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Notes:Hotline Miami

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This page contains notes for the game Hotline Miami.

This is present within Game Maker's "Game Information" section, when the game is decompiled to a Game Maker 7 project file.

17 masker banor 1 mask alla vapen Squid 1 mask första slutet Kameleont x 1 mask andra slutet Bat x 1 mask ladorna kloaken Fish x 3 masker på lik x 1 i kloaken Crocodile x 1 på polisstationen Rat x

sunset born hawaii

THROWING WEAPONS (8) 0=27 scissors 1=28 bottle 2=29 can 3=30 brick 4=31 ninja star 5=32 hammer 6=33 dart 7=34 throwing knife

MELEE (17)

0=2 club 1=3 pipe 2=4 bat 3=5 knife 4=8 sword 5=13 pool stick 6=14 broken pool 7=15 axe 8=16 nightstick 9=17 crowbar 10=18 machete 11=19 sledgehammer 12=20 trophy 13=21 drill 14=22 frying pan 15=23 boiling pot 16=24 pot

GUNS (8) 0=0 m16 1=1 shotgun 2=6 doublebarrel 3=7 silenced pistol 4=9 uzi 5=10 magnum 6=11 scorpion 7=12 mp5

GROUND KILLS (26) 0=2 club 1=3 pipe 2=4 bat 3=5 knife 4=8 sword 5=13 pool stick 6=14 pool stick broke 7=15 fire axe 8=16 nightstick 9=18 machete 10=19 sledge hammer 11=20 trophy 12=21 drill 13=22 frying pan 14=23 boiling water 15=24 pot 16=27 scissors 17=28 bottle 18=30 brick 19=33 dart 20= bag 21= head bash 22= head kick 23= mc blunt 24= mc slit 25= mc stomp

xKolla om spelaren kolliderar med vägg när han reser sig och i så fall flytta till föregående position (innan han satte sig) Tappa vapen när man sparkar?

xx första bokstaven i andra delen av PART xx centrerad text på tips xx vald mask ska hamna överst x inte kunna dra på sig mask flera gånger x ta väskan innan fienderna är slut på trainstation xx luffaren ska följa efter dig score system som låser upp saker vettigt! nya levelsprites till level select xx flytta ner övre undre skåpen på undervåningen på trainstation xx rätt låt på första nicke (efter att ha låst upp mask!)s flexibility special stoppa in saker att plocka upp hos nicke fixa saker att läsa i lägenheten lista över bonus-poängsgrejer (details) xx rätt avstånd på att slå glas x inte kasta genom väggar fiender som kissar måste märka en fiender får inte kissa på locken sluta kissa fixa minnet så att sparfilerna blir mindre xx fixa så att spelet sparas innan man väljer mask x saknad dialog på telefon sequence 4 xx plocka upp tjejen med båda knappar toastolar på baren xx fixa dialogen på tension (telefon) städaren kanske ska titta mot spelaren? ?? hundar springer genom väggar? telefon sprite med mask xx BOMBDÖRRENN!!!!s xx Fel efter deadline

Bonus List Pressure Pickup Exposure Double Exposure Tripple Exposure Severe Exposure Door Slam Execution Mercy Kill Sharp Shooter Wall Penetration 2x Combo 3x Combo 4x Combo 5x Combo 6x Combo 7x Combo 8x Combo 9x Combo 10x Combo 11x Combo 12x Combo 13x Combo Melee Only Time Bonus Double Kill Tripple Kill Multi Kill Guns Only Projectile Kill


xTjockispolis xPolishatt xBarrikadmöbler xFilkabinetter xChefen pratar xTar fram vapen xTelefoner xMetaldetektorer -ljud xPolisdatorer

Sjukhus-start (stå vid sängen) + datum


xCutscene xTjejen död xDialog xMördare soffan xMördare skjuter spelaren

xDrömsekvens 3 Part 3: Visitations

Drömsekvens 4 Part 4: Resolutions

Part 5: Revelations

Part 1

The Metro No Talk Overdose Decadence

Part 2 Tension Full House Hotel Neighbours

Part 3 Hot and Heavy The Club - - - (Swat team) Deadline

Part 4 Hospital Police House Boss HQ Boss Mansion

Part 5 Apartment Arcade Phone Hom Janitors hideout

Fast poäng vart 50,000

Ökande gräns 50+5,000

Ha en specifik poäng

-Valrossen alltid ha kunna bli träffad av ett skott

-Elefanten + två skott

-Fladdermus Reversed controls

-Kaninen en halv pixel snabbar

-Panter en pixel snabbare

-Vargen börjar med kniv

-Kobran Döda fiender genom att kasta vapen

-Kamelen +5 ammo

-Enhörningen tyst när man skjuter

-Mullvaden, svart runt ser inget

-Räven ser hints under banorna

-Häst får extra poäng för spark

-Krokodilen får extra mycket blod

-Locust startar med borrmaskin

-Kameleonten fiender ser en inte förrän man är nära

-Bat Reversed controls

-Apan snor vapen när man sliter ut struphuvudet

-Tiger Bash och blunt kills dör på första

-Grisen startar med bössa

-Grodan har längre combo tid

-Giraffen aimar längre


This is communist persecution!

