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Notes:WarioWare: Smooth Moves

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This page contains notes for the game WarioWare: Smooth Moves.


Listed under "Petit".

Game number Debug menu name Loads:
1 Flashlight Stage Fright
2 SpaceWar Welcome Committee
3 Monster Pest Control
4 FishHook Playing Hooky
5 Key Boarder Patrol
6 Cut Cutting Edge
7 Camera Wario PI
8 Katanuki On the Edge
9 Lifting Serve Already!
10 BallRiding Keep Your Guy on the Ball
11 Shredder Slice of Life
12 Umbrella Undercover Agent
13 Squat Diddly Squat
14 Butterfly Fan Boy
15 Telephone Cold Call
16 Dumbbell Up in Arms
17 Broom Broom Shtick
18 Sweeping Clean Sweep
19 Tuning Mixed Signals
20 Champagne Spray It, Don't Say It
21 Drive Driver's Ed
22 Obstacle Shakedown
23 HulaHoop Wiggle Room
24 PaperPlane Paper Trail
25 FlyBeating Swat Team
26 CanOpener Yes, You Can!
27 Sculpture Carving Artist
28 BallHole That's How I Roll
29 Darts Object D'Art
30 PunchingMachine Sucker Punch
31 Bill Frequent Flyer
32 Tonton The Intern
33 Pushing Extreme Patty-Cake
34 Handplane Plane and Simple
35 LongRadish Carrot Away
36 Ballpen Writer's Block
37 GearChange Sticky Shift
38 Skipping On the Ropes
39 Fencing Take a Stab at It
40 Runner Runner's High
41 Grind Stir Crazy
42 Trick Party Crasher
43 Wok Wokka Wokka!
44 Saw Logged In
45 Roast BYOM
46 Rescue911 Fired Up
47 Tug Anchor Man
48 Controller Wiipeat After Me!
49 Pizza Dough Boy
50 Castanets Castanet, First Chair
51 FalseTooth Teeth Polithe
52 MainDish Eating for Two
53 Stick Meet the Eggheads
54 EyeBeam Pink Eye
55 Cookie Cookie Rookie
56 SideThrow The Closer
57 Stealer Bone Appetit
58 Zazen Stick It to the Man
59 TakeIt Up for Grabs
60 Pomp Come to Poppa
61 Shutter Closing Time
62 SmellThing Crowd Control
63 GearWheel Geared for Landing
64 Back Community Service
65 Mosquito This Bites!
66 Stench He Who Smelt It...
67 Brave Suit of Armoire
68 MoneyHunter Net Profit
69 Mirror A Moment of Reflection
70 Penlight When in Rome...
71 Twiddle All Wound Up
72 AllAngle Saving Face
73 Waist A Tale of One Kitty
74 TenCoin Super Mario Brothers
75 Hunting Wario Hunting
76 Knock It'sa Me, Wario!
77 Pancake Over Easy
78 Spit Stick It Through 'Em!
79 Spray Talk to the Can!
80 Wool Shear Terror
81 ChonmageAction Boot Camp
82 Wave Fitting In
83 TvGame6 Light Tennis
84 Ignition You're Fired!
85 Cat S-T-R-E-T-C-H!
86 Mummy It's a Wrap
87 Outcast The Outcast
88 Toothpick Budget Dentistry
89 Oh Helping Hand
90 Fishing Animal Crossing: Wild World
91 Curling Sweeps Week
92 Card In the Cards
93 Clipper Cut to the Chase
94 Fall Honeymoon Fall Out
95 MainDish2 Catch of the Day
96 Master Wario Fu
97 Roll Roll Model
98 Draw How the West Was Really Won
99 Word Shady Characters
100 Conductor Opening Night
101 Puppet Universal Marionette
102 Bell Bell Captain
103 Posing A random Pose Card
104 Interview Local News
105 KingSkipping Skip It
106 Shooting Shoot the Breeze
107 Agbmiw2 WarioWare: Twisted!
108 Pingpong Rally and Cry
109 Starfox Star Fox
110 CupBall Cupsy Daisy
111 Ribbon Escape Artist
