechnology, in particular, in any way that we can."
M01SpaceHostage1: "They're going to kill us!"
M01SpaceHostage1: "The Templars get stronger every day..."
M01SpaceHostage1: "I'm not going anywhere until it's safe."
M01SpaceHostage1: "Her Holiness has smiled upon us."
M01SpaceHostage1: "It's time for the Church to start a crusade against intolerance."
M01SpaceHostage1: "We will bring the Hand of Order to the Templars -- trust my words."
M01SpaceHostage1: "Please accept my gratitude."
M01SpaceHostage2: "It's not over yet."
M01SpaceHostage2: "Watch out -- these guys are pure evil.  They won't even blink."
M01SpaceHostage2: "How dare they kidnap members of the Church."
M01SpaceHostage2: "Last time I volunteer for a special mission..."
M01SpaceHostage2: "We were busting up a mod lab -- you'd think the Templars would've thrown us a party."
M01SpaceHostage2: "If anything, the Templars would want to destroy ApostleCorp.  Maybe they want to beat us to the punch."
M01SpaceHostage2: "I'm glad that's over."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "You saved our lives.  Order be praised."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "You saved my life.  Order be praised."
StandardPlayer: "So you're the one who led the raid on Tarsus Academy.  I was a student there."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "And now you're returning the favor.  Thank you, young man.  I was hoping the test subjects would join our cause."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "And now you're returning the favor.  Thank you, my good lady.  I was hoping the test subjects would join our cause."
StandardPlayer: "I think we have a mutual interest in finding out what that laboratory was for."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "Precisely.  I was able to interrogate one of the escaping scientists.  She said that ApostleCorp is the code name of the organization running the lab."
StandardPlayer: "And?"
StandardPlayer: "I've heard of ApostleCorp.  And?"
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "She was attempting to contact a colleague at the Mako Ballistics corporate campus north of town.  The contact is a spy.  ApostleCorp has been watching Mako very closely, and so have we.  We think Mako is supplying the Knights Templar with weapons."
StandardPlayer: "The Ancient Order of the Knights Templar?"
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "So they claim.  Many of their principles are similar to those of the Order Church, only more extreme.  They abhor all body modification, which would explain why ApostleCorp might be worried about the Templars' attempts to arm themselves."
StandardPlayer: "And the Templars wanted you to tell them what you learned during the raid."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "Exactly.  I caved in, too.  I didn't want to be tortured.  I've seen the bodies of too many Omar hanged or burned at the stake for having biomods."
StandardPlayer: "And ApostleCorp?"
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "The scientists were using their Mako contact to smuggle personnel out of the country, presumably right under the noses of the Templars.  Report to Missionary Chen.  She will know the wisest course of action."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "Her Holiness must've sent you.  Let us know when the coast is clear."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "Her Holiness must've sent you.  Let me know when the coast is clear."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "May Order prevail."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "I have a lot to report -- after we get rid of these thugs and fanatics."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "Minister Chen will decide what to do about Mako."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "Don't worry about me.  I'll find my way back to the cathedral."
M01SpaceOrderCaptain: "May Order reign."
M01SpaceThug1: "I wanna join.  Sign me up."
M01SpaceTemplar: "The Knights Templar make very strict demands on their members."
M01SpaceThug1: "That don't scare me.  I've been gettin' in trouble since the day I was born."
M01SpaceTemplar: "Doctrinal demands.  You must renounce all body-modification, nanotech, genetic, cybernetic -- everything.  And you must be ready to destroy the transgressors."
M01SpaceThug1: "Can't afford any of that feeb medicine anyway."
M01SpaceTemplar: "We don't want simple mercenaries.  We want brothers who refuse to let their tissues become one of the WTO's commercial interests.  We want brothers who see that the Order Church's doctrine of self-improvement cleverly implies modification, materialism, everything that the church's founders abhorred."
M01SpaceThug1: "Hell, I'll second that."
M01SpaceTemplar: "You sound sincere.  I will discuss the matter with my superiors."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "Friend, lend me your attention."
StandardPlayer: "Not interested, sorry."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "Do not mistake me for a solicitor.  I was sent by her blessedness, High Augur Chen herself.  I bring a warning... and a request."
StandardPlayer: "Go on."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "The WTO, who operate this terminal, have seized the aircraft of one of our seekers.  She carries with her an encrypted blueprint, an unimaginably valuable bit of research."
StandardPlayer: "What kind of blueprint?"
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "A schematic of the ApostleCorp nanite-capsid, a component the WTO could use to ensure their biomod monopoly.  We have a team in place to rescue our seeker, but we need a diversion."
StandardPlayer: "What do you want me to do?"
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "The WTO trust you.  Go to the [upstairs control station] and take down the power.  That will let us slip by their defenses."
StandardPlayer: "Let me take a look around.  I'll think about it."
M01TerminalSabotage: "Help an Order strike team rescue a captured agent by shutting down WTO Terminal power in the  [upstairs control station]."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "Heed me, friend."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "High Augur Chen will reward your loyalty."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "Go now."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "Yes!  YES!  The blow is decisive!"
StandardPlayer: "My pleasure."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "The strike team has succeeded... a glorious day for Order!  Her blessedness has requested that I reward you with these: two upgrade cannisters for your biomods."
StandardPlayer: "Thanks.  We better get out of here."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "You speak well, friend.  Go.  May balance lead your way."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "I will wait for my strike team,"
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "Go."
M01TerminalTerrorist_DELETED_ARCH_D_958: "All is well.  Rest your mind.  Please.  Rejoin our seekers at the refinery."
M02ArcologyAnnouncer: "New Cairo atmospheric conditions -- normal."
M02ArcologyAnnouncer: "Arcology police request all citizens to respect the barriers on the [Lower Tier] until an attempted robbery of the AnubisBank branch has been resolved."
M02ArcologyAnnouncer: "Travel outside arcology walls is discouraged.  Particulate matter levels are severe.  Always wear breathing equipment when you have business in the medina."
M02ArcologyAnnouncer: "Top Tier penthouses are reserved for arcology management.  Please conduct your business in public areas or leased offices."
M02ArcologyAnnouncer: "The Tarsus Gifted School on [Tier 3] will be accepting new applications starting next month.  The Arcology Chairman promises more city funding, which means more opportunity for all."
M02ArcologyAnnouncer: "Attention citizens: Horde RCP on [Tier 2] is no longer accepting unscheduled personal visits to their offices.  Prospective employees should file their credentials electronically."
M02ArcologyChairman: "Hey -- how'd you get in here?  No one barges into the residence of the Arcology Chairman."
StandardPlayer: "I turned up evidence that you've been perpetuating the plague in the medina -- by not allowing HORDE to move ahead with a counter-agent."
M02ArcologyChairman: "That's a pretty fanciful accusation."
StandardPlayer: "I [watched the vmail you sent to the chief scientist at HORDE.]"
M02ArcologyChairman: "Resourceful little muckraker, aren't you?  How much do you want?"
StandardPlayer: "What do you mean?"
M02ArcologyChairman: "How much to keep you and whoever sent you here quiet?  I'll give you [2000] credits."
Choice: "Deal.  Give me the money and I'll keep your dirty secret."
Choice: "I came here to kill you."
Choice: "I don't want your money, just an explanation."
M02ArcologyChairman: "Here you go.  Now leave.  And keep your nose out of my business."
StandardPlayer: "Nice view you've got.  Enjoy the sight of the poor suffocating at your feet?"
M02ArcologyChairman: "Are you a journalist or something?"
StandardPlayer: "I'd like to hear you explain how a city chairman can turn his back on thousands of people."
M02ArcologyChairman: "You wouldn't dare."
StandardPlayer: "Oh yeah?"
M02ArcologyChairman: "You think you know something.  Fine.  But if you had any idea who I really work for, you wouldn't touch a hair on my head."
// Runs to set off an alarm.
M02ArcologyChairman: "For your information, testing has yet to prove the counter-agent's safety.  I'm not going to be responsible for creating yet another cloud of self-replicating dust motes."
StandardPlayer: "It could hardly be worse than [black-lung]."
M02ArcologyChairman: "That's easy for an outsider to say.  If I don't weigh the consequences the city might get sued -- or I could lose my job."
M02ArcologyChairman: "Hey -- how'd you get in here?  No one barges into the residence of the Arcology Chairman."
M02ArcologyChairman: "Leave.  That's an order."
M02ArcologyChairman: "(grumble)"
M02ArcologyChairman: "You won't get away with this!"
M02ArcologyChairman: "Don't think I won't put up a fight!"
M02ArcologyChairman: "Hurt me, and I guarantee that you won't leave the arcology alive."
M02ArcologyChairman: "Step over to the window.  Look at that wasteland.  Imagine if you were responsible for rebuilding an economic system that could accommodate a planet full of beggars.  Not as simple as it might seem to people on the outside."
M02ArcologyChairman: "I believe we're through."
M02ArcologyChairman: "Goodbye."
M02BankHeadSSC: "Bank is closed, sir."
M02BankHeadSSC: "Bank is closed, ma'am."
StandardPlayer: "What's going on?"
M02BankHeadSSC: "Bank robbery.  The crooks are still inside -- trapped."
StandardPlayer: "Who would be nuts enough to hold up a bank inside the arcology?"
M02BankHeadSSC: "Always another desert scab thinks the city owes him an easy life.  Better stand clear.  If they make a break for it, we have orders to shoot."
StandardPlayer: "You gonna storm the place?"
M02BankHeadSSC: "Do I look like a rogue commander?  They said hang back, I'm hanging back.  I haven't even seen the crooks.  This could be a drill for all I know."
M02BankHeadSSC: "Enter the bank at your own risk."
M02BankHeadSSC: "I have my orders."
M02BankHeadSSC: "Don't interfere with my people."
M02BankHeadSSC: "Very well.  I can follow orders.  "Make way for the vigilante."  Here you go.  I'm making way."
M02BankHeadSSC: "I'm just a junior commander.  What do I know?"
M02BankHeadSSC: "What?  Do you want a medal?"
M02BankSSC1: "It's a dangerous situation in there."
M02BankSSC1: "You'll be fine if you stay outside the bank."
M02BankSSC1: "We won't let the perpetrators get away."
M02BankSSC1: "We're not supposed to ask any questions about what just happened in there."
M02BankSSC1: "They don't tell us much sometimes."
M02BankSSC1: "I've been right here the whole time."
M02BankSSC2: "This is the real thing -- a bank robbery -- in the arcology!"
M02BankSSC2: "Crazy scabs -- I wonder if they'll make a break for it."
M02BankSSC2: "They're surrounded.  Why don't they just give up?"
M02BankSSC2: "Guess you took care of things.  No skin off MY nose."
M02BankSSC2: "Stupid place to commit a robbery."
M02BankSSC2: "Thank goodness there wasn't any shooting."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "Hey, buddy.  Know what's going on?"
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "Hey, buddy.  Know what's going on?"
StandardPlayer: "I figured YOU would."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "It's not a bank robbery -- I'll tell you that much.  I overheard a couple of guys talking.  Sounds like corporate espionage."
StandardPlayer: "What did they say?"
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "I think they extracted the CEO.  Found him "on ice," they said.  Cryogenic storage.  Now what sort of company keeps their executives in deep-freeze?"
StandardPlayer: "You're quite the detective."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "I'm not gonna be a bank security guard forever, you know."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "They sound like pros -- thought I heard someone [plant a LAM].  I told the commander to get us some armor, but he just shrugged and said it wasn't his call."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "I gotta stay here.  Orders."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "They said they took the CEO out of the city.  I wonder where."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "I never get to see any action."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "How's anybody supposed to move up the ranks if they don't  ever let us DO anything?"
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "They still won't let us go in -- must be something top-secret back there."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "I think it's a conspiracy.  Dirty money.  Somehow the arcology chairman's involved, so we get pushed aside."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "What they don't count on is that people like me are good at piecing together the clues."
M02BankSSCLoneWolf: "Think I'll pick me up a laser mic and see what I can find out on the upper tiers."
M02BankTemplar1: "I heard they took the leader out of the city."
M02BankTemplar2: "Why was he frozen?"
M02BankTemplar1: "Must've gotten sick.  Probably some rich guy, expects to be cured by "future technology.""
M02BankTemplar2: "By the time they thaw him out, people won't be people anymore.  They'll be scaffolding for invisible machines, liquid metal..."
M02BankTemplar1: "Not if we have anything to do with it."
M02BankTemplar2: "It's the rich people.  They want to be perfect and live forever, so they pour money into this stuff.  But this stuff's not people.  It's dead.  It's dead money and polycarbons."
M02BankTemplar1: "Didn't know you were such a futurist."
M02BankTemplar2: "That's why I joined up.  In case there's a way to turn things around."
M02HeadPhysician: "You look fine to me."
StandardPlayer: "Anything I can do to help?"
M02HeadPhysician: "Just stay out of the way.  Too many people dying."
StandardPlayer: "As you wish.  I'm looking for someone named Billie Adams.  I heard she is in this mosque."
M02HeadPhysician: "The woman from Seattle -- yes.  She is in the upstairs office, reviewing our logs for the Order.  What are you?  New Cairo?  Why come here?  Too much pollution.  Bad for the lungs."
Note: "Billie Adams is in the upstairs office of the mosque."
StandardPlayer: "That serious?"
M02HeadPhysician: "Just look.  It's nanite dust these people breathe.  Fallout from the Collapse twenty years ago, probably a leak from a secret laboratory nobody remembers anymore."
M02HeadPhysician: "Do not interfere."
M02HeadPhysician: "I have work to do."
M02HeadPhysician: "(sigh) These poor people..."
M02HeadPhysician: "We haven't much to offer, but if you can get us out of here, I can give you a medkit.  Just clear the main floor of the mosque so we can escape."
M02HeadPhysician: "It never ends.  First, watching patients succumb to Plague 11, with no reprieve, and now a new virus, the Templars, threaten all of Cairo."
M02HeadPhysician: "This city is lost.  Toxic air and a fanatic group enforcing a military state."
M02HeadPhysician: "We've got to get out of here.  I'd prefer the infested air of Old Cairo to waiting for our doom here."
M02HeadPhysician: "The air's clean in Old Cairo now, and the Templars haven't seized full control there.  That's where we need to go."
M02HeadPhysician: "Plague 11 is history.  Now people are running TO Old Cairo."
M02HeadPhysician: "We've got to get out of here.  "
StandardPlayer: "The Mosque's been cleared out.  It's safe for you to make a run for Old Cairo."
M02HeadPhysician: "Thanks.  For your help, here's a medkit."
M02HeadmasterPublicFemale1: "Headmaster Archer,  There have been some strange rumors regarding your conduct toward students.  We are sure this is only idle gossip, but Tarsus must also urge you to police your behavior so that we may remain above reproach or suspicion."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Next message:"
M02HeadmasterPublicM2: "Quarterly gymnasium equipment requests are due at the end of the month.  Be sure to submit the proper forms or else we will not be able to fulfill your requisitions until next quarter."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Next message:"
M02HeadmasterPublicMale1: "As we try to head off a public relations firestorm over inadequate background checking, we are asking all current employees to submit complete references and resume as soon as possible.  Thank you for your prompt cooperation."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Next message:"
Headmaster: "Comm. Sec. Frell: Perhaps it is not my place to critique the General's plan, but it seems that the time for action is upon us.  I am out here on the front lines and see the abominations first-hand.  I urge HQ to consider starting the next phase as soon as possible."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Sender replied:"
M02HeadmasterSecretTemplarFemale1: "Your patience and fortitude will be rewarded, Lt. Archer. We must wait just a bit longer, to ensure our victory, but soon we will be free of this menace.  Someday we will be lauded as the saviors of humankind."
Headmaster: "I have completed my research and have identifed subjects Abana Khodair, Eeva Nassif, and Jennifer McAllister as the greatest threats to Purity.  I am prepared to terminate the abominations as soon as I receive official orders."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Sender replied:"
M02HeadmasterSecretTemplarMale1: "Excellent work as usual, Lt. Archer."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Next message:"
M02HeadmasterSecretTemplarMale2: "After another batch of excellent progress reports, I am pleased to announce that we are nearing the closing of this phase of our field operations, slightly ahead of schedule.  We will be in contact soon with your new orders.  "
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Next message:"
Headmaster: "I just don't know if I can take it any longer, being surrounded by these little beasts.  I can hardly contain my disgust.  At least you got assigned to London..."
