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Notes:League of Legends

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This page contains notes for the game League of Legends.

Server Types

To do:
Correct Languages column.

There are two main server types.
Live Servers contain the following servers:

Server Name Server Abbreviation Languages
Brazil BR Portugese
Europe Nordic & East EUNE Czech, English, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian
Europe West EUW English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Latin America North LAN Spanish
Latin America South LAS Spanish
North America NA English
Oceania OCE English
Russia RU Russian
Turkey TR Turkish
Japan JP Japanese
South East Asia SEA, SG/MY, PH, ID, TH, VN, TW English (all), Thai (TH), Bahasa Malaysia (MY), Bahasa Indonesia (ID), Vietnamese (VN)
Republic of Korea KR Korean/Hangul
People's Republic of China CN Mandarin Chinese, Simplified Mandarin Chinese

PBE Server is only one server, located in the US, which anyone can connect to if you have a PBE account. This also means the language can be any language, but it is a majority of English.

  • Getting a PBE account requires honor level 3 in-game now. It used to be a lottery.
Server Name Server Abbreviation Languages
Public Beta Environment PBE English

Patch Formatting

There are two different forms of patches for two different servers. There are client patches and data patches. (Note: these are not their formal names, but it helps for designating where content may be in the data).

  • Client patches are ordered by Season, followed by minor patch in the format X.XX.
    • These also follow a 1.0.0.XXX format for older builds starting from the first public build. This number matches the League of Legends executable.
    • There are usually 24 minor patches per Season. At the time of writing this (January 3rd 2018), we are in Pre-season or 7.24, with Season 8 or 8.1 about to begin in the next patch.
    • Client patches with a X.XXb format denote a balance patch and are normally considered micropatches or mid-season patches.
    • Live patches are the current public patch found on all Live servers such as NA, EUW, OCE, LAN, etc. These are always one patch behind PBE.
    • Public Beta Environment (PBE) patches are found only for the PBE server. This patch is always 1 patch ahead of Live.
  • Data patches are laid out in a format that goes up in value per patch. Each has a folder following an X.X.X.X format, with each value going from 0 to 255.
    • Patches begin at with the exception of PBE not having this particular patch.
    • Live and PBE patches are on vastly different patch versions. At the time of writing this (January 3rd 2018), Live is on and PBE is on

Language or Localized Patches

For certain regions they will have different data available. They will also get a folder in the game data for the language that applies.
To set the language manually (Current client only), open the file LeagueClientSettings.yaml, commonly found in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config. Under globals: locale change xx_YY to the following:

Language Code Note
English (US) en_US For United States
Portuguese pt_BR
Turkish tr_TR
English (GB) en_GB For Great Britain
German de_DE
Spanish es_ES For Spain
French fr_FR
Italian it_IT
Czech cs_CZ
Greek el_GR
Hungarian hu_HU
Polish pl_PL
Romanian ro_RO
Russian ru_RU
Spanish es_MX For Mexico
Romanian ro_RO
English (AU) en_AU For Australia
Japanese ja_JP
Korean ko_KR Uses a Korean client only. Cannot be used normally.
Chinese Unknown Uses a Chinese client only. Cannot be used normally.

Legacy Client

The Legacy Client or Air Client as it is called in data, uses Adobe Air to deploy data patches to the players and host store data as well. This client is no longer functional, but it contains many assets that are not found elsewhere.

  • The Air Client follows the data patch format, matching whatever patch the game is also on.
  • The Air Client uses SWF files for most of its functionality.
  • PBE Air Client has data that is unique to the PBE such as canceled skin content.

Archive Formats

Riot introduced multiple different archive formats to hold the game assets. Over time they changed for a number of reasons.
Early patches used a standard Zip format for their assets. These were HeroPak_client.zip, Map1.zip, Map2.zip and so on. Extracting these is easy.
Later on they moved to a format called Riot Archive Format Data (or RAF.dat). Each RAF.dat has a corresponding .RAF file used to decrypt the content. All of them are named Archive_1.raf.dat or Archive_1.raf.
Recently there is a new format called WAD.client which are signed archives using various forms of compression. At the time of writing this some champions are moved fully to this format.

Game Folder Structure and Data

In order to go through the data it is important to know how it's laid out. The following sections will help you find whatever you are looking for.
In the League of Legends folder there will be a folder (usually located in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends) called RADS. In this folder you will find a folder called projects. Go into this folder and you'll find a number of folders.

Folder name Contents of folder
league_client Data for the client
league_client_xx_yy Localized data for the client
lol_air_client Legacy Client data
lol_air_client_config_xx Localized Legacy Client data (per-server, not language)
lol_game_client Data for the game
lol_game_client_xx_yy Localized data for the game
lol_launcher Legacy Client Launcher
lol_patcher Legacy Client Patcher
mac_lol_x_x_x MacOS version of folders (uncommon)

Fully Extracted

For extracting the base data you may use a tool called Wooxy by Chewy. For extracting WAD.client assets, use a tool called Obsidian found on github by Crauzer. For extracting audio from .wpk files, use a tool called Ravioli found on scampers.org
Once all the assets are fully extracted there will be certain areas for certain data. Follow the table to locate them accordingly.
Note: Riot has frequently overwritten assets as patches move forward. If you are looking for a dated asset, send me a message or add a note so I can look for it.

Type of File Location
Legacy Client assets (shop images, splash screens) lol_air_client\X.X.X.X\assets
Client assets (WAD, shop images, new splash screens, game creation menu entries) league_client\Plugins\rcp-be-lol-game-data
Voice Overs (VO for short) lol_game_client_xx_yy\DATA\Sounds\Wwise\VO\xx_YY\Characters
Champion assets lol_game_client\DATA\Characters
Champion assets (WAD) lol_game_client\DATA\Final\Champions
For anything else Add to this table

Champion Skins

Skins are to be read as follows.

  • Base or Default skin.
  • SkinXX where XX is the skin number as they no longer go by names. You are welcome to name it as long as you also mention its skin number to avoid any confusion (See: Championship Riven which has 2 different releases, Skin04, Skin07).
    • Chromas are recolors of skins, but add to the number. When looking at data, ensure that you are looking at the unique skin, not the chroma for it.

Loadscreens and Splash Screens

For the client, Loadscreens and Splash Screens use JPG or PNG. These are intended for the client, not the game.
For the game, Loadscreens are present, but Splash screens are not. These are also in DDS format.
Not all data is the same. Double and triple check the data to be sure. If you upload a Loadscreen, convert it to PNG. This preserves the quality more as they are higher quality than the client loadscreen.

Icons and Other Assets

Most of the important game data is located in lol_game_client in their respective folders. All of these are in DDS format. Spells and Items are separate and sometimes get changed.<br_/> Spell icons and Skin mugshots are also located in champion folders and WAD files under the HUD folder. Sometimes these are not the latest assets but sometimes they are.

File Formats

There's a number of formats that are present. Here is a list of the common formats and what you can use to view them:

File Type File Extension Description Tools to view
Skin Skn Riot's skin format. Requires a skeleton to function. Wooxy
Skeleton Skl Skeleton file for model Maya with Riot File Translator plugin
Animation Anm Animation file Lol2Dae + Maya with Riot File Translator plugin
Model Sco Models but used sometimes with particles. Does NOT require skeleton to function. Maya with Riot File Translator plugin, lol2obj + UV Mapper Pro
Model Scb Same as Sco but is a binary instead. Wooxy, Maya with Riot File Translator