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Notes:Puggsy (SNES)

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This page contains notes for the game Puggsy (SNES).

Sound Toggling

02F886 $BF $2F $F9 $02 LDA $02F92F,X [02F92F]    A:0000 X:0000 Y:00D2 S:01D8 D:0000 DB:00 P:nvmxdiZc V:256 H:47 
02F88A $29 $FF $00     AND #$00FF                A:0202 X:0000 Y:00D2 S:01D8 D:0000 DB:00 P:nvmxdizc V:256 H:59 

2F92F (SNES Address) - Table of music tracks for each level. Modify the first two bytes to change the first level's music

0002 the cove
001c splinter town

0102 star fall lake
0110 the red woods

0202 the beach
020c meanwhile...
020f diamond mines

0302 ending

0402 intro
0408 game over
040b world map
040c stage clear

0502 the cove boss
0508 redwood keep
051a redwood keep boss

0602 a hidden place
0605 fire heart boss
060a pyramids

0702 badger mill
0710 angeltier falls (alt.)
071a a hidden place (alt.)
071d darkblade forest (alt.)

08xx sound effects?

0902 aztec temple
090a extra ending
090f darkskull castle (alt.)

0a02 the light house
0a0c darkblade forest
0a18 world guardians

0b02 angeltier falls
0b0c racrock forge
0b15 raclantis docks

0c02 fire heart
0c12 darkskull castle