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Notes:LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (Game Boy Color)

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This page contains notes for the game LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (Game Boy Color).

English Text Dump

Press Start
New Game
Continue Game
Trade Cards
Sound Effects
Trading Instructions.
Use the Control Pad to view cards.
Use Left and Right on the Control pad to view cards.
Press A Button to Trade Card.
Ensure the IR Ports are facing one another.
Card trade Successful.
Card trade failed.
Press Start to return to the Main Menu.
Press A Button to trade.
Sorry, you cannot trade your only card of this type.
You have two of these cards. Do you want to trade one?
You have three of these cards. Do you want to trade one?
You have lots of these cards. Do you want to trade one?
Are you sure?
This will overwrite previous saved game.
Save successful.
Hi Infomaniac! It's me, Pepper, the Dude with the Food! So, what's happening?
You are! I've made a new skateboard for delivery jobs. So, to the Pizzeria with you! Follow me!
Way cool! Count me in and sign me up!
Hi Bill Ding! Coming through!
Sorry, the road is closed until I can fix it. I need a pick axe.
Still closed and I still need a pick axe, and I'm still Bill Ding.
Hello Mama Brickolini! It's me!
Hello Pepper! I'm trying to write a new song. What rhymes with pizza?
Pepper, it's so good to see you! It always is.
Hiya Papa! What's up?
Enough funny talk! You've got work to do. Take this pizza to the jail.
Did you take that pizza to jail? Not that it's bad. It's good, so, hurry!
Hey, Laura! I mean Officer Brick, Ma'am.
Road's closed until the donuts arrive.
Sorry! Still no donuts. Road closed.
Captain D. Rom Sir, request permission to enter and
Road closed until the donuts show up! Over and out.
Situation: Still no donuts. Can't use the road.
Brickster, don't do anything funny!
Pass the pizza. pronto, Pepper. Try saying that 5 times fast!
Hey! You didn't pay for the pizza!
That blasted Brickster busted my barrier and he went that a-way!
He still went that a-way.
Bank Holiday until the Brickster is caught.
Bank is still closed. Brickster is still loose.
Research indicates that something might happen soon.
The truth is out there and so is a lot of other stuff.
We are looking for anything we can find.
Have you seen anything unusual or is it just me?
Officer Nick Brick! How can I help?
I'll deputize you, Pepper. Take this Pizza Chukka and a salute. Get the Brickster, Deputy.
He went that way! I'm too full to go. I ate one too many donuts. Scuse me.
Can't ketchup to, me, *spice boy*.
You're so slow & I'm so fast. Heheh!
Seen any bad guys around, Snap?
No Bricksters on this beach, Babe.
Just the sand- which-is here. No Brickster, Dude.
Seen any bad guys around, Bob?
He went to the Res-Q Center, so the park gates are locked tighter than a drum now.
He went that way. Gates are locked.
Situation: Still without donuts. Can't come in.
The donuts haven't arrived yet.
We're closed until the donuts arrive.
Still Waiting. Have you seen a donut?
I can only play the blues now that the Brickster has escaped.
Please, Pepper, be very careful now!
Papa's not feeling happy now, not until we lock up that Brickster.
Brickster escaped, sure, but he still has to pay for the pizza!
I'm Bill Ding. I need a pick axe to fix the road.
Have you found a pick axe? I still need one, and I'm still Bill Ding.
If you can't say the Brickster's been caught than I can't say the gate is unlocked.
Sorry, Pepper, pal but it's locked.
Weird, but the Brickster just flew by in a helicopter. Need more information? Go to the Information Center.
Do I look like the Information Center? I think not. Go there, please.
If I only had a pick-axe, the road would be open by now.
Hey! Here's a clue: Find a pick axe!
Bad timing! A race is on and I can't let you pass. Sorry
Can't you hear the engines? The race is still on. Come back later.
Was that race the coolest or what? It's over. Now you can pass.
Now you can race on through, Pepper.
I found a pick axe! I hear Bill Ding needs one! What a coincidence!
Bill Ding needs a pick axe, yes?
I've heard that Nubby Stevens has a pick axe. I'm not sure I care.
Bill Ding needs a pick axe.
Roads don't fix themselves. I need a pick axe.
Have you found that pick axe yet?
Gates are locked until the Brickster is locked up.