112 WarioLand Wario Land
113 Always Three's a Crowd
114 Nose You Can Pick Your Friends...
115 Shell Soiled Reputation
116 Dice Cheater!
117 Maze A-maze-ing
118 Octopus Game & Watch Octopus
119 BalloonFight Balloon Fight
120 Police Simon Says
121 Cleaner Spring Cleaning
122 Sharpener Get to the Point
123 Slap Rude Awakening
124 LineUp Marching Orders
125 Poster Poster Child
126 Metroid Metroid Prime 2
127 Stir Flask Me Later
128 Pikmin Pikmin 2
129 Muscle Wario's Gym
130 Heading Use Your Head
131 Nintendogs Nintendogs
132 Fire Super Mario Sunshine
133 PunchOut Punch-Out!!
134 Famicom Super Nostalgic Entertainment System
135 Duckhunt Laser Clay Shooting
136 Barber Shaving Scream
137 Flag Hare Raising
138 Auscultation Bedside Manners
139 PaperSumo Paper Wario
140 Thermometer Mercury Falling
141 Zip XYZ!
142 Coffin On Point
143 Clock Five More Minutes
144 MiniFlag Tortoise & Hare (minigame)
145 Bowling Wario's Pinheads
146 Sword Not the Face!
147 AirHockey Airhead
148 Bungy Bungii!
149 Takt The Wind Waker
150 Maracas Chunky Salsa
151 Recycle Chop Shop
152 Ironman Cranky Robot
153 Ring Dead Ringer
154 BrainTraining Brain Age
155 Volley Volley, Y'all!
156 Ocarina Ocarina of Time
157 Bridge Bridge Work
158 Ufo Unintelligent Life
159 Ball Climate Control
160 Matchless Biggest Fan
161 ThrowingKnife Sure, You Can
162 BottleOpener All Shook Up
163 Strongbox Safe Cracker
164 Scan Code Dependency
165 Homer One Hit Wonder
166 MonkeyDance Monkey Dance
167 Glass Burning Sensation
168 Pitfall One In Hole
169 Gondola Tearful Reunion
170 Billiards Pool Boy
171 Spring Spring Training
172 Grater Secret Ingredient
173 Platform2 Safe or Snack
174 UmbrellaCat Femme Brûlée
175 Baton Hand Me Down
176 Serving Sprinkler System
177 Scissors Buggin' Out
178 Draft Wet Your Whistle
179 Help Starved for Attention
180 Bell2 Ringmaster
181 GasStove Now You're Cooking!
182 Hammer Hit Parade
183 Watch Clock-Watcher
184 Dishwasher Clean Your Plate!
185 Pilot Litterbot
186 YesNo Smile and Nod
187 Bow Closing Night
188 Tuning2 Stay Tuned
189 Eat Stick a Fork in It
190 Armwrestling Armed and Dangerous
191 Clucluland Clu Clu Land
192 Samisen Mall Tour
193 Juggling Bear Handed
194 Boxing Boom Box
195 Burger Fresh off the Grill
196 Toilet Toilet Training
197 BalloonTrip Balloon Trip (minigame)
198 Frog Top Dog
199 Sieve Sifty Character
200 Trunk Junk and My Trunk
201 KillerShot Finishing Move
202 Dancing Wario Dance Company
203 Block Block Party
204 Escape Produce Stand-Off
205 Pyoro Pyoro S (minigame)
206 Walk Bungee Buddies (minigame)
207 MiniDarts Darts (minigame)
208 MiniShooting Can Shooter (minigame)
209 MiniBlock Block Star (minigame)
210 MiniLifting Tower Tennis (minigame)
211 Isports Star Nose (minigame)
212 Bicycle Look, Ma! No Feet!
213 Rower Stroke of Genius
214 Close Coming Unhinged
215 Ladder Monkey Crossing
216 BalloonPomp Displays a white screen, but moving the Wii Remote causes the
"pumping" sound effect from the multiplayer minigame Balloon to play

Microgame Arrangements

Also listed under "Petit". These are highlighted in green.

