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Papa's Freezeria Deluxe

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Title Screen

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe

Developer: Flipline Studios
Publisher: Flipline Studios
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: March 31, 2023

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

To do:
  • Papa's Cluckeria leftovers (they tend to reuse the engine a lot from previous games).

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe is basically a Steam port of a mobile port of a port of the original Flash game, but with inaccurate results. Now the customers will just look at the sundae rather than eating it.

Unused Text

Text about the item goes here. And more and more and some other info.
And a third line!

Placeholder text for items.

Test Minigame:

Placeholder text for the minigames.

Papa's Cluckeria Leftovers

Check back
later to watch
another video
for more tips!

Leftover text for the video ads function from the mobile games.

Message About the Premium Shop Goes Here! Try Again!

Text for the premium shop function from the mobile games.

Unused Graphics

Papa's Cluckeria Leftovers

Leftover graphics for icons of various mobile ports meant to be displayed for Cluckeria's title screen can be found inside Data/assets/Player.swf

Papa's Cheeseria Leftovers

Additionally a leftover graphic for one of the recipes in Cheeseria called the "Blazin' Beef" can be also found inside Data/assets/Player.swf


Unused Sounds

Papa's Cluckeria Leftovers


The sound for the fryer used from Donuteria, which was used in Cluckeria's cook station for the chicken to be cooked can be found leftover in the files.

Unused Animations

In the Food Truck free-play mode, customers have unused animations for their angry, disgusted, and nervous reactions if the sundae has a score of 10%, 40%, and 60% respectively, however the lowest score you can get during the free-play mode is 70% which will always result in the customer having a neutral reaction, leaving these animations unused.

Due to the animations not being possible to be obtained in-game or being ripped via external programs. These animations shown are taken from Cluckeria; it's highly likely these will be the exact animations used in Freezeria Deluxe, considering this game uses the same exact engine as Cluckeria.


Mobile Game Mentions

A lot of text for the game has been left unchanged from Cluckeria, as a result of this many of the game instructions, mention the word "tap" instead of "click". It's likely possible that the game at one point was going to release on mobile as well or just some lazy porting mistake.


The game uses Adobe AIR to run. If the SWF is opened in Adobe Flash Player, the following anti-piracy screen will be displayed:

FDX AntiPiracy.png