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Notes:Jet Force Gemini

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This page contains notes for the game Jet Force Gemini.

Warp Modifier

810A323C ???? - USA
810A34C0 ???? - Europe
810A3110 ???? - Japan
810A3AA0 ???? - Kiosk

0000 xxFront End
0001 xxFront End2
0002 Dune Holding Room2
0003 CargoShip Sewer1
0004 AlphaSewer northeast
0005 AlphaSewer easttop
0006 L demo Sewer
0007 AlphaSewer eastpit
0008 AlphaSewer back
0009 S demo Sewer One
000A AlphaSewer side
000B alphasewerinnerback
000C L demo Temple
000D S Demo Lift
000E Dune Holding Room1
000F Lee Walkway Sequence
0010 Cave 1
0011 Forest Sequence Start
0012 MilitaryBase Take Off Pad
0013 MilitaryBase Holding Room
0014 Forest Night Sequence
0015 Forest First
0016 Lee Walkway
0017 Alien Cave
0018 Forest Edge
0019 Forest Clearing
001A Forest Bridge
001B Forest Hide
001C ast_Cave
001D Canyon Lobby1
001E Canyon Slope1
001F Canyon Spiral1
0020 New Canyon Maze
0021 Character Test
0022 Temple Lift Up
0023 CargoShip Dock
0024 Forest Hut Interior
0025 CargoShip Hold
0026 CargoShip Hold Top Bit
0027 CargoShip MovingRopes
0028 CargoShip Cylinders
0029 Military Base Doggy Surf
002A MilitaryBase First Compartment
002B MilitaryBase Approach
002C MilitaryBase Pyxis Room
002D BigShip Sequence
002E AlphaSewer Take-Off
002F Forest Village
0030 Forest VillageHall Interior
0031 MilitaryBase Disco Outside
0032 AlphaSewer Back Tube
0033 AlphaSewer Passage UP
0034 AlphaSewer Outside
0035 Dune
0036 Forest Clear
0037 CargoSewer Cross
0038 Canyon Spiral2
0039 CargoSewer Moving Platforms
003A CargoSewer Grid
003B CargoSewer Key
003C CargoSewer Hall
003D CargoSewer Lobby
003E CargoSewer End
003F CargoSewer Generator room
0040 CargoSewer Under
0041 Canyon Cave
0042 AlphaSewer MainLanding Sequence
0043 AlphaSewer Lobby START
0044 AlphaSewer northhwest
0045 AlphaSewer West side
0046 AlphaSewer Westpit
0047 AlphaSewer Westtop
0048 Cargosewer Landing Pad
0049 AlphaSewer Map
004A AlphaSewer Stairs
004B CargoSewer Lobby SecretBit
004C CargoSewer Secret Pad
004D CargoSewer Electric
004E CargoSewer EndBit
004F Old Character Select
0050 Canyon Tunnel
0051 Canyon_Exit1
0052 Canyon Takeoff
0053 Canyon Exit Main NOT USED
0054 CargoShip Exterior
0055 Forest Boss
0056 CargoShip Maze
0057 Cave Edge
0058 AlphaSewer Leaving Ship Sequenc
0059 AlphaSewer Channel
005A Dune Top Down
005B AlphaSewer Platforms
005C Forest Day Landing
005D Forest Day Sequence
005E AlphaSewer Take-Off -Back Tube
005F Cave Exit
0060 Forest Day Last
0061 Forest Day Last Sequence
0062 Cave Exit seq
0063 AlphaSewer Outside seq- Top Exi
0064 big_cargo_ships
0065 CargoShip Landing Seq
0066 CargoShip Dock Seq
0067 AlphaSewer Back Outside
0068 SteveSewer Two
0069 AlienCave Two NOT USED
006A Forest Tunnel
006B CargoSewer Cave
006C B Man
006D Sewer Test
006E CargoShip Test
006F Dune Test
0070 Canyon JetPac
0071 Termite Mounds
0072 Termite Colony
0073 Swamp
0074 Canyon JetPac Mountain Test NOT
0075 Canyon JetPac Multi Test
0076 Swamp bog
0077 Military Base Mine
0078 Alien Cave Pyxis
0079 Swamp Creek
