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Notes:Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

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This page contains notes for the game Donkey Kong Country (SNES).

VAR 28: Simple animation control variable?
VAR 3E: Room ID.
VAR 40: Next room ID.
        This is set after beating a level for the first time
        or when the player enters a bonus room / warp.

7E0500: Player switch boolean.
        00: Player can switch.
        80: Player can't switch.
7E0501: Button pressed.
        01: Right.
        02: Left.
        04: Down.
        08: Up.
        10: Start button.
        20: Select button.
        40: Action button.
        80: Jump button.

7E0512: (Animal buddy variable)

7E051A: Fade variable.
        At 0F, no fade present. At 00, screen is entirely black.

7E0525: ??? (Levels don't load when at 0)
7E0527: Map screen boolean.
        When on map screen, value is 1. When in an actual level,
        value is 0. Setting this value to 0 on the map screen will
        send the player to Jungle Hijinks no matter what level
        is selected. Setting this value to 1 in a level will send
        the player back to where they spawned when they enter a 
        bonus level / warp.
7E0529: Banana helper variable.
7E052B: Banana counter graphic - Singles digit.
7E052C: Banana counter graphic - Tens digit.
7E052D: Banana counter graphic - Hundreds digit.
7E052F: Banana counter visibility variable.
        00: Not visible.
        01: Visible.
7E0531: Banana counter ??? variable.
        Something to do with the countaing and banana spinning
7E0532: HUD properties variable.
        00: Use default settings.
        01: Use secondary object graphics.
        02: Palette bit #1.
        04: Palette bit #2.
        08: Palette bit #3.
        10: ???
        20: High priority.
        40: Horizontal flip.
        80: Vertical flip.

7E0535: Free movement debug mode variable.
        When variable is set > 1, free movement debug is activated. 
        The control pad can be used to move the player up, down, left, 
        and right, with no gravity.
        01: Objects on.
        02: Objects off.

7E0539: ???
        (Varies between 00 and 80 when entering different rooms)

7E055D: Animal Buddy boolean.
        00: No animal buddy on entrance.
        01: Put player on Animal Buddy on entrance.

7E0563: Previous level variable.
        Used to determine whether or not the player can exit a level,
        and where to put the player on the map.
7E0565: Exit from bonus room level ID.
        Used when the player exits a bonus room. Player is sent to the 
        appropriate level on exit.
7E0567: Language select.
        00: English.
        02: French.
        04: German.
7E0569: Intro screen variable.
        00: Play intro / title screen.
        01: Go to title screen if intro is skipped, hit enter to go to game select.
        02: Play intro / title screen, then go to game select.
        03: Go to game select if intro is skipped.
7E056B: Cheating variable.
        01: Bad Buddy.
        02: Bonus round mode.
        04: 50 Lives.
        08: Music test.
7E056D-7E056E: Game select timer.
        Increments every frame while on the game select screen. If any button is pressed,
        the timer is reset to 0. When the timer reaches 1200, the game fades back to the
7E056F: Current player.
        01: Donkey Kong.
        02: Diddy Kong.
7E0571: Winky Token counter.
7E0572: Enguarde Token counter.
7E0573: Rambi Token counter.
7E0574: Enguard Token counter.
7E0575: Lives helper variable
	(Checked at the beginning of a room. Lives variable is set to this
         value on map load)
7E0577: Lives variable.
7E0579: Player special info variable.
        01: Player has a backup Kong.
        02: Freeze backup player.
        08: Alternate vertical camera movement?
        40: Game paused.
7E057B: Banana variable incrementer.
7E057D: Map status variable.
        02: In Jumbo Barrel.
        10: Level completed.
7E057F: K O N G letters.
        01: G letter.
        02: N letter.
        04: O letter.
        08: K letter.
7E0581: Game Select variable.
        00: Slot #1.
        01: Slot #2.
        02: Slot #3.
        03: Erase Game.
        04: Language.

