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Notes:Mega Man's Soccer

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This page contains notes for the game Mega Man's Soccer.

Dr. Wily flag

The game's handling of the Dr. Wily enable flag is a bit broken. Before initializing SNES memory, it attempts to load the (uninitialized) flag at 7E008C and push it onto the stack. After initialization is complete, it pulls the flag, but since the stack has also been cleared by this point, it always pulls 0000, thus disabling Dr. Wily. (And if that wasn't enough, it clears RAM again twice for good measure!)

The flag has some other odd effects when the lowest bit is set, such as allowing you to select non-existent player positions on the Member Select screen (placing characters in these positions might either put them on the opposing team or reset the game). It's possible that this flag was somehow related to the abandoned Multitap support, and some code in the game's startup routine was supposed to meddle with the flag based on the number of connected controllers (perhaps also enabling Dr. Wily if a certain button code was input?). There is a suspicious-looking string of NOPs (16 of them) right before the initialization code, just taking up space...

(Source: BMF54123)