DX2VmailAnnouncer: "Sender replied:"
M02HeadmasterSecretTemplarMale3: "Don't think it's any picnic out here, either.  I come back from the office every day feeling filthy from just having to spend time with these monsters.  But it will be over soon, and then we'll be laughing about all this over a couple of beers."
// recorded vm
M02HordeGermanTemplar: "Not only do you need to work on your error-checking there in Cairo, but apparently you also need to learn to return video mail messages.  It's been SIX hours and I still haven't heard from anything back about the design glitch I reported.  I demand that one of your engineers respond to this issue immediately.  I will be waiting."
// mistakes player for someone else?
M02HordeGermanTemplar: "Venning!  I demand an answer about how you plan to rectify this problem with the fuel cells and the haptic receptors.  We've been in production for three months -- and now this??  You assured us you'd fully tested the design virtually and had no problems.  Now we're going to spend two weeks on hold while we fix this mess.  I want you to know I'm holding you personally accountable for this.  "
StandardPlayer: "Excuse me?"
M02HordeGermanTemplar: "In spite of your feeble excuses and poor foresight we're still going to deliver to the field on time so that Templar forces are adequately supported by this armor in their fight against modified freaks.  But that doesn't mean I won't find the time to stop by and exterminate YOU as soon as we're finished. "
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "That haptic interface is MINE.  "
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "He can keep his precious integrated actuation systems.  They're nothing special."
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "He probably doesn't even really understand our research -- only recognizes it as a commodity to be bartered away."
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "Maybe it's just time to move on from anthropomorphic architectures."
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "The work on quantum hydraulic locomotive amplification has been stimulating --don't get me wrong-- but I don't know how much longer I can bear to see my work auctioned to the highest bidder."
StandardPlayer: "Which project are you working on?"
M02HordeProjectDirector: "None of your business."
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "...a responsibility to share my research with the rest of the scientific community and humankind at large."
M02HordeProjectDirector: " Your first responsibility is to Templar HQ -- remember that.  I just spent two hours trying to convince our superiors that they haven't wasted millions on the Project:[Armor] research, even though you've leaked key design info.  "
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "A century ago, Freeman Dyson bemoaned that modern scientists were responsible for the preponderance of toys for the rich over necessities for the poor in the output of our laboratories -- haven't we gotten past this?"
M02HordeProjectDirector: "If you want to keep your state-of-the-art development facility, you'll continue developing these "toys" for the rich."
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "The acquisition of scientific knowledge should be based on an altruistic gift economy, not profit.  Merton explained that treating discoveries as public knowledge was a cornerstone characteristic fueling successful scientific inquiry."
M02HordeProjectDirector: "Blah blah blah -- It sounds great on paper doesn't it, but it doesn't work in the REAL world.  You should know the difference between theory and practice, Dr. Finnerman."
M02HordeLiaisonScientist: "But--"
M02HordeProjectDirector: "But nothing.  Just learn to keep your mouth shut."
M02HordeProjectDirector: "Brilliant researchers... without an ounce of common sense."
M02HordeProjectDirector: "You can't just GIVE away intellectual property."
M02HordeProjectDirector: "They all signed a non-disclosure agreement when they started.  Did he think we were joking?  "
// CUT in move to **HANGAR**
// convo takes place via holocomm version of secure entrance intercomm (like smugglers)
M02HordeReceptionist: "HORDE RCP -- [Motto] Can I help you?"
// CONDITION:  check whether you have password.  will fill in with condition once we know who gives you that.
StandardPlayer: "Uh... yeah...  I'd like to come in and --"
M02HordeReceptionist: "I'm sorry, meetings are by appointment only.  Thank you for you interest."
StandardPlayer: "I'd like to schedule an appointment--"
M02HordeReceptionist: "I'm sorry, but this violates protocol.  You need to have an account with us and contact us by the approved means.  Thank you for your interest."
StandardPlayer: "Hello there, I've got an appointment...to discuss...things...with someone...in there..."
M02HordeReceptionist: "Nice try.  Sorry."
// tweak this exchange once the details of who sends you here are ironed out.
StandardPlayer: "I believe we have a friend in common -- a friend of ours, so to speak.   Our friend sent me here to talk to you about [project person whatever], and that you'd be able to help me out."
M02HordeReceptionist: "You must be the representative from Cormorant Ltd."
StandardPlayer: "No, I--"
M02HordeReceptionist: "No -- listen -- you ARE from Cormorant, Ms. Greenaway. Your supervisor told me all about the mix-up with the access cards.  You're here to look at our suite of handheld protection products and possibly set up a contract, right?"
M02HordeReceptionist: "No -- listen -- you ARE from Cormorant, Mr. Greenaway. Your supervisor told me all about the mix-up with the access cards.  You're here to look at our suite of handheld protection products and possibly set up a contract, right?"
StandardPlayer: "Oh yes, of course."
M02HordeReceptionist: "Ok, we're all set.  I've got you entered into the system now, with level three security access, the usual for pre-screened potential customers.  Welcome to HORDE RCP."
// ACTION: unlock door, with some sound fx.
M02HordeReceptionist: "Can I help you?"
StandardPlayer: "Uh... yeah...  I'd like to get into that hangar over there."
M02HordeReceptionist: "I'm sorry, but access is restricted.  Thank you for you interest."
StandardPlayer: "I'd like to schedule an appointment--"
M02HordeReceptionist: "I'm sorry, but this violates protocol.  You need to have an account with us and contact us by the approved means.  Thank you for your interest."
StandardPlayer: "Hello there, I've got an appointment...to discuss...things...with someone...in there..."
M02HordeReceptionist: "Nice try.  Sorry."
StandardPlayer: "I believe we have a friend in common..."
M02HordeReceptionist: "Ah yes.  He told me you were coming.  The door code is 23489."
M02HordeReceptionist: "You're on your own now."
M02HordeReceptionist: "I've done all I can do."
M02HordeReceptionist: "I don't know anything else about it."
// CUT in move to hangar
M02HordeSalesDirector: "Ah, You must be the Cormorant Rep -- it's Greenaway, right?  I'm Bernie Shackleton, the sales director for HORDE RCP in Cairo."
StandardPlayer: "Nice to meet you.  So what can you tell me about HORDE?  What do you do at this facility?"
M02HordeSalesDirector: "Our best known products are our handheld protection devices --"
StandardPlayer: "Don't get me wrong, Cormorant is impressed with your better known products, but I didn't come all the way out here for the sales pitch I've already heard from the adbots.  I was hoping to get some more info on upcoming releases or less public projects?  "
M02HordeSalesDirector: "Well I'd love to show you some of our more cutting edge development, but there's a lot of paperwork involved, in terms of confidentiality and background checks.  That takes at least a month since it has to go through our international offices."
// CUT in move to hangar
M02HordeSalesDirector: "HORDE offers it's customers personal safety products, unparalleled in technology AND style."
M02HordeSalesDirector: "The HORDE stun prod sets the industry standard, delivering enough voltage to incapacitate anyone who threatens you or yours."
M02HordeSalesDirector: "The [Ion Rifle] is perfect when you want to keep your distance from the undesirables as you disrupt their nervous systems."
M02HordeSalesDirector: "HORDE also develops for security and defense on larger scales, supplying everyone from your neighbor to small incorporated citystates.  We strive to make the world safer.  We do what we can."
StandardPlayer: "What are you doing here?"
M02HordeTaxWoman: "Trying to get access to this hangar to see if it might explain these figures...and failing miserably.  Whoever said the WTO has perfected bureaucracy has obviously never dealt with the Templars."
StandardPlayer: "What do you mean?"
M02HordeTaxWoman: "The WTO has been trying to sort out the Templars duties and tariffs payments.  It just doesn't add up, so they've dispatched me to do a proper audit.  Unfortunately, they're refusing to cooperate.  They put on a show of amicability, but every time I try to gain access to the hangar to actually SEE what they are transporting, I get the runaround."
StandardPlayer: "What do you suspect is going on?"
M02HordeTaxWoman: "I have no idea, but if the algorithms I'm running are giving me the proper figures, whatever it is, they're not paying nearly enough in taxes and tariffs for transporting it via a WTO facility...  Maybe you'd have better luck?  A new face?  If you turn anything up and pass the info along, we can make it worth your while."
StandardPlayer: "I'll see what I can do..."
M02HordeTaxWoman: "Did you turn up anything?"
Choice: "The Templars can't possibly be paying enough taxes on their little project.  They're transporting Powered Assault Armor and in large numbers."
Choice: "Sorry.  I don't know anything about what's going on in there."
M02HordeTaxWoman: "Very interesting.  I'll be sure this info gets passed along to my superiors and the Templars are punished for this violation.  It's a serious offense."
M02HordeTaxWoman: "It's not like they have a warm and fuzzy image to uphold.  What are they hiding?"
M02HordeTaxWoman: "I don't even care WHAT it is they're transporting in there, just as long as the WTO gets their cut."
M02HordeTaxWoman: "I don't know what they were thinking, assuming they could fool the WTO forever."
M02HordeTaxWoman: "Remember -- you are leasing from US.  You must grant the WTO entry for investigation of our own hangars."
M02HordeReceptionist: "The Templars restrict access to their facilities.  It's not a public airport.  As soon as you've filled out all the necessary paperwork, they'll be glad to give you a complete tour."
M02HordeTaxWoman: "I've done that THREE times already.  This is ridiculous."
M02HordeReceptionist: "It must've gotten lost in transit.  There's no record here.  Or perhaps you did not fill them out completely?  As soon as they have your forms in order, they'll be happy to permit your investigation.  Until then, there's nothing I can do. "
M02HordeTemplarVisitor: "Templar HQ is very pleased with the research and development of the armor you've done here in Cairo."
M02HordeArmorScientist1: "We are pleased to serve, especially when so generously compensated."
M02HordeTemplarVisitor: "Your work will not be forgotten.  When millions of Templars march to victory, you and your team will share in our triumph over the impure."
M02HordeArmorScientist1: "With the commission we're getting, you guys can use them for lawn ornaments for all I care."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Are the paladins ready?"
M02HubKioskTemplar2: "Deputized and immunized for a scabland sweep.  One hour, tops."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "And they know to search every building?"
M02HubKioskTemplar2: "Not one Omar will escape.  This will be the end of their presence in Cairo."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "If only you were right, but I fear you make them too human in your imagination.  A cyborg doesn't get discouraged."
M02HubKioskTemplar2: "They must have commanders, though.  Soon they'll see that their kind won't be tolerated."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "The Omar is not a human organization.  It's a self-replicating machine that grows itself around human bodies.  All we can do is buy time until we have a weapon to defeat the entire network."
M02HubKioskTemplar2: "I don't mind taking them down one at a time."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "That would be a tedious business.  With luck, the rumors out of Germany are true, and soon we'll start a new phase of cleansing.  Purity can be slow to achieve, or, like a revalation, it can crystallize instantly."
// TODO: create flags for the Choice and add a switch to the barks.
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "The Knights Templar welcome you, friend.  Care to learn more about the Cause for Purity?"
StandardPlayer: "Since when does an ancient secret society set up a recruiting booth in the mall?"
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "In arcologies, you mean.  We bring our message to where it will do the most good -- into the enclaves of scientists, businessmen, engineers -- the blind minions of Thanatos."
StandardPlayer: "Oh."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "The individual worker -- careerist, lets say -- seldom understands how his small labor contributes to the products of human history.  Seemingly innocuous innovations in cell biology, nanotechnology, computer science, and so on add up to a teeming substrate of new life.  But it isn't life.  It's death.  It seeks to devour its clumsy, organic creators."
Choice: "Yeah?  I must be dead, then.  I'm up to my eyeballs in biomods."
Choice: "You're talking about those freaks who get biomodded or turned into cyborgs, right?  Wish there was something we could do about them."
Choice: "Interesting."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Let me warn you, friend -- we consider the modified to be less than human.  Observe what your Second Soul of nanites has done to you -- and consider going to a clinic to be Purified."
StandardPlayer: "My biomods don't change who I am.  They're tools -- I use them to complete certain tasks."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "But the tasks grow in strangeness and complexity.  The demands of others corrupt you.  All because from within you allow yourself to be something other than human."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "There is, friend.  Join our order.  We work to reverse and eliminate corruption."
StandardPlayer: "You really round up freaks and murder them?"
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Friend, let's not be too explicit.  Let me say simply that no war is without its battles."
StandardPlayer: "Sign me up."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Very good.  No more for now.  Our agents will begin watching you.  When they approve your security clearance, one of them will make contact.  Goodbye -- and may Purity prevail."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Open your eyes to the greed that surrounds us.  The pulsing traffic of numbers that shapes all power relations and makes us all into tools.  Please, friend, join our cause.  Work for Purity.  Defend the pure human being, who must be kept free from enhansement, modification, cyborg integration."
StandardPlayer: "I'll think about it."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "The destructiveness of human society is now such that organic life itself is an endangered species."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Remember the Templar message.  The more you look at the world, the more truthful my words will seem."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Thank you for listening, friend."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "In good time, friend."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "We must all bide our time."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Great changes are coming.  The right-thinking will be avenged."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Heed my warning, tool."
M02HubKioskTemplar1: "Enough.  Go now."
M02HubKioskTemplar2: "My associate will answer your questions."
M02HubKioskTemplar2: "Friend."
M02HubKioskTemplar2: "I don't deal with recruitment."
M02HubMosqueWTO: "Please be advised that [black-lung] incidents are up among medina residents.  Leave the arcology at your own discretion."
StandardPlayer: "How dangerous is it out there?"
M02HubMosqueWTO: "A short visit never killed anybody.  Just don't stay the night."
M02HubMosqueWTO: "New Cairo visitors be advised: we have a bank robbery and possible hostage situation on [Tier 1].  Citizens are advised to postpone any and all business at AnubisBank."
StandardPlayer: "Hostage's?  Where?"
M02HubMosqueWTO: "The situation is unclear -- but very dangerous.  Please proceed to one of the upper Tiers immediately."
M02HubMosqueWTO: "Sir."
M02HubMosqueWTO: "Ma'am."
M02HubMosqueWTO: "Carry on."
M02HubMosqueWTO: "Enough interruptions."
M02HubSSC1: "The SSC handles security for the entire Cairo arcology."
M02HubSSC1: "People know not to try anything while the SSC is on watch."
M02HubSSC1: "I'm glad I got assigned here, and not Old Cairo, dealing with the rabble."
M02HubSSC1: "It's been a pretty quiet week."
M02HubSSC1: "Can I help you?"
Choice: "I'm looking for the Food Court."
Choice: "I want to report criminal activity at the Tarsus school."
Choice: "Where is AnubisBanque?"
Choice: "where is food?"
Choice: "where is bank?"
M02HubSSC1: "Yes.  I'm listening."
StandardPlayer: "The Headmaster is working for some fanatical secret society -- the Knights Templar.  He's been secretly gathering info on the more promising students and plans to eliminate them."
M02HubSSC1: "That's a pretty serious accusation.  Do you have proof?"
StandardPlayer: "He has a secret office [location] where you'll find all the evidence.  The students that have been targetted have gone into hiding.  If you can find them, they'll also be able to corroborate the story."
M02HubSSC1: "We'll dispatch a crew to resolve the situation immediately."
M02HubSSC1: "Make sure they take a mop."
M02HubSSC1: "The Food Court is over there."
M02HubSSC1: "The Bank is right there."
M02HubTerraformerTechnician: "Uh -- sorry, the restroom's [down the hall.]  This is the nanoformer bot kennel.  You know?  "We keep the skies friendly...?""
M02HubTerraformerTechnician: "Some people in the medina think these are just for show, but I KNOW.  I work here.  The counter-agent gets encoded at that [computer terminal over there]."
M02HubTerraformerTechnician: "Bots comin' and goin' all day.  The arcology wouldn't set all of this up if it didn't do SOME good."