Gate is still locked, Pepper
The Infomaniac has the information at the Information Center. Makes sense to me.
If I were you, I'd go over to see the Infomaniac right about now.
Hey, Bill Ding, I got you an axe!
Well, bounce my bricks! A pick axe!
Thank you! Now I can fix the road.
Thanks again for the pick axe!
Is the Brickster caught? I hope so.
You can't go this way, my friend.
Say,Valerie! What's new?
The Infomaniac called for you. He needs you.
You should go to the Infomaniac now.
Rhoda Hogg, what's it look like today?
Looks like a nice day for a race!
Studz Linkin is one of the best drivers on LEGO Island, isn't he?
Heard anything new, Nubby?
Bill Ding keeps asking for a pick axe, over and over again.
Hurry, Bill Ding needs the pick axe
Bill Ding needs a pick axe real bad.
Hurry with the pick axe for Bill
I'll clear this mess up now.
Here's what I know: The Brickster has escaped, he stole the Constructopedia, and torn pages will destroy buildings. We have to capture him. Pepper, go to the Police to help as fast as you can!
LEGO Island needs that book! HELP!
The Brickster has escaped. Officers Nick & Laura have it under control. They need to see you, Pepper. GO!
Officers Nick and Laura need you now.
Quick, Pepper, Nick and Laura are waiting.
Brickster is free which will cost us plenty! Go to the Police, Pepper.
Brickster's gone to Adventurers Island. Get a boat at the Res-Q center. I can't go I ate too many donuts.
Hurry to the Res-Q Center, Pepper.
Watch out for the Bricksterbots. Oh, you'll want this. Over and out, Pepper.
Watch out for the Bricksterbots. Oh, you'll want this. Did I say that already?
That's that fixed
Busy, busy, busy! That's me!
This jail needs a bigger lock.
The Brickster melted this lock with the Super HOT Duper Pizza Special.
Odd that you're still here. GO!
We're counting on you, Pepper.
Reports indicate the Brickster went to Adventurers Island. You'll need a boat! Go to the Res-Q Center.
To the Res-Q Center and hurry!
They don't make jails like they used to. Next one will be stronger.
You catch him and I'll lock him up.
As good as new.
Bill Ding taught me well.
You're going on an adventure! Take this to remember your Mama!
Be careful out there, Pepper.
Remember Papa while you are away.
Watch out for the Brickster!
My home! My office! My stars! My oh my, horror!
Find the Brickster for us Pepper. Save Lego Island.
Still no sign of the Brickster
Haven't seen hide nor hair of him.
Sorry, race time again. Road closed.
Come back when the road's open.
One, two, three.
one, two, three
What the?
Creepy and spooky!
Click Click
Click Click
Call me Officer Relieved, now that you're here. To the Res-Q Center!
To the Res-Q Center, Pepper.
Did you see Nick? We were worried, I still am.
To the Res-Q Center, Pepper.
Have you been afloat in a boat?
There are boats at the Res-Q Center.
We have got to get that Brickster! Grrr.
He might destroy Lego Island! Eeek!
No one has been through here since J.P. fixed the gate.
I will let you know if I see the Brickster.
That lock will do the trick.
All the jail needs is the Brickster.
The truth is in here.
Or is the truth over there?
Aliens are not real.
Maybe some Aliens are real, though.
Mind you don't get sea sick.
You can swim can't you?
Hurry back. These pizzas won't deliver themselves you know.
You're a nice boy. That's good.
Strange things wash up on the beach at times.
The sand gets in everything.
I've been tracking the Brickster on the radar. He is on the Phanta Sea.
You'll have to be quick to catch him!
Take the boat. It floats!
Be careful. I would!
Ar, Matey, are ye seeking a sunken treasure? Then you'll be needing this shark food.
Any treasure be found yet, Matey?
I can't shake the shark, Dude.
You look and sound familiar, Sonny.
Dig this: you'll need a shovel soon.
I can't see LEGO Island. Weird, huh?
If I were you, I'd go see Palomar at the tavern, I would.
WHAT? Say it isn't so! Oh, no, It is! Brickster's escaped! Warn the guards!
Palomar is the man, man. He's in charge of the tavern, he is.
Senor Palomar is a Senor in charge. He's at the tavern.
The boss man is looking for you. If I was you, I'd go to the tavern.
