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Title Screen


Developer: Triumph Studios
Publisher: Codemasters
Platform: Windows
Released in US: June 26, 2007
Released in EU: June 29, 2007
Released in AU: July 6, 2007

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

A game where you can choose to be evil, or be REALLY evil.

Test Map

A test map can be found under the title of PlayerMap.omp. It is a large map containing several enemies from the game, some sheep, some scenery items, many breakable items, a small pool of water, a switch (which does nothing once activated), a random patch of land that glows yellow and a huge amount of empty space. It is the only level that loads Test Pack.prp, which contains many items that can be found through the game. You always start off with 3 of each Minion type, and although you can gather life force, there is no way to obtain more Minions as the level lacks any type of Minion Gate. Interestingly, your current Minion cap does not apply to this level.

Overlord-PlayerMap1.png Overlord-PlayerMap2.png Overlord-PlayerMap3.png

Early Moist Hollows

A file contained within the Sub 01 - Blue Cave folder, titled BlueCave - Copy.omp, contains an earlier version of The Moist Hollows. Whilst the general layout is the same as the final, there are several differences.

  • Gnarl does not speak as often.
  • Cutscenes are at a very early stage. There is no music track associated with them, and many of Gnarls lines do not get used. Also, only a fraction of each cutscene is used compared to the final.
    It's easy to see planes here
    • The first cutscene shows a blue Minion getting attacked (and killed) by a Boombo bird, and a second one reviving him from, all from a top down perspective using the same still camera, with Gnarl only mentioning their lack of fighting skills. At the end, the blue Minions stand next to the Minion Gate, as opposed to diving in like they do in the final.
      • The second cutscene shows a brief clip of a blue Minion retreating after getting attacked by another Boombo bird, all from a single camera angle again.
        • The boulder cutscene adds the Overlord and his Minions from the area.
  • Many rock 'ceiling' models are absent, resulting in a blue void in much of the level.
  • Archways and other structures using similar models have not yet been implemented, which, coupled with the lack of ceiling, leads to a lot of bareness around the level.
  • A slightly different hue has been chosen so that, in many parts, the level ironically looks less blue.

Early Final
Overlord-MH-Early1.png Overlord-MH-Final1.png
Overlord-MH-Early2.png Overlord-MH-Final2.png
Overlord-MH-Early3.png Overlord-MH-Final3.png

Area File

There's a file amongst the Moist Hollows maps entitled Env_Bluecave.env. No other level has this type of file, and removing it does not prevent the level from loading.

Duplicate Model

Character Female Peasant.prp strangely contains an identical copy of the Minion Jester model. Character Female Peasant1.prp is used instead.

Alternate Music

Another recording of the track Greensleeves can be found in the game files under the title Greensleeves_. Whilst all the other used files have been recorded at 192kbps, this one has been recorded at 128kbps and is also 2 seconds shorter than the final song.

Placeholder Music Files

There are several placeholder files in the Music folder. Each one is a blank, 1 second long MP3 file.

  • Demosong2
  • Demosong_First
  • Demosong_Second
  • Demosong_Third
  • Demosong_Forth
  • Demosong_Fifth
  • Demosong_Sixth
  • Demosong_Ma
  • Empty

PreView & ReView


An unused graphic using the title logo-paul.bmp can be found in the game files. Presumably from a company review copy.