007A Fish Farm
007B CargoShip JetPac
007C CargoShip JetPac Outside
007D Swamp track
007E Forest Maze N
007F Character Select
0080 CargoShip JetPac Tube
0081 CargoShip Steps
0082 CargoShip Hidden Link
0083 CargoShip Pyxis
0084 Swamp_Ruin
0085 Swamp_hut
0086 CargoShip Step Out
0087 Swamp Landing
0088 Swamp TakeOff
0089 Termite Multi Test
008A Swamp Maze
008B MilitaryBase Tunnel Link2
008C Worldmap Test
008D Mizar Boss
008E Alien under water
008F MilitaryBase Poles
0090 sewer multi
0091 swm multi
0092 MilitaryBase BigBoy FunClub
0093 Swamp CircularHut1
0094 Alien pipes
0095 Swamp TownHall
0096 Swamp Catacombs
0097 MilitaryBase Surf
0098 CargoShip Pickup 1
0099 MilitaryBase Puzzle
009A CargoShip Bears
009B MizarPalace Entrance
009C CargoShip Takeoff
009D Other Forest Clearing
009E Swamp Landing Play
009F Cave Floyd
00A0 Cooperative SwampMaze
00A1 Multi Player Character Select
00A2 AlphaSewer Boss
00A3 seq part2
00A4 seq part1
00A5 seq part3
00A6 seq part4
00A7 Canyon Cliff
00A8 Forest Small Cave
00A9 Forest Cave Hut
00AA Jet Pack
00AB Canyon Clear
00AC Canyon Mine Entrance
00AD Canyon Mine Cabin
00AE Canyon Kennel
00AF Tribal family
00B0 Ant types
00B1 Big baddies
00B2 Galaxians
00B3 Mine Cave Entrance
00B4 MizarHall
00B5 SlugBoss Tunnel
00B6 Mine Lift
00B7 Alien Throat
00B8 Alien Thorax
00B9 MilitaryBase Push
00BA Mine Bridges
00BB MilitaryBase Perim
00BC Alien Outside
00BD Alien Chest
00BE Alien Shell
00C0 Mizar Big Room Left
00C1 Swamp Boss Intro
00C2 Swamp Boss Play
00C3 Swamp Boss Fight
00C4 Mine Maze
00C5 Canyon Multi
00C6 Alien Entrance
00C7 Forest Intro
00C8 Canyon Trench
00C9 Mizar Tunnels
00CA DKR Track
00CB Alien Gut
00CC Alien right_intesten
00CD Alien left_intesten
00CE Cranial Capers
00CF Central Sequence Boy
00D0 Mine Exits
00D1 Mine JoinT1
00D2 Alien Boss
00D3 Forest Maze S
00D4 Meet Mizar
00D5 Mizar Side Room
00D6 Alien Cerebral
00D7 Forest Dark Edge
00D8 Alien Landing
00D9 Swamp Undertree
00DA Hidden Cave
00DB Forest Edge Clear
00DC ast_Canyon
00DD Mine Multi1
00DE Mizar Girl Tunnels
00DF Mizar Abyss Room
00E0 ast_Lobby
00E1 Ice Maze
00E2 ast_back
00E3 Cave Edge2
00E4 Cave Exit2
00E5 Water Ruin
00E6 SlugBoss Tunnel Sequence
00E7 Swamp Bigtree
00E8 Mizar Boy Lobby
00E9 Asteroid Mizar
00EA Girl Waterfall
00EB Swamp Creekseq
00EC Forest Hide End
00ED Hidden Gun Cave 
00EE CargoShip Chase1 Seq
00EF CargoShip Chase2 Seq
00F0 CargoShip Brig Seq
00F1 CargoShip Brig
00F2 Swamp Grave Yard
00F3 DogChasm
00F4 Swamp Crypt
00F5 Transformer
00F6 Water Ruin Under
00F7 Swamp Tomb
00F8 MilitaryBase JetPac Room
00F9 Alien exit
00FA Mizar Racetrack Pits
00FB Forest OnRails Shooter
00FC Swamp_RuinSeq
00FD Floyd Regen
00FE Swamp Maze_part2
00FF Swamp Bigtree2
0100 Swamp Crypt2
0101 Swamp Crypt3
0102 Multi Race
0103 Swamp Bridge
0104 Swamp_Treehut
0105 Lost Tomb
0106 MilitaryBase Disco
0107 MilitaryBase Courtyard
0108 Sewer Three
0109 Termite Room1
010A Termite Room2
010B Gem Quarry
010C Mizar Racer
010D MilitaryBase Pyxis Track
010E swm multi2
010F Space Station
0110 Gem Quarry Landing
0111 Others
0112 MilitaryBase Lava
