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Notes:Mario Kart Wii

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This page contains notes for the game Mario Kart Wii.

Things to investigate:

HomeButtonCHN.arc and HomeButtonKOR.arc on the NTSC-K disc (in the contents folder)

Investigate the files inside the Boot\Strap\ch directory on the NTSC-K disc (and maybe the kr one too idk)

Investigate the homeBtn_CHN.szs (NTSC-K Disc only) and the homeBtn_NED.szs files. I dont know if the dutch one is actually used or not (There is a dutch wii menu setting, but MKW itself dosent have a dutch translation so who knows) According to Joris, the homeBtn_NED.szs is used when the wii's system language is Dutch.

Investigate the two Common files inside the Race folder in the NTSC-K disc.

Investigate all the files in the Race\Competition\CommonObj directory to make sure they are all used.

Investigate the files inside the Scene\UI directory on the NTSC-K disc (and the lack of the General Award.szs, Channel.szs etc... found on the other discs) Get better footage of all the objects here

Compare the text from the prerelease screenshots to the final game and look for differences