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Notes:LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (Game Boy Advance)

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This page contains notes for the game LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (Game Boy Advance).

English Text Dump

We have an urgent Newsflash..
Oh No! The Brickster has escaped from LEGO Island Jail.
Nick Brick is at the scene now.  Do you read me Nick?
Yes.. I can hear you Infomaniac.
What is the situation Nick?
It appears that the Brickster used the extra hot chilies on his pizza to burn his way out of Jail.
That is terrible!
Even worse, the Brickster has stolen the Constructopedia and deconstructed all of the LEGO Island buildings.
Only one Page has been found so far.  We think the Brickster may have dropped the other Pages around the Island.
Thank you Nick.  That is all the information we have at the moment.  We will bring you more news as it happens.
Hello Pepper.
Hello Infomaniac.
I have some terrible news. The Brickster has escaped again.
Oh no, I saw the report on the news.. It's terrible isn't it.
Even worse, he has stolen the Constructopedia and ripped out all of the Pages.
Double oh no! That is bad.
Now all of the buildings on LEGO Island have been deconstructed.
Triple oh no!
We need you Pepper. You are our only hope.
Errmm. Okay.
Take this. It's the Constructopedia Page for your new house. We found it at the Jail.
Thanks Mr Ding.
What shall I do now, Infomaniac?
Find all of the Constructopedia Pages and rebuild the buildings on the Island. Then we can catch the Brickster and put him back where he belongs..in Jail.
Try and find the Constructopedia Page for the Information Center, then I can help you with clues by using the Telephone boxes.
Okay. You can count on me.
Don't forget to talk to the people on LEGO Island. They may be able to help you.
Also, avoid the rampaging Brickster-Bots!
Got it.
Goodbye Pepper and.. 
Good Luck.
Thank you. Bye.
Hello Pepper.
I'm sorry, we can't let you through at the moment.
We are trying to repair the bridge but the Brickster has stolen our Jackhammer. We can't carry on working until we get our Jackhammer back.
Okay. When I find it.. I'll bring it to you.
That would be great.
Thanks Pepper.
No problem Mr Builder Dude.
Hi there.
Hello Pepper.
Great news. I've found your Jackhammer.
Wow Pepper, that's fantastic.
Now we can finish repairing the bridge.
Hi Pepper.
No sign of our Jackhammer yet?
No, sorry.
Don't worry. It's time for lunch soon anyway.
Hello Pepper.
Have you managed to find our Jackhammer?
No, sorry.
Oh well. Back to sitting around doing nothing then.
Hi Pepper.
Any sign of our Jackhammer yet?
No. I haven't seen it anywhere.
Okay. Thanks for looking anyway.
Hello there Pepper.
Hello Mr Builder sir.
Has our Jackhammer been found yet?
No. Sorry. I've kept my eyes peeled and my ear to the ground but there's no sign of it anywhere.
Oh well. Thanks for looking.
Don't worry. I'll find it for you before you can say Papa Brickolini Bakes a Better Pepperoni Pizza.
Thanks Pepper. We're counting on you.
Hello Pepper.
You've found our missing Jackhammer!
Yes, it was on the beach.
At last! Now we can finish fixing the bridge and you will be able to go across.
Thanks very much Pepper.
Glad to be of service.
While we were looking for our Jackhammer we found this.
The Builders on the Northern bridge have lost their Jackhammer.
You can't cross the bridge until they get their Jackhammer back. 
Try looking around the Island and talking to people.
There may be someone you could help.
I think it's the Constructopedia Page for the Information Center.
If you take that to the Information Center, Bill Ding will be able to rebuild it and all the telephones on LEGO Island will start working again.
Okay, I'll get right on it.
Great. That will cheer my wife up, she hasn't spoken to her sister for over an hour.
Thanks Pepper.
No problem dude.
See ya later.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Information Center.
If you take it to the Information Center, Bill Ding will be able to rebuild the Center for the me.
Hello Pepper.
Hi there Mr Funberg.
How're things?
Very tiring Pepper..
Very tiring indeed.
I'm trying to grow some lovely vegetables in my allotment, but I'm only growing weeds at the moment.
It hurts my back if I keep bending down to get rid of them.
Say..perhaps you could help me?
I'd be glad to, Mr Funberg.
If you can get rid of all the weeds in the garden, I may be able to find a present for you.
Sounds great. I'll get right on it.
Thanks Pepper. You're the most helpful boy I've ever met.
Glen Funberg is having a lot of trouble with weeds on his allotment.
Help him by pulling the nasty weeds out of the ground and he might give you a present.
Any luck getting rid of those weeds yet, Pepper?
Nearly finished, Mr Funberg.
How are you getting on with my weeding, Pepper?
I'll be finished soon, don't worry sir.
I can still see some weeds Pepper.
Don't worry Mr Funberg, I'll get rid of them.
Before you can say Papa Brickolini bakes best.
Well done Pepper!
That's great, now I can grow my vegetables.
Thank you. Here's a present. I found it while I was digging, before I hurt my back.
Cool! Thanks Mr Funberg.
Hello there Pepper.
Hello Mr Ding.
Is that the Constructopedia Page for the Information Center I see there?
Yes sir, it certainly is.
Let's get it built then, there's no time to waste.
There you go Pepper. All finished.
Thanks very much Builder guy.
Don't mention it Pepper.
It's what I do.
See you later Pepper, and don't forget, if you find any more Constructopedia Pages just go to the place they belong and I'll rebuild them for you.
Got it. See ya later Mr Ding.
Hello again Pepper.
Hello again to you too, Mr Ding.
Let's get this Hospital built then. Dr Clickitt has got patients to look after.
There you go Mr Ding.
Wow! That was quick.
I've been getting a lot of practice recently.
See ya later, Pizza Boy
See ya later, Builder Man.
Hi Dr Clickitt, why so sad?
Terrible news, Pepper.
The Hospital has been deconstructed and I have an urgent case. A man tripped over a tree stump, tumbled down a hill, bounced over a wall and landed on the roof of a car. The driver was so startled that he slammed on his brakes. The poor old man was thrown off the roof  and over a cliff.
It gets worse. He fell down the cliff and landed in some water. Luckily for him, Valerie Stubbins was passing in her Res-Q-Boat. Unluckily she couldn't turn off the engine in time and she bumped into him, knocking him underwater. His trousers got caught on a passing shark and he got dragged all the way around the Island.
More Ouch!
Fourteen times.
Even More Ouch!
We picked him up in the ambulance and he's on his way here now.
That's terrible. If I find the Constructopedia Page I'll head straight back here, as quick as I can.
Thank you Pepper. You're such a good boy. 
Stand back Pepper. 
Here comes the ambulance.
Right, lift your arm up.
And the other one.
And your leg.
Ah ha!
Right, in you go. We'll get you up and about in no time at all!
Is he going to be okay, Dr Clickitt?
Oh yes, he'll be perfectly alright. Sound as a pound.
Several pounds in fact.
See you later Pepper. And thank you for finding the Constructopedia Page.
Pepper. . . Pepper. . .
Come closer, Pepper.
Closer Pepper.
Is this close enough?
Just a little closer, Pepper.
Is this okay?
You made me jump!
Just a little joke Pepper. Here take this.
It's my ferry ticket to Castle Island. I won't be able to use it now. Just go to the pier, the ferry will be waiting for you. 
Thanks very much.
Don't mention it.
Get well soon.
Errm. . . 
Goodbye Pepper, and don't forget that ferry.
Any sign of that Constructopedia Page yet Pepper?
No, sorry. Not yet.
Keep an eye out for the Constructopedia Page for the Hospital.
Dr Clickitt needs to rebuild the Hospital and his patients are getting impatient.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Hospital.
Take it to the Hospital and Bill Ding will rebuild it for you.
You have a ticket for the ferry.
Make your way to the pier, to get to Castle Island.
There may be more Constructopedia Pages there.
Ah Pepper. Good to see you again.
It's good to see you too!
Perhaps you can help me?
I'm always eager to please you!
Ed Mail has delivered this letter but it's not addressed to me.
Oh No! Ed must have made a mistake!
Yes, I think so. Do you think you could deliver it to the Infomaniac for me? I've got a stone in my shoe.
Sure thing, I'll take the letter, man.
Oh thank you Pepper, that's absolutely fantastic. The first good thing to happen all day, in fact.
Perhaps the day will get better from now on.
I hope so Pepper. Anyway, mustn't hold you up any more.
See you later!
Cheerio errm. . . Dude!
You have the letter that was delivered to the wrong person, instead of the Infomaniac.
Take it back to the Infomaniac at the Information Center.
You have the letter that was delivered to the wrong person, instead of the Infomaniac.
You need to rebuild the Information Center so that you can deliver the letter to the right person.
Hello Pepper. You seem to be doing very well.
Thank you Sir.
I don't suppose you've found a letter on your travels have you?
No, I haven't. Have you lost one?
Yes. Ed Mail has delivered a very important letter to the wrong house, but he can't remember which house it was!
Oh no!
I really need that letter. It's from a friend of mine and it contains some important information that I must have.
If you find it, can you bring it here?