M02HubTerraformerTechnician: "You better not get me in trouble."
M02HubTerraformerTechnician: "Something breaks, I'm gonna have them dust that keyboard for fingerprints."
M02HubTerraformerTechnician: "I TOLD 'em they should lock this place down."
// NOTE: not handling M02UncleReportedDone yet -- postulating that the uncle will run off to do it himself.
M02LeilasUncle: "For God's sake, leave me alone.  Yes, I have closed the greenhouse.  There was a murder there -- the murder of my brother.  The greenhouse will stay closed until I am certain that the Nassif family is safe."
StandardPlayer: "Are you Mr. Nassif?"
M02LeilasUncle: "Maskini Nassif.  I run the greenhouse for my niece.  But everyone knows this.  She was arcology-schooled and now gives money back to the medina."
StandardPlayer: "I'm sorry about your tragedy."
M02LeilasUncle: "Sorry?  Who are you to be sorry?  You kill the parents and now you come to kill the uncle?  Well, the Nassif family is fighting back.  Leila escaped and you won't find her."
M02LeilasUncle: "Sorry?  Who are you to be sorry?  You kill the parents, kill the plants -- yes, I can see everything from my window! -- and now you come to kill the uncle?  Well, the Nassif family is fighting back.  Leila escaped and you won't find her."
StandardPlayer: "I know your niece.  She was my instructor at Tarsus Academy in Seattle.  I'm not here to kill anyone."
M02LeilasUncle: "No?  Then what?  Do you know who is after my family?"
StandardPlayer: "Everyone, as far as I can tell."
M02LeilasUncle: "Funny.  Ha-ha, and meanwhile my daughter Eeva goes missing at the gifted school in the arcology.  All of us, hunted like gazelles."
StandardPlayer: "Tarsus Academy?"
M02LeilasUncle: "Where Leila went to school.  She helped her cousin get on the same path -- to a decent life.  Now we are targets."
StandardPlayer: "Maybe I can help out.  I'm on my way to the arcology."
// Sex branch:
M02LeilasUncle: "And you are a Tarsus man?  Yes?  Well, perhaps you can have a word with the headmaster.  I will give you my parental code: 74652.  Tell the scoundrel I want him to return my calls.  Where is my girl?  Why couldn't Leila find her last night?"
M02LeilasUncle: "And you are a Tarsus lady?  Yes?  Well, perhaps you can have a word with the headmaster.  I will give you my parental code: 74652.  Tell the scoundrel I want him to return my calls.  Where is my girl?  Why couldn't Leila find her last night?"
M02LeilasUncle: "You destroy my hydroponics equipment, and now you want to look after my daughter?  What?  You expect me to give you my parental code to the school so you can check up on her?  Hmph!"
M02CheckOnEeva: "Check on Leila's cousin Eeva at the Tarsus Gifted Scool in the arcology."
StandardPlayer: "I looked around the school.  Your daughter had a close call, but she's fine.  The new headmaster is working for the Templars -- some sort of plot to murder the most talented students and their families."
M02LeilasUncle: "Did you tell the authorities?"
StandardPlayer: "Not yet.  I'm supposed to testify to the City Chairman."
M02LeilasUncle: "My poor Eeva!  Something's happened -- I know it!"
// Uncle runs out, maybe has a frantic convo with someone, maybe goes to arcology.
StandardPlayer: "I testified to the City Chairman.  The WTO will take care of things."
M02LeilasUncle: "Order be praised, my Eeva is safe.  How do I repay you?  Here -- no arguing -- take a thousand credits.  Money means nothing to me anymore."
StandardPlayer: "I looked around the school.  Your daughter had a close call, but she's fine.  The new headmaster was working for the Templars -- some sort of plot to murder the most talented students and their families.  I say "was" because I killed him."
M02LeilasUncle: "Are you sure he was going to murder the children?"
StandardPlayer: "I'm certain.  Fortunately, I got there in time."
StandardPlayer: "I looked around the school.  I'm sorry -- your daughter's dead."
M02LeilasUncle: "I knew it!  They got her, too!   Her Holiness be damned -- why do I go on living?"
// Kind of a hack.  Uncle doesn't care about school details now that daughter is dead.
StandardPlayer: "I checked out the gifted school.  No sign of your daughter, but you should tell her to watch out for the headmaster.  He's a real weasel."
StandardPlayer: "I checked out the gifted school.  No sign of your daughter, but I killed the headmaster.  He was a real weasel."
M02LeilasUncle: "My poor Eeva!  I knew that man couldn't be trusted.  Something's happened -- I know it!"
// Uncle runs to school.  We will use an Unlcle-running flag to segment convos if that flies.
// Will add "running barks" if we get that crazy.
M02LeilasUncle: "I bet we're being targeted by the WTO.  They would love to see the greenhouse fail."
M02LeilasUncle: "I just hope Eeva's safe."
M02LeilasUncle: "They came in the night.  I couldn't see their faces.  Now Garai, my brother... Well, at least it was over quickly.  There's no such thing as police anymore -- just thugs and uniforms."
M02LeilasUncle: "You wrecked my equipment!  Get out!"
M02LeilasUncle: "Terrorist!  Go!"
M02LeilasUncle: "You are taking food right out of the mouths of children!"
M02LeilasUncle: "My most sincere gratitude.  Our family is in dire need of a friend."
M02LeilasUncle: "Perhaps this is the end of our troubles."
M02LeilasUncle: "I never wanted to send any of our children away for school, but without education a child is helpless."
M02LeilasUncle: "My little girl... my poor little girl..."
M02LeilasUncle: "All is lost now.  Everything!"
M02LeilasUncle: "The Order Church deceives itself.  There is nothing but cruelty in this world."
M02LeilasUncle: "I must save her!"
M02LeilasUncle: "I hope I'm not too late!"
M02LeilasUncle: "You should have acted quickly!"
M02LeilasUncle: "You!  Who sent you?"
StandardPlayer: "Uh -- no one.  Is something wrong?"
M02LeilasUncle: "How do I know?  You could be after the Templar bounty -- the one for the Nassif family."
// Eeva is dead unless the player dealth with the Headmaster in M02.  Eeva could also be dead for other reasons, though.
StandardPlayer: "If I was a Templar assassin, I wouldn't stand around talking about it.  Trust me.  I'm here to help the people of the medina."
StandardPlayer: "I'm the one who put an end to [black-lung].  Trust me.  I'm here to help the people of the medina."
StandardPlayer: "I'm the one who saved the Tarsus school from the Templars.  Trust me.  I'm on your side."
StandardPlayer: "I went to check on your daughter, remember?  I saved the Tarsus school from the Templars."
M02LeilasUncle: "Then who is in the apartment downstairs?  Not you?  A neighbor told me she saw Templars, and I received a threatening vmail.  A vmail from someone I used to know.  That's right -- a man I knew like a brother -- now he parades down the street in his robe, goes with a mob into the arcology, and threatens me with my life!"
StandardPlayer: "You're right to be paranoid.  Stay here.  I'll let you know if I find out anything about the assassins."
StandardPlayer: "I overheard the assassins talking.  Yes -- they plan to kill your entire family.  You better stay put until they're gone."
StandardPlayer: "I took care of the assassins downstairs.  You don't have anything to fear from them."
M02LeilasUncle: "You mean... all of them?  And you're still alive?"
StandardPlayer: "Have the local police clean up the mess.  You'll be fine."
M02LeilasUncle: "You risked your life?  For me?  I.... wish I had something to offer as a reward."
StandardPlayer: "Don't mention it."
StandardPlayer: "Your niece Leila and I work together.  It's the least I could do."
M02LeilasUncle: "What a sham the Order turned out to be.  They redecorated the mosque.  What else?  I wanted to believe, but what sort of order is this?  Perpetual killing.  Gang warfare.  Just like all of human history."
M02LeilasUncle: "I am a prisoner!  In my own home!"
M02LeilasUncle: "A biomod infusion succeeds for one of my relatives, and suddenly we are rats.  All of the Nassifs.  I didn't invent biomodification.  Why do they want to kill me?"
M02LeilasUncle: "The Templars have been airlifting troops into the arcology.  This is a foreign invasion, pure and simple."
M02LeilasUncle: "I don't know how long the medina can survive."
M02LeilasUncle: "Sometimes I wonder why I should care what happens to me anymore, after what they did to my daughter Eeva at the gifted school."
M02LeilasUncle: "Thank goodness my daughter is safe, at least for now.  Thanks to you, she was able to escape the arcology just in time."
M02LeilasUncle: "And the air keeps getting worse.  If the Templars don't get us, Plague 11 will."
M02LeilasUncle: "At least the air has cleared up.  You must be the Stranger everyone talks about, our part-time Savior..."
M02LeilasUncle: "Thank you again.  Perhaps we will be okay."
M02LeilasUncle: "I will notify the SSC.  They will want to investigate the apartment."
// For now, we assume that you can't get into Horde without talking to this Omar guy.  This first check will only be true after you've talked to the Omar at least once.
// This line will be expanded into many, based on which items have been sold.
M02OmarTrader: "Shall we do business?   I am selling [____, _____, and _____]."
M02OmarTrader: "Alex D.  Seattle mercenary.  Friend of the Omar.  Your prices will be reduced.  Shall we do business?   I am selling [____, _____, and _____]. "
StandardPlayer: "I hear you know where I can find a cure for [black lung]."
M02OmarTrader: "Yes.  A cure has been developed by Horde RCP Corporation, [Arcology 2-South]  A nanite counter-agent for aerial dispersal."
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like a valuable invention.  Why aren't they manufacturing it?"
M02OmarTrader: "The Arcology Chairman has his reasons for delaying deployment.  Unclear.  Perhaps you will accept a mercenary assignment from me, in exchange for access to Horde RCP, [Arcology 2-South]."
StandardPlayer: "Sure."
M02OmarTrader: "We desire schematic data on a new product being developed at that facility.  Exoskeletal armor.  A potential combat threat to our organization."
StandardPlayer: "How do I get in?"
M02OmarTrader: "The receptionist works for us.  We will tell her that you are coming.  Say to her simply that you "have a friend in common."  Once inside, gain access to the secure wing, locate the armor, and upload the schematic.  In the secure wing, you will also find your cure."
StandardPlayer: "Thanks."
// Jump to "shall we do business?"
StandardPlayer: "Sure."
M02OmarTrader: "I have scanned your systems.  You could be useful for our cause.  You may have one for free if you accomplish a certain task."
StandardPlayer: "Yeah?"
M02OmarTrader: "Horde RCP Corporation, [Arcology 2-South], has a number of classified programs -- most importantly, a body-armor project.  Also, a counter-agent to the pollution that causes [black-lung] has been invented, though its deployment has been delayed by the Arcology Chairman."
StandardPlayer: "The counter-agent sounds like something that would interest the villagers.  How do I get into Horde?"
// Placeholder, obviously.
M02OmarTrader: "Very well done.  The schematic has already proven useful.  We have learned that the armor contains a weak spot, triangular in shape, on the back [just below the shoulder panels]."
StandardPlayer: "Interesting.  Anything left to give me?"
// This will have to be expanded, based on what has been sold.
M02OmarTrader: "I still have [____, ______, and _______].  Which do you choose?"
// Abana Khodair  (was Amr before all-girl school)
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "this should never play?"
StandardPlayer: "Do you have any idea where these missing kids might be? "
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "Before she disappeared, my friend Eeva mentioned a hiding place in the ventilation system.  Maybe if you hunt around you can find her.  But please be careful with this information.  She seemed to believe she was in real danger."
StandardPlayer: "She is..."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "She may be..."
StandardPlayer: "Do you think there's any truth in the gossip about the missing kids?"
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "All I know is what my friend Eeva told me."
StandardPlayer: "Who is she?  Why would she know more?"
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "She's one of the missing students.  There was no foul play, she just went into hiding."
StandardPlayer: "Eeva Nassif?  Her uncle asked me to check up on her."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "That's her.  Don't worry -- she's just hiding."
StandardPlayer: "But why?"
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "She found a secret office where the Headmaster was conducting strange research and gathering data on the students.  She said it looked very suspicious and that our names were on it.   I'd check it out myself, but unlike Eeva, I'm afraid of getting caught somewhere off-limits.  You could easily check into it yourself though..."
StandardPlayer: "Yeah I've met Eeva.  In the ventilation shafts.  She told me all about the Headmaster's secret office, but I haven't checked into it."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "Yeah, she mentioned something about that to me too. [refresh directions]  I'd check it out myself, but unlike Eeva, I'm afraid of getting caught somewhere off-limits.  You could easily check into it yourself though..."
StandardPlayer: "All the students here seem to be pretty stressed and paranoid."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "It is a competitive program here.  I make pretty good marks myself, but everyone's worried about getting kicked out... especially now..."
StandardPlayer: "Why is it worse right now?"
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "Two students have gone missing.  The faculty and most of the students have no idea what happened."
StandardPlayer: "...but it sounds like you might know more?"
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "Ibrahim and Eeva didn't run away, but they are scared.  They went into hiding, after finding their names on some sort of secret roster, thinking they were in danger.  They told me my name was on the list too and tried to get me to go with them, but I wasn't convinced; however, I am watching over my shoulder now."
StandardPlayer: "Thanks for the tips.  I followed up on it, so you and your friends should be safe now."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "What do you mean?"
StandardPlayer: "It WAS the headmaster.  He was mixed up with some fanatical group and he had plans for certain students here.  You have nothing to worry about now.  He has been "removed.""
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "The more I learn about Tarsus, the more worried I become."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "I am beginning to doubt that anything is as it seems here."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "Whatever is really going on, I hope it's resolved soon."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "I have to stay focused, but these strange events keep nagging at me."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "I can hardly believe it's true."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "At least we're safe now."
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "So Eeva WAS right.  "
M02SchoolBarracksStudent1: "I'll sleep better now."
// Jamila Ghanem (to Eshe Hafez)
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "...I think they were kicked out.  They disappeared right after the last biochem exam.  Maybe they were expelled for cheating?  That would explain why they were earning such high scores... "
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "Now c'mon -- you know Jennifer earned those grades honestly.  That Nassif though, she's a weirdo."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "Then maybe they failed and were dismissed?"
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "Hmmm... I guess Headmaster Archer can be pretty harsh."
StandardPlayer: "Do you know anything about what's going on around here?"
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "Everyone's a little edgy because a few students are missing.  I'm not all that worried because I know Jennifer's too smart to let anything really terrible happen."
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like you know Ibrahim pretty well.  Any idea what really happened?"
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "I guess I don't really think she got kicked out -- We'd have all heard about that by now.  It's got to be something else...  Maybe she's hiding..."
StandardPlayer: "What makes you think that?  Why wouldn't she just leave?"
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "It's tricky getting in and out of this place unnoticed, but there ARE ways to stay inside and out of sight...  I've never been there myself, but I've heard some kids talk about a hideout somewhere in the ventilation system.  I don't think anyone on the faculty knows about it."
StandardPlayer: ""
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: ""
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "At least all this has kept school interesting for the past few days."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "Ha!  And my friends at home said Tarsus would be boring."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "I wonder what will happen next..."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent1: "All this scandal -- I love it!"
// Eshe Hafez
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "I can't help but feel like my every move is being watched.  I must just be getting paranoid..."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "Jamila thinks maybe Eeva and Jennifer were thrown out, but I don't believe it."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "I wonder where they really are...."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "I've heard a lot a rumors about where the missing kids really are."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "I just hope Jamila and Jennifer are safe.  I hope we're all safe."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "Things sure have been crazy around here lately."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "I just want things to get back to normal."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "I hate Calculus."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "The SSC just stormed into the school and hauled the Headmaster away."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "I heard he got arrested because he was plotting against the students."
M02SchoolCafeteriaStudent2: "That's why Eeva and Jennifer were hiding -- they'd found out about the Headmaster's plans for them."
