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Notes:Spot Goes to Hollywood (Genesis)

From The Cutting Room Floor
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This page contains notes for the game Spot Goes to Hollywood (Genesis).

Checksum calculation

2C:37E6  41 F8  LEA     ($0200),A0
2C:37EA  70 00  MOVEQ   #$00,D0
2C:37EC  D0 58  ADD.W   (A0)+,D0
2C:37EE  B1 FC  CMPA.L  #$00300000,A0
2C:37F4  66 F6  BNE     #$F6 [2C:37EC]
2C:37F6  90 79  SUB.W   ($002B2512),D0
2C:37FC  90 79  SUB.W   ($002B2514),D0
2C:3802  4E 75  RTS