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Notes:Doom Eternal

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This page contains notes for the game Doom Eternal.

How To Rip Audio With Something Resembling Filenames

  1. Grab the Doom Eternal Sound Ripper and extract it somewhere. (We probably ought to mirror this in case it vanishes into the mists like the Doom 2016 sound renamer)
  2. Use the following command line:
    DESR.exe -e -c -r "(doom eternal install directory)\base\sound\soundbanks\pc\" -o "(output folder)"
  3. Go make a coffee, this is gonna take a while.

When it's done, sounds will be in the "Default Work Unit" subfolder of your output folder. They will lack proper filenames, but will be very intricately sorted into folders based on what event they're used for by the game, so you'll know what's what anyway.
(for example: Default Work Unit\vo\character_vo\MARAUDER\Sams_Base\Confront_Samuel\Destroy_Crucible\vo_MARAUDER_Sams_BaseConfront_SamuelDestroy_Crucible_My_eyes_have_been_op_GHOST36784\494702498.ogg)

Things Worth Noting

Most of the resulting OGG files (pretty much everything that isn't music) are actually Opus files, so if you want to play them in Winamp you'll name to grab a plugin and rename them all to .opu or .opus.

Some non-localized voiceovers (grunts and pain sounds, some cut dialogue) may end up as 0 bytes for some reason. I worked around this by copying the following files into a seperate folder and running DESR on them seperately, so as to re-export them from just the English files:

  • soundmetadata.bin
  • vo_English(US).snd
  • vo_English(US)_patch_1.snd
  • vo_english.pck