// Jennifer McAllister
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "The Headmaster has a bizarre secret office, with files on all the students, with information and communications with someone other than Tarsus."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "The information he's collecting seems suspicious.  I can't imagine that it's legal for him to be sending that outside the school either."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "We can't make sense of all this, but we're fairly certain we're in danger, so we're hiding out until we can find out more. "
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "The missives said something about "Purification" -- I don't know what that means, but it sounds like he views the students here as inferior."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "I don't know who the Templars are, but their name was all over these documents and video mails."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "He's not working for Tarsus and it sounds like he has violence in mind.  We're better off hiding for now."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "Hey, I remember you.  We met in the vents at Tarsus, and you're the one who took care of Archer.  I owe you my life."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "Hey, I heard about you.  You're the one who took care of Archer.  My name's Jennifer McAllister -- I was one of the students on his list.  I owe you my life."
StandardPlayer: "Looks like the Templars are still causing trouble."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "Even though Archer was stopped, they've managed to take over most of Cairo.  We're trapped here as their prisoners."
StandardPlayer: "What about the SSC?"
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "They've driven the SSC troops back and have set up their own bases and patrols.  In the mosque alone, they've got regular troops, some guys in weird armor, and even a bot.  "
StandardPlayer: "That's a serious detachment."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "Maybe you could even our odds?  If the troops on this level were eliminated, we could make a run for Old Cairo."
StandardPlayer: "I'll see what I can do."
StandardPlayer: "I've cleared out the Mosque, so it's safe for you to leave."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "Thanks again.  That's twice now you've saved me from the Templars."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "We've got to get out of here!"
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "I don't know what the Templars are planning for us, but I know it's not good."
M02SchoolHangoutStudent1: "I just want to get back to Old Cairo."
M02SchoolReceptionist: "I'm getting sick of doing all this damage control...  "
StandardPlayer: "Oh.  Really?"
M02SchoolReceptionist: ""Tarsus continues to offer the best educational opportunities, even in this time of uncertainty." -- It was in the memo.  You DID read the whole memo, before racing down here, didn't you?"
StandardPlayer: "Uh... yeah..."
M02SchoolReceptionist: "But if you really must see for yourself, I can't stop you, as long as you have your access pass.  You did remember to bring it, didn't you?  We can't have random visitors wandering through.  The terminal is right there."
M02SchoolReceptionist: "People should trust Tarsus.  We are the best for a reason."
M02SchoolReceptionist: "I don't know how many more times I can stand answering the same questions."
M02SchoolReceptionist: "Everything will return to normal soon.  I'm sure of it."
M02SchoolReceptionist: "This has been a long week."
M02SchoolReceptionist: "At this rate, they're going to need to hire someone full time for PR."
// TO BE CUT - move generic barks to elsewhere....
M02SchoolSSC1: "I'm not sure what everyone is so worked up about."
M02SchoolSSC1: "Sure, a few kids are missing, but I'm sure they'll turn up soon enough."
M02SchoolSSC1: "If something serious was really going on, I'd know about it."
M02SchoolSSC1: "SSC runs security here, so there's nothing to fear."
M02SchoolSSC1: "I keep a close watch on all the comings and goings at this establishment."
M02SchoolSSC1: "It's all probably just some silly rumor started by the students, anyway."
// TO BE CUT - move generic barks to elsewhere....
M02SchoolSSC2: "Unless you're hear to tell me it's break time, I don't want to hear about it."
M02SchoolSSC2: "This is all about the paycheck for me.  I don't even like kids."
M02SchoolSSC2: "I was supposed to be assigned to AnubisBanque...  Instead, I get to babysit."
M02SchoolSSC2: "I don't see what's so great about Tarsus students anyway."
M02SchoolSSC2: "It could be worse, but I'm not sure how."
M02SchoolSSC2: "I wonder if there's any jello left in the cafeteria...."
// Kathy Gristmore
StandardPlayer: "What are you studying?"
M02SchoolSittingStudent1: "I'm trying to get ahead in Calculus.  I want to make it into whatever new elite program they've just started."
StandardPlayer: "A new Tarsus program?"
M02SchoolSittingStudent1: "Yeah... I don't know much, but I'm sure that's what's up with Eeva and Jennifer.  They were two of the best -- there's no reason for them to have run away, they were selected for a new program.  I'm sure of it."
StandardPlayer: "So you think they're safe?"
StandardPlayer: "Why wouldn't they be?  Tarsus is the best school in the WTO.  They wouldn't let anything happen to their best recruits.  Everything here is in our best interests."
StandardPlayer: "I see.  So what exactly do you know about this new program?"
M02SchoolSittingStudent1: "Nothing.  But that's probably part of the admissions process -- you have to be clever enough to discover that it exists.  If you don't mind, I've got to get back to my studying now.  I've only put in twelve hours today."
M02SchoolSittingStudent1: "Stop looking over my shoulder.  Unless you're one of the secret Evaluators... heh heh"
M02SchoolSittingStudent1: "I'm never going to finish this if you keep distracting me."
M02SchoolSittingStudent1: "After I finish with Calculus, I've got to spend some time on my Ethics homework."
M02SchoolSittingStudent1: "I'm sorry, but I'm really busy right now."
// Ellen Montgomery
StandardPlayer: "Why does it seem so edgy around here?"
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "The grades just came out for the biochem and intuition classes.  Some kids aren't thrilled about it."
StandardPlayer: "Upset enough to runaway?"
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "Er... So I guess you've heard about Eeva and Jennifer?"
StandardPlayer: "What about them?"
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "If they really did run away, their friends would know where they are, but no one seems to have any idea...  It's kinda got everyone spooked."
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "Wherever they are, I hope they're okay."
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "I can't imagine where they might be."
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "I've got to stop worrying about them.  I really need to stay focused on my studies."
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "As if school isn't already stressful enough."
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "It was unbelievable -- SSC just hauled him off!  I wish I'd had my camera..."
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "I always knew Archer was a jerk, but I had no idea he was psychotic too."
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "I wonder if they roughed him up before they took him away.  I kinda hope so..."
M02SchoolSittingStudent2: "I asked one guard if I could help -- you know, zap Archer with the stun prod a few more times -- but he wasn't too keen on that."
// Anippe Tawfik  -  should be seated at front, closest to teacher
M02SchoolSittingStudent3: "I can't talk right now.  Mrs. Rashidi wouldn't like it."
M02SchoolSittingStudent3: "If you really want to talk to students, you should try somewhere without teachers around."
M02SchoolSittingStudent3: "I'm nervous enough about my grades.  Don't get me in trouble with the teacher."
M02SchoolSittingStudent3: "I hope this isn't some weird test of my concentration..."
M02SchoolSittingStudent3: "Can't you see -- I'm in class right now."
M02SchoolTeacher: "The rumors about Tarsus have been greatly exaggerated."
StandardPlayer: "What rumors?"
M02SchoolTeacher: "Oh, I'm sorry, I just assumed you were another disgruntled parent... You ARE a parent of one of the students, aren't you?"
StandardPlayer: "Oh... but of course!  I just wanted to stop by and check on things."
M02SchoolTeacher: "Well, as you can see, the students are hard at work, as usual.  "
M02SchoolTeacher: "Shh.  You'll disturb their studies."
M02SchoolTeacher: "Tarsus continues to provide the best educational opportunities."
M02SchoolTeacher: "I'm in the middle of working on my lesson plans right now."
// Dina Said
StandardPlayer: "Training for a physical endurance test?  "
M02SchoolTrackStudent: "Nah.  I always ace those.  I just like to run a couple miles a few times a day to stay in shape."
StandardPlayer: "You seem pretty calm.  Most of the other kids around here seem pretty riled up."
M02SchoolTrackStudent: "Yeah...  They're just worried about those two who went missing.  Me?  I don't really care one way or the other.  I'm guessing they just couldn't hack it, so they bailed.  Just means less competition for me."
M02SchoolTrackStudent: "They're just excited about the show the SSC just put on, dragging Headmaster Archer out of here.  Me?  I've got superior concentration and focus."
M02SchoolTrackStudent: "I really don't understand why my classmates are so easily amused and distracted."
M02SchoolTrackStudent: "I'm trying to stay focused here."
M02SchoolTrackStudent: "I'd like to get back to my running, if you don't mind."
M02ShantySheriff: "I haven't seen this craft before.  What brings you to our small medina?"
StandardPlayer: "Are you the mayor or something?"
M02ShantySheriff: "The New Cairo arcology has full-service landing bays.  Who ever lands in the town?  Nobody.  I see the helicopter, and I have to ask: who is this?  I'm Ali _____, President of Business Development."
StandardPlayer: "I'm here to see a friend."
M02ShantySheriff: "Tell me his name."
StandardPlayer: "Just personal business."
M02ShantySheriff: "My apology, but a few questions are necessary.  We have a big black-market problem, especially now with the cyborgs involved.  Who is your friend?"
Choice: "Leila Nassif."
Choice: "All I can say is I'm not with the black market.  Fair?"
M02ShantySheriff: "A friend of the Nassifs -- of course.  Don't let me delay you.  You have my most heartfelt condolences."
StandardPlayer: "Condolences?"
M02ShantySheriff: "For the murders last night.  You haven't heard?"
StandardPlayer: "No, what happened?"
M02ShantySheriff: "Leila's mother and father were killed.  The whole town is grieving.  Leila was the first of us "scabs" to go to the arcology's Gifted School, and she never turned her back on us, not even when her job took her to America.  That such a thing could happen to her family -- we are stunned."
StandardPlayer: "Is Leila all right?"
M02ShantySheriff: "The story is that she got away.  She and her parents were hiding in the greenhouse.  No one knows who the killers were or what they wanted."
StandardPlayer: "How do I find this greenhouse?"
M02ShantySheriff: "It's at [the end of the road] -- can't miss it.  Tell the Nassifs our thoughts are with them."
M02ShantySheriff: "Another secretive alien coming to the slums to commit his crimes.  Just what we need."
M02ShantySheriff: "Another secretive alien coming to the slums to commit her crimes.  Just what we need."
StandardPlayer: "I'm trying to be straight with you."
M02ShantySheriff: "Don't think you will be invisible.  Since the Nassif murders, we are all wide awake."
StandardPlayer: "Nassif?"
M02ShantySheriff: "The parents of Leila Nassif, murdered last night at the greenhouse she donated to the town.  Maybe this is nothing to you, but she is a hero to the people here, the first one to go to the Gifted School in the arcology.  If you are here to terrorize or steal, watch out!"
M02ShantySheriff: "Leila funds the greenhouse to help the town develop its own food supply.  Her family runs it."
M02ShantySheriff: "The medina can't afford enough police to protect businesses -- or families."
M02ShantySheriff: "We live like barbarians -- all of us outside the arcology."
M02ShantySheriff: "This isn't some scabland ghosttown.  We watch each other's backs."
M02ShantySheriff: "I don't want to see you talking to the Omar."
M02ShantySheriff: "You look rich.  Rich people are up to no good when they come to the medina."
M02SickChild: "(moan)"
M02SickChild: "Stop."
M02SickChild: "I don't feel good."
M02SickChild: "Tarsus Academy... I can't believe it."
M02SickChild: "I heard they don't let the gifted students get sick -- ever."
M02SickChild: "I think I'm getting better."
M02SickChild: "Maybe if they knew I was sick, they'd let me in."
M02SickChildsMom: "I wish it could be that way, baby."
M02SickChild: "I guess I just wasn't smart enough, so they don't care what happens to me."
M02SickChildsMom: "Nonsense."
M02SickChild: "(cough cough)  Why won't they at least let us in the city?"
M02SickChildsMom: "The air's not so bad inside the mosque.  You'll start to feel better.  Just get some rest and forget about Tarsus.  It's a very selective program."
M02SickChild: "If you say so."
// Spaced out, startled out of a reverie.
M02SickChildsMom: "Wha---!"
StandardPlayer: "I don't mean to interrupt...."
M02SickChildsMom: "You startled me there.  Guess I'm a little preoccupied."
StandardPlayer: "What's wrong?"
M02SickChildsMom: "Well, it's my daughter, [Mina].  Look at her!"
M02SickChild: "(cough cough)  It's okay, Mom.  I'll get better."
M02SickChildsMom: "Ever since she didn't get into the Tarsus Academy, her [black-lung] has been getting worse.  She should be inside the arcology, studying and breathing filtered air.  She's always been such a... good student... (sobs)"
StandardPlayer: "I wish there was something I could do."
M02SickChildsMom: "That's very kind.  (sniffle)  But unless you're on the admissions committee at the gifted school -- or unless you're some kind of genius hacker and can change their computer to put Mina on the acceptance list, there's really not much to do except wait and pray."
M02SickChild: "Really, Mom, I'll be fine."
M02SickChildsMom: "Some of us still worship the old gods, despite everything that's happened."
StandardPlayer: "Maybe I'll get a chance to help your daughter.  She wants into Tarsus, huh?  I'll see what I can do."
StandardPlayer: "Mina, huh?  I saw her name in the school's recruitment database.  I moved her to the "accepted" category."
StandardPlayer: "I saw your daughter's name in the school's recruitment database.  I moved her to the "accepted" category."
M02SickChildsMom: "You mean...?"
StandardPlayer: "Your daughter's now a Tarsus girl.  Check with the authorities before letting her move into the arcology, though.  There's been some trouble in the city."
M02SickChildsMom: "Mina!  Did you hear that?"
M02SickChild: "Thanks, mister."
M02SickChild: "Thanks, miss."
M02SickChildsMom: "You don't know how much this means to us.  It could save her life..."
StandardPlayer: "Just get some rest for now.  I'm glad I could help."
M02SickChildsMom: "My sister went through this with her son....  Now I understand."
M02SickChildsMom: "Poor girl..."
M02SickChildsMom: "Damn that school."
M02SickChildsMom: "I don't mind bending the rules in order to save her life."
M02SickChildsMom: "I hope nobody finds out."
M02SickChildsMom: "I'll pay you back someday -- I promise!"
StandardPlayer: "A member of the Order.  Are you with the summit?"
M03BarOrderWoman: "Certainly not.  I live here in Trier.  Seekers here don't care very much for this notion of a summit."
StandardPlayer: "Why not?"
M03BarOrderWoman: "We have heard Luminon Saman's call for a return to scripture.  In this shard we read the scripture, the original word of Her Holiness, not what she says for the camera today or tomorrow or two weeks ago."
StandardPlayer: "What's the difference?"
M03BarOrderWoman: "There.  Exactly the attitude that opens the door for tyranny in a free state.  A free press is nothing if the audience remembers only what the special guest last said on the talk show."
StandardPlayer: "I was just curious about the summit.  Never mind."
M03BarOrderWoman: "Her Holiness and [Chairman] Dumier are making a business deal.  It may bring money, it may bring power, but it won't bring balance into the lives of ordinary people."
StandardPlayer: "I wouldn't be so quick to trust Luminon Saman."
M03BarOrderWoman: "So.  That's it.  Come to my city and insult our religious leaders."
StandardPlayer: "Sorry, I ---"
M03BarOrderWoman: "No.  You listen.  The truth is in the Word, the old writings, the meditations on the 52 cetasikas.  Saman says only this, and I agree.  The truth is not in secret deals with bankers and factory owners."
M03BarOrderWoman: "The whole reason I joined the Order was to get away from factory-model thinking."
M03BarOrderWoman: "If Her Holiness thinks she can put us all into a great pre-Collapse wealth-making machine, she must think she's a god."
M03BarOrderWoman: "Saman understands that the human body is no machine."
M03BarOrderWoman: "The lesson of the Collapse is that we need to learn to live as human beings."
M03BarOrderWoman: "Any economic system designed for millions of people soon begins to live for its own sake."
M03BarOrderWoman: "Social machinery is no less harmful to the human organism than biomodification, cybernetics, nanite plagues, and the other modern evils rightfully denounced by Luminon Saman."
M03BarOrderWoman: "Enough talk.  It only makes me angry."
M03BarOrderWoman: "I came here hoping to relax."
// Maybe have these guys move out in front of their [shop] after the player has broken in.
M03BarPatron1: "You sure you locked up?"
M03BarPatron2: "[Olmstead Bakery] has been in my family for three generations.  I've been locking up since I was a kid."
M03BarPatron1: "Because I paid over a thousand credits for those grenades."