No problem, Infomaniac. I'll keep my nose to the ground.
Okay, keep up the good work Pepper.
Bye Mr Infomaniac!
You've found my letter!
Sure have, the wrong person had it.
Of course, of course, I should have guessed that.
Thank you very much, Pepper.
No problem, Info dude.
Errm. Yes. Well.
Sorry. No problem Sir.
One day I'll get used to the way you speak, young man.
Now, I have some good news. I found one of the Pages of the Constructopedia jammed behind the display screen.
That's great.
I believe it's for the Garage. Head over there now and Bill Ding should be able to rebuild it for you.
Got it. See you later.
Pepper. . . Don't forget the Constructopedia Page.
Oh yes, sorry. Thanks.
Bye bye
Good. . .
Oh. He's gone.
I have given you the Constructopedia Page for the Garage.
Take it there and Bill Ding will rebuild the Garage for you.
Brickster's Note
Fire Station Page
Garage Page
Hospital Page
Darren's House Page
Orchard House Page
Bill Ding's House Page
Information Center Page
Jail Page
Pepper's House Page
Pizzeria Page
Police Station Page
Radio Station Page
Railway Stations Page
Margaret's Shop Page
Skate Park Page
Driving License
Ferry Ticket
Large Fish
Normal Fish
Small Fish
Fishing Rod
Hard Hat
Laura Brick's Radio
Old Man's Glasses
Radio Antenna Piece
Shopping List
Skateboarding Trophy
Skate Park Key
Space Shuttle Piece
Sick Squid
Super Ladder
Toll Bridge Coin
The Infomaniac's Letter
Yo, Pepper Dude!
How's tricks?
Pretty cool Pepper. Pretty cool. I found this piece of paper lying on the road . . .
Wow! That looks like a Constructopedia Page.
A constructo-what-ia?
Constructopedia. I need to collect all of them to rebuild the houses on LEGO Island.
Well I'm not just going to hand it over. You want this.. but I want something before you can have it. And it's got to be cool.
What sort of thing are you after?
Well, if you can find me something cool to swap then you can have it.
What sort of thing are you after.
Well . . . There's a really cool Trophy in the Skate Park.
I'm not a good enough Skateboarder to win it, but you're pretty good at tricks.
Maybe you could win it and then swap it with me for the constructo-wotsit.
Sounds like a plan, dude!
Cool. Later Pepper.
Won that Trophy yet Pepper?
Nope. I will soon though.
Someone will swap the Trophy for the Police Station Constructopedia Page.
He'll only swap it for the Skateboard Trophy.
Go to the Skate Park and perform some tricks to win it.
Hi Pepper, I've got this flashlight.. but I can't use it because it's not dark enough. Do you want it?
That would be great, thanks!
I'm sure it will come in handy.
Have you used the flashlight yet ?
No, I haven't found anywhere dark enough!
Have you used the flashlight yet ?
Yes, I used it in a strange tunnel.
Hi there, Pepper.
Hi there, Laura.
I hope you're being good.
Of course. I'm always good.
Glad to hear it.
I've got a problem you may be able to help me with.
I've lost my radio.
If you see it anywhere can you bring it to me?
Of course Laura, anything for you.
Any sign of my radio yet?
fraid not. I'll keep my eyes open for it though.
Pepper, is that my radio you've found.
Yes, I think it is Officer Laura.
That's great.
Now I can go out on patrol.
You've found a radio. It looks like it might belong to a police woman.
Perhaps you should take it to the Police Station.
Laura Brick has lost her radio.
See if you can find it and take it to her at the Police Station.
Gone to Ogel. I've got Mama & Papa Brickolini and they are making me pizza for every meal!
The Brickster has escaped to Ogel.
Use the train to go to Space Mountain and use the Space Shuttle to follow him and put him back in Jail, where he belongs.
Ah, the Railway Station Constructopedia Page. Let's get this station built then.
There you go, Mr Ding.
All done Pepper. I'll take that Page and build the other stations now.
Thanks very much, Mr Ding
Hi, looking fine!
Hi Pepper. Will you be going on the ferry to Castle Island ?
Yes, I was hoping to. Will the ferry be long?
About 80 ft..no only joking! It will be here any minute, but have you got your ticket?
Yes, I have. Here it is.
Thanks, now move along. Form an orderly queue at the pier end.
Sorry Pepper, I can't let you on. You just don't have a ticket for the ferry.
Oh no, I didn't know I needed one. I'll come back again later, when I have one.
There is a ferry leaving for Castle Island soon, but you'll need a ticket to get on board.
Lucky has a ticket, but he doesn't need it. You may be able to get it if you go to the hospital now. 
Have you managed to find a ferry ticket yet Pepper?
Not yet!
Well, pop back when you have a valid ticket.
Hello Pepper. I'm terribly worried.
Why, what's wrong?
I can't find my Squid and he's not very well. He's quite old too. Please find him for me.
Will do. Don't worry, be happy. I'll find him in no time!
Hello, Mr Lockitt. I managed to find your sick Squid. I hope he'll be ok.
Yes, now I have him back. I think he'll be fine after a hug. Thanks Pepper, any time you want to play my Hoop game - just talk to me.
Great stuff! I love games like this!
Snap Lockitt's Squid is not very well.
It's got to be still on that beach. If you can find it, take it back to Snap Lockitt.
I still haven't found my Squid.
I'm very worried about it, it's not very well. Please help me!
Hi Pepper.
So . . . You'd like to play with my hoops, eh?
Hello Pepper, lovely day. I've been out for a walk and the dog got this stuck in his teeth..
Wow! It looks like another Spanner!
Here you can have it. Now.. where has that dog gone?
Hi Pepper. Sand is great fun, making sandcastles is brilliant! But my Skateboard isn't very useful here, it sinks in the sand!
You can borrow it if you want. You'll find it's faster than boring old walking.
Thanks kid! This should help me on my quest.
Hi Pepper.
There's a Jackhammer over there, how odd.
Hi Pepper. Look what I found.
It was in amongst the bricks for this house.
Great, this is my house. Now I can get some sleep until you require my skills for the next job.
The whole Island is in a bit of a mess. Untill I've built all the houses, you should take this!
Thanks, my very own hard hat! That will be very useful.
Hello Pepper.
I'd like to read this Paper but I've lost my Glasses. I last had them in the area above the Ferry Pier.
Pepper, you found my Glasses!
Great, now I can read the Paper.
Hang on, what's this? This isn't part of my paper.
Take it away. It's rubbish.
An Old Man has lost his Glasses
See if you can find them in the area above the Ferry Pier.
Have you found my Glasses yet?
No, sorry.
Well, off you go then . . .you young whippersnapper.
Erm, okay.
There you go Pepper.
One Skate Park
There's no key for the door though. You'll need that if you want to get in.
There you go Pepper.
One Skate Park
The Skate Park is built, but the door is locked.
Perhaps there's a key somewhere near Snap Lockitt's beach game.
Hi Pepper. Sorry, but I can't open the Toll Bridge yet. You'll still need three Coins. Not my rules.
I'll, erm, keep looking.
Hi Pepper, that looks like three shiny Toll Booth Coins to me. That will get you over the bridge then.
Red Greenbase will open the Toll Bridge for you.
But he needs three Toll Bridge Coins. You can find one at Glen Funberg's Allotment and the other two at Castle Island.
Hi Pepper, thanks for rebuilding the Radio Station but we're missing the pieces of the Antenna. There're four of them.
Without the Antenna, the people of LEGO Island can't hear my happenin' tunes!
Thanks Pepper, that's great.
Now I can start broadcasting some crazeeee tunes. I'll just assemble the Aerial, two minutes.
Right, I've finished. Here, I don't need this Spanner now. You have it. It's of no use to me. Pepper?
Keep on Rollin'!
The Radio Station is missing four Antenna Pieces. It needs these to broadcast music.
See if you can find them, they are spread far and wide across the island.
Hi Pepper.
I see you've got the Trophy, here you go.. It's that Page thing.
Have you found any pieces of the Antenna yet?
No, sorry. I can't find them anywhere.
You still haven't found them all, but please keep searching! My listeners need me!
I'm doing my best and I should find them soon.
Pepper, the Radio Station is missing!
Help! I have to broadcast to my listeners.
The Radio Station has been deconstructed.
The Constructopedia Page is in the Hoop game.
I wouldn't go in that tunnel, if I were you.
At least, not without a hard hat. It might be dangerous.
I wouldn't go into that manhole
without a flashlight if I was you.
If you can find a flashlight, you enter the manhole safely.
Gordon's got it, have you spoken to him ?
Hi Pepper. Thanks for rebuilding the Garage. I wish I could repay you somehow.
How about if you ever need to borrow my van, just let me know? That's about all I can offer you.
You will need a Driving License though. It would be against the law without one. Maybe someone could issue you one?
By the way, the Brickster seems to have taken most of my tools, including my prize winning Spanners! If you can find those, I would be so grateful.
I'll get right on it, Sir.
Hi Pepper.
I see you've got your license now. Feel free to borrow my van at any time.