7E0B1B-7E0B1C: Donkey Kong X variable.
7E0B1D-7E0B1E: Diddy Kong X variable.
7E0B1F-7E0B20: Object #1 X variable.
7E0B21-7E0B22: Object #2 X variable.
7E0B23-7E0B24: Object #3 X variable.
7E0B25-7E0B26: Object #4 X variable.
7E0B27-7E0B28: Object #5 X variable.
7E0B29-7E0B2A: Object #6 X variable.
7E0B2B-7E0B2C: Object #7 X variable.
7E0B2D-7E0B2E: Object #8 X variable.
7E0B2F-7E0B30: Object #9 X variable.
7E0B31-7E0B32: Object #9 X variable.
7E0B33-7E0B34: Object #10 X variable.
7E0B35-7E0B36: Donkey Kong simple object X variable.
       (Tells game where to put simple objects created by complex
        ones (ex. hit graphic, clouds of smoke, Dumb Drum enemies, etc.)
7E0B37-7E0B38: Diddy Kong simple object X variable.
7E0B39-7E0B3A: Object #1 simple object X variable.
7E0B3B-7E0B3C: Object #2 simple object X variable.
7E0B3D-7E0B3E: Object #3 simple object X variable.
7E0B3F-7E0B40: Object #4 simple object X variable.
7E0B41-7E0B42: Object #5 simple object X variable.
7E0B43-7E0B44: Object #6 simple object X variable.
7E0B45-7E0B46: Object #7 simple object X variable.
7E0B47-7E0B48: Object #8 simple object X variable.
7E0B49-7E0B4A: Object #9 simple object X variable.
7E0B4B-7E0B4C: Object #10 simple object X variable.

7E0B8F-7E0B90: Donkey Kong priority variable.
       (Every object has a priority variable. If two objects cross, the one with
        the greater priority variable will appear in front of the other object)
7E0B91-7E0B92: Diddy Kong priority variable.
7E0B93-7E0B94: Object #1 priority variable.
7E0B95-7E0B96: Object #2 priority variable.
7E0B97-7E0B98: Object #3 priority variable.
7E0B99-7E0B9A: Object #4 priority variable.
7E0B9B-7E0B9C: Object #5 priority variable.
7E0B9D-7E0B9E: Object #6 priority variable.
7E0B9F-7E0BA0: Object #7 priority variable.
7E0BA1-7E0BA2: Object #8 priority variable.
7E0BA3-7E0BA4: Object #9 priority variable.
7E0BA5-7E0BA6: Object #10 priority variable.
7E0BA7-7E0BA8: Donkey Kong simple object priority variable.
7E0BA9-7E0BAA: Diddy Kong simple object priority variable.
7E0BAB-7E0BAC: Object #1 simple object priority variable.
7E0BAD-7E0BAE: Object #2 simple object priority variable.
7E0BAF-7E0BB0: Object #3 simple object priority variable.
7E0BB1-7E0BB2: Object #4 simple object priority variable.
7E0BB3-7E0BB4: Object #5 simple object priority variable.
7E0BB5-7E0BB6: Object #6 simple object priority variable.
7E0BB7-7E0BB8: Object #7 simple object priority variable.
7E0BB9-7E0BBA: Object #8 simple object priority variable.
7E0BBB-7E0BBC: Object #9 simple object priority variable.
7E0BBD-7E0BBE: Object #10 simple object priority variable.

