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Patapon 3

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Title Screen

Patapon 3

Developer: SCE Japan Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: April 28, 2011
Released in US: April 12, 2011
Released in EU: April 15, 2011
Released in KR: April 29, 2011
Released in CN: April 27, 2011

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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To do:
Addresses for other versions.

Patapon 3 is the third—and currently last—game in the series, and the first Patapon game to introduce multiplayer via PSN. The debug menu for this game is CRAZY customizable.



Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Debug Menu
The debug menu is HUGE with almost every feature working. You can even make commands autoplay!
Patapon3-Equip024 708 10.png
Finally, my Patapon can be bald!
Hell Gate Vs
Step on a panel! Potentially strike someone with lightning!
Patapon3Chr01 02 05 1.png
Unused Enemies
Zigotons! Karmen! Bonedeth! Oh my!

Special Uberhero Names

In Patapon 3, you can name your Uberhero, using 4 characters in the Japanese version or 6 in the international releases. Naming your Uberhero after certain developers and saying "Yes" when asked if you want to be unique will grant your Uberhero specific hairstyles.

Names Translations/Purpose Hairstyle
Rolito Rolito (Original Patapon Creator) Lightbulb
こたポん Kotapon (Hiroyuki Kotani, Director) Majidonga Horn
いいポん Iipon (Atsushi Ii, Level Designer) WEP Totem
あだケん Adaken (Kemmei Adachi, Music Producer) Electric Plug
よしポん Yoshipon (Junichi Yoshizawa, SIE Producer) Karmen Mask
みうポん Miupon (Unknown) UFO
いわポん Iwapon (Unknown) Fork

Alternatively, you can name yourself any of the following and gain a very special hairstyle.

Test Text Translations Hairstyle
あああ aaa Dung
ああああ aaaa Dung
ぁぁぁ aaa Dung
ぁぁぁぁ aaaa Dung
アアア aaa Dung
アアアア aaaa Dung
ァァァ aaa Dung
ァァァァ aaaa Dung
aaa Dung
aaaa Dung
AAA Dung

Unused Music

These songs can be found inside the atrac folder.

Alternate Title Theme

A slightly different title theme.


A test file. Level 3 stands for fever, and 01 stands for the first part of fever. Can be found in incomplete theme files in the 100 Hour "Full of Surprises" demo.


Unknown what this could have been used for.

VS Result: Draw

This would play if you tied scores in a VS match. However, since red team always wins by default, this is never heard. However, using the debug menu, you can create a tie.

Dungeon Clear

This is a leftover from the multiplayer demo. It plays when you clear a dungeon floor, and go to the next one.

Patapon 2 Intro

Audio from the Patapon 2 intro.

Patapon 1 Theme

Music that plays on the title screen of Patapon 1.

Early Yarigami Theme

Alternate theme for Yarigami. You can play this in the demo.

Early Tategami Theme

Alternate theme for Tategami. You can play this in the demo.

Early Soragami Theme

Alternate theme for Soragami. Unlike the others, this is not playable in the demo. The demo uses a... different version.

Early Yamagami Theme

Alternate theme for Yamagami. You can play this in the demo.

Unused Themes

These themes can be played during a quest by setting the variable at 0x7277C8 (EU) and 0x724848 (NA) to the below values before deploying for the quest.

To do:
Record/rip better quality versions of these themes. Perhaps get the command chants as well?
Theme Value
Gittan Pattan Theme 1F
Hoi Hoi Yahha Rock 3B

Gittan Pattan Theme

This seems to have been intended for the unused Hell Gate VS mode, but since there are no quests that involve the VS mode, this goes unused.

Hoi Hoi Yahha Rock

According to the creator of this theme, this was meant to play in the intro mission of the game, but they felt like they already took enough takes of the song. It also plays during the credits, and is also played while in the unused DLC mission "Cosmo Serpent Waros".

Unfinished Themes

To do:
Examine all "No Translation Needed" songs.