Pepper, there's no Garage. People on the Island cannot get any fuel.
What can I do? They'll all be annoyed.
The Garage needs to be rebuilt.
The Constructopedia Page is in the Information center when you play Whack-a-bot.
Nubby Stevens at Garage will lend you his van.
But you need to get your Driving License first. Maybe the Police Station will be able to help.
Welcome to your driving test, Pepper.
Carefully follow the arrows around the Island, but don't speed or one of my officers will stop you. We don't tolerate crime, you know.
Well done Pepper, that was amazing driving! I haven't seen driving like that since, well, since I was a kid.
Here's your license. You have definitely earned it.
Pepper. Be careful.
You're going too fast. Now carry on but keep an eye on your speed.
You've been speeding too much, Pepper.
Try again.
Pepper, you're taking too long.
Try again.
Pepper, you missed your turn.
Try again.
Sorry Pepper, you've made too many mistakes.
I can't give you your license yet. You must try again.
Pepper, you're going too slowly.
You need to go a bit quicker.
Wow! You found the Constructopedia Page! Now we can combat crime and also try to find that cheeky Brickster!
Hello Pepper.
Would you like to help me, by picking some apples?
Oh yes. Nothing would give me more pleasure.
Hi Pepper. There isn't a Fire Station. I just hope there aren't any fires.
But there aren't any fires on LEGO Island. In fact, I don't remember there ever being any fires. Ever.
No, that's because we are the best, Pepper. They never start and they never will. Prevention is the key here.
Oh, Pepper, I can't let you cross.. well there's no way to cross, that's why..
Right then Pepper, you can cross over to the Jail now.. but be careful..
The Fire Station needs rebuilding. You will gain the Constructopedia Page by doing the shopping game.
Thanks for rebuilding the Fire Station Pepper. Is there anything I can do to help?
Yes, I need to get to the Jail.
Leave it to me, we will get our ladder across. Walter should be there right now.
Hello Nubby, here are your Spanners.
Wow, that's great. I can get fixing some cars now. You know, these Spanners have lasted so long. I couldn't do my job without them. You're wonderful Pepper.
You're nice too.
Awh, thanks Pepper. Do you think that you could take this fuel to Valerie Stubbins for me, please?
Sure no problem. Anything for you!
Hello Pepper. Say, is that the fuel that I need?
Thanks. It's hard to get the special aquatic fuel for the water scooter on the Island.. the import prices are very high.
Well, I suppose you want a reward. Hmm, I can't think of anything.. hey, what about a ride on my water scooter?
That sounds great! I'd love to, Valerie!
Oh dear, since the blockade the price of aquatic fuel is sky high, but I need that fuel for part of my job. Please see if you can find some on the Island? Please Pepper, for me?
That's unlucky about the fuel prices, Valerie. I'll see if there's any fuel kicking around the Island somewhere. I'm sure if anyone finds some, I'll be the first to know.
Valerie Stubbins needs some fuel for her water scooter.
Apparently, Nubby Stevens has some of the aquatic fuel that Valerie requires but you need to give 4 spanners to Nubby first.
Do you want to play on my water scooter again ?
Great, I'd love to. I love riding the waves.
Hey Pepper, look what I found. It's a Space Shuttle piece!
Hey Pepper, look.. It's another Space Shuttle piece!
Hey Pepper, it's the last Space Shuttle piece!
Smart.. I wonder when I can use the Space Shuttle? Maybe I'll use it towards the end of the game..
Disaster! All the Railway Stations are missing and the public are revolting! Well, upon second thoughts they aren't that bad really!!!
You must find that Page Pepper! It may not even be on this Island!
The Railway Stations are missing. Yet another Page for you to find, Pepper.
You may have to travel to Adventurer's Island for this one!
The Brickster-Bots have hijacked the train! Only you can save the frightened passengers, Pepper!
Go catch the runaway train, Pepper! Good Luck! 
Now that the trains are working again, I don't know how to repay you. How about I take you into the past with my amazing powers, so you can play the Runaway Train game again?
How is that possible ?
I will fly round LEGO Island so fast it will cause time to go backwards. Easy!
Thanks Pepper! Yummy pizza. Mmmm.. it's still hot.
Pepper, the next pizza needs to go to the kid at the Skatepark!
Hi Pepper, thanks for rebuilding the Pizzeria.
We've got a problem though. I've got loads of pizzas to deliver now!
I'll help Mr Brickolini.
Great! You must deliver each pizza before it gets cold. Here they are.
Thanks, Papa.
The first one is for Nick Brick, at the Police Station.
I'm on it.
Thanks Pepper! I love pizza, it's the best.
Don't hang around Pepper. The next one needs to go to Valerie Stubbins.
Thanks Pepper! That's just what I needed. Mmmm.. double cheese with extra cheese, cheese stuffed crust. Mmm, munch.
Pepper, quick! There's just one last order.
Who's it for?
Me. I'm starving! You have the last pizza and I've run out of ingredients. Get back to the Pizzeria.
Phew, I'm on my way.
Ahoy there Pepper, the salt air be making me hungry.. I'd love some fish. If you could catch me some, then that would be grand! I'm cleaning my lighthouse and don't have time before my ladyfriend arrives for dinner.
Okay, Mr Lighthouse Keeper. I'll see what I can do.
Hmmm Pepper, this surely be not enough for two people! I'm vacuuming until you return with a decent-sized catch!
I'm sorry, I'll try harder.
Thanks for the fish Pepper! This be a lovely catch, just like my ladyfriend. I hope she'll be impressed by my amazing fish supper!
Okay, I'll be off then.. leave you to it.
Wait there, young man. There be a gale brewing so be warned.. Take care on ye Skateboard.. Oh, here's a Constructopedia Page which was washed ashore and blown in high winds to my lighthouse..
Ooh Aar, excellent.
The Lighthouse Keeper needs some fish for his dinner.
Try using the fishing rod on the beach to catch some fish. Different beaches may have different fish.
Hi Pepper. It's tricky. I have lots of a-pizza for delivery and in fact-a, to make-a for all the wonderful people of the Island-a. The problem is, where is-a my lovely Pizzeria?
The Pizzeria is gone?
Have-a you not a used-a your eyes, Pepper?
I'd better try to find-a the missing Page!
The Pizzeria is gone. It will be needing the Constructopedia Page then.
It could be anywhere, but have you tried the Toll Bridge?
Get a move on.
Those Pizzas are getting cold.
Ah Pepper!
That's just what I needed. Well done.
Munch Munch, my pizza is as good as people say! Hey, look! What's that within the deep pan base..
It's the Constructopedia Page for the Skate Park.
Sorry Pepper, you've taken too long.
All the pizzas are cold, now.
Come back and talk to me if you want to try again.
Hi Pepper. I spent the day fixing my car so I can go for a drive in the sun. I don't need this Spanner any more, but you might find it useful Pepper. 
Thanks. I'm sure I will!
Sorry Pepper.
This tunnel's not safe, you need a hard hat to get through it.
The tunnel's not safe Pepper.
Oh, it's okay you have a hard hat.
Don't hang around in the tunnel though, Pepper.
There is a blocked tunnel.
You need a hard hat to get through it. Just build Bill Dings House!
Pepper, we need help restocking the shop
Can you collect all the fruit that has been left on the Island?
There are ten pieces somewhere.
Well done Pepper.
Have this.
Get a move on then Pepper.
You lazy tyke.
My shop, my shop! The Island has no shop!
What will people do for food? Or Mail? Or the other goods I offer from the assortment of well known brands which I stock upon my shelves?
The shop has been deconstructed. You really have to help the Islanders.
Find the Constructopedia Page so that the people of LEGO Island have a store again!  Bill Portland has the Constructopedia Page, but you need to give him fish first.
I need your help, but unfortunately you don't have a license to drive the van.
Try and get the Driving License, Pepper.
Well done Pepper, you've completed it! The store has now been restocked! Excellent!
Look, I found this behind the shelves. It's some sort of paper-based item.
Ah! It looks like another Constructopedia Page! It says.. it's for the Fire Station!
Hey there young man!
Hi! Who are you?
I'm Johnny Thunder, the amazing adventurer! I travel around the world on fantastic adventures.
Oh. LEGO Island hasn't got enough adventuring for a man like you, surely?
Don't call me Shirley, boy. It's Johnny Thunder to you. But you're right, LEGO Island hasn't got the adventuring I'm used to. I want to go to Adventurer's Island. Want to come for the ride of your life kid?
Sure, I can manage to keep up with you old man! 
Want to go on another roller coaster ride with me, Pepper?
Yeah, let's do it again! 
Oh no. It looked like a good fish..
But it got away.
Gosh! My line broke.
Oh no!
Pepper! The Brickster-Bots have invaded my computer. I need your help to stop them. I'll go inside the computer and try to repair it. If you see any Brickster-Bots pop up, then hit them on the head. Watch out though, don't hit me!
Okay Infomaniac, I'll get right on it.
