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Oggy Moshi

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Title Screen

Oggy Moshi

Developer: Xilam
Publisher: Xilam
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: July 30, 2004

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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A game where you make Oggy do things he likes. Beware of the pesky cockroaches, though.

Debug Mode


Hidden at the right of the screen, a debug mode is seen showing Oggy's status and buttons that activate the cockroaches' antics. ("FLEUR" having Bob instead.)

If a certain button is pressed, its respective thing will happen (However, "SALON/HIFI", "TELEPHONE", "DOUCHE" and "PENDERIE" don't have their respective button:

  • FLEUR: Bob urinates on Oggy's flower outside, upsetting Oggy if he decides to water said flower. Interferes with the Gardening option.
  • CUISINE: The cockroaches eat all of the food in the refrigerator. If it's already empty, the cockroaches rig the oven so that, when Oggy eats, he breathes fire. Interferes with the "Eat" option.
  • The cockroaches pour oil on the stairs (one beside the "Eat" area and the laundry area) so when Oggy goes down, he falls down the stairs. Doesn't interfere with an option.
  • SALON/TV: The cockroaches (yet again) cut the cable of Oggy's television so when he tries to fix the cable to watch television, he gets electrocuted. Interferes with the "Watch Television" option.
  • TABLEAU: Dee Dee turns the portrait in the Health area (with the telephone) upside down. Doesn't interfere with an option.
  • PHARMA: The cockroaches (YET AGAIN) hide in Oggy's medicine cabinet. Once Oggy opens the cabinet, the cockroaches throw medicine at him, causing him to fall down. Interferes with the "Take Medicine" option.
  • WC: Joey puts dynamite in the toilet in the bathroom, causing Oggy to get burnt if he sits on the toilet. Interferes with the "Sit On Toilet" option.
  • CHAMBRE: The cockroaches put a monster in Oggy's blanket, making Oggy scared if he decides to sleep. Interferes with the "Sleep" option.