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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

To do:
A chunk of the Japanese text from Grifty's section onward appears to have been transcribed by hand rather than pasted in from the text files (spaces are narrow instead of wide). Double-check and fix where necessary.


Sequence List
Titles for every single sequence in the game revealed!
Unused Tattles
Learn even more about the enemies.

E3 Text

Text that was only used for the game's E3 Demo.


Hah! I'm not telling you my
secrets at the show!
Wait for the final version!
Hah! I'm not telling you my
secrets at the show!
Wait for the final version!

Placeholder tattles for the E3 demo. These don't appear on the Interactive Multi-Game Demo disc version of the game.


To the Special Stage!

Spoken by the gatekeeper Koopa. You were sent to a Bowser platforming stage afterwards. This also appears in the Interactive Multi-Game Demo disc version of the game, and was obviously created for demo purposes.

Hooktail Castle

So, Hooktail Castle, huh?

Well... It sure is ominous,
that's for sure.

This is a duplicate of a message used in the final version.

Oh, man... Hooktail Castle...

The stories were all true...
This place is TERRIFYING...
By the way, Mario, the
bridge is out up ahead.
First, go in this building and
use the jump platform to go
to the second floor.
Stand on the pedastal on the
second floor and press PMTTYDYButton.png to
become a paper airplane.
A screenshot from the demo

This message is in the final game, but it ends after the second block of text. Full message was used in the GameCube Interactive Multi-Game Demo discs, which presents a possibility that this message was never intended for the real game, and instead was made just so the people playing the demo would know what to do.

General Messages


The error message in action.
No messages.[English]


Language-specific placeholder text that appears whenever the msgSearch function (which uses a key passed to it to try and find an appropriate message) fails to find a message. There is a copy for each language, though only the Japanese one is in its own language (which translates to maybe "There is no message"). These messages are not located inside the normal text files, which makes sense; the error message wouldn't be able to show up if the text files were corrupt. Instead, the messages are stored in boot.dol.

Debug Commands

Mostly for status stuff.

Internal Name Message
btl_wn_debug_poison Poisoned
btl_wn_debug_sleep Sleepy
btl_wn_debug_stan Stop
btl_wn_debug_guruguru Dizzy
btl_wn_debug_confuse Confused
btl_wn_debug_biribiri Stunned
btl_wn_debug_dodge Dodgy
btl_wn_debug_fire Burned
btl_wn_debug_freeze Frozen
btl_wn_debug_big Huge
btl_wn_debug_small Tiny
btl_wn_debug_tuyotuyo Strong
btl_wn_debug_yowayowa Weak
btl_wn_debug_hard Brave
btl_wn_debug_soft Soft
btl_wn_debug_charge Charged
btl_wn_debug_charge9 Charged 9
btl_wn_debug_trans Invisible
btl_wn_debug_quick Swift
btl_wn_debug_slow Cursed
btl_wn_debug_counter Payback
btl_wn_debug_regeneration_hp Gradual HP
btl_wn_debug_regeneration_fp Gradual FP
btl_wn_debug_allergy Allergic
btl_wn_debug_dead Instant Death
btl_wn_debug_iroiro Change Parameters
btl_wn_debug_metya Mess 'Em Up
btl_wn_debug_iroiro Instant Tasty Tonic
btl_wn_default_confuse_attack Confuse Attack
btl_wn_unknown_attack Attack Test

Early Status Messages

Simpler, earlier status messages.

