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Title Screen


Developer: Hemisphere Games
Publisher: Hemisphere Games
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: August 17, 2009 (Windows), August 4, 2010 (iOS)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Osmos is the award winning 47-level quest of a cell trying to outlast its comrades, featuring a soothing soundtrack. It's also been ported to almost everything that is click- or touch-based.

Unused Graphics

OsmosiOS lock.png

Inside the Textures folder of the game is lock.tga; a grey lock, unsurprisingly. The game uses this exact sprite albeit embedded in a round space background for displaying the locked stages.

Development Text

Keyboard Bindings

On the root of the iOS app is bindings.cfg, which has hotkeys for playing the game on a computer. It's included in the PC versions and its contents are slightly different, but it's still not used either way.

// in-game bindings

bind +w set=game zoomRamp 1
bind -w set=game zoomRamp 0
bind +s set=game zoomRamp -1
bind -s set=game zoomRamp 0
bind +a set=game timeRamp -1
bind -a set=game timeRamp 0
bind +d set=game timeRamp 1
bind -d set=game timeRamp 0
bind +p set=game togglePause
bind +SPACE set=game advanceScriptText
bind +MOUSE1 set=game fireMass 1
bind -MOUSE1 set=game fireMass 0
bind +MOUSE1 set=game alt=1 fireMass 1
bind -MOUSE1 set=game alt=1 fireMass 0

bind +MOUSE3 set=game timeWarp 1
bind +MOUSE3 set=game alt=1 timeWarp 0
bind +MOUSE2 set=game timeWarp 0
bind +MOUSE2 set=game ctrl=1 timeWarp 0

//and simulated right mouse button with ctrl key
bind +MOUSE1 set=game ctrl=1 timeWarp 1
bind +MOUSE1 set=game ctrl=1 alt=1 timeWarp 0

bind +MWHEELUP set=game zoom 1
bind +MWHEELDOWN set=game zoom -1
bind +MWHEELUP set=game alt=1 timeDilation 1
bind +MWHEELDOWN set=game alt=1 timeDilation -1
bind +DOWNARROW set=game zoomRamp -1
bind -DOWNARROW set=game zoomRamp 0
bind +UPARROW set=game zoomRamp 1
bind -UPARROW set=game zoomRamp 0
bind +LEFTARROW set=game timeRamp -1
bind -LEFTARROW set=game timeRamp 0
bind +RIGHTARROW set=game timeRamp 1
bind -RIGHTARROW set=game timeRamp 0

More interestingly, there is also devbindings.cfg, which has hotkeys binded to some debug functions and mentions a cheat mode.

// dev bindings

bind += set=dev ctrl=1 nextLevel
bind +- set=dev ctrl=1 prevLevel
bind +c set=dev ctrl=1 openAllLevels
bind +b set=dev ctrl=1 cheatMode
bind +q set=dev ctrl=1 CycleDrawQuads
bind +a set=dev ctrl=1 cycleParticleQuads
bind +o set=dev ctrl=1 stepOneFrame
bind +1 set=dev ctrl=1 toggleStatGroup main
bind +2 set=dev ctrl=1 toggleStatGroup draw
bind +3 set=dev ctrl=1 toggleStatGroup update
bind +4 set=dev ctrl=1 toggleStatGroup particles
bind +d set=dev ctrl=1 changePlayerSize 2.0
bind +h set=dev ctrl=1 changePlayerSize 0.5
bind +s set=dev ctrl=1 toggle drawScore
bind +t set=dev ctrl=1 listTextures 1
bind +LEFTARROW set=dev ctrl=1 changePlayerSize 0.99
bind +RIGHTARROW set=dev ctrl=1 changePlayerSize 1.01
bind -MOUSE3 set=dev interfaceMouseButton 2 0
bind +MOUSE3 set=dev interfaceMouseButton 2 1


README.txt, also on the root of the app, are the release notes/changelog for version 2.7.5 of the OpenFeint scoring system.

Revisional Differences

The game was given a few cosmetic changes when ported to touchscreen devices.

Startup Screens

The game boots up with an ESRB logo with a rating of E for Everyone on the PC version; this is missing in the iOS port.

OsmosWin esrbrating.png

Additionally, Hemisphere Games' logo is rendered in-game in the PC version, whereas the iOS one displays it as a static, standalone picture after selecting the app.

Windows iOS
OsmosWin hemilogo.png OsmosiOS hemilogo.png

Lifeform Terminated

The sound used for when your cell is absorbed completely was altered between releases.

Windows iOS