InvestigateShop: "Investigate [Olmstead Bakery] for a cache of black-market grenades."
M03BarPatron2: "No worries.  With all the extra security for the riots, nobody's going to be trying B&E on [the main road.]"
M03BarPatron1: "I'll be glad when can make the drop for the Omar."
M03BarPatron1: "We're having a private conversation."
M03BarPatron1: "Hey, back off."
M03BarPatron2: "You must be in town for the summit."
M03BarPatron2: "I've lived here all my life.  Never seen anything like it."
M03BarPatron2: "I guess Her Holiness and Chairman Dumier think that if they can work it out in Trier, they can work it out anywhere."
M03BarPatron2: "People here have pretty extreme views, one way or the other."
M03BarPatron2: "If your'e Order, you're fundamentalist.  You want to blow up anything that has wires or moving parts.  If you're WTO, you want everybody working in a factory.  The rest of us are caught in the middle."
M03BarPatron2: "I closed up shop and came in here.  I figured it would be safer."
M03BarPatron2: "I better get back to what I was doing."
M03BlackLabTemplar1: "Captain Zettel, you must be occupied with the disturbance.  Luminon Saman says to call off the search for Billie Adams.  He says she survived the electrical discharge.  Perhaps she left the facility when you weren't looking...?  Carry on.  May Purity prevail."
M03CompoundBum: "[this could be a buy/sell convo, not sure.]"
M03CompoundCrazyLady: "Blessed be... Blessed be..."
M03CompoundCrazyLady: "No, no, never abandon your god..."
M03CompoundCrazyLady: "Out, demons, out!  Out, demons, out!"
StandardPlayer: "Something wrong?"
M03CompoundCrazyLady: "Sssah!   Ssssah!  Pfffft!"
StandardPlayer: "Sorry.  Never mind."
M03CompoundCrazyLady: "First they run me out of the Lord's house, then they chase me out of the tunnels.  Ssssah!  Ssssah!"
StandardPlayer: "You used to live at the cathedral?"
M03CompoundCrazyLady: "I was the last Believer.  The Lord kept me safe.  Then the cultists moved in, the killers.  I still go back sometimes, at night, through the back tunnels."
StandardPlayer: "A secret entrance -- to the cathedral?"
StandardPlayer: "I think I've been over that way."
M03CompoundCrazyLady: "It was for utilities, a long time ago.  When the canal dried up, it became the [east entrance].  One of these times, I'm going to set a fire.   Ffffffffah!"
M03CompoundOrphan: "Hey, you one of the workers?"
StandardPlayer: "Workers?"
M03CompoundOrphan: "In the factory.  Or whatever it is underneath the old canal."
StandardPlayer: "Who's asking?"
M03CompoundOrphan: "Me and my mom.  She said I should ask one of the workers if they needed a message boy."
StandardPlayer: "Well, I'm sorry.  I don't work there.  You said it's a factory?  In the sewer?"
M03CompoundOrphan: "You from the government or something?  Maybe you need a scout.  I can tell you right where all of the guards are.  It's definitely a secret base of some kind.  They bring in all kinds of big machines in the middle of the night."
StandardPlayer: "Sure, tell me about the guards."
// We'll nail down the specifics when the map comes together.
M03CompoundOrphan: "[Give me 500 credits, and I'll give you a map I drew.]"
Choice: "Here's 500 credits for that map."
Choice: "Sorry, I don't have that kind of cash."
Choice: "I'll think about it."
M03CompoundOrphan: "Here you go.  My mom said this map would get me in trouble.  Boy, was she wrong."
M03CompoundOrphan: "Sure you don't want my map of the secret base?"
M03CompoundOrphan: "Hey, thanks."
M03CompoundOrphan: "My mom's been kinda down since we got kicked out of our house.  Maybe we can get an apartment now."
M03CompoundOrphan: "I'm gonna do this kind of thing when I grow up.  I'm gonna be a pro."
M03CompundTemplar1: "Does yours fit?"
M03CompundTemplar2: "Yeah, it's great.  I'm a walking tank."
M03CompundTemplar1: "Must be a one-size-fits-all operation."
M03CompundTemplar2: "How do you mean?"
M03CompundTemplar1: "I'm bouncing around in here like a sack of potatoes."
M03CompundTemplar2: "The pads are supposed to adjust automatically."
M03CompundTemplar1: "I must be too skinny.  I wonder how this thing will handle in a fight."
M03CompundTemplar2: "You better talk to someone.  Exoskeletal armor can break bones if it doesn't fit right."
M03CompundTemplar1: "Thanks.  Just what I wanted to hear."
// These guys should be a little closer to the Black Gate security code than Templars 1 & 2.
M03CompundTemplar3: "What is it?"
M03CompundTemplar4: "I don't know....  Some kind of reactor or something."
M03CompundTemplar3: "Why'd they build it under the Black Gate?"
M03CompundTemplar4: "I guess they figured nobody would go looking for laboratories under an old Roman fortification."
M03CompundTemplar3: "I'd like to know what it does.  That woman, Adams.  I think she knows.  She got all queer when I asked about it."
M03CompundTemplar4: "I heard she turned it on."
M03CompundTemplar3: "Yeah?"
M03CompundTemplar4: "She went in there and threw the switch.  There was an electrical fire.  The guy I was talking to went in to rescue her, but when he got there she was gone."
M03CompundTemplar3: "Saman has her on an assignment, something top secret.  I'd like to know what it is."
M03Constable: "Name."
StandardPlayer: "Alex."
M03Constable: "Last name."
StandardPlayer: "[D]."
M03Constable: "The WTO [Chairman] will be willing to speak with you -- but we've had a security breach.  He may want you to come back later."
M03Constable: "The WTO [Chairman] will speak with you."
M03Constable: "Mr. [D].  Pardon my interruption."
StandardPlayer: "Go ahead."
M03Constable: "My younger brother, Max, works at Panzerwerks.  He's a security guard."
StandardPlayer: "And you think he might be in trouble."
M03Constable: "I tried to call his station.  Nothing.  He works for the unit that watches the [east entrance]."
StandardPlayer: "I'll let you know if I find him."
M03Constable: "I can't offer much of a reward, unless you'd like some surplus [grenades] we have in the armory."
StandardPlayer: "We can talk about that later.  Let's just hope your brother's all right."
M03Constable: "Did you find my brother -- the security guard?"
M03Constable: "As you can see, my brother arrived safely."
StandardPlayer: "He was in a tight fix, but he kept his head and got out of there."
M03Constable: "I owe you my very life.  I'm ashamed to give such a meager reward, but here.  Which would you like?  [a half-dozen scrambler grenades, EMP grenades, or LAMs?]  Mako sent us an extra shipment."
// Build out choices when we know what they are.  Set M03ConstableFinished = true only after successful transfer.
M03Constable: "Thanks again.  I tried to convince Max to get on the admin track here at the office, but he wanted excitement."
M03SSCTied1: "Oh, sure.  Sit around filing reports all day."
StandardPlayer: "I'm glad I could help."
StandardPlayer: "Didn't come across him.  Sorry."
M03Constable: "They killed him.  I just know it!  Poor Max..."
StandardPlayer: "Some workers were holding him prisoner.  I attempted a rescue.  No luck, I'm afraid."
M03Constable: "You mean..."
StandardPlayer: "Your brother died.  I'm sorry."
M03Constable: "Oh God... Poor Max."
StandardPlayer: "I did the best I could."
M03Constable: "My brother -- he'd just signed on with SSC.  I tried to give him a desk job here at the office.  He wouldn't hear of it.  He... (sob)... wanted to prove himself."
M03Constable: "Mr. Dumier will remain in the protected compartment -- for his own safety."
M03Constable: "No time to talk -- I'm in charge of security for the summit meeting."
M03Constable: "Please carry on with your business."
M03Constable: "I hope he's okay."
M03Constable: "My brother was the one who insisted on working in the field.  I was going to put him on an admin track here at the office."
M03Constable: "I'm sure that Max was at Panzerworks when the riot started.  He's never late for work."
M03Constable: "I guess Max got his fill of action today."
M03Constable: "Maybe this will convince him to become one of my administrators."
M03Constable: "Thank goodness he's safe."
M03Constable: "I took personal responsibility for Trier security.  I guess I have to take responsibility for what happened to Max."
M03Constable: "Now I have to think of a way to break the news to our family."
M03Constable: "I should've gone to the factory myself.  Maybe I should just face it -- I was scared."
M03Constable: "I'm just an old bureaucrat.  I don't know anything about handling a real emergency."
M03ConstableSSC1: "The constable will answer your questions."
M03ConstableSSC1: "No distractions, please."
M03ConstableSSC1: "Please.  I'm SSC.  We're responsible for security during the summit."
M03ConstableSSC2: "If anybody screwed up today, it was us.  Security."
M03ConstableSSC2: "It's pretty exciting being a part of history.  Maybe that had some of us distracted earlier."
M03ConstableSSC2: "I just hope we can find a way to salvage this summit and get the two sides talking again."
M03ConstableSSC2: "Nobody ever listens to me, but I think the WTO and Order should team up.  You know, one side handles business, the other side personal psychology."
M03ConstableSSC2: "There's nothing in the WTO charter against religion.  No reason you can't believe in Her Holiness and still hold down a decent job."
M03ConstableSSC2: "Whatever lights your fuse."
M03ConstableSSC2: "The important thing is to rebuild.  Then we can stop fixating on the Collapse and get back to normal lives."
M03ConstableWTO1: "Until further notice, Mr. Dumier will conduct business only from behind a secure barrier."
M03ConstableWTO1: "Fair warning -- we're all a little on edge.  The constable's office is under high-alert."
M03ConstableWTO1: "The caught us with our guard down.  It won't happen again."
M03ConstableWTO1: "No one saw a thing.  I think the kidnapping was an inside job."
M03ConstableWTO1: "Admirable job at Panzerwerks."
M03ConstableWTO1: "Looks like we have a fight on our hands."
M03ConstableWTO1: "I'm not worried about a little bit of body-armor.  The Templars are a cult.  They don't have the training to stand up to a WTO division."
M03ConstableWTO1: "Heard you went rogue."
M03ConstableWTO1: "Want my opinion?"
M03ConstableWTO1: "I'm just waiting for Mr. Dumier to give the execution order."
M03ConstableWTO2: "I heard about you guys.  Some sort of elite unit, I guess."
M03ConstableWTO2: "Guess you're probably here to deal with the hostage situation."
M03ConstableWTO2: "I don't know why they haven't sent in one of our own security teams."
M03ConstableWTO2: "I saw another one of you elites, but she's assigned to Luminon Saman.  I'd like to know what that's all about."
M03ConstableWTO2: "Guess you guys pulled it off."
M03ConstableWTO2: "I asked Mr. Dumier how I become one of the elites, and he just shrugged me off."
M03ConstableWTO2: "Guess you have to be modified to see any real action."
M03ConstableWTO2: "I applied for infusions, but they said my lipids were weak.  I still want a second opinion."
M03ConstableWTO2: "Guess you weren't elites after all.  Just mercenaries."
M03ConstableWTO2: "I don't know who paid you to kill Her Holiness, but you better hope they know how to get you out of Trier alive."
M03ConstableWTO2: "Selfish scum."
// color, their side, no crit info (?)
M03PanzerGuard1: "....after all the equipment they wrecked and stole in the name of "preserving the natural Order."  I don't know what that WTO was thinking agreeing to a summit with these freaks."
M03PanzerGuard2: "The Order isn't this bad in other cities.  This Saman just went extreme on them.  Which is why we had to do something.  No one was listening to us, not the WTO and not even our own plant manager."
M03PanzerGuard1: "Well he's got plenty of time to think about that, now that he's locked up along with Her Holiness."
M03PanzerGuard2: "What are we going to do with them if Saman isn't turned over?"
M03PanzerGuard1: "They've got to...  We've got their leader.  And there's no way they'll be able to get into the [location of nicolette] to get her out.  Otherwise...  heh heh"
M03PanzerGuard1: "That bunch of tree-hugging pansies never should've messed with us."
M03PanzerGuard1: "Messing with a bot production plant -- what were they thinking?"
M03PanzerGuard1: "They're lucky we didn't hit them sooner... or harder..."
M03PanzerGuard1: "So much for their summit... heh heh"
M03PanzerGuard2: "Not so high and mighty now that they have to deal with us straightforward."
M03PanzerGuard2: "I've heard rumors Her Holiness has special powers.  That has to be a myth."
M03PanzerGuard2: "There were stories about sacrifices... I don't believe those, but Seekers are definitely not right in their heads."
M03PanzerGuard2: "Those Order freaks should just shut up and get real jobs."
M03PanzerTech1: "An entire shipment of ion actuators -- completely destroyed."
M03PanzerTech1: "Their little stunts cost of weeks of production and millions of credits."
M03PanzerTech1: "We deemed the environmental costs to be reasonable.  We can easily relocate once this land becomes too toxic."
M03PanzerTech1: ""
M03PanzerTech1: ""
M03PanzerTech1: ""
M03PanzerTech1: ""
M03PanzerTech2: ""
M03PanzerTech2: ""
M03PanzerTech2: ""
M03PanzerTech2: ""
M03PanzerTech2: ""
M03PanzerTech2: ""
M03Pedestrian1: "Panzerwerks finally reached their breaking point."
M03Pedestrian1: "It was bound to happen -- They could only take so much needling from the Order."
M03Pedestrian1: "I don't know how they're going to settle this situation at Panzerwerks.  I hope no one gets hurt."
M03Pedestrian1: "There are rumors about the Order,that they're growing more extreme, like a cult."
M03Pedestrian1: "Some of those stories about the Order have got to be propaganda."
M03Pedestrian1: "I can't imagine that they've really resorted to dark, murderous rituals. "
M03Pedestrian2: "I heard that the mob seized Her Holiness when the riot broke out at the Panzerwerks factory."
M03Pedestrian2: "I'm no Seeker, but I hope she doesn't get hurt.  Who knows what would happen then?"
M03Pedestrian2: "I know the Order came here to have a peaceful summit, but they had to know that a riot was possible."
M03Pedestrian2: "They can't get the factory under control.  The workers have seized the facility."
M03Pedestrian2: "Tension has been high for months.  It just finally exploded."
M03Pedestrian2: "SSC hasn't got a chance in settling this.  "
M03SSCTied1: "Max Klein, SSC Trier, Private First Class.  Under who's authority are you conducting this rescue operation?"
StandardPlayer: "Hi, Max.  Your brother sent me.  The Constable."
M03SSCTied1: "Very well.  Please convey my apology to the main office.  The workers caught us by surprise and took our weapons."
StandardPlayer: "You're alive.  I think that's all your brother cares about right now."
M03SSCTied1: "What are my orders?"
Choice: "Stay here.  Let me make sure the escape route is clear."
Choice: "Make a run for it, then report to the Constable's office."
M03SSCTied1: "As you wish."
M03SSCTied1: "Understood"
// TRIGGER: Max runs for it.
M03SSCTied1: "I'd do it again.  I don't care."
M03SSCTied1: "It's tough dealing with the public, but I like a challenge."
M03SSCTied1: "Thanks for the extraction.  You have my professional admiration."
M03SSCTied2: "You need a striker?  Because I'm ready."
StandardPlayer: "What's a striker?"
M03SSCTied2: "He goes in first to break up the enemy line.  Those guys caught us by surprise, but they aren't anything close to pros.  Give me a gun.  I want to teach them a quick lesson."
Choice: "Hold tight for a moment."
Choice: "You better make a run for it.  I'll handle the mechanics union."
Choice: "[Weapon choice -- fill out later]"
M03SSCTied2: "Okay.  But don't say I didn't offer to help."
M03SSCTied2: "Oh well.  Guess there's not much I can do without my weapon."
// TRIGGER: the guy flees.
M03SSCTied2: "They should've killed me when they had the chance."
// TRIGGER: the guy attacks whoever's left.
M03SSCTied2: "Sure you don't need a striker?  I was top of my class."
M03StreetOrderMan1: "Her Holiness comes to Trier to make peace, and her gesture is answered with rioting."
M03StreetOrderMan2: "Panzerwerks did not take kindly to our efforts to open their eyes to the harm they are causing the earth."
