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Notes:Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles (PlayStation 2)

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This page contains notes for the game Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles (PlayStation 2).

To do:
make a main page for this game

Debug Features

Several debug features have been found within the game.

To do:
This seems to have a pretty huge debug menu. Anyone want to try to get this working?

Debug Menu

ROM:002915F0 00000009 C MAINMENU
ROM:002915F9 0000000A C NAMEENTRY
ROM:00291603 0000000D C CARD_GALLERY
ROM:00291610 0000000D C MOVEGRALLERY
ROM:0029161D 00000009 C PASSWORD
ROM:00291626 00000009 C TIMERANK
ROM:002916BC 00000011 C START MENU\n\
ROM:002916CD 0000000B C SYS MODE
ROM:002916D8 0000000B C SUB MODE
ROM:002916E3 0000000A C --------\n
ROM:002916ED 0000000B C COUNTRY
ROM:002916F8 0000000B C LANGUAGE
ROM:00291703 0000000A C JAPANESE\n
ROM:0029170D 00000009 C ENGLISH\n
ROM:00291716 0000000B C FILEMODE
ROM:00291721 00000009 C PC READ\n
ROM:0029172A 0000000A C DVD READ\n
ROM:00291734 0000000A C ROM READ\n
ROM:0029173E 0000000A C NET READ\n
ROM:00291748 0000000E C DEBUG %d\n
ROM:00291756 0000000C C \nIP
ROM:00291762 00000029 C OSMEM: alloc%d free%d max%dk total%dk\n
ROM:0029178B 00000029 C MEMORY : alloc%d free%d max%dk total%dk\n
ROM:002917B4 0000000D C TASK : %d\n
ROM:002917C1 0000000D C FCACHE : %d\n
ROM:002917CE 0000000B C psTimer%u\n
ROM:002917D9 00000010 C psMicroTimer%u\n
ROM:0029181A 00000011 C vP
ROM:0029182B 0000000F C Schoolhouse
ROM:0029183A 0000000F C Park
ROM:00291849 0000000F C Riverbed
ROM:00291858 0000000F C Department
ROM:00291867 0000000F C Mining Space
ROM:00291876 0000000F C London
ROM:00291885 0000000F C Castle
ROM:00291894 0000000F C Wood
ROM:002918A3 0000000F C Holland
ROM:002918B2 0000000F C South Pole
ROM:002918C1 0000000F C Nazonazo House
ROM:002918D0 0000000F C Circus
ROM:002918DF 0000000F C China
ROM:002918EE 0000000F C Amazon
ROM:002918FD 0000000F C Ruins Entrance
ROM:0029190C 0000000F C Rock Room
ROM:00291968 00000009 C CONTENTS
ROM:0029199D 00000020 C 1Z+\n\nSELECT STORY - BEGIN\n\n
ROM:002919BD 00000009 C begin\n
ROM:002919C6 00000009 C continu\n
ROM:002919CF 0000001D C \n\nSELECT STORY - STAGE\n\n
ROM:002919EC 00000010 C test/saho/story
ROM:002919FC 0000000B C stage%s
ROM:00291A07 00000009 C (%d/%d)\n
ROM:00291A10 00000013 C gctrl MENU%s \n
ROM:00291A23 00000013 C gctrl CHR %s \n
ROM:00291A36 00000013 C gctrl MAP %d \n
ROM:00291A49 00000013 C gctrl STEP%d \n
ROM:00291A5C 0000000F C gctrl FLAG
ROM:00291A6B 0000000F C back GAS
ROM:00291A7A 0000000F C back TIO
ROM:00291A89 0000000F C back KYA
ROM:00291A98 0000000F C back BUR
ROM:00291AA7 0000000F C back WON
ROM:00291AB6 0000000F C back ZEO