Internal Name Status Message
msg_st_chg N/A 猥に なった (You've become obscene)
msg_st_chg_poison_pr Poison どくに なった (You've been poisoned)
msg_st_chg_charge_pr Charged チャージを した (You've been charged)
msg_st_chg_sleep_pr Sleep ねむりに なった (You've become sleepy)
msg_st_chg_stan_pr Stopped ストップに なった (You've been halted)
msg_st_chg_guruguru_pr Dizzy グルグルに なった (You've become dizzy)
msg_st_chg_confusion_pr Confused こんらんに なった (You've been confused)
msg_st_chg_biribiri_pr Electrified グルグルに なった (You've been electrified)
msg_st_chg_dodge_pr Dodgy ヨケヨケに なった (You've become dodgy)
msg_st_chg_fire_pr Burn ほのおに なった (You've been burned)
msg_st_chg_freeze_pr Frozen こおりに なった (You've been frozen)
msg_st_chg_big_pr Huge デカデカに なった (You've become huge)
msg_st_chg_small_pr Tiny ミニミニに なった (You've become small)
msg_st_chg_tuyotuyo_pr POW-Up ツヨツヨに なった (You've become macho)
msg_st_chg_yowayowa_pr POW-Down ヨワヨワに なった (You've become feeble)
msg_st_chg_hard_pr DEF-Up カチカチに なった (You've become sturdy)
msg_st_chg_soft_pr DEF-Down ふにゃふにゃに なった (You've been softened)
msg_st_chg_allergy_pr Allergic You're allergic!
msg_st_chg_trans_pr Invisible とうめいに なった (You've become transparent)
msg_st_chg_quick_pr Fast はやいに なった (You've been hastened)
msg_st_chg_slow_pr Slow のろいに なった (You've been slowed)
msg_st_chg_counter_pr Counter しかえしに なった (You've become retaliative)
msg_st_chg_bombcounter_pr Hold Fast You're a bomb counter!
msg_st_chg_reg_hp_pr HP Regen じわじわHPに なった (HP is now gradually recovering)
msg_st_chg_reg_hp_pr FP Regen じわじわFPに なった (FP is now gradually recovering)

Font Tests


Yep, font tests.

Panel Tattles

この一で PMTTYDYButton.pngを  おすと
ヒコーキモードに  へんしんするわ

That's a Plane Panel.
Press the Y button on the panel
to transform into Plane Mode.

この一で PMTTYDYButton.pngを  おすと
ボートモードに  へんしんするわ

That's a Boat Panel.
Press the Y button on the panel
to transform into Boat Mode.

The Boat and Plane Panels cannot be tattled, so these messages can't be seen.

Save File Corruption

スロットAの メモリーカードの
セーブデータは こわれています
データを けしても いいですか?

The save file in Memory Card Slot A
has been corrupted. OK to erase the data?

データを けしました

The data was deleted.

A message for a corrupted save file. The final game doesn't allow an individually corrupted file to be deleted. The only option is to reformat the card.

Unused Battle Events

No Gravity

You can barely move!

An event that would most likely occur on the Moon.

Puni Gathering

Many Punies gathered!

Would fill the audience with Punies, obviously. Possibly meant for the Chapter 2 boss.

Shy Guy Prank

ヘイホーが いたずらをした

The Shy Guy pulled a prank!

Unused action for the Shy Guy audience member, this would prevent the player from running away.



Located among the party member name strings at the beginning of global.txt is one for an eighth "partner" named Ryouta. This is, of course, referring to the game's director, Ryota Kawade. The string is only present in the Japanese version, and was removed wholesale from the international releases. The name is also unique in that it is rendered in hiragana, while the other characters all have katakana names.



わたしが おしえられることは
通り 話したと おもうよ

I think I told you everything I could.

ほかにも いろいろと じょうほうは
あったんだけど いまは わすれちゃった

There was something else too, but I forget what.

また なにか おもいだしておくから
こんど きてくれよ

I might remember something later, so please come again.

An odd message from Grifty. Since Grifty always has stories to tell, and he'll retell them to you, this message never has an opportunity to pop up.

(Source: GlitterBerri (Translation))


やあ にいさん

Hey Big Bro! This is Luigi Story 1.

やあ にいさん

Hey Big Bro! This is Luigi Story 2.

やあ にいさん

Hey Big Bro! This is Luigi Story 3.