7E0BC3-7E0BC4: Donkey Kong Y variable.
7E0BC5-7E0BC6: Diddy Kong Y variable.
7E0BC7-7E0BC8: Object #1 Y variable.
7E0BC9-7E0BCA: Object #2 Y variable.
7E0BCB-7E0BCC: Object #3 Y variable.
7E0BCD-7E0BCE: Object #4 Y variable.
7E0BCF-7E0BD0: Object #5 Y variable.
7E0BD1-7E0BD2: Object #6 Y variable.
7E0BD3-7E0BD4: Object #7 Y variable.
7E0BD5-7E0BD6: Object #8 Y variable.
7E0BD7-7E0BD8: Object #9 Y variable.
7E0BD9-7E0BDA: Object #10 Y variable.
7E0BDB-7E0BDC: Donkey Kong simple object Y variable.
       (Tells game where to put simple objects created by complex
        ones (ex. hit graphic, clouds of smoke, Dumb Drum enemies, etc.)
7E0BDD-7E0BDE: Diddy Kong simple object Y variable.
7E0BDF-7E0BE0: Object #1 simple object Y variable.
7E0BE1-7E0BE2: Object #2 simple object Y variable.
7E0BE3-7E0BE4: Object #3 simple object Y variable.
7E0BE5-7E0BE6: Object #4 simple object Y variable.
7E0BE7-7E0BE8: Object #5 simple object Y variable.
7E0BE9-7E0BEA: Object #6 simple object Y variable.
7E0BEB-7E0BEC: Object #7 simple object Y variable.
7E0BED-7E0BEE: Object #8 simple object Y variable.
7E0BEF-7E0BF0: Object #9 simple object Y variable.
7E0BF1-7E0BF2: Object #10 simple object Y variable.

7E0C6C: Donkey Kong object properties variable.
        low 4 bits: palette index.
        10: ???
        20: High-priority bit.
        40: Flip object horizontally.
        80: Flip object vertically.
7E0C6E: Diddy Kong object properties variable.
7E0C70: Object #1 object properties variable.
7E0C72: Object #2 object properties variable.
7E0C74: Object #3 object properties variable.
7E0C76: Object #4 object properties variable.
7E0C78: Object #5 object properties variable.
7E0C7A: Object #6 object properties variable.
7E0C7C: Object #7 object properties variable.
7E0C7E: Object #8 object properties variable.
7E0C80: Object #9 object properties variable.
7E0C82: Object #10 object properties variable.

7E0D13-7E0D14: Donkey Kong graphics pointer variable.
7E0D15-7E0D16: Diddy Kong graphics pointer variable.
7E0D17-7E0D18: Object #1 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D19-7E0D1A: Object #2 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D1B-7E0D1C: Object #3 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D1D-7E0D1E: Object #4 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D1F-7E0D20: Object #5 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D21-7E0D22: Object #6 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D23-7E0D24: Object #7 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D25-7E0D26: Object #8 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D27-7E0D28: Object #9 graphics pointer variable.
7E0D29-7E0D2A: Object #10 graphics pointer variable.

7E0E8B: Donkey Kong horizontal push.
7E0E8C: Donkey Kong horizontal acceleration.
7E0E8D: Diddy Kong horizontal push.
7E0E8E: Diddy Kong horizontal acceleration.
7E0E8F: Object #1 horizontal push.
7E0E90: Object #1 horizontal acceleration.
7E0E91: Object #2 horizontal push.
7E0E92: Object #2 horizontal acceleration.
7E0E93: Object #3 horizontal push.
7E0E94: Object #3 horizontal acceleration.
7E0E95: Object #4 horizontal push.
7E0E96: Object #4 horizontal acceleration.
7E0E97: Object #5 horizontal push.
7E0E98: Object #5 horizontal acceleration.
7E0E99: Object #6 horizontal push.
7E0E9A: Object #6 horizontal acceleration.
7E0E9B: Object #7 horizontal push.
7E0E9C: Object #7 horizontal acceleration.
7E0E9D: Object #8 horizontal push.
7E0E9E: Object #8 horizontal acceleration.
7E0E9F: Object #9 horizontal push.
7E0EA0: Object #9 horizontal acceleration.
7E0EA1: Object #10 horizontal push.
7E0EA2: Object #10 horizontal acceleration.