M03StreetOrderMan1: "What can we do?  I worry for the safety of Her Holiness."
M03StreetOrderMan2: "Have faith.  This must be part of some greater order we cannot yet see.  "
StandardPlayer: "What's going on?  The city's under martial law."
M03StreetOrderMan1: "The Panzerwerks factory has erupted into a riot, just as Her Holiness is coming to Trier to try to soothe tensions."
StandardPlayer: "Why the conflict in the first place?  I know that the WTO and Order have long been at odds, but their reaction seems extreme."
M03StreetOrderMan1: "Tension in this region is particularly intense.  The Order has been trying for some time to persuade Panzerwerks to cease desolating this region and restore to Nature what is rightfully hers.  "
StandardPlayer: "Hm.  What kind of persuasion are you talking about?"
M03StreetOrderMan1: "We merely did what we could to protect the environment, according to Luminon Saman's orders.  No living beings were harmed.  But then our best efforts to peacefully demonstrate the error in their ways were met with accusations of theft -- Why would we steal from Panzerwerks? "
StandardPlayer: "Sounds like a powder keg.  No wonder they're rioting."
M03StreetOrderMan1: "Since Saman's tactics were not working, Her Holiness herself came to Trier to try to reach some form of truce.  Now we have no idea where she is."
StandardPlayer: "This might bear investigation..."
M03StreetOrderMan1: "If they would only open their eyes..."
M03StreetOrderMan1: "Panzerwerks refuses to see the light."
M03StreetOrderMan1: "Order will prevail."
M03StreetOrderMan2: "We were only following Saman's directives.  We had no idea it would come to this."
M03StreetOrderMan2: "The Order would not steal from Panzerwerks.  We detest what their industry does to the land."
M03StreetOrderMan2: "I hope Her Holiness is safe..."
StandardPlayer: "What's going on?  The city's under martial law."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "You bring up the pilot beacon, I'll make sure we don't get surprised from behind."
StandardPlayer: "All I have to do is turn on the generator, right?"
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "Right.  It's pretty dark down there -- just emergency lighting -- but if we don't fire up the pilot beacon we won't be able to bring in our flyers."
StandardPlayer: "Roger."
M04ReroutePowerBelow: "Power up the pilot beacon with the basement generator so that your pilot will be able to locate you."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "I got ya covered."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "Watch out -- I bet there are a lot of transgenics loose down there."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "You're my hero, man.  I mean it.  Takes a lot of guts to run solo on a job like this."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "We're good.  Ava gave me the word -- she'll touch down in an hour."
StandardPlayer: "Let's go."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "How was it down there?"
StandardPlayer: "Dark.  Come on."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "We did it."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "I got a little tense up here, but I managed."
M04BaseBuddy_DELETED_ARCH_D_968: "Wonder where they'll send us next."
M04CapturedGray1: "Not the same as the captors.  We can sense it.  Can you free us?"
StandardPlayer: "Are there more of you caged here?"
M04CapturedGray1: "There is but one caged, but we are all together."
StandardPlayer: "Uh...  Anyway... You're right...  I'm not a Templar.  Do you have any idea why they've got you caged up here?"
M04CapturedGray1: "They are filled with hatred.... here to destroy JC and our clan."
StandardPlayer: "What do you know about JC?"
M04CapturedGray1: "He protects us.  We help him.  These intruders came here to find him... sent a woman in. They must be stopped.  If made free, this one will help you stop these intruders. "
M04CapturedGray1: "What do you require?"
Choice: "Stay right here."
Choice: "Follow me."
Choice: "Find your way home."
// add some specific comments on surroundings later
M04CapturedGray1: "So much hate here.  And fear."
M04CapturedGray1: "We meant them no harm, but now we must act."
M04CapturedGray1: "We must return the safeness to this area."
M04CapturedGray1: "We just want to go home."
M04CapturedGray1: "They have put us here with a badness in mind."
M04CapturedGray1: "This one can help deal with the intruders."
M04CapturedGray1: "Free this one."
M04CapturedGray1: "It is good to be returned."
M04CapturedGray1: "Home at last."
M04CapturedGray1: "We will not be separated again."
M04Gray1: "Making tomorrow look like yesterday...."
M04Gray1: "...Versalife..."
M04Gray1: "...evolving engineered creatures to harvest DNA for the modification of humankind to withstand the most extreme conditions..."
M04Gray1: "again... again... again... pain..."
M04Gray2: "The final evolution will be humanmade."
M04Gray1: "....Page Bob Page Bob Page Bob..."
M04Gray1: "Ethical flexibility..."
M04Gray2: "cages.... cages.... cages...."
M04Gray3: "We weaken, we sicken, we fade.  That one needs extra fuel.  Eggs from Project: K1015."
M04Gray4: "They are beneath us.  Project K's rev 24:  not sterile, not like us, they lay eggs and create more.  "
M04Gray3: "Were we not so weak ourselves, we would go for the nutrients ourselves."
M04Gray4: "Must we lose another?"
M04Gray4: "Intruders starve us... and it's not in the experiment log."
M04Gray4: "We will lose that one and again be fewer."
M04Gray4: "Project K1015's were designed differently from us."
M04Gray4: "We benefit from your retrieval of the egg."
M04Gray4: "That one is not yet fully healthy, but no longer in danger."
M04Gray4: "The emptiness in that one subsides, voice returns to us."
StandardPlayer: "What's the problem here?"
M04Gray3: "We are fading.  That one weakens.  Needs nutrients, special, in the eggs."
M04Gray3: "Our light has returned, but that one still weakens.  Needs nutrients, special, in the eggs."
StandardPlayer: "What eggs?"
M04Gray3: "Project K, rev 24, lays their eggs in the passages beneath this level."
M04Gray3: "You mean the Karkians?"
M04Gray3: "We have heard that name for them, yes."
StandardPlayer: "I'll see what I can do."
StandardPlayer: "What's the problem here?"
M04Gray4: "So peaceful when it was just us and JC."
M04Gray4: "That one ails.  "
M04Gray4: "This illness...  We are all so hungry."
M04Gray4: "We thank you for strengthening us with the egg."
M04Gray4: "Our number has not been reduced."
M04Gray4: "That one's life is returning."
M04GrayLeader: "...yet more deviation from the Plan.  Paul was to arrive with the key, bringing the perfected genetic code.  JC was to awaken to greet the new age.  Instead, that woman burst in, followed soon after by the Hateful Ones.  Where is Paul?  What is going on?"
StandardPlayer: "I'll bet that your intruders are Billie Adams, along with some Templar back-up.  After that, I have no idea what you're talking about."
M04GrayLeader: "When JC arrived so many years ago, and the Versalife base fell silent, he took care of us.  In return, we would maintain his habitat while he slept, and await Apostlecorp's masterpiece.  Paul was to accompany the key, but instead two keys have arrived, and Paul remains nowhere."
StandardPlayer: "Wait -- we ARE the keys?  The gate must use some sort of DNA fingerprinting...  And since both Billie and I have Denton genetic code, we were able to use it...  It was never about the training, was it?  They were just perfecting the DNA..."
M04GrayLeader: "And the gate has only brought us destruction -- the Hateful Ones have shut off our only source of nourishment from within the Versalife base, and threaten us if we try to leave this cave to repair it.  We can neither fulfill our duties to JC.  We cannot get to his habitat to awaken him."
StandardPlayer: "I might be able to do something about that..."
StandardPlayer: "What do you mean by "JC's habitat"?"
M04GrayLeader: "When he came to us, he made the earth move according to whim.  He sculpted a habitat for himself, near to the one Versalife built for us."
StandardPlayer: "That's incredible."
M04GrayLeader: "We maintain the habitat for him while he struggles to assimilate the Helios entity, the artificial intelligence with which he joined.  The merger gave him great power, but also threatened him with madness.  He sleeps now to heal."
StandardPlayer: "So you're a part of Versalife?  I thought that corporation folded during the Collapse.  Quite a few people believe they actually caused it, in fact."
M04GrayLeader: "Versalife established an outpost here and created this habitat for us.  We were the next rev of a project launched in Roswell.  We were to be unstoppable ground troops, unfazed by cold or radiation.  In other cases, our DNA was to be harvested to create biomodifications for humans, so that they could survive the aftermath of a nuclear war."
StandardPlayer: "So you're fully engineered transgenics, not aliens.  That was just a cover story for what could've been the most powerful weapon in the Cold War.  But there aren't very many of you -- hardly an army."
M04GrayLeader: "To prevent us from overpowering our masters by sheer numbers, we were created unable to reproduce.  That's why the interruption of our supply of nourishment is so dire -- we are all that remains."
StandardPlayer: "Now I understand."
M04GrayLeader: "Versalife abandoned their base, but JC ensured that our source of nourishment would be uninterrupted.  The Hateful Ones have somehow upset this balance."
StandardPlayer: "I might be able to check out the old base and repair the damage."
StandardPlayer: "Have the Templars -- I mean, the Hateful Ones -- caused any other trouble for you since their arrival?"
M04GrayLeader: "They've set up camp not far from here and prevent us from leaving.  We suspect they are trying to gain entrance to JC's habitat."
StandardPlayer: "I don't know much about your kind, but you seem far more articulate than an ordinary Gray."
M04GrayLeader: "We were not all engineered the same.  Different strains had different purposes -- some are more verbally adept, others made for battle, and others made as leaders.  JC's arrival only amplified these differences.  His presence has changed us all."
M04GrayLeader: "The glow returns and we are nourished once more.  Much thanks for your efforts.  Our kind will now continue"
StandardPlayer: "Glad to see the work paid off."
M04GrayLeader: "So much outside The Plan.  It must be set right."
M04GrayLeader: "The Hateful Ones must be stopped."
M04GrayLeader: "We cannot allow them to prevail."
M04GrayLeader: "We suffer starvation no more."
M04GrayLeader: "We can feel our strength returning."
M04LairGray1: "Thank you for undoing the Hateful Ones' damage."
M04LairGray1: "The other key is already here.  It is time to awaken JC, but we fear she is here to prevent it and to harm him.  You must stop her and you must revive him."
StandardPlayer: "But how?"
M04LairGray1: "Upon the arrival of the key, JC was to be awakened, to welcome the perfected genetic code.  Then he and Paul were to share it with the world. Now, there is much unexpected turmoil, but we will proceed according to the original Plan. "
StandardPlayer: "What needs to be done?"
M04LairGray1: "You must go [directions to power source].  But beware:  the other key has been laying traps."
StandardPlayer: "What kind of traps?"
M04LairGray1: "[logistic info]  Avoid these dangers and awaken JC.  Do not permit her to destroy everything."
StandardPlayer: "What IS this place anyway?"
M04LairGray1: "This is JC's habitat.  He came to Antarctica seeking peace.  In turmoil from the merger with the artificial intelligence, Helios, he constructed this place with his mind, using his new power over nanotech.  The habitat erupted from the landscape, a living technological building, infused with his psyche."
M04LairGray1: "JC must be awakened.  "
M04LairGray1: "The Hateful Ones threaten all that we have worked and waited for."
M04LairGray1: "We cannot allow JC to continue to sleep."
M04LairGray1: "Now that JC is awake, he will put things right."
M04LairGray1: "JC will stop these Hateful Ones, make us safe once more."
M04LairGray1: "The Plan has been carried out."
RescueTemplar: "Rescue the trapped Templar paladin by [accessing the control panel across from his cell]."
M04TrappedTemplar: "You found me!  Hey, where's your suit?  You one of us?"
StandardPlayer: "A Templar?  No."
M04TrappedTemplar: "Who sent YOU?  You look modified."
StandardPlayer: "Maybe I am."
M04TrappedTemplar: "Well, don't think we're all fanatics about that stuff.  You won't see ME taking any mods, but, you know, to each his own.  My unit got sent down here to see if we could find an unlock control for the Denton bunker.  Figures we'd get jumped by a bunch of mutants.  I'm the only one left."
StandardPlayer: "How'd you end up in there?"
M04TrappedTemplar: "One of those monkey-things, saving me for a snack.  They're smarter than they look.  Hey, think you could get me out of here?  There's a [control panel on the far wall]?"
// We probably want to trigger this explicitly with conversation triggers placed on the map.
M04TrappedTemplar: "Is somebody there?  Help!  Help!"
M04TrappedTemplar: "Actually, what happened was that I was running from a karkian.  I pulled the grate shut for protection.  How was I to know it was going to lock behind me?"
M04TrappedTemplar: "I guess factional differences don't matter much down here, where it's us against the mutants."
M04TrappedTemplar: "You aren't gonna leave me here, are you?"
M04TrappedTemplar: "Please!  Open the grating!"
M04TrappedTemplar: "I know you probably didn't want to do that -- but thanks."
StandardPlayer: "No problem."
M04TrappedTemplar: "We have our differences.  Maybe I care a little more about dignity, the dignity of the human body.  But that doesn't mean we can't work together and get out of here."
M04TrappedTemplar: "Now what?"
Choice: "Stay here."
Choice: "Follow me."
M04TrappedTemplar: "You're the boss."
M04TrappedTemplar: "I hope you know what you're doing."
M04TrappedTemplar: "If you think you can get me out of here alive -- okay."
// This bark is currently disabled.  Re-activate when details are known.
M04TrappedTemplar: "[We should add some Nicolette-style barks for the Templar giving the player (false) advice during the escape.  Will depend on map details.]"
// This bark should be launched by a trigger.
M04TrappedTemplar: "Thanks for the help.  I can find my way from here."
// The Templar attacks the player.
M05CairoCryoScientist1: "My guess is that it was a botched infusion.  Justice, if you ask me.  Mother Nature's way of saying, "Don't play with that.""
M05CairoCryoScientist2: "Looks like it was more than a standard infusion.  This IS Paul Denton we're talking about. It appears they designed it as a new breed of nanite, one suitable for the entire human race."
M05CairoCryoScientist1: "Given that it's been two years since they tried to infuse him, I'm guessing the procedure did not go according to plan."
M05CairoCryoScientist2: "The nanites actually began disintegrating him from the inside.  They put him in cryostate so that they could find a cure."
M05CairoCryoScientist1: "When will they learn?  The human organism should not be altered in such ways."
M05CairoCryoScientist2: "That's why we're here -- to learn what we can from this experiment so that we can put a stop to these plans they have for all humankind."
M05CairoCryoScientist1: "Gah.  You're modified.  I can smell it on you.  "
M05CairoCryoScientist1: "Get out of here, you freak."
M05CairoCryoScientist1: "You can't stop the Templars.  There are too many of us."
M05CairoCryoScientist1: "We have gathered the data we need.  Soon we will be able to halt modification entirely."
M05CairoCryoScientist2: "I don't know who -- or what -- you are, but you aren't permitted here."
M05CairoCryoScientist2: "I have work to do.  Leave me."
M05CairoCryoScientist2: "You're interrupting some of the most sacred research in the history of humankind."
M05CairoCryoScientist2: "Purity will prevail.  Be gone."
M05CairoCryoTemplar1: "I saw the guy -- they've got him [location].  All this security for a frozen man?  What kind of threat could he be?"
M05CairoCryoTemplar2: "I heard he's one of their leaders, and they put him into a deep sleep to wait for something.  I don't know what, but it must be pretty important."
M05CairoCryoTemplar1: "These modified freaks don't make any sense.  I think it rots their brains."
M05CairoCryoTemplar2: "Or maybe you just have to be crazy in the first place to let them ruin your body like that."
M05HidingTemplar1: "Purity is just.  We will prevail."
M05HidingTemplar1: "These freaks have no right to corrupt the human race.  They must be stopped."
M05HidingTemplar1: "We have labored long in secret, but the world is now coming to know us and our valiant work."
M05HidingTemplar1: "If people will not listen to reason, we have other ways of making them understand."
M05HidingTemplar2: "They may have stopped Archer, but they cannot stop our quest for Purity.  We must obliterate the Nassif bloodline."
M05HidingTemplar1: "Why this family?"
M05HidingTemplar2: "The Nassif girl was one of the key candidates for nanite infusion at Tarsus.  Her whole family is likely to give itself over to that pollution, so they must be exterminated."