Radio Station
Darren's House
Orchard House
Bill Ding's House
Platform 1
Platform 2
Platform 3
Skate Park
Pepper's House
Information Center
Police Station
Fire Station
Apple Grapple
Brickster Bash
Brick Dive
Flan Fling
Brickster's Tower
Desert Speedster
Hoop Hoop Hurray
Water Scooter
Jet Lander
Matching Mummies
Pizza Panic
Asteroid Belt
Skate Park
Ogel Sneak
Ogel Sneak 2
Train Trouble
T-Rex Racing
Well done Pepper.
You've caught one of those rascally robots. Try to find the others on the Island as well.
Ha ha ha!
All your bricks belong to us.
You'll never catch me Pepper.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha <burp>
Oops excuse me!
Hide and Seek
Mr Funberg's Back is too sore for gardening, Pepper. Ooh, I know how he feels.. Well, you're no weed, why don't you give him a hand? Pull the weeds quickly or they'll grow back!
No problem, Infomaniac! I've got pulling power.
Get into gear now, Pepper! If you want to learn to drive safely you must turn where you see the arrows and drive below the speed limit, but don't drive as slow as a snail either! You'll be told how you're doing, but if you go wrong three times you'll have to try again.
Engine's revving, Infomaniac! Let's put it in drive!
Want to catch a fish, Pepper? Well grab your rod and cast away! When you get a bite, reel the fish in but don't pull too hard or it'll get clean away!
Got it. One fish supper coming up!
Right Pepper, you've got to deliver those pizzas from Papa, and pretty pronto pal! Don't take too long or they'll be cold. Are you fast enough?
The fastest meals on wheels you've ever seen, Infomaniac! Let's motor!
Pepper, those naughty Brickster-Bots have scattered the food from Mrs Post's shop all over the Island! Help her to collect it all as quick as you can. It's a culinary catastrophe!
Now collecting food is more fun than paper. You can count on me, Infomaniac!
Pepper! More apples are needed for the legendary apple pies. You must help by collecting apples.Try to pick all the good apples, avoiding the bad ones and the wiggly worms, as quickly as possible!
Okay Infomaniac, I'm glad you picked me.
Dude! Pull off as many tricks as you can within the time limit. Try to do rad tricks and impress the judges to gain the highest score. Do as many different tricks as you can to score more points. If you practice hard enough, you could be as good as Bony Hawks!
No problemo Infomaniac dude! Watch my wheels fly!
It's hot and sunny! What better fun than to try your luck at the beach game? Try to throw the 15 hoops provided over the red and white poles to score as much as possible!
Okay Infomaniac. I'm just loopy about this game.
Before you can go to Adventurer's Island, you need to prove to Valerie Stubbins that you can be trusted on the high seas. Ride a water scooter for two laps around the LEGO Island racecourse. Attempt to beat LEGO's finest Jet Bikers in this license-winning event.
Raring to go, Infomaniac. They'll be eating my surf.
The Brickster-Bots have captured the LEGO train and are running it round and round the Island. You will have to make your way to the engine of the train along the roof, as the carriages are full of Brickster-Bots. As you run along the roof, avoid angry Brickster-Bots and duck under any low flying birds.
Ok, let's do it.
The bridge is missing 5 bricks and you must swim in search of the missing bricks to rebuild the bridge. Watch out for hazards which may waste your precious air supply. Once a brick has been collected, return to the surface and it will be placed back onto the bridge. There should also be a missing Constructopedia Page hidden somewhere in the depths.
Okay Infomaniac, I'm there!
Greetings! Select which team you wish to join. By selecting Bulls, you should try to hit the Lions and by selecting Lions, then you should aim for the Bulls. Avoid members of the team you choose and also avoid the occasional appearance of  Pepper! Try to win a Toll Booth Coin!
Okay Infomaniac, I'm aiming to please!
Right, Pepper! Build up enough speed and straighten your wavering lance before the impact! Try to unseat the mighty Dark Knight and win a Toll Booth Coin!
Ok, let's do it!
Welcome to Adventurers Island! Well done, but now you are here, you must drive the Desert Speedster to make your way to the Lost Pyramid. You need to race along the dusty track driving as quickly as possible, but try to keep within the cone markers.
Okay Infomaniac, I'm there!
The Adventurers at the Lost Pyramid need your help. You must help them by trying to match all of mummies hidden behind the doors within the King's Chamber. Once completed, the Adventurers will show you the way.
Ok, let's go!
The Brickster is still too far ahead of us so the Adventurers have given you a T Rex to catch up with him! This will be the quickest way to the end of the jungle. Watch out! It's hazardous and you will have to dodge and jump obstacles.. remember to watch out for quicksand!
Woah! I'll keep my eyes peeled, Infomaniac!
We made it! Well done! But in order to get off the Island, you must prove yourself to the villagers by playing the bongos in rhythm to the music. Hopefully they can help us get back onto LEGO Island, but only if you play well.
No problem, Infomaniac.  I am the rhythm king!
Now off to Ogel to save Mama & Papa Brickolini. Pilot the Space Shuttle safely through the asteroid storm. You have limited resources of laser and shields so they won't last long. Avoid the asteroids!
Just a walk in the park, Infomaniac.  Watch me move!
Oh my word! The Brickster has removed the landing gear from the Space Shuttle! You will have to bravely jump out of the ship and head toward Ogel using a space jetpack! Dodge the rocks, as colliding with one will send you spinning out of control for a few seconds. Try to go through the rings for extra points!
Wow!  Well, here I go!
Pepper! Land safely on one of the three landing pads situated on Ogel's surface, using short bursts from your jetpack.  The three pads range in difficulty, with the bronze being the easiest and the gold being the hardest. Check the radar for extra precision.
Okay Infomaniac, I'm there!
Now you've landed on Ogel, there are lots of Brickster-Bots around. Navigate through Ogel maze making your way to the Pizzeria,where Mama & Papa Brickolini are forced to make pizza. Try to avoid the patrolling Brickster-Bots. If one of them sees you then you will have to try again!
Got it, Infomaniac! They'll never spot me.
To reduce the Brickster-Bots on Ogel, you must feed them pizza as they enter the Pizzeria. Each Bot will be shouting out their order from their table. The pizzas are MUSHROOM, CHEESE or PEPPER. Collect the pizzas from the boxes on the right, before throwing them down the table. Once a Brickster-Bot has finished his pizza, he will throw the plate back and you must catch it and take it down to the sink.
No problem!  Just watch those pizzas fly.
Almost there Pepper! You will have to work your way up the Castle to eventually battle with The Brickster at the top. Be careful up the hazardous tower, you must jump on platforms and hit Brickster-Bots with your pizza-throwing skills. The Brickster-Bots will also be throwing bricks at you, so good luck!
Ok Infomaniac, I'm ready.  I'm going all the way to the top!
At last, the final battle! Knock away the LEGO pieces that are protecting The Brickster. Once a path has been cleared, you will be able to fire pizza directly at The Brickster. After a number of hits The Brickster will be defeated. Avoid being hit by the Brickster, who will be firing bricks at you. Good Luck!
Don't worry Infomanaic.  I'm going to teach him a lesson he'll never forget!
You again!
Give up now!
You will never catch me.
LEGO Island is mine!
All mine, I tell you!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha <burp>
Oops, excuse me.
Are you still here?
Errm, yes.
I told you. You're wasting your time.
You'll never find the Constructopedia Pages and you'll never catch me.
Yes I will. 
No you won't.
Oh yes I will.
Oh no you won't.
Oh yes I will.
Oh no you won't.
Oh yes I will.
Oh no you won't.
Oh no I won't.
Oh yes you will!
No, that's not right.
What did I mean?
He tricked me.
I'll get him for this.
Hello Pepper.
Hi Brickster dude.
You know what?
I think I'll stop being naughty.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha <burp>
You're disgusting.
I don't care. . . you smell.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Are you still wandering around trying to rebuild the buildings on LEGO Island and save all the lovely people that live here?
Of course I am.
You! Why do you keep following me?
I don't.
Yes you do. Stop it or I'll steal your trading cards.
Oh no, here we go again.
Hello Pepper, you goody-two-shoes.
Goody what?
Two shoes. I don't know what it means either.
I'm off to Castle Island in my new speedboat! It's my favorite place in the whole world. Apart from Ogel, of course.
Oh, I nearly forgot.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Found those Pages yet Pizza boy?
Rubbish. Tish and tosh.
You're wasting your time. I'm leaving LEGO Island and you'll never find me.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I'll get you.. I'm just behind..
Woah, I'm just about to find..
You'll never find me!
You're standing behind the tree..
No I am not..
I can see you..
Do you want to challenge me?
Sorry, I'm busy.
Maybe later then?
Okay dude.
Shh, I'm going for the high score!
Sorry dude..
Pepper! Get out of my sun!
Sorry dude..
Pepper! Want to rub suntan lotion on my back?
Uh, not really, no..
Ooowah! I've got sand between my toes!
But we don't really have toes..
Ice cream is ace when the weather's hot! All yummy in my tummy..
Woah..have you tried Papa's new ice cream pizza?
No! But I have had the Double Bubble Gum flavor..
How's it going ?
Getting some sun, dude..
Okay dude..looking good.
Hello there!
Oh there's our Pepper. I'm on my way to feed the chickens..