やあ にいさん

Hey Big Bro! This is Luigi Story 4.

やあ にいさん

Hey Big Bro! This is Luigi Story 5.

やあ にいさん

Hey Big Bro! This is Luigi Story 6.

やあ にいさん

Hey Big Bro! This is Luigi Story 7.

Short menu messages that would appear when selecting an option from the Luigi's Stories menu. In the end, these weren't really needed.



Error Message

Self-explanatory. Luckily, this never pops up.


To do:
  • Maybe find a less obtrusive place for the STG comments, to make it clearer that they're not part of the internal name.
  • Several of the comments contain map IDs associated with Petal Meadows/Hooktail Castle-- which maps do they correspond to? Could indicate early badge locations...

At the end of Merluvlee's data in tik_00.txt are a few of her badge hints from the original Paper Mario. Various quirks of the text indicate that these may have been placeholders for new hints and not simply leftovers, meaning that Merluvlee was at one point going to locate badges as she did in the first game:

  • They use The Thousand-Year Door's formatting commands rather than Paper Mario's; except for the Mt. Lavalava copy-pastes, they also use furigana with ruby markup (which Paper Mario lacks). The Japanese lines have had the furigana left in to make this clear.
  • The badge names are almost all different.
  • As noted below, she has a unique line for locating badges owned by Dazzle, which was not reused from the first game.

Additionally, the text was retranslated in the English version (which introduced a few errors, like "Cold Cold Mountain" for Shiver Mountain). The new lines are more stiff and literal, possibly indicating they were only base translations that hadn't yet been "punched up" by the localization team. The equivalent Paper Mario text (both Japanese and English) has been included for comparison.

The un_badge entries are labeled from 0000 to 0006; un_badge_0006, however, is blank.

un_badge_shop <!STG0_00>
Mario Story (Jump Charge) Paper Mario (Jump Charge) Paper Mario RPG The Thousand-Year Door
バッジが 見えます
お城の門の ひろばの近く
ロテンのお店に うっているでしょう
I see...a Jump Charge Badge.

It is for sale at the open-air
shop in the plaza outside the
castle gate.
バッジが えます
しろもんの ひろばのちか
ロテンのおみせに うっているでしょう
I see...a badge. It is called
It is on sale in Rowf's shop in
the plaza near the castle

The Thousand-Year Door hint uses a string format specifier in place of the badge name. Paper Mario does not, since all badges are in limited supply in that game (the Rowf badge hints are simply duplicate messages with the name hardcoded in), so Jump Charge's hint is provided as an example.

un_badge_starmaniac <!STG0_00>
Paper Mario RPG The Thousand-Year Door
バッジが えます
キラロが もっています

I see...a badge. It is called
Dazzle has it.

Unlike the other messages, this is not from Paper Mario. Dazzle is referenced by name in both languages, and the Merlow hints are not nearly as barebones.

un_badge_0000 <!STG0_00,GSWF_GON_05_BADGE_PINCH_DE_LUCKY>
Mario Story Paper Mario Paper Mario RPG The Thousand-Year Door
バッジが 見えます
サムイサムーイ 山の中
しんでんへの かいだんのとちゅう
おくにむかって あるいていくと
赤い?ブロックが うかんでいます
それをたたけば あらわれるでしょう
I see...a Mega Jump Badge.

You are ascending a frozen
mountainside, climbing icy stairs
to the Crystal Palace.
At a flat platform, you continue
forward and find a red ? Block
floating in air.
You smash it and the Badge
becomes yours.
バッジが えます
サムイサムーイ やまなか
しんでんへの かいだんのとちゅう
おくにむかって あるいていくと
あかい?ブロックが うかんでいます
それをたたけば あらわれるでしょう
I see the Close Call badge.