ROM:002A7B80 00000006 C DEBUG
ROM:002A7B86 00000006 C START
ROM:002A7B8C 00000008 C OPENING
ROM:002A7B94 00000007 C ENDING
ROM:002A7B9B 00000006 C TITLE
ROM:002A7BA1 00000007 C SELECT
ROM:002A7BA8 00000006 C STORY
ROM:002A7BAE 00000005 C GAME
ROM:002A7BB3 00000007 C IKUSEI
ROM:002A7BBA 00000006 C OMAKE
ROM:002A7BC0 00000007 C OPTION
ROM:002A7BC7 00000005 C SHOP
ROM:002A7BCC 00000007 C SECRET
ROM:002A7BD3 00000005 C TEST
ROM:002A7BD8 00000005 C EXIT
ROM:002A7BDD 00000005 C SAHO
ROM:002A7BE2 00000005 C FUMI
ROM:002A7BE7 00000005 C FURU
ROM:002A7BF0 00000005 C OCHI
ROM:002A7BF5 00000006 C MODEL
ROM:002A7BFB 00000007 C MOTION
ROM:002A7C02 00000006 C WORLD
ROM:002A7C08 00000008 C TEXTURE
ROM:002A7C10 00000008 C TEXDICT
ROM:002A7C1E 00000005 C %s \n
ROM:002A7C23 00000007 C JAPAN\n
ROM:002A7C2A 00000005 C USA\n
ROM:002A7C2F 00000006 C EURO\n
ROM:002A7C35 00000006 C ASIA\n
ROM:002A7C40 00000006 C BEGIN
ROM:002A7C46 00000006 C STAGE
ROM:002A7C4C 00000006 C PHOTO
ROM:002A7C52 00000005 C NULL
ROM:002A7C7A 00000006 C TITLE
ROM:002A7C80 00000007 C SELECT
ROM:002A7C87 00000007 C CILOGO
ROM:002A7C8E 00000008 C CAUTION
ROM:002A7C96 00000006 C STORY
ROM:002A7C9C 00000007 C IKUSEI
ROM:002A7CA3 00000006 C OMAKE
ROM:002A7CA9 00000007 C OPTION
ROM:002A7CB0 00000005 C SHOP
ROM:002A7CB5 00000007 C SECRET
ROM:002A7CBC 00000006 C POINT
ROM:002A7CC2 00000006 C STAFF

Debug Battle Mode

ROM:00291AC5 00000024 C \n\nSELECT STORY - DEBUG BATTLE\n\n
ROM:00291AE9 00000009 CWIN\n\n
ROM:00291AF2 00000009 CLOSE \n\n
ROM:00291AFB 0000000B CBATTLE \n\n
ROM:00291B06 00000009 C AUTOLOAD
ROM:00291B0F 00000009 C AUTOSAVE
ROM:00291B18 0000000A C NAMEENTRY
ROM:00291B22 00000009 C MAINMENU
ROM:00291B2B 0000000D C CARD_GALLERY
ROM:00291B38 0000000D C MOVEGRALLERY
ROM:00291B45 00000009 C PASSWORD
ROM:00291B4E 00000009 C TIMERANK

ROM:002927A0 0000000A C LOSEROUND
ROM:002927AA 0000000A C CARDAMAGE
ROM:002927B4 0000000A C HITUPDATE
ROM:002927BE 00000009 C CHILDDMG
ROM:002927C7 00000009 C WAKUDRAW
ROM:002927D0 0000000A C CLR_INTER
ROM:002927DA 0000000C C BIG_BSPHERE
ROM:002927E6 0000000A C NBODYPUSH
ROM:002927F0 0000000A C SETUPWAIT

ROM:00292C1F 0000000E C%3d\n
ROM:00292DE4 00000009 C UCKAHEIT
ROM:00292DED 0000000A C CL00NAV3U
ROM:00292DF7 0000000A C THECZBALL
ROM:00292F1E 0000001E C ?4COMBO(%02d,%02d)POWER(%3d)\n
ROM:00292F3C 0000001D C SENKOU(%2d) delay%x cancel%x
ROM:00293090 00000016 C ATK%d DMG%d HIT%d,%d\n
ROM:002930A8 00000011 C HP:%6.2f / %.2f\n
ROM:002930B9 00000020 C MP:%6.2f / %.2fGaugeMax:%.2f\n
ROM:002930D9 00000013 C DMG:%d.%d LAST:%d\n
ROM:002930F0 00000009 C storyseq
ROM:00293179 0000000C C 1^cNORMAL
ROM:00293185 00000009 C CUSTOM
ROM:0029318E 00000009 C POWERFUL
ROM:002931A4 0000000E C1P(POWERFUL)
ROM:002931B2 0000000E C2P(POWERFUL)
ROM:002931EC 00000023 C ----------, ----------, ----------
ROM:0029320F 00000023 C ----------, ----------, HPInfinity
ROM:00293232 00000023 C ----------, MPInfinity, ----------
ROM:00293255 00000023 C ----------, MPInfinity, HPInfinity
ROM:00293278 00000023 C ??????????, ----------, ----------
ROM:0029329B 00000023 C ??????????, ----------, HPInfinity
ROM:002932BE 00000023 C ??????????, MPInfinity, ----------
ROM:002932E1 00000023 C ??????????, MPInfinity, HPInfinity