There exists about 6 unfinished themes, along with hundreds of "No Translation Needed"s. They are not listed here as they would clutter the page. There could possibly be more than just these.

Hey Whazzat Rock
Ho Hoi Yahha Rock
Donja Lalin Rock
Ooh Datcool Rock
Bon Voyage Rock
Guppy Puppy Rock


Dark Hero Voices

All dark heroes have a voice line where they say their Japanese name. Ravenous's is used in-game, but it is included here to keep consistency.







Miss Covet Hiss

Unused Cutscenes

Cutscenes can be played in place of missions by changing preloaded mission data. The code below will change the parameters of the next mission you enter to the parameters to play a cutscene.

_C0 Cutscene Data (US)
_L 0x0072486C 0x00000063
_L 0x20724868 0x61702E30 
_L 0x20724864 0x305F3939
_L 0x20724860 0x5F6E6F69
_L 0x2072485C 0x7373694D
_L 0x00724834 0x0000001E

And this code will allow you to pick cutscene IDs. Starts from decimal value 288 to 320.

_C0 Cutscene ID
_L 0x10724850 0x00000120

Hopping Cutscene

A cutscene exists of the Uberhero and Ragewolf hopping on screen in the field of giants. Viewing this cutscene will softlock your game, as there is no way to skip it, and it never ends.

_C0 Hopping Cutscene (US)
_L 0x10724850 0x00000125

Uberheroes Dream

A memory/dream sequence cutscene. Shows the hero being tortured by the archfiends, possibly trying to force him to become a dark hero. This would have played after finishing the first dungeon. This cutscene was probably removed to lower the age rating of the game.

This cutscene's ID is decimal value 292.

_C0 Uberhero's Dream (US)
_L 0x10724850 0x0000012A

Blank Cutscene (Field of Angry Giants)

The Uberhero and Ragewolf exchange dialogue in the Field of Angry Giants. There are two versions of this cutscene which are exactly the same. What they say will shock you.

no translation needed

After they finish saying this, the cutscene ends.

_C0 Placeholder Cutscene 1 (US)
_L 0x10724850 0x00000140
_C0 Placeholder Cutscene 2 (US)
_L 0x10724850 0x00000141

Blank Cutscene (Dark Hero Hideout)

The Uberhero and Ragewolf exchange dialogue in the Dark Hero Hideout. Ragewolf is layered behind the armory. They say the following:

no translation needed

After they finish saying this, the cutscene ends.

_C0 Placeholder Cutscene 3 (US)
_L 0x10724850 0x00000142

Unused Menus

Debug Menu

Patapon 3 has a detailed Debug Menu that can only be enabled by the use of a cheat code. The Debug Menu has its own page where the method and cheat code can be seen.

Set Skills Menu

A menu exists where you have slots for your set skills instead of choosing them freely. The Set Skills selected still have the same effect when selected this way, but the menu also shows the Set Skills changing the character's stats when you equip them, so it's pretty useful.

Not what you thought, eh?

The description text for each Set Skill is also centered in the middle of the description box, which is the same as the way descriptions for Set Skills were displayed in the Multiplayer Demo.

Unused Missions

This game has a bunch of these. Planned, scrapped, forgotten, and ultimately, never released.

Training Grounds

These missions feature the default Training Grounds background and an end post at the start of the forest section. The Cumulative Training mission however is unique.

Undo Status Effect Training

The missions themselves.
Burning, freezing, poison and sleep... A few status
effects can debilitate your forces! The situation can
deteriorate quickly, unless you jump on the case with
Suggested: Lvl /Reward Wooden Chest Lvl

Charge Attack/Charge Defend

Attack? Defend? Or march onward? Advanced players
use the PON PON CHAKA CHAKA command to
survey the situation before taking action.
Lay low and look for a better opportunity!
Suggested: Lvl / Reward: Wooden Chest Lvl

Summoning Training

Learn the lost arts of summoning here. Save up miracle
power during fever, then drum DON DODON DODON to
summon an ancient Djinn and go wild with an all-out
ad-lib session!
Suggested: Lvl / Reward: Wooden Chest Lvl

Cumulative Training


This mission is completely blank. The background is blank, and there is no end post. However, the retire option available from the Start button is disabled, so once you enter this mission, the game is soft-locked and can only be escaped by restarting the game.