On the staircase from Cold
Cold Mountain to the
You go to the back and find
the red ? block there.
You hit it to get the badge.

un_badge_0001 <!STG0_00,GSWF_GON_06_BADGE_PIKKYORO_A>
Mario Story Paper Mario Paper Mario RPG The Thousand-Year Door
バッジが 見えます
火山の中の ハンマーのあった部屋の近く
ようがんのかわを せきとめたところから
かいだんを おりたところに ある
メタルブロックに ふさがれた道のおく
ようがんの ながれる 部屋の
たからばこの中に かくされています
I see...a Dizzy Stomp Badge.

Inside a volcano, close to where
a strong Hammer hides, the lava
flow has been slowed.
From there, you descend the
stairs to find a metal block
in your way.
You smash the block with your
new Hammer and enter the room
beyond. There lies the Badge.
バッジが えます
火山の中の ハンマーのあった部屋の近く
ようがんのかわを せきとめたところから
かいだんを おりたところに ある
メタルブロックに ふさがれた道のおく
ようがんの ながれる 部屋の
たからばこの中に かくされています
I see an Attack FX A badge.

In the volcano, near the room
with the hammer, you go
down stairs from the dam.
The path blocked beyond the
metal block... Hidden in the
chest where the lava flows...

un_badge_0002 <!STG0_00,GSWF_GON_08_ITEM00>
Mario Story Paper Mario Paper Mario RPG The Thousand-Year Door
バッジが 見えます
フラワーランドの 雲の上
マメの木をあがった そのおくの
ふわふわうごく 雲の上に のりなさい
ひろい 雲に わたったならば
そこで 見つけられるでしょう
I see...an S. Jump Charge Badge.

You climb up the Beanstalk into
the Flower Fields sky and ride
on a small cloud floating at the
You jump across to a bigger
cloud and find your prize.
バッジが えます
フラワーランドの くもうえ
マメのをあがった そのおくの
ふわふわうごく くもうえに のりなさい
ひろい くもに わたったならば
そこで つけられるでしょう
I see a Flower Saver badge.

On the clouds above Flower
Fields, at the top of the
bean tree, on a cloud...
You reach the wide cloud
and see it there.

The English Thousand-Year Door hint says Flower Saver, but the Japanese one refers to Happy Flower.

un_badge_0003 <!STG0_00,GSWF_HEI_13_BADGE_RENZOKU_JUMP>
Mario Story Paper Mario Paper Mario RPG The Thousand-Year Door
バッジが 見えます
火山の中の ハンマーのあった部屋の近く
ようがんのかわを せきとめたところから
かいだんを おりたところに ある
メタルブロックに ふさがれた道のおく
ようがんの ながれる 部屋の
たからばこの中に かくされています
I see...a Dizzy Stomp Badge.

Inside a volcano, close to where
a strong Hammer hides, the lava
flow has been slowed.
From there, you descend the
stairs to find a metal block
in your way.
You smash the block with your
new Hammer and enter the room
beyond. There lies the Badge.
バッジが えます
火山の中の ハンマーのあった部屋の近く
ようがんのかわを せきとめたところから
かいだんを おりたところに ある
メタルブロックに ふさがれた道のおく
ようがんの ながれる 部屋の
たからばこの中に かくされています
I see a Power Bounce badge.

In the volcano, near the room
with the hammer, you go
down stairs from the dam.
The path blocked beyond the
metal block... Hidden in the
chest where the lava flows...

un_badge_0004 <!STG0_00,GSWF_HEI_13_BADGE_GATUN_NAGURI>
Mario Story Paper Mario Paper Mario RPG The Thousand-Year Door
バッジが 見えます
キノコタウンの ドカンに 入り
地下の道を 右へと すすむ
ブロックを こわした そのむこう
たからばこの中に それは あるでしょう
それを まもっている てきも 見えます
たおさなければ とれませんよ
I see...a Shrink Stomp Badge.