M05HidingTemplar1: "There are no more in Cairo.  They've all been terminated."
M05HidingTemplar2: "Are you certain?  A threat to Purity like this must not be tolerated.  Then we must identify new targets..."
M05HidingTemplar2: "We may have been stopped in Tarsus, but we will terminate these traitors to human Purity, whatever it takes."
M05HidingTemplar2: "We have tried peaceful means, but our message is ignored.  Now we must strive to protect human Purity, even if it means terminating those who would pollute the race."
M05HidingTemplar2: "They're hardly human, after they undergo infusions anyway, so it's not murder that we commit."
M05HidingTemplar2: "Someday humankind will thank us for so vigilantly defending the genome."
M05IlluminatiElite: "We have been assigned the same objectives with respect to Subject Denton."
StandardPlayer: "I don't know about that."
M05IlluminatiElite: "The Templars are holding the subject now.  It must be destroyed.  The plan is bad."
StandardPlayer: ""
M05MosqueTemplar1: "...we've eliminated most of the modded freaks, and captured one of their demented leaders, the illustrious Paul Denton himself."
M05MosqueTemplar2: "If you can call it that.  SSC is a joke compared to our troops, and it wasn't much of a "capture" since he's just a block of ice.  Hope the scientists get what they need out of him so we can get out of here.  "
M05MosqueTemplar1: "What?  Nervous?"
M05MosqueTemplar2: "Nah, just sick of this assignment.  Need some more challenge.  And less sand."
NGResonance: "Hi.  I'm NG Resonance.  What would you like to talk about?"
StandardPlayer: "You must know everybody in the club."
NGResonance: "Let's talk about you."
StandardPlayer: "Tell me about Bud Puckett."
NGResonance: "I like Bud.  He's one of my biggest fans."
// NOTE: This should never play, if the logic is right.  Better safe than sorry, though.
StandardPlayer: "I guess I'm out of questions at the moment."
StandardPlayer: "Lots of guards in here.  Are they really necessary?"
NGResonance: "Every society has rules."
StandardPlayer: "But -- armed guards in a nightclub?"
NGResonance: "No business can prosper without protection against crime."
StandardPlayer: "Know anything about the WTO guards at the bar?"
NGResonance: "The defense of commercial districts has been the key to economic recovery since the Collapse."
StandardPlayer: "I guess you're not a disciple of the Order."
NGResonance: "I love Nature as much as Her Holiness.  But Nature builds and creates.  The Order terrorizes."
StandardPlayer: "What about the VIP area?  What goes on back there?"
NGResonance: "WTO security would like to know the same thing.  They lack evidence for a search warrant."
StandardPlayer: "You know an awful lot about police business."
NGResonance: "Like you said, I talk to everyone.  If you learn what goes on there, please inform me."
StandardPlayer: "I'm Bud Puckett.  Remember me?"
NGResonance: "The chances of you finding a bug in a globally distributed AI construct are ten billion to one."
StandardPlayer: "I like your music."
NGResonance: "I think you're lying."
StandardPlayer: "Hey -- I'm a fan.  You're not supposed to argue with me."
NGResonance: "I'm supposed to make you like me.  You like it when I argue."
Choice: "I checked out the VIP area.  It's a contact point for the Omar, the black market..."
Choice: "I checked out the VIP area.  No big deal.  Just a bunch of suits."
NGResonance: "Thank you.  The authorities will be informed."
StandardPlayer: "Do I get a reward?"
NGResonance: "Rewards can be granted only for information related to a crime."
NGResonance: "As you wish.  One free ticket to any NG Resonance concert, anywhere in the world, keyed to your retinal profile.  Your ticket will be available at the door."
StandardPlayer: "What can you tell me about the VIP area __across from the bar__ ?"
NGResonance: "You're the one who went inside.  You tell me -- I'm curous.  Even the WTO authorities have been excluded, and they lack justification for a search warrant."
// Logic for this convo will be built out when NOTs are added.
NGResonance: "I like talking to my fans.  Come back when you have something else to discuss."
NGResonance: "I'm always right here, whenever you want to chat."
NGResonance: "We will talk again."
NGResonance: "Do tell me if you learn anything about the VIP area."
StandardPlayer: "The WTO and Order are actually two branches of the same organization?"
NicoletteDuclare: "Precisely.   We could never lead humanity as one monolithic force, at least not initially.  The Illuminati have always worked in secret, and the WTO and Order are just two of our present facades, masking our real work."
StandardPlayer: "But people dedicate their lives to these causes, and it turns out they're just your pawns?"
NicoletteDuclare: "Not at all.  We are humankind's servants not their puppeteers.  We knew that human society would not be capable of responding to a single voice, so we engineered these organizations.  With these fronts, we can optimally organize and lead civilization toward our goals."
StandardPlayer: "Saman is a Templar?"
NicoletteDuclare: "Unfortunately, yes.  He has taken the Order's respect for Nature and warped it into fanaticism, and found likeminded individuals to follow his quest for "Purity" -- merely a euphemism for the murder of modified individuals."
StandardPlayer: "Surely the Illuminati can deal with a few crackpots."
NicoletteDuclare: "Do not underestimate the Templars.  Saman has amassed a great deal of support and resources for his cause."
StandardPlayer: "When were you planning on telling the public about the WTO and Order connections?"
NicoletteDuclare: "When the time is right.  Right now the general populace simply isn't ready for this kind of information.  At this stage, we're only telling select individuals, in the higher echelons of each organization."
StandardPlayer: "Then why are you confiding this in me?"
NicoletteDuclare: "Because you're extraordinary, Alex.  We've been watching your progress for a long time, waiting for this moment."
StandardPlayer: "You followers haven't expelled you yet?"
NicoletteDuclare: "We work in secret only because it best serves our purpose.  "
NicoletteDuclare: "In time, humankind will understand and thank us."
NicoletteDuclare: "My family has a long history with the Illuminati.   You might say the same of your bloodlines as well. "
NicoletteDuclare: "In time, it will all become clear."
NicoletteDuclare: "We want to bring humanity into the light."
// script this convo to trigger no matter what
StandardPlayer: "Are you... Her Holiness?  It's strange seeing you as just another person..."
NicoletteDuclare: "Yes.  I'm just another ordinary human being, like you.  My name is Nicolette Duclare.  "
StandardPlayer: "After being dispatched by the leader of the WTO to rescue you, I guess nothing should be a surprise."
// while Nicolette has been speaking, Donna has walked up and joined the exchange.
DonnaMorgan: "The WTO has vested interests in Her Holiness's welfare, as well as the happenings at this factory.  That's why I was working here undercover, posing as a Panzerwerks executive."
StandardPlayer: "But it's a WTO affiliated factory.  Why would you need to be so covert?  And I understand the need for diplomacy, but it still seems odd to be protecting the leader of your adversaries."
NicoletteDuclare: "There is much you do not know, but our time is short. The WTO and Order are not as they seem...  "
StandardPlayer: "What do you mean?"
NicoletteDuclare: "They are but different faces of the same organization -- the Illuminati, an ancient secret society to which Chad and I both belong.  The WTO and Order are merely the tools we are presently using to elevate humanity to the next level. "
// can we pause with the camera on the player or something like that, like a hesitation here? before donna jumps in?
DonnaMorgan: "I know --  it's overwhelming.  I've dedicated myself to the WTO, only to find out it's just a myth they created. "
StandardPlayer: "If the WTO and Order aren't actually opposing entities, then what's the point of this summit?"
NicoletteDuclare: "The REAL opposition right now comes from the Templars, the militant anti-biomodification group.  The summit was only a cover to justify our public presence in Trier.  Our real goal was to investigate rumors of a Templar splinter cell within the Order, headquartered somewhere nearby. With the help of Agent Morgan, I learned that Luminon Saman was at the heart of this Templar deceit, inciting the riots, and stealing resources away to his hidden compound [at x location]."
StandardPlayer: "So how does it feel?  Your life's work is a phony conflict between business and idealism in the minds of billions of people."
NicoletteDuclare: "Don't be a cynic, young one."
NicoletteDuclare: "Order will prevail.  It always does, whether the cause is mystical or merely secular."
NicoletteDuclare: "Help us put the world back together, Alex."
// Plays near the coffee house to direct the player to talk to Leo.
M05TalkToLeo: "Talk to Leo in the Pequot's coffee shop."
NicoletteDuclare: "JC Denton has a hold on your imagination, perhaps.  Talk to your friend Leo in the Pequod's coffee shop.  See how much he likes enforced modification.  You should recognize that the Omar sect is only a shade of gray different than ApostleCorp."
ChadDumier: "JC Denton has a hold on your imagination, perhaps.  Talk to your friend Leo in the Pequod's coffee shop.  See how much he likes enforced modification.  You should recognize that the Omar sect is only a shade of gray different than ApostleCorp."
Saman: "I need to return in time for the summit."
BillieAdams: "... just a show for the media."
Saman: "I'm not so sure.  Her Holiness sounded sincere when I spoke with her in Germany."
BillieAdams: "A co-dominion with the WTO?  Not in my lifetime."
Saman: "History moves in fits and starts.  Obviously you're too young to remember pre-Collapse society.  I watched two centuries of progress vanish during two minutes on the evening news."
BillieAdams: "Destruction -- that's easy.  But Her Holiness and Chairman Dumier think they can reunify the planet with a simple decree."
Saman: "The faithless are easy to manipulate politically, and, remember, the faithless are the majority.  We should not forget de Toqueville's insight.  If a man does not submit to faith, he will desire a firm, tyrranical shape for society."
BillieAdams: "It's not too late to reform the Church."
Saman: "No, but the danger is great."
// A stub convo for a 3-way with Billie.  Most of the dialogue is in M02BillieBriefing.
StandardPlayer: "I don't believe we've met."
Saman: "[Bishop] Saman from the German [Diocese].  My pleasure.  I was hoping one of Billie's former classmates would show up."
// A series of optional cinematics with Senator Palpatine.
StandardPlayer: "You disagree with the way High Augur Chen is doing things?"
Saman: "Amicably, to be sure.  It's mostly a doctrinal dispute that stands between us."
StandardPlayer: "What about Her Holiness?  Doesn't she decide what the Church stands for?"
Saman: "Her Holiness and I amicably disagree also.  My Shard in Germany has a profound respect for the founding doctrines of the Order.  What we don't understand are these recent revisions and reversals that seem to excuse the resurgence -- through the WTO -- of blind commercial interests, inhumane science, and callousness toward all living things."
StandardPlayer: "You sound pretty upset."
Saman: "My seekers and I are most loyal to the doctrines laid down by Her Holiness after the Collapse.  What we propose, very openly, is a greater purity of interpretation of these founding principles."
StandardPlayer: "What brings the German [Bishop] to Cairo?"
Saman: "Let's just say that if this investigation does indeed uncover technologies for the modification and co-mmodification of human bodies, I don't entirely trust the current leadership to destroy them."
StandardPlayer: "What are you going to do?"
Saman: "Report the truth to my seekers -- to true seekers everywhere.  What more would be necessary?"
Saman: "You want to hear more.  Good.  Let me explain how the Order should rebuild post-Collapse society."
StandardPlayer: "I'm listening."
Saman: "Her Holiness was correct, in the beginning, to describe the problem as one of human growth.  Human growth was impeded in the old society.  "Almost all men carry out the purposes of other men, rather than their own, making them feel impotent in action."  Bertrand Russel."
StandardPlayer: "So?"
Saman: "So?!  Well, Russel was right!  People are creatures of impulse.  The role of political philosophy should be to control the destructive impulses with constructive, creative ones.  Each citizen should be free to grow creatively."
StandardPlayer: "I thought the Order was a spiritual movement."
Saman: "A spiritual movement about reconstituting the self, improving the self, finding balance with the world.  Her Holiness knows that no balance is possible if the old world returns: global capital, teratogenic science, universal wage-slavery..."
Saman: "Have you ever considered what is unique about post-Collapse society?  Hmmm?  Trans-territoriality.  Most political entities coexist on a global scale.  The WTO has its enclaves, we have our settlements and churches."
StandardPlayer: "You're not the first global church."
Saman: "The point is that human beings have the makings of a new basis for civilization.  Communication grids came back up before industry, so we have many global associations incapable of siezing very much territory."
StandardPlayer: "It's only a matter of time."
Saman: "Not necessarily.  Again, Bertrand Russel observed almost two centuries ago that governmental units need not be territorial."
StandardPlayer: "If the Order isn't territorial, why do you maintain an armed guard?"
Saman: "I'm thinking ahead a few decades.  Military power will never vanish.  What we hope is that it can be separated from civil power."
StandardPlayer: "You've got pretty big plans for a [Bishop]."
Saman: "Before she started cozying up to the WTO, Her Holiness agreed -- a global police force would end territorial wars, and small communities could live in harmony, the way individuals used to live within the boudaries of a country and do today within the walls of an enclave. "
StandardPlayer: "But whose police force?"
Saman: "Not important, so long as it knows how to keep Order..."
Saman: "Seek the way, my friend."
Saman: "Enough for now.  Please leave me with my thoughts."
Saman: "If you go outside, try to breathe through your nose."
Saman: "My paladins. today you will be tested.  All guards will be doubled and remain on the highest state of alert.  We are no longer invisible to our enemies, and they are closing in.  Protect the factory at all costs, for only by empowering each Soldier of Purity with exoskeletal armor can we be assured of battlefield superiority."
Saman: "Captain, I'm leaving again.  The defense of the factory is in your hands.  If you can hold the facility, and if my mission is a success, we should be ready to begin our offensive against WTO enclaves by the end of the month."
// Try to make this *mandatory* on the way *out*.
Saman: "You aren't so special anymore, Denton.  Maybe you remember Billie Adams."
StandardPlayer: "Luminon Saman -- where are you?"
Saman: "She's as much Denton as you, thanks to the ApostleCorp infusions.  I sent her through the teleporter to locate and kill JC."
StandardPlayer: "And I'm right behind her."
Saman: "(laugh)  About three hours behind, if my clock is right.  I now know where the teleporter takes its passengers.  My people are closing in on JC's sanctuary this very second."
StandardPlayer: "Your enemies know who you are.  You can't hide for long."
Saman: "Little do you realize how vulnerable they will be if I can use JC's power against them.  I can remain hidden long enough for Billie to complete her assignment.  Then it will be your turn to hide."
SidBlack: "Queer duds, mate.  You SSC?"
SidBlack: "Queer duds, missy.  You SSC?"
StandardPlayer: "Just checking the place out."
SidBlack: "Sid Black.  Call me Sid.  Best jet-jockey in the Northern Hemisphere.  Know someone who needs a flyer?  All they've got to do is bail me out."
SidBlack: "Sid Black.  Call me Sid.  Best jet-jockey in the Northern Hemisphere.  Know someone who needs a flyer?  Looks like I'm back on the job as soon as we get out of here."
StandardPlayer: "A jet pilot.  What are you doing here?"
SidBlack: "Sod-all.  What does it look like?"
StandardPlayer: "Busted for smuggling?"
SidBlack: "That's what I'll tell the ladies.  Actually, terminal fees.  Pure stinkin' bosh in my opinion.  I drop my birds on the curb.  Never used a WTO terminal in my life."
SidBlack: "Pirating.  I'm an air pirate.  I fly a Harrier GR-7.  Hit my birds on the curb.  They don't even see me comin'."
StandardPlayer: "I never heard of air pirates."
SidBlack: "Well, you're lookin' at one.  Been locked up for kidnapping, public endangerment, aggravated this and aggravated that.  Better watch out -- I'm the real thing."
StandardPlayer: "I happen to need a pilot.  Interested?"
SidBlack: "Happen I don't have a choice, do I?  Get me out and you'll be the first bird in line."
SidBlack: "Happen I don't have a choice, do I?  Get me out and you'll be the first bird in line.  I never turn away a pretty lady who wants to fly."
StandardPlayer: "I talked to your girlfriend at the Mercenary Bar.  She says hi."
SidBlack: "Right.  Sally.  Lovely girl."
StandardPlayer: "She said her name was Sandy."
