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Panic Restaurant

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Title Screen

Panic Restaurant

Also known as: Wanpaku Kokkun no Gourmet World (JP)
Developer: EIM
Publisher: Taito
Platform: NES
Released in JP: April 24, 1992
Released in US: October 1992
Released in EU: May 26, 1994

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

The EatEn restaurant is overrun by sentient food, all because a guy named Ohdove (shortened from Hors d'Oeuvre) wants it. So it's up to you, as Cookie, to brave the food and get your restaurant back!

Regional Differences

Gourmet World Panic Restaurant
PanicRestaurantJP Intro.png PanicRestaurant US Intro.png
Gourmet World Panic Restaurant
WKNGW - Title.png PR - Title.png

The game was given a new title for its overseas release. The Japanese title translates to "Mischievous Little Cookie in Gourmet World". The Disco credit was also removed from the title screen and the Taito Presents screen. Some graphics, such as the text Disco for the Taito Presents screen and Push Start and the fruit from the title screen, still remain in the international version.

Gourmet World Panic Restaurant
WKNGW - Kokkun Standing.PNG Such a bushy mustache! He's grown!

In the Japanese version, the main character, Cookie, is a young chef. For the overseas release, Taito decided to change him into an older man. It is worth noting that a few of Little Cookie's frames are still in the overseas CHR, but the game does not use them for obvious reasons.

Gourmet World Panic Restaurant
WKNGW - Credits.png PR - Credits.png

In the Japanese version, shortly after Cookie jumps down to The End screen, it fades to the credits. While the English version contains the credits sequence, it goes unused as the game simply ends at The End screen. In either version, setting 00:0019 to 0x0D will send you directly to the credits.

USA Europe
PanicRestaurant NTSC.png PanicRestaurant PAL.png

The European version received some minor visual changes to accommodate the lack of vertical overscan on PAL televisions: the status bar was moved down three pixels, and an eight-pixel border was added to the top of the screen to hide vertical scrolling artifacts.