That's exciting..
After that I'm going to water the crops..
There's no need to be like that, city boy.
Hello Pepper, I simply love living here.
I love Green.. my house is green, the trees are green and the grass is green.. If only the sky were green..
Fair enough.
The wind blew my towel away.. I'm going to go home now.. and such a lovely day too!
There's something over in the bushes.. it might be my towel!
I'll go and have a look then!
Have you tried fishing yet?
No, not yet.
I'd lend you my rod, but the fish are really biting today!
Ok. Maybe somebody else will lend me theirs.
All right, go before you scare away the fish.
Okay, catch you later.
Have you tried fishing yet?
Yes. I caught one and it was [ this big ]
That's nothing. I caught one and it was  [ THIS BIG ]!
Oh, I need to try harder.
Shhh.. I'm hiding from my friend.
Ok. I won't tell anyone where you are.
Haven't they found you yet ?
No, go away. You'll attract attention.
I love water! It's great to be out in the sea. I wish I didn't have to go to school, I would be in the water every day!
Sounds fun, wet dude.
The water can be dangerous sometimes, that's why we stay near the beach. I did see someone further out than us. I wonder if he's still there?
That's pretty far out, dude..
I thought I hadn't seen him for a while..
Hey dude, you're blocking my sun! I need a tan to impress the girls.
Whatever, man..good luck.
My house! My beautiful house!
Don't worry, I just need to find the Constructopedia Page for your house!
Will you Pepper? Oh please, would you really? That would be fantastic! When you've found it, then you can help me clean the paper out of the trees in my orchard.
I'm on the case! Later dude!
Roll up, Roll up! For sooth, hath thou play-yed mine custard pie-yed based game?
Please sir, I'd like to play.
Say again, you-eth lad, you er.. could win a prize?
Sire, play I shall, yes. 
Thou shalt indeed play, then.
Oh, we can't fight on this beautiful day! How can we fight when our enemy can't cross this here bridge?
Oh no! Maybe I can be of some assistance, fair maiden?
Oh kind, small sire. That would be great.
Halt, who treadeth so light of foot?
It is I, Pepper. Pizza delivery hero of LEGO Island!
Are you man enough to joust with the mighty Dark Knight?
Aye, I believe I am of sound enough spirit to compete with yonder shady enemy, Jeffrey.
Less haste, young man and more speed. May the horse be with you.
Well done, but I didn't get where I am today by taking part in Jousting competitions..
How did you get there, then?
Dedication to the art of magic, young man. Hundreds of years of practice.. oh and the number 39 bus .. ha ha!
and much frog's legs.. ears of bat.. etc.. you know.
If you are SO fantastic, could you do something cool?
I made this coat.
I was thinking of something better.
What about this.. ?
and with that.. he was gone.
Woah, he's quite loud.
LEGO Island is now a quieter place.
Well done Pepper, you have the missing Platform Page! Wait here a second.
Now with my amazing powers, I will become SUPER STATION MASTER!
So that's how he gets between the different platforms so quickly!
I wish I had a house. I need to watch the television.
Woah, is there anything good on?
It's soccer night!
Hmmm.. not a big fan myself.
Woah! That looks like a Constructopedia Page! At last, I can watch the all important soccer! You're a hero, Pepper!
Thanks Darren!
Oh, look at the time.. I'll have to go.. the game's about to start! But if you need any help I always have time for you, Pepper!
Enjoy your game sir!
Oh.. since I'm going to watch the soccer, I don't need this fishing rod.. is it of any use to you Pepper ?
Yeah, that would be really cool. I guess I could catch some fish or something with it.
There's the whistle for kick off! I'm off inside, see you!
Pepper, now that you have all the Shuttle Pieces you can chase The Brickster to his new Kingdom of Ogel!
If you get on the Train using a platform, you will be able to reach Space Mountain. From there you can use the Space Shuttle. Get off at the platform with the Spaceman on it!
Good luck Pepper. Anything can happen in the next half hour.
Flib flop biddy de bob.
lib lop ziddy de dob.
wah wah wah zoing.
zwing dwing ping bong!
There's a great game to play on the beach. You win prizes and everything.
I like standing here and watching the boats sail by.
If you keep still, you might see some fish. They come up to the surface and swim around.
After you went, a boy came and caught a whopper!
Some other kids splashed me with water, so I'm staying here on the grass. They have ruined my hair!
At least I don't get my shoes full of sand by standing here. 
I've just come back from Castle Island, where I watched the knights on their horses. They did it for hours!
I'm going to rest a little bit longer, then I'm going home.
I'm playing hide and seek. Don't tell anyone you've seen me here.
They haven't found me yet, he he! I must be great at this game.
I can't let you in here, I'm doing some ARM experiments.
I'm off home now to set up my own company making games. What do you think of that then!
I seem to have lost my Shuttle. I came out after breakfast but my cup of tea steamed up my visor and now I am lost.
I just couldn't be bothered to move, so I will wait here until they come and find me.
I want to be a tree.
My legs are aching now, but if I sit on that bench it makes my trousers wet.
I stand here and watch the lovely sheep in that field.
If I stand still long enough, they come right to the fence. They are so woolly.
I'm trying to decide whether to change into my trunks or just jump in with all my clothes on!
I keep changing my mind. Oh, I'm all in a pickle now. What shall I do?
I'm waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up in his car. He's a hairdresser you know.
He's late and in BIG trouble. He had better not be skateboarding again !
I like watching the trains from here. They don't seem to stop very often though.
Yes, I'm still here, sad aren't I !
Is the shop open yet?  I need to buy some sweets. Have you got any sweets, Pepper?
Can you buy me some? I'll give you the money, go on you know you want to.
Have you seen the construction of that bridge up the road? I love bridges, me.
As well as bridges, I love pies! Cheese and onion is my favorite flavor.
I've just moved to LEGO Island. Pepper, how do I get to the Skate Park?
Go down to the Station on the center part of the Island and it's near there. Might see ya there dude.
What's up Pepper, I'm busy on my computer at the moment.
Just thought I'd see how you were settling in to our lovely Island? See ya dude.
The beach is my favorite place. I can get a lovely sun tan.
Don't you think my medallion looks great with my leopard skin trunks.
When all the buildings fell down, I saw a piece of the radio antenna fall near one of those houses.
Did you see it, dude?
I'm still waiting for my friend to come out to play. If he doesn't turn up soon I'm going to play with someone else.
Earlier, I saw some kids playing with a big Jackhammer on the beach.
That's a bit strange. I had better investigate, cheers dude.
I stand here and talk to all the people who walk by. I have made lots of friends like this. 
Plus it gives me something to do..
The builders are repairing the bridge round the corner, have you seen the mess they've made? You should check it out.
Cheers, dude, I will. What are you doing in my garden?
Oh, the wind blew my kite out of my hands and I thought it ended up in here.
Best to check some other houses, it's quite windy today. I hope you find it. See ya later dude.
I've just been trying to see the Space Shuttle up at Space Mountain. Valerie brought her binoculars with her to get a better view.
I'm going to come back another time with my friends. The spacemen look really cool. I wish I could be one.
It's lovely and peaceful here by the lake, don't you think Pepper?
It sure is. Must be off, got loads to do.
There's some great fishing to be had here.
I leave my towel here so no one can take my place in the sun.
When I need to go home I can get a lift with Nubby. Great or what?
My friend and I are singing our favorite songs.
I'm off then.
How rude..
If you don't stop bothering us, you're for it mate.
Oi! Don't interrupt my friend and I, or else.
What do you want now?
I'm collecting all the Pages of the Constructopedia to rebuild LEGO Island.
Good story.
I'm listening to those girls singing, but they keep chasing me away.
I told those girls their singing was really good, so they let me stay and listen now.  Ree-sult!
Pepper! Top o' the mornin'!
..and the rest o' the day to yerself!  Hi!
I lost me banana phone, Pepper. You ha'en't seen it have you? You don't need it for yer quest, so don't worry. I'm just hungry..
Sorry, I haven't seen it anywhere.
I was up the end of the beach and there was a poor Squid all on his own.
He didn't look very well at all..
What do you think of my swimsuit, sparkly isn't it?
Uh, yeah.  Very sparkly.
Stocks and shares, that's the best bit of a paper.. a darn good read.
I remember when papers were cheaper, better value and had more pages.. mumble mumble.. moan moan.
I like reading the cartoon section. It's always great.. just a little short.. maybe I should just buy comics instead?
I just love reading papers! Testing my brain on the crosswords.. 3 down .. Oh . . um 2 across.. eh.. oh .. AH! Armadillo! That's it, see!   
.. Weather.. Boring.. News.. Boring..  why do I read newspapers?
I love to lounge in the sun, but I have to watch that my head doesn't melt, so I've put a handkerchief on it.. Maybe that will help..  but it's still quite soft..
Hey Pepper, it's best to protect your eyes..  Check out my shades!
My brain hurts.. I've been in the sun too long!
It's a bright sunny today..  I took the day off work to enjoy myself..Ooh!  Don't tell anyone!
I got here early, so when the tide comes in I can dip my toes in the water.