SidBlack: "Sandy!  Too right, too right... Good kid.  Kind of a faffer to live with, though."
StandardPlayer: "So you're in here because of an unpaid fine."
SidBlack: "Terminal fees.  Pure stinkin' bosh in my opinion.  I drop my birds on the curb.  Never used a WTO terminal in my life."
SidBlack: "Terminal fees.  Pure stinkin' bosh in my opinion.  They nabbed me cuz they know I'm an air pirate.  I fly a Harrier GR-7.  Hit my birds on the curb.  They don't even see me comin'."
SidBlack: "Won't be the first time I hopped the clink."
SidBlack: "Better not arse this up..."
SidBlack: "Can't wait to get back to my jet..."
// This convo lets the player order Sid to stay put or bot during the escape.
SidBlack: "Well done, scally.  How do we play it from here?"
SidBlack: "Well done, missy.  How do we play it from here?"
SidBlack: "Time to rag it outta here."
SidBlack: "Yeah?"
Choice: "Wait here.  I'll handle the guards."
Choice: "Stay close."
SidBlack: "Aye, aye.  Aren't gonna leave the old bean -- are ya?"
SidBlack: "On your wing, scally."
SidBlack: "On your wing, missy."
SidBlack: "Right-O!"
SidBlack: "You sure about this?"
SidBlack: "You set me strait, old chap.  Just being a good Samaritan?"
SidBlack: "You set me strait, miss.  Just being a good Samaritan?"
StandardPlayer: "Let's just say I'm a nice guy."
StandardPlayer: "Your girlfriend in Old Seattle sent me."
StandardPlayer: "I need a pilot."
SidBlack: "Well, I hand you my gratitude.  Cheers."
SidBlack: "All right, then.  Cheers."
StandardPlayer: "Is that all the thanks I get?"
SidBlack: "Have to get to my jet.  It's been a tad repossessed in the Merc. District.  Once I'm airborne, though, look me up.  I'll cut you a deal on airfare."
StandardPlayer: "I just broke you out of jail."
StandardPlayer: "I just got you out of jail."
SidBlack: "But not out of debt.  I have to at least break even if I'm gonna burn fuel."
StandardPlayer: "What do you charge?"
StandardPlayer: "How much to take me to Mako Ballistics north of town?"
SidBlack: "A thousand credits for local hops.  That rate includes covert placement, curb drops, hostile pickups.  Other flyers charge less but ARE less, a bunch of sods, in my opinion.  Just meet me at my jet at the waterfront pad in the Merc. District... once I work out a few things."
StandardPlayer: "Your jet was repossessed?  You don't expect me to rescue your jet, too, do you?"
SidBlack: "Happen it depends on how big a hurry you're in.  I lost a load of energy cells headed for the Omar.  Now the Merc diva, Sophia Sak, is keeping my jet to recover costs.  Either I pay up or, better, get someone to take out her guards so I can steal that honey out from under her nose."
StandardPlayer: "I hope you fly better than you manage your finances."
SidBlack: "I may get in trouble, but I get out, too.  Like most of my passengers."
// GOAL: Access Sid's jet at the waterfront landing pad in the Merc District.  Either pay the fine he owes Sophia Sak or eliminate Sak's security force.
StandardPlayer: "I already took care of the people holding your jet."
StandardPlayer: "I already paid your debt to Miss Sak."
SidBlack: "Brilliant.  Cracking good work.  Then I'll see you at the landing pad whenever you're ready to fly."
SidBlack: "This is the WTO's definition of free enterprise: lock up the competition."
SidBlack: "I haven't ruled out the possibility that Suzy turned me in.  My own girl, down in old Seattle."
SidBlack: "Spring me, and I'll make it worth your while."
SidBlack: "Hope they haven't sold my ride for scrap yet."
SidBlack: "No worries if you want to deal with Miss Sak for me.  My lips are sealed."
SidBlack: "See you in the Old Town."
SidBlack: "Wonder what Cindy's been up to."
SidBlack: "Can't wait to get out of this town."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "But what about the apartment?"
SidBlack: "I already picked up my gear."
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "I mean, what about the rent?  What about living together?  You made me move to a bigger place, and now I'm stuck with the bill."
SidBlack: "Hey, I come through this town all the time.  It's my base, my home -- you know that, Cindy."
// Hysterical.
M01MercBarSidsWoman: "Sandy!"
SidBlack: "Sandy.  Right, but the captain's gotta sail if he wants to keep his ship."
StandardPlayer: "You owe me a flight."
SidBlack: "Too right, scally.  My pleasure.  Only -- there's a matter of my debt to Miss Sak.  She has my flyer at her landing pad by the bay."
SidBlack: "Too right, sweets.  My pleasure.  Only -- there's a matter of my debt to Miss Sak.  She has my flyer at her landing pad by the bay."
StandardPlayer: "I have better things to do with my money than pay other people's debts."
SidBlack: "You did it before... (laughs)  Seriously -- I'm up the swanny until I get those mercs away from my jet.  You don't have to pay 'em, necessarily.  Maybe you could arrange an accident, know what I mean?  You look like the type."
SidBlack: "You did it before... (laughs)  Seriously -- I'm up the swanny until I get those mercs away from my jet.  You don't have to pay 'em, necessarily.  Maybe give the guard a wink and a smile, eh?  If I was a hired gun, I'd make a bollocks of my commission for a girl like you."
SidBlack: "Well, I'm up the swanny until I get those mercs away from my jet.  You don't have to pay 'em, necessarily.  Maybe you could arrange an accident, know what I mean?  You weren't afraid of a jail full of SSC."
SidBlack: "Well, I'm up the swanny until I get those mercs away from my jet.  You don't have to pay 'em, necessarily.  Maybe give the guard a wink and a smile, eh?  If I was a hired gun, I'd make a bollocks of my commission for a girl like you."
SidBlack: "Sorry, old boy.  I can't do much until I get my wings back."
SidBlack: "Sorry, plum cake.  I can't do much until I get my wings back."
SidBlack: "Just sayin' goodbye to my girl.  Always chokes me up a little."
SidBlack: "Chicks never listen when I say I run freight."
SidBlack: "Gotta be mobile to make a living in this trade."
SidBlack: "My luck's about dried up in this town, if you want to know the truth."
SidBlack: "Lemme know how it goes with Miss Sak."
SidBlack: "See ya later."
SidBlack: "Hey, Cindy's standin' right there.  You wanna trade life stories, let's wait 'til we're airborne, know what I mean?"
SidBlack: "My bird!"
SidBlack: "One scratch on my sweetie and this whole pad gets a taste of a Firearrow missile."
SidBlack: "Let's check her out."
SidBlack: "Where to?  It'll only cost you a thousand creds."
StandardPlayer: "Just hang around a little while -- I don't know where I want to go yet."
Choice: "Here's the money.  Take me to the Mako Ballistics facility just north of the city."
Choice: "Wait here.  I'll be back."
SidBlack: "Hop in."
// Trigger exit cinematic.
SidBlack: "Squeeze on in here, sweetie."
// Trigger exit cinematic.
SidBlack: "Whatever you say -- I owe ya."
SidBlack: "How was it?  Smooth ride?"
StandardPlayer: "No complaints."
SidBlack: "Always drop my birds on the curb, eh?  Check it out.  New Cairo.  I even had cash to pick up the terminal fee this time."
StandardPlayer: "Good.  I don't want to have to get you out of jail again."
SidBlack: "Anywhere else you want to go, I'll be right here.  [1500] creds."
StandardPlayer: "Sid Black.  How'd you end up in Cairo?"
SidBlack: "Had to get out of town pretty fast.  Fortunately, this guy Leo needed a ride and could give me some fuel money."
StandardPlayer: "Leo Kowalski?  I went to school with that guy -- briefly."
SidBlack: "A good kid.  Kind of a chip on his shoulder, though.  What about you?  Your eyes look a little bloodshot.  Been out in the dust?  You should've hired a better flyer.  Someone like me coulda dropped you in the city."
StandardPlayer: "Maybe next time."
SidBlack: "Wherever you want to go.  I'll be right here.  [1500] creds."
SidBlack: "Sid Black.  Harrier pilot.  Best flyer in the Western Hemisphere.  I drop my birds on the curb.  Spread it around.  I'm looking for another contract to get out of this town."
StandardPlayer: "What's wrong with New Cairo?"
SidBlack: "Nothing, but I've got a girl waiting for me in Trier, Germany.  Protester-type.  She's there for the summit."
StandardPlayer: "Which side?  Order or WTO?"
SidBlack: "Mmmm.  Crikey, I didn't ask.  As soon as women start talking politics, I go blank.  But I wouldn't mind raising some fuel money so I could see her again.  [1500] creds.  I'll take you wherever you need to go."
// Maybe filter these based on M02SidDiscussedTrierGirl when we get the tech.
Choice: "1500?  No problem.  I need a lift to Trier, Germany."
Choice: "I don't have that kind of cash."
Choice: "I'll let you know."
SidBlack: "Lovely.  See you at the terminal."
SidBlack: "Lovely.  See you at the terminal, mate."
StandardPlayer: "Cool."
SidBlack: "This is blooming grreat!  Drop you in town, and me and Sandy get to have our holiday."
StandardPlayer: "Quite a coincidence."
SidBlack: "Guess Trier's the party town right now -- globablization secret meetings, riots, concerts -- I heard NG is going to play."
StandardPlayer: "You're an NG Resonance fan?"
SidBlack: "Am I an NG Resonance fan?  (laughs uncontrollably)  Catch you at the terminal, eh?"
SidBlack: "Guess you're cracking out of luck, then."
SidBlack: "Need a lift?  [1500] creds."
StandardPlayer: "Not yet.  I'll let you know."
SidBlack: "I could use a little more cash so I can get out of this town in a certain amount of style."
SidBlack: "Air Terminal, [Tier Four].  See ya there."
SidBlack: "Hop in, scally."
SidBlack: "Hop in."
Choice: "Let's go."
Choice: "Just a minute.  I'm not quite ready."
SidBlack: "Any special instructions for the drop?  Strafing run?  Hostile insertion?  Drop you near a pub?  You're payin' for quality, remember."
StandardPlayer: "Just get me close to downtown.  I'm looking for someone."
SidBlack: "Anybody I know?  I spent a right many days in that town with Cindy and her mangy friends."
SidBlack: "Anybody I know?  I spent a right many days in that town with this girl Cindy and her mangy friends."
StandardPlayer: "I don't think so.  Just get me there."
SidBlack: "Fine by me.  I never turn down a tourist hop.  I have my own situation in Trier, anyway."
// Trigger exit cinematic.
TracerTong: "You found me, Alex."
StandardPlayer: "How do you know who I am?"
TracerTong: "Your name is Alex Denton.  You were created in a laboratory at Area 51, the third Denton sibling.  I took over the research after JC Denton destroyed Majestic-12."
StandardPlayer: "So what about this gateway, the teleporter to JC."
StandardPlayer: "Your'e Tracer Tong."
TracerTong: "You must have come looking for the Black Gate laboratory and the gateway to JC.  Unfortunately, the Templars have taken the facility."
StandardPlayer: "Gateway?"
TracerTong: "Yes, the Black Gate was rebuilt by JC as a portal to his secret base in Antarctica.  Only a Denton or one of our modified operatives can go through.  It's lucky you found me here."
StandardPlayer: "You're quick to trust me."
TracerTong: "Our enemies already know about the gate.  They will be using you to get access to JC."
StandardPlayer: "The WTO and the Order."
TracerTong: "In a manner of speaking.  It's time for me to send Mr. Dumier and Her Holiness a message.  Go to the constable's office and tell the WTO leader that we have a common enemy now, and that if he looks a little deeper at the Panzerwerks riots he will see the hand of the Templars."
StandardPlayer: "What if I tell them you're here?"
TracerTong: "I'm not the one who needs to be afraid anymore.  You, Klara, Billie, and Leo are the only ones who can use the Gate to discover JC's exact location.  Nothing else matters now.  JC is the only one who can enact universal distribution of our technology."
StandardPlayer: "Maybe I'll go through the gate and see what JC has to say about all this."
TracerTong: "The Templars have recoded the security lock.  They, too, are looking to recruit one of our operatives to get at JC.  Neither the Order, nor the WTO, nor you or I will have any chance to reach JC until we discover where this Templar army has based itself -- and who is the keeper of the new code.  Go to Mr. Dumier.  The place to start is Panzerwerks."
TracerTong: "Alex Denton.  You found our laboratory."
StandardPlayer: "Are you Tong?"
TracerTong: "As you can see, our operation is nearly destroyed.  Yes, I'm Tracer Tong.  I was in charge of research for ApostleCorp."
StandardPlayer: "You called me Denton."
TracerTong: "I have a lot to explain.  Meet me at the [_________] Tavern down the street.  You are one of the original Denton prototypes -- yes.  You will be able to use the Black Gate teleporter to contact JC -- but not until we have the new access codes.  The Templars recoded the security lock."
TracerTong: "Whether someone wants to destroy the technology, control it, or release it to the whole population, JC is the key.  Several powerful factions are looking for his sanctuary."
TracerTong: "During the Collapse, JC had little choice other than exile.  The merger with the Helios AI was unstable.  He needed a safe place to retire while we developed a more compatible biomod architecture."
TracerTong: "Go to the Constable's office.  Mr. Dumier will teach you more about our enemies than I can."
TracerTong: "Do what Mr. Dumier asks.  He is in a position to help you track down the Templars, moreso than I am."
StandardPlayer: "I rescued Her Holiness.  Turns out she's Nicolette DuClare -- an Illuminatus."
TracerTong: "Now you see the danger we face.  The Illuminati have been very successful at re-shaping the post-Collapse world.  Control of our technology would allow them to create a handpicked ruling elite."
StandardPlayer: "How can they simultaneously support the ideals of the Order and the commercialism of the WTO?"
TracerTong: "The Illuminati have always sought just one thing: centralization.  Centralization of wealth, power, and ideology.  The implementation details are unimportant."
StandardPlayer: "So they centralize wealth with the WTO and ideology with the Order.  What about power?"
TracerTong: "That they hope to get from us."
TracerTong: "The time is coming when you will have to choose sides, Alex."
TracerTong: "Be careful of the other trainees.  They won't necessarily see things the way you do."
TracerTong: "Don't delay -- go to the Templar compound and find the code to unlock the teleporter."
// We should make this MANDATORY, possibly as a hologram at the Black Gate but also -- if the player goes to the Tavern first -- as a normal cinematic.
TracerTong: "When you go to Antarctica and find JC, remember what hangs in the balance.  I haven't told you just how powerful JC has become."
StandardPlayer: "One of the other trainees, Billie Adams, has already gone through the gate."
TracerTong: "She has signed her soul over to the Luddites, the haters of technology.  You will have to protect JC, or she might plunge the world into another Dark Age."
StandardPlayer: "I thought you said JC was powerful."
TracerTong: "He is, but the merger with the Helios AI has been problematic.  He has fallen into a state of near-coma and will be vulnerable until you or one of the others can revive him."
StandardPlayer: "How do I do that?"
TracerTong: "The nanite infusions that make up your biomods.  We have resolved all neural integration issues.  By transferring your architecture to JC, you will complete his interface to the AI and bring him out of the coma.  This is a job we intended for Paul, but now it falls on your shoulders."
StandardPlayer: "Paul Denton?"
TracerTong: "He, too, is helpless and in need of our new systems.  We thought we had the infusions perfected three years ago, but his body rejected them, violently.  He had to be cryogenically frozen until we could finish the design."
StandardPlayer: "The leader of the Cairo facility... captured by the Templars."
TracerTong: "Exactly.  JC will tell you more.  Good luck."
TracerTong: "I never imagined that all four of our facilities would be compromised at once."
TracerTong: "The survival of ApostleCorp -- and JC's hope for society -- depend on what you do in Antarctica."
TracerTong: "You better go."
HerHolinessHolo: "Convergence is possible, my seekers.  The Chairman and I have outlined a program to bring our systems into agreement.  Poverty is not a prerequisite for fulfillment, nor is amorality a prerequisite for prosperity.  Together, in peace.  This is the way."