I'm so proud of my new magnifying glass. Look how magnificent it is!
Trading stops, when Brickster's out.
Show's over. Move along now. Come on.
G'day. Take a card, any card. They're all great. They're all me!
I'm Johnny Thunder but more importantly, I'm great. Have a card.
Worth more than gold, my card is.
Shoo! Go away! You bother me, kid. I mean it!
I can rub my belly and pat my head!
when I wish upon a star, I wish for Johnny Thunder's Journal!
I saw a helicopter heading towards the jungle, quite exhilarating!
Thanks, Dude from LEGO Island or were you at that other Island? I think there's one nearby.
Dig this: you need a shovel!
Found any treasure worth finding yet?
I can't see LEGO Island which is way weird.
Palomar is at the tavern. Go there.
WHAT! The Brickster's escaped? Warn the guards.
Palomar's in charge at the tavern.
Palomar's in charge at the tavern.
Big Boss man is wanting to see you. Go to the tavern right now. Go. Now!
I have my favorite magnifying glass.
Brickster is out. Trading must stop!
Move along. This is no place for kids. Actually, it's no place for anyone.
You'll want this. It's my card!
Take my card and go away.
Get away from me, kid. GRRrrrrr.
I can make sounds with my arm pits!
I wish I had Johnny Thunder's Journal, I do.
I saw a helicopter flying towards the jungle. Most impressive.
It hasn't been the same since you showed up. GUARDS, arrest this flea!
Find any treasures lately?
Thanks. I needed that. Say, do you know if there's another island around here? I think there is.
This shark is on me like cheese on a pizza. Great! Now I'm hungry.
Care for a swim? I sure do.
Wacky but I can't see LEGO Island!
You'll need a shovel. I know.
Adventurers Island is an adventure
Just as I thought, It's hot again.
Watch it. I don't much like kids.
Did you know that clouds weigh tons?
Help me find Palomar, please!
When you see Palomar, tell him I have things to tell him.
I saw a helicopter heading towards the jungle.
Move along. Can't stay here. Move it.
I'm still the greatest, the best.
If I could only reach that vent!
Week 1/Dear Diary, Expedition took an interesting turn today. Found large stone building in the jungle. We're not the first LEGO figures here either. Found a crashed Res-Q helicopter not far from the site here.Tracks leading into the building from the helicopter. Week 2/Dear Diary Due to bad weather the expedition was called off. Hopefully, I will be able to return when the weather improves. I have made a map of the area so I can find my way back. Journal ends.
The jungle is just through the gates. Here's the key. You can't miss it.
Just heard reports of a helicopter crash in the jungle.
It was either a huge funny bird or a helicopter going towards the jungle.
There's oodles of stuff in jungles.
In my day we didn't have cool hats and skateboards. We used 2 by 4's!
Stop bothering me kid. For Christmas sakes!
I can row a boat! Canoe? Ha! Get it? Canoe? I can row a boat?
Did they let you out for good behavior? Mumble.
Funny kid, do you like the tower or what? Odd child, very odd.
Stop kid!
Here we go again! Go figure.
Stop There!
Week 1/Dear Diary, Expedition took an interesting turn today. Found large stone building in the jungle. We're not the first LEGO figures here either. Found a crashed Res-Q helicopter not far from the site here.Tracks leading into the building from the helicopter. Week 2/Dear Diary Due to bad weather the expedition was called off. Hopefully, I will be able to return when the weather improves. I have made a map of the area so I can find my way back. Journal ends.
Welcome to the Phanta Sea!
Good place to dig, Good as any.
Have you found the treasure yet?
Where did LEGO Island go?
I am Achu.
Bless you!
Thank you. STOP! Come no closer. My Tribe's secrets are not for your eyes. I send you to your ancestors.
Halt, who goes there? I mean, here.
Egad! The Brickster, Cedric the Bull's cohort, has escaped! Go see the King.
I, Pepper, Sir Dude of Food, will catch that deadbeat Brickster.
Hail Sir Pepper! What news of the Brickster does your mouth offer?
He will be in the Dark Forest beyond the Castle, with Cedric, no doubt.
Rescue my gentle daughter from the maze sir, while I secure the Castle.
He has escaped, sir but where? How can I catch him? He owes me money.