CHR Menu

 ROM:00293567 00000016 C `GAME MENU: CHR\n\n
ROM:0029357D 0000004E CRU:ModeSwitchL1-R1:CpuSwitchCANCEL:ReturnMenu\n
ROM:002935CB 0000000B C 1PTYPE %s\n
ROM:002935D6 0000000B C 3P %s\n
ROM:002935E1 0000000B C 1PMODE %s\n
ROM:002935EC 0000000B C 1PBODY %s\n
ROM:002935F7 0000000C C 1PBODY ---\n
ROM:00293603 0000000E C 1PLIFE %3d%%\n
ROM:00293611 0000000F C 1P CPU %3x %s\n
ROM:00293620 0000000D C ABI HP %d\n
ROM:0029362D 0000000D C ABI AMAG %d\n
ROM:0029363A 0000000D C ABI BLAW %d\n
ROM:00293647 0000000B C 2PTYPE %s\n
ROM:00293652 0000000B C 4P %s\n
ROM:0029365D 0000000B C 2PMODE %s\n
ROM:00293668 0000000B C 2PBODY %s\n
ROM:00293673 0000000C C 2PBODY ---\n
ROM:0029367F 0000000E C 2PLIFE %3d%%\n
ROM:0029368D 0000000F C 2P CPU %3x %s\n