I think it's reasonable to assume that these killings are part of a secret anti-communist organization working to rid our nation of left wing politics and supporters. If you look at the names and occupation of all the victims they have either been Russian or politically active pro coalitionists. The war clearly isn't over, anyone who hasn't been brain washed by the right wing protesters can easily make the connection here; it's fairly obvious!

Re: This is communist persecution!

You somehow fail to mention that all the victims have been associated to organized crime, and that any politicians caught up in this mess may very well be collateral damage. I think you're trying to hard to force your own political agenda into your deduction. This place is not the place to be discussing politics, there's way better places for you if that's what you're after!

Re:Re: This is communist persecution!

Hey now, let's not completely rule out his theory. Failing to explain certain aspects of these cases doesn't automatically disprove anything!

Re:Re:Re: This is communist persecution!

"His" theory? Did you completely rule out that I could be a woman? Women are just as capable of using modern technology as men, I'll have you know.

Furthermore I have heard from sources that wish to remain anonymous that at least two of the five dead dead suspects were known members of an underground anti-coalition organization tightly linked to the KUA. But go ahead, stick your head in the sand if you want!

Re:Re:Re:Re: This is communist persecution!

And we're supposed to trust your "anonymous sources"? Why has none of the news outlets mentioned a word about this, then? The gosh darn Russians practically own them all by now. You'd think something like that might be of interest to them, no?

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: This is communist persecution!

It's quite possible they don't want to have people associate organized crime with communism, isn't it? Not that anyone could possibly have failed to notice what influence the Russian culture has had on our society anyways.

Can't say I'm buying the persecution angle though... Seems a bit far fetched if you ask me.

What are you doing here? // Who are you people?

-Think of it as a game...

-You're one of our pawns aren't you?

-I guess this means game over

Who are you people?

-You don't know? Haha, that's pathetic!

-I thought you had us figured out by now

-Make a guess, asshole

-Not that it makes any difference now, does it?

Who are you working for? // You're the voices on the phone?

-No one, haha

-We're independent, we did it all ourselves

-Hard to believe isn't it?

You're the voices on the phone?

-What a stupid question! You really need to ask?

-What does it look like to you, asshole?

-You don't know anything do you?

You think this is a game? // Why are you doing this?

-Don't you?

-You mean you haven't enjoyed it?

-That's a shame, haha

Why are you doing this?

-We were bored, that's why

-Why would we need to justify our actions?

-You've done far worse things than we have, haven't you?

-Besides, Do you know how much money we're making?

How do you justify killing people? // You mean this has all been pointless?

-We haven't killed anyone, you have.

-They were all scum anyway, weren't they?

-You think they deserved to live? Do you?

You mean this has all been pointless?

-If you say so

-If you don't understand why we're doing this...

-Then why should we tell you?

That's it? // Any last words?

-Haha, you seem dissappointed?

-What were you expecting?

-I think we're through with your questions

-Yeah, let's get this over with

Any last words?

-How about "fuck you"?

-Yeah, fuck you!

Why are you doing this?

J:You wanna know why? We're bored, that's why!

D:No one else seem to be doing anything interesting in this city.

J:You mean you haven't enjoyed doing what we've told you to do?

You think it's ok to force random people to kill strangers?

J:Why not? It's not like we're targetting innocent people...

D:We've practically erradicated organized crime in Miami.

J:Yeah, we're not the real villains here. If anything we're heroes...

How did this whole thing start?

J:Have you never let anyone control your actions before?

D:Have you never wanted to be the one controlling others?

J:It's not as hard as it seems. All you need is a little pressure!

D:We weren't really expecting things to go this far...

J:It's amazing what a little intimidation can get people to do.

Is that really all there is to it?

D:Well, then there's money also. You can have some if you want...

J:We've got more money and drugs than we need by now, really.

D:Criminals in Miami sure do seem to pack some serious pocket money.

Any last words?

J: Well, yeah ... Fuck you!

D:Yeah, up yours dude!