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Notes:Dune (DOS)

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This page contains notes for the game Dune (DOS).

Playing the Demo Version

You can enter the game from the demo by:

  • Unpacking dunedem.exe with UNP
  • Changing the jump at 0x855 into a NOP

Now pressing Escape from within the demo sequence will bring you to the introductory sequence, and escaping from that will put you into the game. If the game attempts to load any files it can't find, the program will terminate. However, most of the missing files can be substituted with their counterparts from the final game (rename *.hsq to *.sqz) with no problems besides occasional palette issues.

Exceptions are the Harkonnen palace and fortress graphics. The demo expects to find the graphics for Arrakeen inside palah.sqz, but in the final game they're kept in fort.hsq and bunk.hsq. This also means that using the final game's versions of fort and bunk will not work, as those files are bigger than the demo expects. Using generic.hsq in place of palah/bunk/fort.sqz seems to allow the fortresses and palace to load, though with completely incorrect graphics and palette.