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Notes:Mobile Trainer

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This page contains notes for the game Mobile Trainer.

Reaching the menus

Since the Mobile services are shut down and the device itself is not emulated, use the cheat code 01067DC2 or the Game Genie code 064-C09-E6E, then reset to access the menus. The former code does not render the options properly when turned on, so disable it once the "Mobile System GB" logo appears to get the options rendered correctly.

(Source: Torchickens)

Loading status spoofing

Cheat codes 01xx09C7 and 01xx9FC6 can be used to trick the game what is happening during a mobile connection.

Though the exact purposes of these addresses are unknown, it can be used to document error codes and view the animated loading screen for a longer time.

Examples after selecting "homepage":

  • 01 and 01: Connecting (can press B to receive error code 21-000)
  • 01 and 02/03: Error code 15-000
  • 01 and 04: Error code 21-000
  • 01 and F1: Downloading data
  • 01 and FF: Error code 10-000

(Source: Torchickens)

Pokémon graphics

Using a tile viewer, many Pokémon graphics can be found within the ROM, accompanied with menu graphics. While these are not necessarily unused, it appears that no means of activating them as they would appear in game have been found.

(Source: Torchickens)

Web browser

The web browser provided information about compatible games, downloadable content and winners of contests or competitions. Screenshots of the web browser when it was active can be found on this Nintendo Online Magazine page (archived version).

Through analysis, it appears that the shell/background for the web browser can be activated by calling address 4E:4000, though this will not load a web page. The color scheme of the menu depends on the "a" hardware register, and menus appear in grey/pale blue, cyan and green with specific invalid values loading glitchy screens instead.

(Source: Torchickens (analysis of ROM))

Archived videos

Unlike larger defunct online services such as the Satellaview, actual archived videos of using the Mobile Trainer (or even the Mobile System GB) appear to be uncommon.