You descend into the Private
pipe in Toad Town, then head
right on the underground path.
You break a block and continue.
You find a treasure chest
containing the Badge.
But beware! For I see a nasty
enemy protecting the chest.
You must defeat this dreaded
creature to reach the Badge.
バッジが えます
キノコタウンの ドカンに はい
地下ちかみちを みぎへと すすむ
ブロックを こわした そのむこう
たからばこのなかに それは あるでしょう
それを まもっている てきも えます
たおさなければ とれませんよ
I see a Quake Hammer badge.

Down the pipe in Toad Town...
Down below, to the right...
Past the broken block.
It is in the chest there.
I also see an enemy there
that you must defeat.

Gatsūn Nagūri (Power Smash) was mistranslated as Quake Hammer in the Thousand-Year Door hint. Interestingly, there is a Power Smash badge in Toad Town Tunnels in Paper Mario, but the hint for it is different from Shrink Stomp's.

un_badge_0005 <!STG0_00,erradr>
Mario Story Paper Mario Paper Mario RPG The Thousand-Year Door
バッジが 見えます
火山の中の ハンマーのあった部屋の近く
ようがんのかわを せきとめたところから
かいだんを おりたところに ある
メタルブロックに ふさがれた道のおく
ようがんの ながれる 部屋の
たからばこの中に かくされています
I see...a Dizzy Stomp Badge.

Inside a volcano, close to where
a strong Hammer hides, the lava
flow has been slowed.
From there, you descend the
stairs to find a metal block
in your way.
You smash the block with your
new Hammer and enter the room
beyond. There lies the Badge.
バッジが えます
火山の中の ハンマーのあった部屋の近く
ようがんのかわを せきとめたところから
かいだんを おりたところに ある
メタルブロックに ふさがれた道のおく
ようがんの ながれる 部屋の
たからばこの中に かくされています
I see a Dizzy Stomp badge.

In the volcano, near the room
with the hammer, you go
down stairs from the dam.
The path blocked beyond the
metal block... Hidden in the
chest where the lava flows...

Dizzy Stomp does not appear in The Thousand-Year Door.


Fighter Filler Text

We got ourselves a winner!
Fighter 21!
We got ourselves a winner!
Fighter 22!

Filler text for two fighters that never made it into the game.

The Major Leagues

Goombella Koops Flurrie
Uh, yeah... What, no hellos?
These guys are totally
freezing us out, Mario.
What? What's wrong, Mario?
WHAAAAT? Are you saying
the champ's belt...
You're totally right, Mario!
This Crystal Star...is a fake!!
Sheesh, sorry, Mr. Birdie.
I didn't mean to say your
belt was fake. Take it easy.
I think I tweaked him out
a little bit.
Anyway, we have a problem
now. The map definitely
pointed to Glitzville...
If that thing on the champ's
belt ISN'T the Crystal Star,
Where the heck is the REAL
one, huh?
Mario! Your Mailbox SP just
went off! Who'd you get mail
What? Who's this X guy?
You think he really knows
about the Crystal Star?
Whoever he is, why would he
want to give us information?
I don't trust this guy...
Ummm... Judging by the dead
silence, I'd say these guys
don't like us much.
Ummm... What's up, Mario?
What? Are you serious?
The champ's belt?
Mario! You were right!
This Crystal Star...is a fake!!
Ummmm... Gee, sorry, man...
I didn't mean to insult
your fancy belt, there...
Ooooops. I made him mad.

Well, forget him. We have
bigger fish to fry. The map
pointed to Glitzville...
But if the gem on that guy's
belt isn't the true Crystal
Star, then...
Where's the real one?

