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OutRun (Amstrad CPC)

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Title Screen


Developer: Giga Games
Publisher: U.S. Gold
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Released in EU: December 1987

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

OutRun for the Amstrad CPC is a port of the arcade original without the music (besides Splash Wave on the title screen) or smooth controls.

Developer Message

Disk 1 has a small anti-hacking message at hex offset A9A3.


Also, on the same disk, there's a musician credit at CBD9:

This music module is the copyright of Jas.C.Brooke. Prepare to die!

At hex offset 260 on Disk 2, there's a small message from the developers along with some credits for them.

OUT RUN (Copyright 1986 Sega)
Written by Giga Games, 
who are John "Honestly I will get my hair cut!" Bankier, 
Ian "Medallion" Morrison & Alan "Red Projectile" Laird.

With No Thanks at all to 
Fergus "Have you got it finished yet?" McGovern.

Apologies for the "graphics" but the artist had a spot 
of nappy rash at the time. 

All pirates are rancid dribbling zits!