This sand is a bit lumpy.
Owh ah ouch.. the sand is hot!
I am just lazing in the sun.. hmmm sleepy sleep sleep.
Mmmm..so comfy.  Can you rub some lotion on me please?
Sorry pal, gotta run.
I don't want to get up..  the sun is so nice..  but I have to go and get a new game.
Say kid, do you like-a da pizza? I love pizza.. the broads love-a da pizza..  me and the boys love pizza..
We are da fa-mily.. I got ta ma sisters with me.
Sorry Pepper, were you expecting me to say something useful?  I'm just sitting here, I'm afraid..
My house is yellow, just like the sun. When it rains, I paint it blue! He he.. I have lots of money and blue paint left over from a clearance sale at Mrs Post's shop.. the paint's great and really good value!
Back in the 1800s, this used to be a castle dungeon or something.. There are some strange things in the cellar..
Oh hello.. Yes, the kids love the sandpit.. Saves me having to take them to the beach.. truly excellent.
I'm very proud of my house..  It uses rare orange bricks.. I collect them from all over the Island and you won't see another like it..  or you might.
Have you seen the horses? They're, like animals man.. I like to take sugar to them.. they like that.. I'm always tripping over items there though..
I've been at home polishing my Spanner.
Hey, is that Nubby Stevens' tool?
Leave it sonny. These are not the Spanners you're looking for!
It's sheltered from the sun here and there's a lovely smell of the trees.
Hi, do you like the humming  from the generator next door? It saves me money on music.
I'm waiting to speak to Nubby. My car needs a service.
I'm hiding from my friend. I could be here a while as I don't think he can actually count up to a hundred.
I was told by a friend that there is a big fish in this lake. I've been here ages and haven't seen it yet.
Hey Pepper what's happening? I've been going in the corn field and hunting for things. See you later.
Hi Pepper, what do you think of my garden? I have spent a lot of time landscaping it.
The noise from that house next door is giving me a headache.  Bah.. Kids.. Having fun.. Humbug!
I'm waiting here for a friend!
He's meant to be practicing with his band and I'm fed up of giving him lifts everywhere.
Hi Pepper, I like living opposite the station. It makes it easy for me to get to work.
I've just painted this giant pizza on the floor for Papa, it looks great doesn't it? I bet you can see it from Ogel.
Do you mind not knocking on my door, I'm trying to watch television! Goodbye.
Hi Pepper, what a lovely day. I do enjoy my job. I get to walk all around the Island, which makes me very fit. Bet you can't catch me!
How fast does your car go?
Hey Pepper, can you strip down a computer and put it back together wearing a blindfold?
Would you like fries with that?
My motorbike has broken down and I'm waiting for Nubby Stevens to take it to the Garage.
Hello. Nice day, isn't it?
How's that 2D quest of yours going?
LEGO. It's ace!
Hi Pepper, this is your house. You already know how to use all these items, but I'll just tell you in case you forgot.
This is the Computer. You can access any unlocked single player games with it.
This is your Card Album, where you can look at any cards you have collected or traded.
This is the Trophy Cabinet.You can look at the high scores gained within the sub-games.
This is the Television. You can look at the weather reports or news highlights.
This is the Stereo, where you can listen to and change the music.
Hi Pepper, this is the Club House. This is where you can play with your friends.
This is the Computer. You can access any unlocked multiplayer games with it.
This is your Card Album, where you can trade any cards that you have collected with your friends.
This is the High score flip chart. You can look at the high scores gained within the sub-games.
This is the Brick Bucket, where you can select your multiplayer character.
This is the LEGO Island Globe, where you can play multiplayer activities on the Island.
Yeah, I scored better than that when I played. Maybe you should try harder?
Awh, you scored higher than me. Looks like I should play again and beat you.
This game is great, have you finished yet? I want to play again.
I want never gets. Did you leave your manners on LEGO Island ?
I'm sorry, I just really like this game.
I thought this tent was another game, but I think it's a toilet since there's someone inside who told me to go away.
Oh well, I won't walk down there. I think they need their privacy.
It's exciting! I love to watch the men fighting and seeing them all sweaty when they take off their helmets! He he he.
Yes, it is fun, isn't it?
Maybe, just maybe, they'll let you fight the Dark Knight. He's everyone's hero.
Do you think so?
Yes, but you won't win. He's the best. If I was older, maybe I could marry him. He he he.
But I am only a little girl, he doesn't notice me. 
We all need dreams. Even if they don't come true, everyone needs a goal to follow.
You know, you're so right. He will notice me one day.
I bet you a grey LEGO brick, it will be sunny tomorrow! Eh? What do you say?
I just like to run in the forest and watch insects all day.
Have you ever wondered about things? You know, really wondered?
Can you play any musical instruments, Pepper? I wish I could play something, but it just takes so long to learn. I wish that you could just know stuff, instead of having to learn it. Like clever stuff and talk to clever people, but I guess I'll just have to play less computer games and study more.
This one time, I saw a big spider in my room and I was scared. Have you ever been scared?
Can you juggle? I can't. My friend can, I wonder why I can't?
Do you remember the old days? I do. Many, many years ago, when this was all fields.. blah blah.. I remember when.. waffle waffle.. blah blah blah..
Is my dad bigger than your dad? I bet he is.
I like to splash in puddles, but it never rains on LEGO Island, so I just splash in the bath instead!
Look at them. Birds. I wish I could fly. Then I could see LEGO Island from afar. 
So.. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? It confuses me just thinking about it. 
So, you like to skateboard? Why don't you wear pads? You'd better watch you don't hurt yourself.
Hey kid, make like a tree and leaf me alone.. Haw haw only joking!
Cheese, cheese, whatever you do, don't eat cheese at night. You'll have bad dreams.
Dum de dum, I love to sing.. Do de do, la la lah, when was the last time do de do, bah da dah.. 
Do you believe? Are you a believer? I am.
Oh! . . hic . . I . . hic . . have . . hic . . the . . hic . . hiccups. It's . . hic .. a . . hic . . bit . . hic  . . annoying! 
Swimming, walking, sleeping and talking are all good forms of exercise!!! 
I'm not sure.. er .. but I think . . was it . .hum.. he said.. hmm..Oh I've forgotten! Silly me!
Start Menu
Well Done
Not Bad
Try Again
Game Time
Cactus Creek
Mirage Valley
Star View
Windy Dune Pass
Long Walk Oasis
High Score
You've Got a High Score!
Game Over
Leave Sub-Game
Are you sure?
Go and Hide
Everyone's Hiding
Find the other players
Style Bonus
Hula Hula Turn
Golden Sand Bay
Salt Lake Falls
Clear Shore Beach
Crystal Water Cove
Track Select
Slot One
Slot Two
Slot Three
Pepper's House
I've been here five weeks and nothing has happened!
Total Score
Are You Sure?
Enter Your Name
A New High Score
Control Pad Left
Control Pad Right
A Button
B Button
R Button
L Button
Control Pad Up
Control Pad Down
Trading Card
You hit the Bronze target.
Well done, you hit the Silver target.
Hurray! You hit the Gold target!
News just in! The Brickster's spell of freedom has come to an end and he is once again behind bars! It's all thanks to the local hero, Pepper Roni!
We can now use satellite technology to beam live to Ogel and see Pepper reunited with Mama & Papa Brickolini, recently saved from the clutches of the nasty Brickster-Bots.
The Brickster should be behind bars for some time to come, so the public are safe.. At least for the moment.
This has been the Infomaniac for LEGO Island news, so it's Good Night from me. Until the next time.
Pepper! You haven't built the Information Center yet! Rush back and build it.. Please Pepper!
Pepper! You're doing well! Keep up the good work!
Pepper, you must remember to talk to people. You can find out a lot more! No need to be shy.
You've got the three Coins. Now Red Greenbase will let you over the Toll Bridge.
Pepper! Did you talk to Mr.Funberg in the Allotment? I think you should.
Hooray! I see you have a ticket for the ferry there! Castle Island is great fun.
LEGO Island 2
The Brickster's Revenge

Malcolm Grant
Andy Debus
Phil Harris
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Hooray! You got it Pepper! 
Yes, Yes .. The Constructopedia Page for your house!
Come on then, Pepper. Let's clean the orchard!
I'm on the case! 
360 FLIP
My husband says he has hurt his back. If he's putting it on to get out of the hard work, he won't be getting any dinner tonight.
Now remember Pepper, bend down slowly when picking up weeds. You don't want to hurt your back like my husband.
It's such a lovely day, I thought I would stand out in the sun.
I don't go down to the beach. It's too crowded. 
Thank you for helping me Pepper, you saved me a lot of work. Now I have enough to fill my basket.
Would you like to borrow my ladders? They might come in handy.
Thanks, I'm sure I can find a use for them.
I'm having a rest before I take my apples home to make some lovely pies.
I love apples.
I still haven't found my dog. I bet he has gone home.
Thanks for delivering that letter, you're a great kid.
Haven't you delivered that letter? It might be urgent!
I hope you enjoyed your trip to Castle Island. It's a fun day out isn't it?
