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Notes:Mohawk & Headphone Jack

From The Cutting Room Floor
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This page contains notes for the game Mohawk & Headphone Jack.

7E00E8 bits:
[code locations in brackets]

8000: [B2F0D3] antipiracy message instead of ending 
      [B2F3DE] ??

0100: [B4DE77] \ 
      [B3F153] / alternate title screen/credits BG
      [B4E2BC] \ 
      [B3F442] / adjust mode 7 effect on title screen/credits
                 D-pad: horiz/vert offset
                 a/b/x/y: transformation
                 L/R: rotate speed
                 L/R on pad 2: cycle colors

0080: [B4E277] stage select on title screen (tap left/right)

0040: [B3BC77] ball form lasts indefinitely

0020: [B3B34C] infinite bombs

0010: [B39FA6] \
      [80EC5B] / infinite energy

0008: [80EC40] infinite lives

0004: [80EC76] start with all music tracks unlocked

0002: [B4E1D3] hold a when starting game to record demo
               hold b when starting game to play back demo

0001: [B0E29C] ingame level edit (press y+a) 
      [B4E253] hold x when starting game to keep custom sprites intact after death