Umm... Mario? You hear that?
I think you just got an e-mail.
From who, though?
Um... Who's this X character?
He talks like he knows all
about the Crystal Star...
Why would someone want to
help us with this, anyway?
Seems kind of fishy...
Oh, dear... These fellows don't
seem quite as friendly as
the minor-leaguers...
Mario, darling, what is it?
Come again? The champ's
belt, you say?
My stars, it's completely true!
This Crystal Star...is a fake!!
Oh, I do apologize, sir.
I didn't mean to embarrass
you in front of your belt.
Oh dear, I do believe I
made that chicken angry.
In any case, we've larger
issues to deal with. The map
most assuredly pointed here...
If the ornament on that
fellow's belt isn't the real
Crystal Star, then...
Where in the world could the
real one be?
Mario, darling! Did I just
hear your Mailbox SP go off?
Who would be e-mailing you?
My! Who is this X fellow?
He speaks as if he's an
expert on the Crystal Star...
What would motivate him to
help us in our quest, though?
This seems suspicious...

All four possible partners have dialogue when first entering the major league locker room. Because Yoshi is required to beat the Iron Clefts, and partners can't be changed before this cutscene, only his dialogue is used.

Twilight Town


ワシは なにを していたんだ・・・

Huh? Now what was I doing..."

店で 売るための やくそうを とりに
この森に きたところだったが・・・

I came to the forest to gather herbs to sell at the store.

A message that would have been spoken by the Twilight Town shopkeeper after the pig curse was broken. In the final game, he's already back at the shop by the time you beat Doopliss.

(Source: GlitterBerri (Translation))

Leaving Town

Goombella Koops Flurrie Yoshi
All right, Mario! Let's get
back to Rogueport, OK?
Well, Mario... Let's head
back to Rogueport, huh?
Are you quite ready, Mario?
Let's get back to Rogueport.
Okeydokey, Gonzales!
Let's kick it back to

Text when leaving Twilight Town after Chapter 4. Since all of Mario's other partners were turned against him at this point, the player can't change partners, so only Vivian's dialogue is used.

Keelhaul Key



Whew! Stop spinning me~!

This is an unused message for hitting poor Whacka.

どうなってんの この島は~!
オバケのあとは ホンモノの海賊~!?

What is up with this island?!
First ghosts, and now REAL pirates?!

メガネの ヤロウ~!
おれたちを ダマしやがって!

That spectacled scoundrel!
He tricked us all!

Messages that would have popped up from the people on the shore during the battle between Cortez and Lord Crump.


なにを グズグズしている!

What are you waiting for?!

なコイツらは ワシに まかせろ!
ワシに かまわず さっさと 行け!!

Leave these fellows to me!
Don't worry about me, hurry up and leave!!

An extended bit of dialogue from Bobbery while he's being attacked by ghosts.

Excess Express

Train Rooms

本当に ありがとうございました

Thank you very much.

これが なくなっていたら
わたしの家族を ろとうに

If this vanished, my family would be left out in the cold.

ふふふ・・・ わがはいに かかれば
ズバッと こんなものです!!

Hehehe...If you get near me,
I'll slice you like this!!

Messages from the businessman and possibly Heff T. These would have appeared after the Nitro Honey Syrup / Galley Pot mysteries were solved.

ベッドで 休みますか?

Sleep in the bed?
The prompt for resting in bed appears for Day 3. It's not possible to rest at this point, so this was never used or translated.

Freight Car

しょくりょうが 入っているようだ

Looks like there's food inside.

しょくどう車で 出される
りょうりに 使われるのだろうか

Maybe it's used for the meals they serve in the dining car.

ケースの中に ビンが おさまっている

This crate is full of bottles.

しょくどう車で 出される

Maybe they're drinks served in the dining car.

ケースの中に ビンが おさまっている

This crate is full of bottles.


ビンと ビンの スキマに
なにか おちている

There's something lying between two of the bottles.

ワゴンの中は カラッポだ

The teacart is empty.

マリオが じゅうぶん
入れそうなぐらい とても大きな箱だ

It's an enormous box that looks big enough
to fit Mario inside.

箱の中に なにが 入っているのか
外からは サッパリ わからない

From the outside, it's impossible to tell
if there's anything in it.