I'm trying to find him, I know he's behind that tree.
If I don't find him soon, there is going to be a fight. He must be cheating.
I'm trying to concentrate, I haven't been able to beat my brother yet.
Nearly got him that time. He's for it now.
You'll have to try harder if you want to beat me, sis.
Hey Pepper, are you any good at multiplayer games?
What do you reckon to my skateboard! Great set of wheels, eh.
Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside..
I'd like to stroll along the prom and listen to a brass band but we haven't got either.
Laura to control, come in control. Over.
Thank you small sire, thou hath done us a great service. We can commence our battle with the Bulls.
Think you are good? Think you are great? Come along now, try your skill!
Roll up, Roll up.. Are you a man or a mouse? Battle the Dark Knight, come on, try your luck!
I'm not very strong and can't manage to hit the targets.. In a few years time, maybe I'll be better! Do you think?
I really like that girl, but all she thinks about is the Dark Knight. I wish I could get her to notice me.
Sit down, so I can take your order!
But I don't want any pizza, right now.
Yes, you do.
No.. I..
You do, you do, you do, you do!
Good job I had that Spanner, my manifolds were loose.
Yes, I was thinking of lowering the car, sticking some 100watt speakers in, body kit, you Know.. but the wife wouldn't let me.
Business is good, the extra news coverage has increased trade. You're a lovely young man!
Yo! MPP, you know me!
How're tricks?
Yeah, yeah, frontside kickflip noseslide-flipout, man.
Did you give Valerie Stubbins the fuel? Yeah, aquatic fuel is expensive, I bet she liked it. Hmmm.
I'm so old, it's unbelievable. I used to fight on Castle Island, you know . . 
zzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzz ZZZZZ .. 
I used to fight on Castle Island, you know . . 
drone, drone . .zzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzz ZZZZZ
Oh, it's hot today. I don't have air conditioning, you know. All they give me is a small fan.
I wonder what it's like to be a statue.. I have been sitting here a long time. Oh, oh.. my legs . . Pins and needles.
Red and yellow and blue and green.. Nah.. It's not quite there, is it? I make music you know.
I just got my hair dyed. Do you think it suits me? My friend said I looked like a girl.
it's not that bad, is it? Maybe I should wear a hat.
I just found some money behind this bench! If I can find some more, I can buy an ice cream!
Girls are sugary and nice. Not like nasty boys, like you! He he! 
he he he he he he he he.. 
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..
Hmm.. I haven't seen him either.. His mother may be worried. Look, are those his shorts?
If it wasn't for those pesky kids..
Ah, I can keep an eye out for those dangerous sharks.
If I wasn't so short sighted, I could see the beach from here. Now, where did I leave those binoculars..? Oh I'm always so distracted!
It's so shiny.. A lovely Trophy, but I guess it would have been better if I had won it for myself. I'm so shallow.
Round 1
Round 2
Hello Pepper.
Yo, Infomaniac Dude.
Yes. Well.
Did you know you can change some of the trees on LEGO Island?
Yes, and the colour of the flowers.
Yes, quite. Just go up to the flower or tree and press the A Button.
Cool! I'll give that a go now!
Only some of the trees will change though. The ones you can change are standing on their own.
Hokey dokey, Infodude.
Yes. Quite. 
Hi there Pepper. 
Have you seen what I can do?
Errm. No.
I can change this tree!
Wow! That's cool.
It sure is.
Why don't you try it?
Okay, I'll try it now.
Have you changed the trees yet? It's all I do, all day now.
I think you can do the same with flowers.
Ferry Pier
Harris Hills
Beach 1
Beach 2
Whale Point
The Old Fields
Beach 3
Toll Booth
Moors of Moss
Swain Sands
Chicken Cove
Buttercup Farm
Jamboree Woods
Mountain View
Roskell Waters
I love trees.
I had a friend once.
He liked trees too.
Whew, watching you do all that weeding has made me tired, Pepper.  I think I'll just relax for a while.
If you've nothing to do, young Pepper, my hedges could do with a little trim?
Eek! Just remembered, I have to be somewhere that's..else!  Bye!
What a nice young man.
Oh Pepper, thank you! You've kept the weeds from taking hold again.
No problem, Mr F.
Here, I know you lads like to collect these cards.  Why don't you take this for your trouble?
Cool, a trading card! Thanks Mr Funberg, sir!
It's a pleasure, Pepper.  Come back whenever you like, those weeds keep coming..
Sure thing.  Bye!
Ding, Dong! Looks like there's no-one home..
Knock, Knock! There's no answer.
Ding, Dong! The lights are on, but there's nobody home.
Pepper, too fast again!  This is not a racing game.
I'm afraid I can't give you your license until you learn to drive at a safe speed.
Come back and try again later.
Pepper, you're crawling along! We'll cause a traffic jam if you don't speed up a little.
I'm sorry Pepper, but I'm afraid I can't give you your license until you learn to drive a little faster.
Not too fast, mind!
Come back and try again, Pepper.
Hi. You're Pepper, right?
Uh, yeah.
I love to play rugby, it's wild! Can you play rugby, Pepper? Wanna try sometime?
Well..I mean..don't you have to wear loads of pads and things?
Ahahaha, hehehe. No, silly! You're not scared are you?
Not me!
Cool. Maybe we can play someday.
Sure. Bye!
Bye Pepper.
If you don't like rugby, we could play hockey? Or volleyball? That's fun!
Oh, sorry. I'm too busy to play.
I love sports! Especially outdoors. I'm going to the beach to see if they want to play volleyball.
See ya later. Have fun!
Whack Top Bot
Whack Bottom Bot
Whack Left Bot
Whack Right Bot
Pick Top Apple
Pick Bottom Apple
Pick Left Apple
Pick Right Apple
Throw Hoop to Middle Poles
Plus A Button to Throw Hoop to Far Poles
Plus A Button to Throw Hoop to Near Poles
Steer Left
Steer Right
Run Right
Run Left
Steer Left
Steer Right
Rotate Left
Rotate Right
Swim Forward
Swim Backward
Bricks are collected automatically
Move Target Up
Move Target Down
Move Target Left
Move Target Right
Press alternately to build up power
Raise/Lower Lance
Move Target Up
Move Target Down
Move Target Left
Move Target Right
Open Window
Run Faster
Run Slower
Move T-Rex Up
Move T-Rex Down
Play High Bongo
Play Low Bongo
Move Shuttle Up
Move Shuttle Down
Move Shuttle Left
Move Shuttle Right
Fire Energy Pulse
Activate Shield
Steer Up
Steer Down
Steer Left
Steer Right
Move Left
Move Right
Move Up
Move Down
Move Left
Move Right
Move Up
Move Down
Select Pizza/Put plate in sink
Pass Pizza
Walk Left
Walk Right
Look Up (when stationary)
Look Down (when stationary)
Throw Pizza
Move Left
Move Right
Throw Pizza
Move Up
Move Down
Move Left
Move Right
Pick Weed
Turn Left (at a junction)
Turn Right (at a junction)
Turn Left (at a junction)
Turn Right (at a junction)
Hold down to Cast/Release to Strike
Tap to Reel In
Accelerate Left
Accelerate Right
Nose Grab
Tail Grab
Kick Flip
Heel Flip
180 Nose Grab
180 Tail Grab
180 Kick Flip
180 Heel Flip
360 Kick Flip
360 Heel Flip
Kick Flip
Heel Flip
Front Slide
Back Slide
Right then Pepper. Now pay attention, I shall say this only once. Well you can take as long as you like to read it, so it won't matter anyway. Ohh, I seem to be dithering, yes that's it, Castle Tower! Umm, yes well, it's just like the single player game but you have to race your friends to the top. If you make it to the top you can scroll around looking at your friend's progress or lack of it. Ohhh I can be so mean at times..
Thanks Info dude, it's a pleasure as always. Let's get it on!!!!!
Explain the game to me Pepper. No I'll explain it to you, no you to me, no me to you, no you to me, no that's it, my final answer. I'll explain it to you, after all I'm the one with all the information! Ok then Pepper, in this game of Tag one player is 'It' and will have to find another player using the on screen arrows. Once you find and touch another player they will then be 'It', so run away from them as fast as you can! That's IT really, quite simple. Ohh that's was a good pun.
Infomaniac, you may know lots of cool stuff but you could do with getting some new jokes. You just don't have IT anymore.
Ok Pepper, this space stuff is serious business. You must land on the highlighted pad. Remember, the softer and more central your landing the more points you will get. Now I will be watching very closely so don't do anything dangerous or Mama Brickolini will give me a severe telling off.
Ok, Ok, cool your jets man! I'm Pepper the dude with a gnarly attitude. I can handle this, you don't need to worry about Mama B.
Oh my this looks like fun! Racing a T Rex, well what a lucky boy you are, but remember any racing is dangerous so take it easy and try not to crash too much! Oh no forget that, it's a race, run! Run like the wind! If you get there first, then you will be the winner.
Yes sir'ee! I'll go as fast as I can and I will be victorious, because I am Pepper and I rule!!
