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Pac-Man Museum+

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Title Screen

Pac-Man Museum+

Developer: Now Production
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: May 27, 2022
Released in JP: May 26, 2022 (Switch/PS4)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

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Pac-Man Museum+ is a sequel to Pac-Man Museum with more games, though minus Ms. Pac-Man and plus Pac-Mom (a new character created to circumvent Ms. Pac's legal limbo). It also includes an interesting game selection screen placing Pac-Man in a 3D arcade room, which secretly served as a teaser for the then-unannounced remake of Pac-Man World, Pac-Man World Re-Pac.


Several of the modern Pac-Man titles had their codebases converted over into the Unity engine, providing native ports. However, plenty of leftovers exist from several titles as a result.

PMMPlus-Lan psp a.png
Namco Museum Battle Collection Leftovers
The collection Pac-Man Arrangement CS. version originates from.
PMMPlus-Wii remote remix.png
Namco Museum Remix Leftovers
The collection Pac 'n Roll Remix and Pac-Motos originate from.

Unused Models

Unused Museum Hub Pac-Man Faces

The Museum Hub model for Pac-Man has eight face models, but only three are used in-game - m_face_A, m_face_B, and m_face_C.

m_face_D m_face_E
PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ m face d.png PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ m face e.png

Faces D and E resemble the ones used in Pac-Man World for him being hit and dying.

(Source: prism)
PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ m face f to h.png

Faces F, G, and H appear to be his default face model minus the eyes, eyebrow detailing, and tongue. Given its simplicity, it was likely used as a placeholder in case more expressions were needed.

(Source: prism)

Unused Visitor NPC Expressions

Professor Pac, one of the Visitor NPCs you can unlock who will roam around in the Museum Hub, has three face models. Only one of these, m_face_A, is used in-game.

m_face_B m_face_C
PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ Professor Pac NPC m face b.png PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ Professor Pac NPC m face c.png

m_face_B is an open mouth expression likely for talking, while m_face_C features a textured grimace on his face. m_face_C is used for Professor Pac's statue model, which uses a different texture file.

(Source: prism)

Unused Animations

Unused Museum Hub Pac-Man Idle Animation

PAC-MAN MUSEUM+ Unused Idle Animation.gif

wait_action01 contains an unused idle animation resembling an idle animation where he juggles (then eats) pellets in Pac-Man World.

(Source: prism)

This would later be used in Pac-Man World Re-Pac.

Unused Sprites

Unused Figure Icons

Unused figures of the Peach, Banana, and Lemon. These models (minus the stands) were later used in Pac-Man World Re-Pac.

Icon_gamecenter_165_C01 Icon_gamecenter_167_C01 Icon_gamecenter_168_C01
Icon gamecenter 165 C01.png Icon gamecenter 167 C01.png Icon gamecenter 168 C01.png