(Source: N. Onymous (translation))

There's a lot of descriptive text in the freight car that is never used. It seems the player would have been able to look through the crates in the room, likely while in search of Ghost T.'s diary. The third set of messages is likely for when the player finds the diary, as a book would be able to fit between drink bottles. It could also apply to the missing Gold Ring or Shell Earrings, but none of the passengers' missing items are found in the freight car.

Riverside Station

Outside Station

トロン (Toron / Zip Toad)
トロンの ニセモノよ

That's the Zip Toad impersonator.

やっぱり ニセモノだったのね この人
だって ホンモノの トロンだったら
あんなに えらそうに しないはずだもの

Just as I thought. It's an IMPOSTER.
The REAL Zip Toad wouldn't
act so high-and-mighty.

An unused tattle for the fake Zip Toad / Doopliss, who runs away immediately after getting to Riverside Station.

(Source: GlitterBerri (Translation))


しかし マジョリンは つぎなる
手を うっていた みたいだぜ

But it looks like Beldam's
been making the next move.

アンタも あきらめた方が

Shouldn't you give up too?

オレは マジョリンに ハナから
あてに されてなったのか・・・

But...it seems I haven't been counting on Beldam
since the beginning.



Completely unknown who would have spoke this dialogue. The only likely candidate is Doopliss, since he knows who Beldam is.

(Source: GlitterBerri (Translation))

Inside Station

このエレベーターを 使ったら
きりかえスイッチが ある部屋まで
まっすぐ 行けるんですけど・・・

If you use this elevator,
you can go straight to the room
where the changeover switch is...

エレベーターを 動かすキーが
じむ室に あるのです・・・

But the key to turn it on
is in the office...

わるいヤツらに せんりょうされて
手も あしも 出ないのです・・・

Bad guys have taken it over.
I can't do a thing against them...

(Source: N. Onymous (translation))

An additional note from the people who once occupied the station. This might have been removed because it gives away the location of the key.

PMTTYDAButtonFinal.pngを おしながらPMTTYDControlNeutral.pngを グルグル 回して
PMTTYDAButtonFinal.pngを はなすと ウルトラジャンプ!

While holding the A Button, rotate the Control Stick,
then release to do an Ultra Jump!

(Source: N. Onymous (translation))

A simplied version of the Ultra Boots tutorial. Possibly a temporary message.

Poshley Sanctum

いまは もう だいざの上に
ガーネットスターは ない

The Garnet Star is no longer on the pedestal.
This should appear when examining the pedestal where the Garnet Star was placed. A similar message pops up when examining the pedestal of the fake Star.

X-Naut Base

シンニュウシャ ハッケン!


タダチニ ハイジョスル!!


This appears in the main X-naut control room. The use of Katakana here is meant to convey a robotic voice.

Palace of Shadow

Throne Room

Goombella Koops Flurrie Yoshi
あかないわ マリオ!

It won't open, Mario!

マリオさん あきません!

Mario, it's not opening!

マリオちゃん あかないわン!

Mario, dear, it isn't opening!

ダメだ あかないぜ!

No good--it ain't opening!

Vivian Bobbery Ms. Mowz
あかないわ マリオ!

It won't open, Mario!

マリオ あかないぞ!

Mario, it won't open!

ひらきませんわ マリオ!

It won't come open, Mario!

An odd message for all partners. There's nothing to open in the throne room in the final version, unless they're talking about the door out.

Pit of 100 Trials

The devices on this level are
now active. You can no longer
change allies during battle!
The device on this level is
now active. You can no longer
use your hammer in battle!
The device on this level is
now active. You can no longer
use your jump in battle!
The device on this level is
now active. You now receive
double coins after battle!

Messages for four different traps/devices that would have made the Pit of 100 Trials harder to complete. Less monotonous, though.

ラクガキは ねんいりに かかれていて

The graffiti is carefully written. It won't erase!!
This is a shorter version of a message seen when examining the graffiti on floor 50 of the pit.