STG Menu

ROM:0029369C 00000015 C GAME MENU: STG\n\n
ROM:002936B1 0000004E CCANCEL:ReturnMenu\n
ROM:002936FF 0000000C C STAGE%3d\n
ROM:0029370B 00000010 C DIFFIC%2x %s\n
ROM:0029371B 0000000D C TIME%s \n
ROM:00293728 0000000C C ROUND%3d\n
ROM:00293734 00000009 C SOUND
ROM:0029373D 00000010 C SE:OFF BGM:OFF\n
ROM:0029374D 00000010 C SE: ON BGM:OFF\n
ROM:0029375D 00000010 C SE:OFF BGM: ON\n
ROM:0029376D 00000010 C SE: ON BGM: ON\n
ROM:0029377D 00000012 C VIBRATION %d\n
ROM:0029378F 00000012 C DEBUG %d\n
ROM:002937A1 00000013 C START ANM TYPE %d\n
ROM:002937B4 00000017 C GAME MENU: STORY\n\n
ROM:002937CB 0000000E C CHR ID%d\n
ROM:002937D9 0000000F C STORY ID %02d\n
ROM:002937E8 0000000E C SCENE ID%d\n
ROM:002937F6 0000000E C STAGE NO%d\n
ROM:00293804 00000018 C FULLID%1d%02d%1d\n
ROM:0029381C 00000018 C GAME MENU: SECRET\n\n
ROM:00293834 00000010 C SECRETID%x\n
ROM:00293844 00000010 C SECRETNO%d\n
ROM:00293854 00000016 C FULLID%02x%02d\n
ROM:0029387C 00000018 C GAME MENU: DEBUG \n\n
ROM:00293894 0000001C CJUST DEFENSE:%s\n
ROM:002938B0 0000001C CJUST FLIP N :%s\n
ROM:002938CC 0000001C CJUST FLIP P :%s\n
ROM:002938E8 0000001C CJUST GUD MP :%4.2f \n
ROM:00293904 0000001C CJUST GUD GAUGE:%4.2f \n
ROM:00293920 0000001C CESCMP :%4.2f \n
ROM:0029393C 0000001C CESCGAUGE:%4.2f \n
ROM:00293958 0000001C CBLOW HIT A MP :%4.2f \n
ROM:00293974 0000001C CBLOW HIT A GAUGE:%4.2f \n
ROM:00293990 0000001C CBLOW HIT D MP :%4.2f \n
ROM:002939AC 0000001C CBLOW HIT D GAUGE:%4.2f \n
ROM:002939C8 0000001C CBLOW GUD A MP :%4.2f \n
ROM:002939E4 0000001C CBLOW GUD A GAUGE:%4.2f \n
ROM:00293A00 0000001C CBLOW GUD D MP :%4.2f \n
ROM:00293A1C 0000001C CBLOW GUD D GAUGE:%4.2f \n
ROM:00293A38 0000001C CKAJIBA RATE :%4.2f \n
ROM:00293A54 0000001C CACT SPEEDPOW:%d\n
ROM:00293A70 0000001C CMIKIRI BUTTON :%s\n
ROM:00293A8C 00000014 CSET DEFAULT :
ROM:00293AA0 0000000A C Push RD \n
ROM:00293AAA 00000012 C VIEWER MENU\n\n
ROM:00293ABC 0000000A C CLASS %s\n
ROM:00293AC6 0000000A C BODY%s\n
ROM:00293AD0 0000000B C BODY---\n
ROM:00293ADB 0000000D C BODY %02d\n
ROM:00293AE8 0000000C C NO%03d\n
ROM:00293AF4 0000000D C SUB%02d\n
ROM:00293B01 00000016 C \nFILE NAME : %s\n\n
ROM:00293B3F 0000000A C L(NORMAL)
ROM:00293B49 00000010 C (PRACTICE EASY)
ROM:00293B59 00000012 C (PRACTICE NORMAL)
ROM:00293B6B 00000010 C (PRACTICE HARD)
ROM:00293B7B 00000009 C (PLAYER)
ROM:00293B84 00000009 C (BATTLE)
ROM:00293B8D 00000013 C (PRACTICE : STAND)
ROM:00293BA0 00000012 C (PRACTICE : BLOW)
ROM:00293BB2 00000013 C (PRACTICE : MAGIC)
ROM:00293BC5 00000013 C (PRACTICE : THROW)
ROM:00293BD8 00000017 C (PRACTICE : MAX_MAGIC)
ROM:00293BEF 00000014 C (PRACTICE : ESCAPE)
ROM:00293C03 0000000A C (MISSION)
ROM:00293CB8 0000002E C POS %4.2f, %4.2f, %4.2f DIR %4.2f ROT %4.2f \n
ROM:00293CE6 0000001E C FLOOR %4.2f RINGFLOOR %4.2f \n
ROM:00293D04 0000001B C TDIR %4.2f, %4.2f, %4.2f \n
ROM:00293D1F 00000014 C DIST %4.2f, %4.2f \n
ROM:00293D33 00000018 C CDIR %4.2f DIST %4.2f \n
ROM:00293D4B 0000001F C M(DIR%4.2f,SPD%4.2f,ACL%4.2f)\n
ROM:00293D6A 0000001F C D(DIR%4.2f,SPD%4.2f,ACL%4.2f)\n
ROM:00293D89 0000001F C J(DIR%4.2f,SPD%4.2f,ACL%4.2f)\n
ROM:00293DA8 00000016 C Y(SPD%4.2f,ACL%4.2f)\n
ROM:00293DBE 0000001C C R(DIR%4.2f,SPD%4.2f,CNT%x)\n
ROM:00293DDA 00000021 C ROLL%4.2f MOVE%4.2f,%4.2f,%4.2f\n
ROM:00293F48 00000009 C %s_k%02d
ROM:00293F51 0000001A C flag%x id%d mode%d cpu%x\n
ROM:00293F6B 00000027 C plr_id%d type%d body%d beast%x lose%d\n
ROM:00293F92 00000027 C hflag%x weight%x rate m%x p%x d%x g%x\n
ROM:00293FFC 0000000D C CDIR %4.2f \n
ROM:00294870 00000015 C JPATK(%04X,%02X,%d)\n
ROM:00294885 0000001B C THROW(%04X,%02X,%d) CNT%x\n
ROM:00294910 00000009 C \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
ROM:00294919 0000003D C FLAG%x mode%d step%d no%d camera%x bone(%d,%d) tbone(%d,%d)\n
ROM:00294956 00000034 C M_FLAG%x M_SPD%4.2f M_RATE%4.2f ANG%4.2f ROLL%4.2f\n
ROM:0029498A 00000016 C POS%4.2f,%4.2f,%4.2f\n
ROM:002949A0 00000016 C TAR%4.2f,%4.2f,%4.2f\n
ROM:002949B6 0000000F C BONE(C) %d,%d\n
ROM:002949C5 0000000F C BONE(T) %d,%d\n
ROM:002949D4 00000021 C CAM ANG%4.2f DIR%4.2f DIST%4.2f\n
ROM:002949F5 00000021 C ANG%4.2f DIR%4.2f DIST%4.2f\n
ROM:00294A16 00000021 C TAR ANG%4.2f DIR%4.2f DIST%4.2f\n
ROM:00294A37 0000000B C FLAG %08x
ROM:00294A42 0000000A C ANG%4.2f\n
ROM:00294A4C 00000016 C no plr 1 model info.\n
ROM:00294A62 00000020 C no plr1 model.bone no. 0 info.\n
ROM:00294A82 0000002A C Ang:%4.2f dir:%4.2f Dist:%4.2f Fov:%4.2f\n
ROM:00296DC8 00000010 CRequest : H%x\n
ROM:00296DD8 0000000E CTimer : %d \n
ROM:00296DE8 0000001A Ctagno : %2dAlpha : %d\n