You must utilize all you have learned to overcome
this challenge! Ends if any unit collapses. See how far
you can go!
Suggested: Lvl ? / Reward:?




(Source: ❤ Madwig)

DLC Missions

A small handful of planned DLC missions were found. These missions show that Garuru (Patapon 2) was meant to make a return, and a new boss type was meant to make an appearance.


Garuru was Black Hoshipon's pet in Patapon 2 that you fought at Magic Hill Zozozo. He was meant to reappear in this game, but for some reason, never got released.

【Boss Battle】Garuru
Solo appearance of Black Hoshipon's pet, the juggernaut of destruction who arose from the Evilmass, and threatens to devour all!
*Single player OK; multiplayer recommended. Approx. enemy  level: 130 / Reward: ?

Cosmo Serpents

The Cosmo Serpents are unfinished or unused bosses. They seem to be the "ultimate" bosses of the game, even stronger than Gheek Dongara. Cosmo Serpents also hold a huge resemblance to the dragons seen in dungeons and story missions. Baros is the first variant, which also means he is the weakest of the trio. Colored mostly gray and red.

【Boss Battle】 Cosmo Serpent Baros
Once you have challenged this great snake, it shall be clear enough why he is known as the Cosmo Serpent!
*Single player OK; multiplayer recommended. Approx. enemy level: 100+ / Reward: ?

Garos is the second variant, an ice variant, and the second strongest of the trio. Colored an icy blue.

【Boss Battle】 Cosmo Serpent Garos
Garos the Serpent, superior even to Baros, is a beast fused with the cosmos herself! Garos appears solo, for those who dare!
*Single player OK; multiplayer recommended. Approx. enemy level: 125+ / Reward: ?

Waros is the third variant, and naturally the strongest of the trio. Colored a sickly green.

【Boss Battle】 Cosmo Serpent Waros
The Serpent God Waros, the king of all Cosmo Serpents, appears solo to make mincemeat of those who dare challenge him!
*Single player OK; multiplayer recommended. Approx. enemy level: 145+ / Reward: ?

Hell Gate Vs

This was the 9th DLC mission. You can see more about it here.

DLC Mission 0020

This mission doesn't appear on the worldmap. The description and title are there for it, though.

Unused Text


To do:
Needs more testing as the crashes may of been the result of changing the wrong variable. Also, do these options work in any other version?

At 0x7166A0 (EU) or 0x713680 (NA) is text for two unused options in the barracks, which are "Reinforcements" and "Rally Patapons". Forcing the game to select either of these options will cause it to crash.

These two options are most likely related to the cut feature of having additional squads of Patapons alongside your main party, which can be seen in action in various E3 screenshots and the E3 video.


Add additional Patapons and view details.

Rally Patapons

Change Patapons and view details.

Resonance Combos

These are names and descriptions for weapon and armor combinations that were never used. Resonance Combos are used (the community calls them equipment sets), but the game never directly refers to them and the descriptions/titles are never used anywhere, and these Resonance Combos do not exist except for as text.

To do:
When I was typing these in, I didn't use the line breaks. Oops. Find where the line breaks are and add accordingly.


This combo utilises the latest optical technology so that spears soar at the speed of light and terrorise foes by piercing through any and all materials.


This rider's combo causes steeds to emanate intense heat. Careen into the enemy front line and transform it into a sea of flame!

Heat Shoulders

This warrior's combo brands one's shoulders with a mark of flame, and fuels one's resolve with scorching heat, granting high resistance to Stagger.


This hefty combo grants the fortitude to hold a greatshield with an unbending will. Stolidly guard the front line without fear of Knockback!