Shussssh! Now be very quiet. Is anyone else listening? No, good. Then come closer, I'm going to whisper this. If you are hiding you have 60 seconds to find a super duper hiding place! Now make sure when the 60 seconds are up, you are well and truly hidden because when the counter reaches 0 you'll be stuck where you are. The seeker then gets 2 minutes to find you. If you are found within the time limit or the time limit runs out, then the game restarts with another player hiding.
You can have a speed up by pressing the A Button, but remember to watch your stamina bar as when it runs out you wont be able to speed up any more.
This game is one of my favorites and you should also be good at this one Pepper, as it's all about holding on to pizza. When the game begins, a pizza will appear on the Island. The first player to grab it will start earning points while they hold it. If you touch another player who is holding the pizza, you will get it and start earning points. Quite simple really, just grab the pizza and hold on like crazy! If you lose it, then grab it again quick!
Oh man I'm gonna totally boss this game! If it's pizza, then it's the game for me.
Throw pizza
Speak to character
Change tree/flower
Pull weed
Doorbell, for talking to people inside a house
Drive, when you can get in a vehicle
Fish, when you can use the fishing rod
Use computer to player single/multiplayer game
View Card Album
View High Score table
Use TV
Edit character used in Multiplayer
Access Globe to play games on the island
Radio to change the music playing in Pepper's house
Play Whack-A-Bot
Hi Pepper! Try playing with trees and flowers. You can make them look different with a little LEGO magic.
I'll try that, thanks Mr Darren, sir.
Hey Pepper, have you seen any cowboys around? I love cowboys because they look cool. I think Spurs are the greatest!
You do?
Spurs rule, man. Never forget it.
No, I won't Mr Darren, sir. Spurs rule.
Pepper, are you shy?
Not me!
I didn't think so. Make sure you speak to everyone you meet, Pepper! You never know who'll have something helpful to say.
You may have to kiss 100 frogs, before you find a Prince.
Got it, Mr Darren, sir.
I was asked if the light stays on in the refrigerator when the door is shut. I tried to find out, but it was too cold.
Don't forget to use the phone boxes, Pepper! They can be a big red help.
I won't forget.
Good boy.
I think some people need help finding things on LEGO Island, Pepper. Why don't you ask around?
Will do, Mr Darren, sir.
Pepper, you can travel much faster on a skateboard! Much better than walking.
Pepper, if you get lost, try looking at your map.
After all, that's what it's there for.
Thanks, Darren.
No problem, little Pepper dude.
Hey Pepper, that looks like a skateboard you have there.
You should be able to travel much faster with that!
Pepper, that looks like a squid to me and it doesn't look very well at all!
You must try to find its owner. Squids live in the sea, so why don't you check the beach?
That seems to be a piece of a Radio Antenna. Well, I know at least one person on this Island who is mad about music! Who do you think that is?
Pepper, you have got a Coin. You can use these to pay for things, maybe to get to somewhere new?
Hi Pepper, that looks like a pair of glasses. You should try to find their owner as I bet they are struggling to read without them!
You're a lucky boy, young Pepper! That is a collectable LEGO trading card and you'll find that they're the latest thing for kids to collect.
Try to build up a big collection of cards. You can get more cards by trading them with others.
Pepper, you have a hard hat. Now you can go into dangerous places, but still keep your head safe! Cool, huh?
You've got a flashlight, Pepper! Use it to explore dark places..spooky!
You mustn't walk in the road, Pepper, as it can be dangerous. You can use the zebra crossings, though. That's one there, where you see the stripes.
Use zebra crossings to cross the road safely.
That is a new icon, Pepper. It means that you can speak to the person near you.
That is a new icon, Pepper. It means that you can enter the building near you.
That is a new icon, Pepper. It means that you can enter the vehicle near you.
A Brickster-Bot! Throw a pizza at him, Pepper, and bowl him over!
Hey Pepper, did you know that you can get better scores by reliving your adventures on your home computer?
Check it out, little buddy.
Hey Pepper, have you mastered the 360 Kick Flip yet?
Now how did it go? Control Pad Left and Control Pad Up and A Button and B Button. . .
Oh well, I'm sure you can work it out. Try and do different combinations to pull of different tricks.
Cool, thanks Steve!
Don't mention it, skate buddy.
That's a new icon, Pepper. When you see this icon, you can retry a sub-game.
The Space Warp
Bricksterbot Dance
Arabian Bricks
The Infomaniac Walk
A Policeman's Beat
Ye Olde Tune
Starting Out
Pizza Parade
Desert Chase
LEGO Island Theme
New Game
Continue Game
Oh Pepper, thank you! You've kept the weeds from taking hold again.
No problem, Mr F.
Card Album
Yo woolly one.
Apple Trees
Snap Lockitt
Old Man
Man with letter
Space Mountain Entrance
Nubby Stevens
Man Fixing Car
Valerie Stubbins
Johnny Thunder
Orchard House
Hi there Pepper. I need to go to Adventurer's Island but there's no fuel for Valerie's water scooter.
Can you help?
I can try.
Good lad!
Roskell Channel
Is that The Brickster I see before me?
It certainly is Pepper.
I'm doing very well so far aren't I?
Pah! Rubbish.
You're so slow.
No I'm not.
Yes you are.
Well, if I had a skateboard I'd be a lot quicker.
No you wouldn't.
Yes I would.
Okay then.
Have a skateboard. See if I care.
You still won't be able to catch me.
We'll see about that.
Darren needs his house back so he can watch the football. You can get his Constructopedia Page from the train.
You can't get into the orchard until the Orchard House has been reconstructed. An old man who needs glasses has this Constructopedia Page.
Until the Police Station is rebuilt no-one can get their driving licenses. The boy who has this Constructopedia Page won't give you it until you give him the skateboarding trophy.
I'm waiting for an important letter Pepper, but Ed Mail has delivered it to the wrong house. The letter was delivered to a house near you.
Nubby has lost four of his spanners. As spanners are so useful they have probably been picked up already, so ask around as you never know who might have a spanner.
There is a Constructopedia Page stuck in a tree in the orchard. You will need a ladder to climb the tree. The only person with a ladder needs it to pick apples, but if you pick apples for them, they will give you the ladder.
The Brickster has destroyed the bridge to the jail. A fire engine would have a ladder long enough to reach across the gap, but the Fire Station needs to be reconstructed.
You have a ladder Pepper, use it if you need to climb a tree.
You have caught a small fish Pepper, it looks too small to be useful for anything.
You have a fish Pepper, it looks like it would make a nice meal for someone. I know that the lighthouse keeper enjoys fish.
Well done Pepper you have a trophy for cool skateboarding tricks. There is a boy that hangs around near the Skatepark who would love to have a skateboarding trophy. He will give you something you will need in return for the trophy.
You have a key Pepper. The only buildings that have locks are the Skatepark and the Jail. Nick Brick still has the Jail key, so you must have the Skatepark Key.
You have the Constructopedia Page for Bill Ding's house. Go to Bill Dings house I'm sure he will be grateful.
You have the Constructopedia Page for Darren's house. He needs to watch football so get the page to him as quickly as possible.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Fire Station. Take it to the Fire Station. LEGO Island has never had a fire, but we must always be prepared.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Jail. Take it to the jail so that when you catch the Brickster we have somewhere to put him.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Orchard House. Take it to the Orchard House and you will be allowed into the orchard.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Pizzeria. Take it to the Pizzeria as several people are hungry and need pizza.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Police Station. Take it to the Police Station and Nick Brick will teach you how to drive.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Radio Station. Take it to the Radio Station, so we can all listen to excellent music.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Railway Stations. Take it to the Stationmaster so he can rebuild all of the Railway Stations.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Shop. Take it to the Shop as people need to buy groceries.
You have the Constructopedia Page for the Skatepark. Take it to the Skatepark, so that you have somewhere to improve your skateboarding skills.
Look out Pepper there is a rampaging Brickster Bot over there. They can be subdued with a well aimed pizza.
Weed Wreckin'
Driving Lesson
Pizza Delivery
Fast Food
Perform Trick
Earlier, I saw some kids playing with a big Jackhammer on the beach.
Pepper use your map to locate Beach 3. Press the L Button to see your map and use the Control Pad to highlight Beach 3. I'll meet you there!
Congratulations, you've found the Jackhammer. Now take it to the bridge. Yow! Remember to use the map to find your way!
Pepper you must take the Contructopedia page to the Information Center. Use your map to find the way!
Pepper come inside and help me. Quickly!
Now you can use the Phone Boxes, to remind you of any clues you've collected. Here's a clue for your collection. Glen Funberg may have a present for you if you can help him. Use the Phone Box to find out more!
See if you can get these scores to get a medal.To get a BRONZE medal you need to score 75 points. If you score 250 points I'll give you a shiny SILVER medal. But if you're really good, and score 500 points I'll give you a GOLD medal!
Did you give Valerie Stubbins the fuel?
LEGO. It's ace!
Try to build up a big collection of cards. You can get more cards by trading them with others.
Swimming, walking, sleeping and talking are all good forms of exercise!!! 
Use zebra crossings to cross the road safely.
Use zebra crossings to cross the road safely.