(Source: GlitterBerri (Translation))

Post-Game Partner Text

There are lines in the game hinting that after you beat the Shadow Queen and return to Rogueport, you'd have to gather up all of your partners again. This feature was changed to have all of your partners come back immediately.

Three of these exchanges were localized, three were dummied out, and the last one was simply left untranslated.


Koops (Koops' House) Flurrie (Flurrie's House) Yoshi Kid (Glitz Pit Entrance Hall)
Mario! I'm so glad I got to
see you again!
So, you're off on another
adventure, eh? Yes, of
course I'll go with you!
Koops has joined your party!

Come on! Let's go!

Oh, Mario! Mario!
Long time no see, sweetie!
I've finished my latest
performance, and I'm enjoying
a well-earned vacation!
Are you going on another
adventure? Well, if you are,
I will SURELY come along!
After all, I must continue
to improve upon my talents.
Flurrie joined your party!

I wonder what kind of drama
awaits us this time!
Hey, wassup! Gonzales!
I knew you'd come eventually!
We're going on another
adventure, right? YESSS!
I'm all over it!
Let's give that great big
world another left jab!!!
<Yoshi> joined you!

Oh, yeah... I registered us at
the Glitz Pit again!
We can be champs again!

Untranslated - Vivian

また あなたに あえるなんて

Mario! It's like a dream come true to see you again.

もちろん いっしょに いくわ
あなたになら どこへでも ついていくわ

Of course I'll go with you! I'll follow you wherever you want to go.

ビビアンが なかまに なった!

Vivian has joined your party!

またまた ヨロシクね

Nice to see you again.

(Source: Imajin, N. Onymous (translation))


Goombella (Professor Frankly's House)
Japanese International
あら マリオ! きてくれたのね!!

Whoa, Mario! You're back!!

Machi #1619


That's awesome!

でも また あなたに あえると おもっていたから・・・

Y'know, I was just thinking of meeting you again...

また ぼうけんに いくんでしょ ええ もちろん あたしも ついていくわ

So, like, why don't we go do some more adventuring?
Yeah, totally! Count me in!

Machi #1620

クリスチーヌが なかまに なった!

Goombella has joined your party!

Machi #1621

また よろしくね マリオ!

Great to see you again, Mario!

Machi #1622

Admiral Bobbery (Keelhaul Key Town)
Japanese International
おおっ! マリオでは ないか!

Well now! Is that you, Mario?

きぐうだな! ワシも たまたま このしまに きていたのだ!!

Fancy meeting you here! Even I have found myself
paying a visit to this island on occasion!!

stg5 217

なに!? また ぼうけんに るだと?

What!? You're venturing forth once more?

うむ いいだろう ワシも つれてってくれ

Hrm... well, isn't that fortunate? Take me along, then.

オマエには たっぷりと おんが ある ワシに できることが あれば なんでも いうがいい

I'm simply overflowing with gratitude towards you!
If there's any task I can accomplish, just say the word!

stg5 218

バレルが なかまに なった!

Bobbery joined your party!

stg5 219

さあ くぞ マリオよ!

Now then, let us away, Mario!

stg5 220

Ms. Mowz (Lovely Howz of Badges)
Japanese International
あら おひさしぶりですわね! ステキなヒゲの ミスター

Oh, my! It's been so long, my handsome
mustachioed mister!

もういちど アナタに あいたいと ずっと おもってましたわ

I've been yearning for a reunion ever since we parted!

Machi #1539

ひょっとして また ぼうけんに でかけますの? カオに かいてありますわ

Could it be you're re-embarking on an adventure?
That's what your expression tells me.

ええ わかってますわ よろこんで いっしょに きますわ

You needn't say a thing! I'll happily go along with you!

Machi #1540

チュチュリーナが なかまに なった!

Ms. Mowz joined your party!

Machi #1541

では まいりましょう!

Now, shall we depart?

Machi #1542