Debug menu name Arrangements
Show Plays ten microgames, selected from a small pool of mostly
those seen in promotional materials for the game. The eleventh
microgame will always be Driver's Ed, and then a Game Over is forced.
Likely the "arrangement" used at E3 2006.
CM Similar to Show in its microgame choices, but goes on endlessly.
A boss stage appears every 13th microgame. Judging by the name,
was likely used in commercials for the game.
Sequence Plays every microgame in internal order.
Shuffle Plays every microgame in a random order.
Random Similar to Shuffle, but does not wait until every microgame has
been played to start repeating microgames.
Palace Stage Plays Stage Fright three times, on each of its difficulty levels.
This is the arrangement used by games when accessed in the
Temple of Form.
Palace Manners Plays Stage Fright once on Level 1 (unless the Stage is set to "Palace").
Judging by its name, it is related to the Form explanations
inside the Temple of Form.
Boss Test Loads the Boss Stage graphics for the selected Stage, then plays
Biggest Fan at Level 1 before playing the "clear" jingle and ending.
Epilogue Test Plays the epilogue for the selected Stage.
Stage Plays the selected Stage as if it had been accessed from the normal
menu. Whether or not the game acts as though the stage has been
cleared can be toggled on or off under the "Clear" option.
  • Microgames can also be toggled on and off from appearing in the Sequence, Shuffle and Random arrangements by pressing 2 or 1 respectively while their names are highlighted. Microgames that have been toggled off will have their names appear dark grey. Preset microgame lists can be accessed with the "Valid" option (see below).


Listed under "Stage". Determines which character's stage will be used as the wraparounds for the microgames.

Debug menu name Stage
Mix All Mixed Up
Thrilling Sudden Death
Hard Super Hard
Surprise Thrilling
Wario Wario
Mona Mona
Kat Kat & Ana
Cricket Young Cricket & Master Mantis
Jimmy Jimmy T.
Ashley Ashley & Red
Dribble Dribble & Spitz
Penny Penny
Ninevolt 9-Volt & 18-Volt
Jimmyp Jimmy P.
Tinywario Tiny Wario
Orbulon Orbulon
Crygor Dr. Crygor (uses the "Kelorometer" setting, so only twenty games
are played and "Kelories" are counted)
Survival Survival (multiplayer minigame)
Balloon Balloon (multiplayer minigame, other players are unable to
blow up the balloon and the game will crash after a
few microgames are played)
Bomb Bomb (multiplayer minigame)
Lifeline Lifeline (multiplayer minigame)
Palace Temple of Form (if the microgame arrangement is not set to
"Palace Stage" or "Palace Manners", every subsequent
microgame will be listed as "Bonus")
Mini Forgoes wraparounds in favour of simply playing the microgame.
The microgame will have no background music or time
limit, requiring the game to be paused and exited to leave.


Pressing A over these options will cause certain microgames to be toggled on and off.

Debug menu name Function
All On Toggles every microgame on.
All Off Toggles every microgame off.
Wario Toggles Wario's microgames on and all the others off.
Mona Toggles Mona's microgames on and all the others off.
Kat Toggles Kat & Ana's microgames on and all the others off.
Cricket Toggles Young Cricket's microgames on and all the others off.
Ashley Toggles Ashley's microgames on and all the others off.
Dribble Toggles Dribble & Spitz's microgames on and all the others off.
Penny Toggles Penny's microgames on and all the others off.
Ninevolt Toggles 9-Volt's microgames on and all the others off.
TinyWario Toggles Tiny Wario's microgames on and all the others off.
Orbulon Toggles Orbulon's microgames on and all the others off.
Crygor Toggles the microgames used in the Kelorometer stage on and
all the others off.
Multi Toggles the microgames used in the multiplayer minigame stages
on and all the others off.
Extra Toggles all the extra minigames (Can Shooter, Bungee Buddies,
etc.) on and all the others off.