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Notes:Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor

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This page contains notes for the game Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor.

List of maps

used for startmap parameter in mm6.ini

Name Map
Emerald Isle out01.odm
Harmondale out02.odm
Erathia out03.odm
Tularean Forest out04.odm
Deyja out05.odm
The Bracada Desert out06.odm
Evenmorn Island out09.odm
Mount Nighon out10.odm
The Barrow Downs out11.odm
The Land of The Giants out12.odm
Tatalia out13.odm
Avlee out14.odm
Shoals out15.odm
Erathian Sewer d01.blv
Maze d02.blv
Castle Gloaming d03.blv
Temple of Baa d04.blv
Arena d05.blv
Temple of the Moon d06.blv
Thunderfist Mountain d07.blv
Tularean Caves d08.blv
Titan Stronghold d09.blv
Breeding Zone d10.blv
Walls of Mist d11.blv
Clanker's Lab d12.blv
Zokarr's Tomb d13.blv
School of Sorcery d14.blv
Watchtower 6 d15.blv
Vampire Family House d16.blv
Tidewater Caverns d17.blv
Lord Markham's Manor d18.blv
Grand Temple of the Moon d19.blv
Mercenary Guild d20.blv
White Cliff Caves d21.blv
Hall Under the Hill d22.blv
Lincoln d23.blv
Stone City d24.blv
Celeste d25.blv
Pit d26.blv
Hive d27.blv
Dragon Cave on Emerald Island d28.blv
Castle Harmondale d29.blv
Castle Lambent d30.blv
Fort Riverstride d31.blv
Castle Navan d32.blv
Castle Gryphonheart d33.blv
The Red Dwarf Mines d34.blv
Nighon Tunnels d35.blv
Tunnels to Eofol d36.blv
Haunted Mansion d37.blv
Barrow VII mdk01.blv
Barrow IV mdk02.blv
Barrow II mdk03.blv
Barrow XIV mdk04.blv
Barrow III mdk05.blv
Barrow X mdr01.blv
Barrow XII mdr02.blv
Barrow V mdr03.blv
Barrow XI mdr04.blv
Barrow XV mdr05.blv
Barrow IX mdt01.blv
Barrow VI mdt02.blv
Barrow I mdt03.blv
Barrow VIII mdt04.blv
Barrow XIII mdt05.blv
Wromthrax's Cave mdt09.blv
William Setag's Tower mdt10.blv
The Hidden Tomb mdt11.blv
The Dragon Caves mdt12.blv
The Bandit Caves mdt14.blv
The Small House (Robert the Wise) mdt15.blv
New World Computing nwc.blv
Temple of the Light T01.blv
Temple of the Dark T02.blv
Grand Temple of the Sun T03.blv
The Hall of the Pit T04.blv

Prerelease content

Spell book concept art by Brian Kemper

Almost all spell schools (mind magic is missing). Featuring different images for air magic spells like Sparks and Implosion. Image for bless spell is slightly different - the archer's armor is of blue color in the release. Vampiric weapon and Armageddon are swapped in the release.

Preview by IGN (IGN Vault) April 15th, 1999


Review by IGN June 18th, 1999


[2] [3]

Preview by Gamespot May 8th, 1999


Promo materials from 3DO Demos Kit 1999

Regarding Might & Magic VII there is a little slideshow with some promotional graphics.

[5] [6]

Promo materials from Ubi Soft Digital Press Kit Fall-Winter 1999

The disc contains some promotional images with character renders and early screenshots.


Art by Tracy Iwata





Release Preview
Mam7 prerelease ign M7Training comparison.png Mam7 prerelease ign M7Training.jpg

Example of different background graphics for the conversation sidebar.

Uppercase text in during character creation

Release Preview
Mam7 prerelease ign M7Creation comparison.png Mam7 prerelease ign M7Creation.jpg

This was altered in patch 1.1.

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