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Paladins: Champions of the Realm (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Voice Packs

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This is a sub-page of Paladins: Champions of the Realm (Windows, Mac OS X).

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The developers at Evil Mojo have a tendency to release far more voice lines than they would ever need to have in-game, which has culminated in the game having six unused announcer voice packs, approximately ten unused voice lines per character and skin, as well as including voice lines in the game's files that have no business being in the game (things like "The Fog Sets It!" from the announcer packs belong in the semi-related game; Realm Royale). The game even replaced Willo's voice for a single patch! The list is so big now, that we had to make a page specifically for the other pages!


Paladins-Announcer Pack Icon 1.png
Unused Announcer Voice Packs Page One
Unused voice lines for the default, Bruce, and Lore Lady announcer voice packs. Nice job!
Paladins-Announcer Pack Icon 2.png
Unused Announcer Voice Packs Page Two
Unused voice lines for the Mecha, Mecha Commander, and Town Crier voice packs. Woo hoo!
Pally-Willo O66 VoicePack Page Icon.png
Unused OB66 Willo Voice Pack