0113 Space Stationlanding
0114 Sewer landingplay
0115 CargoSewer Sewer 2 Doors
0116 CargoSewer WaterLink
0117 CargoSewer After Electric
0118 CargoSewer Lava Inside
0119 CargoSewer Lava Endbit
011A Gem Planet
011B Happy Tribal Seq
011C Asteroid Launch Seq
011D Mizar RaceEmpty Pits
011E Mizar Courtyard
011F Alien exit2
0120 Forest Hut Interior2
0121 Forest Hut Interior3
0122 Forest Hut Interior4
0123 Forest Hut Interior5
0124 Forest Hut Interior6
0125 Forest Hut Interior7
0126 Forest Hut Interior8
0127 Forest Quarry VillageHall Inter
0128 Forest Cave Hut2
0129 CargoShip Pickup 2
012A Termite Room3
012B Mizar Side RoomII Left
012C Mizar Side RoomII Right
012D Mizar Big Room Right
012E Mizar Side Room Labarynth Two
012F Mizar Side Room Labarynth Three
0130 Mizar Courtyard Pyramid
0131 Mizar Boy Lava
0132 Mizar Boy Fall
0133 Mizar Boy Girl Land
0134 Pyramid Land
0135 Happy Tribal Seq1
0136 Cave_room
0137 Dog Landing Pad
0138 AlphaSewer LaverPit
0139 Central Sequence Girl
013A Central Sequence Dog
013B Dog Tunnels
013C Dog NVision Pad In
013D Dog NVision Pad Out
013E Swamp Maze Entrance
0140 Swamp TakeOff Seq
0141 Canyon Exit2seq
0142 Canyon Landing
0143 JFG Ship
0144 Control Room
0145 JFG Ship Lookin
0146 Ant Attack Seq
0147 Spawn Attack
0148 Character Select Sq
0148 clf_planet
0149 aln_planet
014A Alien LandingSeq
014B Space Stationtakeoff
014C ast_Landing
014D MilitaryBase Tunnel Link1
014E Space earth
014F ast_LandingSeq
0150 ast_Boss3
0151 ast_pass
0152 ast_floyed
0153 MilitaryBase Sniper Room
0154 Mizar Ship Room
0155 Cargo Leaving Seq
0156 Water Ruin Seq
0157 ast_floyedanim
0158 MilitaryB Vela Seq
0159 Free Vela Seq
015A Miz Shipseq
015B ast_Boss3Seq
015C Forest Scroll
015D JFGShip Scroll
015E ast_Boss3Seq2
015F Alien Boss Play
0160 Alien Boss Intro
0161 EarthCity Seq
0162 Gem Quarry Seq
0163 tunnel multi
0164 closequaters
0165 Gem Quarry FSeq
0166 Alien exit2seq
0167 Into Power Chars
0168 Disco Credits
0169 CargoSewer Secret Pad Takeoff
016A MilitaryBase App Seq
016B Before RacePits
016C CargoShip OnRails Shooter
016D Boy Select Sq
016E Earth Award Seq
016F Dog Landing Seq
0170 Dune Landing
0171 Dune Take Off
0172 SlugBoss End Sequence
0173 SlugBoss Play Sequence
0174 SlugBoss Play
0175 ast_Boss3Seq3
0176 EarthCityDark Seq
0177 Arcade
0178 Swamp Boss End Sequence
0179 Swamp Boss Play II
017A CargoShip Brig Seq1
017B CargoShip Chase2a Seq
017C CargoShip Brig Seq1a
017D Cargoship Scroll
017E Swamp Scroll
017F Spawn Scroll
0180 Mizar Scroll
0181 EarthCityDark Scroll
0182 Mizar Fight Play
0183 Mizar Fight Seq
0184 MizarFightSeqend
0185 Miz_planet
0186 Asteroid Seq
0187 Miz Shipseq2
0188 Mine Cave seq
0189 Alien Boss End Sequence
018A Won Mizar Race
018B Mizar Boss Holding Room
018C Asteroid holding room
018D Multi Race II
018E Fake RacePits
018F Forest Day Last SequenceII
0190 Mizar Pyramid Ship Room
0191 MilitaryBase Take Off Seq
0192 Mizar PowerBoy Fall
0193 Gem Planet b
0194 Gem Quarry FSeqb
0195 Space earthII
0196 Transformer ANT
0197 Mizar Pits Sequences
0198 Canyon OnRails Shooter
0199 Dog Tunnels SEQ
019A DogChasm SEQ
019B Gem Quarry Seq2