7E0EF3: Donkey Kong vertical push.
        (Added to current vertical acceleration)
7E0EF4: Donkey Kong vertical acceleration.
        (When at 80 or below, push up by X pixels.
         At 81 and above, push down by (0100 - X) pixels).
7E0EF5: Diddy Kong vertical push.
7E0EF6: Diddy Kong vertical acceleration.
7E0EF7: Object #1 vertical push.
7E0EF8: Object #1 vertical acceleration.
7E0EF9: Object #2 vertical push.
7E0EFA: Object #2 vertical acceleration.
7E0EFB: Object #3 vertical push.
7E0EFC: Object #3 vertical acceleration.
7E0EFD: Object #4 vertical push.
7E0EFE: Object #4 vertical acceleration.
7E0EFF: Object #5 vertical push.
7E0F00: Object #5 vertical acceleration.
7E0F01: Object #6 vertical push.
7E0F02: Object #6 vertical acceleration.
7E0F03: Object #7 vertical push.
7E0F04: Object #7 vertical acceleration.
7E0F05: Object #8 vertical push.
7E0F06: Object #8 vertical acceleration.
7E0F07: Object #9 vertical push.
7E0F08: Object #9 vertical acceleration.
7E0F09: Object #10 vertical push.
7E0F0A: Object #10 vertical acceleration.

7E1105: Map screen - Lead player.
        1C: Diddy Kong.
        1E: Donkey Kong.
        46: Jumbo Barrel.
7E1107: Map screen - Trailing player.
7E1108: Donkey Kong animation delay variable.
7E110A: Diddy Kong animation delay variable.
7E110C: Object #1 animation delay variable.
7E110E: Object #2 animation delay variable.
7E1110: Object #3 animation delay variable.
7E1112: Object #4 animation delay variable.
7E1114: Object #5 animation delay variable.
7E1116: Object #6 animation delay variable.
7E1118: Object #7 animation delay variable.
7E111A: Object #8 animation delay variable.
7E111C: Object #9 animation delay variable.
7E111E: Object #10 animation delay variable.

7E1377: Donkey Kong variable #1.
7E1379: Diddy Kong variable #1.
7E137B: Object #1 variable #1.
7E137D: Object #2 variable #1.
7E137F: Object #3 variable #1.
7E1381: Object #4 variable #1.
7E1383: Object #5 variable #1.
7E1385: Object #6 variable #1.
7E1387: Object #7 variable #1.
7E1389: Object #8 variable #1.
7E138B: Object #9 variable #1.
7E138D: Object #10 variable #1.

7E1503: Boss hit count variable.

7E152F: Donkey Kong action counter variable.
7E1531: Diddy Kong action counter variable.
7E1533: Object #1 action counter variable.
7E1535: Object #2 action counter variable.
7E1537: Object #3 action counter variable.
7E1539: Object #4 action counter variable.
7E153B: Object #5 action counter variable.
7E153D: Object #6 action counter variable.
7E153F: Object #7 action counter variable.
7E1541: Object #8 action counter variable.
7E1543: Object #9 action counter variable.
7E1545: Object #10 action counter variable.

7E1A4C: Camera Y variable.

7E1A57-7E1A58: Camera Y shift variable.

7E1A6B: ??? (Initialized at start of level)
7E1A6D: ??? (Initialized at start of level)

7E1DF1: Jungle weather helper variable?
7E1DF3: Jungle weather variable.

7E1E15-7E1E16: Room status variable.
      0001: Level start boolean.
            (Unset when a different room is entered)
      0002: Other room boolean.
            (Set when room ID does not match a level entrance)
      0004: Squawks boolean.
      0008: Cave boolean.
      0010: Dark object palette toggle.
      0020: Bonus room boolean.
      0040: Animal Buddy toggle.
      0080: [Unused?]
      0100: [Unused?]
      0200: Quick pit death boolean.
            (When set, player immediately dies when below lower camera bound)
      0400: Use Animal Bonus Stage tokens instead of bananas.
      0800: Level warp taken.

7E1E25: Lives counter appearance variable?