Halt! No mini-fig may pass without the King's permission.
The fair Princess was last seen entering the maze.
Hurry lad, the Princess is lost in the maze! Amazing, eh?
I assume you're here to rescue me.
Quick boy, take me to the courtyard.
That was the plan, Ma'am.
Wrong way, fool!
Now you expect a reward. Take this.
Cedric's lackey Weezil has been captured. To the Throne Room, boy.
Fie! We're trapped in here. Cedric's Army is outside the Castle!
What now, little Knight?
Hurry Lad! The King waits in the Throne Room for your council.
Run boy. The King awaits.
Behind my throne is the dungeon door. Go seek Weezil in his cell
Quick, to Weezil's cell.
Do well and I'll give you a Good Knight kiss.
Without the King's leave no mini-fig may pass this way.
The way is barred. The King's order.
You may pass! So says the King.
Question Weezil. It's vital we know Bull's Plan.
Take care. Weezil can't be trusted.
Halt! You may not pass this way.
Word is you are to question the scum Weezil. He rots in the dungeon.
Zooks! Don't go out. Cedric attacks!
The dog, Weezil is in the last cell.
Go question Weezil if you dare.
Have a care, boy. Weezil is Sly.
Hey, Kid. Did the Bull send you? He attacks tonite, right? Get me out!
You gotta get me outta here!
Hope you learned what you needed.
Did Weezil squeak? Then tell the King!
Halt! Away from the Treasure Room.
You have news. The King waits on it.
Pepper, tell me what that wretch Weezil said. Will Cedric attack?
Yes, there's a dark and stormy knight outside the Castle walls.
Silent Knight, tell the King your news
Cedric's army? Ha! We will prevail!
To arms! Cedric's men surround us!
We fortunate few. Prepare for battle!
Pepper, to reward you, take anything you wish from the Treasure Room.
Halt! No one sees my prisoner Weezil.
Go to the Treasure Room for safety.
Can't chat. I've a battle to see to.
Go Boy! We Guards ready for war here!
By order of the King you may pass.
The Army retreats! Release Weezil. He will lead you to Bull's hideout. Go to the Courtyard, Pepper. Princess Storm will lead to the Dark Forest.
To the Courtyard! The Princess waits.
Hot soup! Soldiers are a hungry lot.
Hammer and tongs! Arms to repair.
I want to learn to fight. That's why I'm going to Knight School.
Hurry slug! Weezil is free. It'll be your fault if we lose him.
There he is. We must catch him!
I can venture no further. Thank you and good luck on your own. Bye.
This is Cedric's Forest. Rule 1 is get out! Rule 2 is stay away.
This is Cedric's forest, GET OUT!
Time to be brave. Be cool, Pepper.
Can't turn back now. People are counting on me. Brickster's toast!
More guards than trees here. I can help you with two guards only.
If you need me, you know where I am.
Read It
Need it
If I turn back now I'll never find the Brickster. I must hang in there.
How in the Jumping Jelly Beans did you get past our guards? GO AWAY!
I can't believe you snuck past our guards but since you did, GET OUT!
Thank you for finding me. I've been hiding too long. As a token of my sincerest thanks, take this.
You shouldn't be here but you are! You must leave now. Please, for me.
Freeze dude! Do not move a whisker!
Leave him be! He's mine now. Pepper is mine, Brickster.
You're good; but I am better and faster.
I think I may have just found LEGO Island's Smart Brick and if I did I will need the Wizard's help.
I can tell you may want some magic to get you & the Brick back to the Island.
Hey Bill Ding. Any use for this brick that fell off the Brickster's ship?
You bet! Follow me and I'll show you Something really useful.
This brick is the last piece to the shuttle. Hop in & get the Brickster!
How you like my Island, Delivery Boy? You here to bring me a pizza?
More than even you can stomach!
Whoa. Enough! Hate to eat and run but I left my money in my other pants. So long, Pizza Boy. I'll tip next time
Since you're so good at delivering why not feed my buds the Bots!
If they dig Papa's Jalapeno special!
Too Hot! I need to cool it.
Here's a nice jail to try on for size.
Only jail fit for you, Brickster, is on LEGO Island. Pay up!
No! This fits too well. Get me outta here, Pepper! You are the good guy.
Too good to listen to you. Back to LEGO Island to pay your debt.