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This page contains notes for the game Faxanadu.

Game Genie Codes

Spawn the unused enemies and NPCs in the rightmost room of Eolis:

Bone Dragon: ZPSEGXZZ
Demon-Seahorse: GZSEGXZZ
Tentacle Thing: YZSEGXZZ

Blue woman: ILSEGXZZ
Jumping girl: TLSEGXZZ

To access the unused character portraits, talk to the king in Eolis with either one of these:

Pink-shirt: VASZALEA

To access the unused screens, exit Eolis with any of these codes:

Unused duplicate 1: LONTGIAE

The remaining screens require two codes:

Unused duplicate 2: ZEVVAIPA ZENTGIAE
Unused duplicate 2: ZEVVAIPA LENTGIAE
Unused duplicate 2: ZEVVAIPA LXNTGIAA
Unused duplicate 2: ZEVVAIPA GXNTGIAA
(this room appears five times and is unused four times)

Alternate entrance to the final dungeon: GEVVAIPA YENTGIAE 
(This will spawn you stuck at the bottom of the screen. Additional hacking is required to get out.)

King Grieve extension area: GEVVAIPA TONTGIAA
(This room will not load with the correct color palette.)