Nasu no Yoichi

This longbow combo is blessed by the soul of a samurai. The hero's spirit shall see that your arrows hit their mark, and strike enemy weak points from afar.

Sasaki Kojiro

This greatblade combo is blessed by the soul of a great swordsman. Let his strength fill your bosom, and handle swords with the grace of a swallow.

Beauty Song

Sound combo with freeze effect. The hearts and minds of those who hear the haunting orchestrations of the Patapons shall turn instantly into ice!

Bloody Howling

Longhorn sound combo utilising rapid-fire hauntwaves. Howls of wild bloodthirsty beasts form powerful soundwaves that ravage enemies!

Antisleep Electroshock

Antisleep combo using electric shocks. Zap the body with electric shocks to gain resistance to sleep.

Freezing Spear

Ice ring combo utilising regional frigidity. Ice rings created by masters of sub-arctic temperatures surround one's body with columns of ice.

Blizzard Rider

Arctic combo using Sibericus the Frosty. Use blizzard stampede to trample enemy territory and form a mountain of ice.

Unused Items

To do:
Find more images of unused items.

The unused sutra, with no textures.

Every item from Patapon 1 and Patapon 2 are still present, yet most of them are never used in the game.


There is a sutra in the game which is never used, and is only obtainable by hacking. Using it whilst in a quest will make a blank sutra appear, and play the Yarigami theme. The sutra icons in a quest also appear white.

(Source: RaonDarkLord/RaonYarida)

Unused/Imported Classes

Early in development, Patapon 3 was going to be like all the other Patapon games with 3 new classes coming in, just like Patapon 2. This obviously changed. Selecting any of them makes you invisible, this is caused because by default they don't have any equipment and appearance data. Like many other unused elements in the game, these classes were probably imported from older Patapon games and not implemented.

A video of how they appear on the class selection screen is available here.

To do:
Are there descriptions for these classes in the Japanese version?



Possibly the 3rd class they were going to add, or the deleted data for Toripon. (Not seen in video because it isn't unlocked, can be seen on screenshot.)




This class is most likely used for the actual Hatapon that appears as your flag-bearer in singleplayer. However, since their equipment and class cannot be changed at all, this class description can't be seen in-game.


[Text not for ingame use:
Translation ="Not used?"}

Was replaced with Tondenga and Myamsar, which both use the Dekapon form.


This intrepid minstrel
blankets foes with sonic
balls and debilitates
foes with stagger effect.

Was replaced by Wondabarappa and Jamsch, which both use the Megapon form.


[Text not for ingame use:
Translation ="Mahopon Description"]

Was replaced with Pingrek and Oohoroc, which both use the Mahopon form.


[Assuming text not for ingame use:
Translation ="Not used?"]

Chakapon could have been Robopon or instead the class that was replaced by Cannogabang. By default this class can only equip cannons.


No translation needed

Charipon might have been the original Charibasa. This class can only equip spears by default.

(Source: ❤ Madwig)

Deleted Classes


The model, name, description, weapons and birds still exist in the game data, but Toripon has been taken out entirely, including enemy classes Toriton, Torimen, and Akumapon Toripon.

[Text not for ingame use:
Translation = ”Toripon description”]

Uberhero Dekapon

Nothing exists for this class anymore other than text entries.

(no translation needed)
(no translation needed)

Uberhero Megapon

Nothing exists for this class anymore other than text entries.

(no translation needed)
(no translation needed)

Uberhero Mahopon

Nothing exists for this class anymore other than text entries.

(no translation needed)
(no translation needed)

Uberhero Chakapon

Nothing exists for this class anymore other than text entries.

(no translation needed)
(no translation needed)

Uberhero Charipon

Nothing exists for this class anymore other than text entries.

(no translation needed)
(no translation needed)

Internal Project Name

In some files, Patapon 3 is called Labo3. However, since literally everything from Patapon 1 and 2 are in Patapon 3, It's also called Labo and Labo2.