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Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64, Xbox 360)/Unused Content By Level

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This is a sub-page of Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64, Xbox 360).

A lot of information here is based on unused pads. Pads are preset coordinates, scaling (on three dimensions), and rotational information which objects are placed on, inheriting those properties. Pads tend to be organized very well, so it's possible to infer which objects were intended to be placed on them without being overly speculative. When the object intended for pads can't be determined or are in invalid places, they're omitted, unless they're really interesting. Many, many objects seem to have been removed for the sake of lightening memory load and getting that already questionable FPS rate up; even unique props take up an extra bit of memory.


PerfectDark-ci carr desk.png
Carrington Institute
- Training and Defense
dataDyne Central
- Defection, Extraction, and Mr. Blonde's Revenge
Area 51
- Infiltration, Rescue, Escape, and Maian SOS
Skedar Ruins
- Battle Shrine and WAR!

dataDyne Investigation

Unused Objects

dD Lab Door BS

PerfectDark-dd lab door bs.png

A section of wall with a brown and silver border and what looks to be four lockers. Likely intended to be used as a secret door, given its looks and the fact that its index comes directly before the secret wooden door used in this mission.

Lab Microscope

This thing is incredibly tiny by default. 400% scale in this shot.

A gray stereoscope covered in an interesting pattern.

Lab Mainframe

Another tiny one. 200% size here.

A dark blue standing mainframe with multiple colored lights. Completely unlike anything used in the labs.

dD ear Table

PerfectDark-dd ear table.png

A glass table with a wooden frame. "ear" is the internal name of the slot used by this mission.

dD ear Chair

PerfectDark-dd ear chair.png

A wooden chair with a glass back and purple cushions. This and the table don't match the aesthetics of the labs and were probably intended to be used in the recreation area with the terrarium.

Unused Pads

Isotope Room


The room with the isotope has pads for an exterior and interior door. They overlap the map geometry when opened upwards.



Every lab has pads for a table and another terminal which is placed on it.

Unused Text

Machinery scream sound Fx.

Looks to be a debug string.

De Vries' briefcase

This string is found in both the Night Vision and shield tech item's rename object strings. The unused portions of Perfect Dark's rename strings tend to be odd, so this may be nothing.

Carrington Villa

Unused Objects


The villa only uses one style of wooden door, but three additional door models exist. The stone door is odd looking and doesn't really fit with the texturing in the final mission. It is also paper thin. The rougher wooden door would've looked good in the wine cellar, but all of the doors in that area reuse the standard wooden door from the villa's interior. The glass door only works well as a slider, but would've fit the doors leading outside great, since the villa interior has bright lighting coming from all of the door frames leading outside, even though the doors used have no windows.

CV Chair 2

PerfectDark-cv chair2.png

An unused armchair. Similar to the sofas used in this mission.

CV Lamp


A strange looking rectangular lamp on a wooden cabinet.

Unused Pads

Front Doors


There are pads for two panes of glass between the walls next to the front doors, implying there had been windows there originally.

Dock Area


There are pads for both a door and a glass pane behind this wall near the wind turbine. The landing of the staircase leading to the basement doors is directly behind this wall, so a door here would've allowed Joanna to completely bypass the Villa's lower floor.

Basement and Wine Cellar


There are pads for two unused doors in the basement. The first is near the control switch for the windmill, while the other is in the wine cellar. Unlike all of the other pads in the basement, these are for single wide doors instead of double normal size doors.


Two unused tables against the walls in the lower area with curved wooden walls.


A coffee table between two sofas, near the front door.

Unused Text

Windmill has been deactivated.

It is not possible to deactivate the windmill after it has been activated.

PC gun
Sniper rifle

Technically, these strings are used - they're intended to be given to the Laptop Gun or Sniper Rifle the players start with, however rename objects don't work with weapons given to players at the start of a mission. It's just as well that they don't, since "PC gun" is an outdated name for the Laptop Gun and the "R" in rifle is usually capitalized.


Selection In-Mission
PerfectDark-ChicagoPic.png PerfectDark-ChicagoLimo.png

Chicago's mission select picture is based on a pre-release screenshot. A taxi is parked in front of the Punk Pond instead of the limousine that's there in the final version. The Punk Pond's windows are also blacked out.

Punk Pond


The Punk Pond, while not unused content, is a surprisingly detailed area that is only used as an Easter Egg. Normally you can only catch a glimpse of it through a fenced window since the doors are locked.


However, if you disarm one of the guards in its stairwell, there's a good chance they'll book it into the bar, opening the locked doors in the process and allowing you in if you follow them. There's a Falcon 2 Scope on the bar, which uses the normal Falcon 2 model. Collecting it allows Joanna to duel wield the weapon. The mission's cheese is floating in one of the toilets. All of the furniture inside is modeled as a part of map.

Prerelease screenshot

This bar was called the Pink Pony during development. The original sign textures are still in the image bank. The "nk" texture was reused for the new name.

(Source: Rareware.com (screenshot))

City Sound Effect

Some sort of sound effect that goes unused in the game, presumably meant for the Chicago level somewhere.

CIA Agents


All of this mission's civilians wear tan trench coats, similar to the one Joanna wears and the brown ones worn by the FBI agents. Taking a closer look reveals these civilians to be wearing a CIA photo badge. This body is even called CIA Agent in the Combat Simulator character selection.

Extra Briefcase


There's another, normally invisible briefcase placed in the storm drain. This case is right below the waterfall, positioned so that it looks like it's partially behind the fall. It is not a collectible item and, despite being tagged, no action blocks reference it. Perhaps this was either an alternate placement for the equipment pickup objective (for Agent difficulty), or something else entirely, possibly related to the unused objective.

Unused Objects


PtestobjZ PlimoZ
PerfectDark-testobj1.png PerfectDark-ChicagoLimo.png
PerfectDark-testobj2.png PerfectDark-ChicagoLimo2.png

The testobj model is an alternate, less detailed limousine.

Unused Pads

Punk Pond


Every door frame inside the Punk Pond has a pad for a door. The toilet stalls, however, do not. There's also a pad for another collectible on the bar. It was likely another, right-handed, Falcon 2 Scope, as paired weapons are often found together. This wasn't necessary, however, because you already start the mission with a scoped Falcon 2.

Storm Drain


There are four pads at the top of the waterfall pouring into the storm drain, which were probably intended for another mist effect, like the one at the bottom, as they come directly after the pads for that effect.

Fire Escape


There's a pad for another barrel near the fire escape. It's barely worth mentioning, but it did appear in a prerelease screenshot. Should also mention that this barrel is located in a spot where several FBI agent NPCs will gather if scared/threatened in the final game.

Unused Text

Acquire diversion target

An unused objective. In the final version, the reprogrammed taxi automatically targets the security robot patrolling the street.

 Look out - she's got a gun!
 There's a maniac on the loose!
 Intruder alert - send reinforcements.
 Hey - what are you doing?
 You don't scare me.
 Greetings, citizen.

Some of the civilians and FBI agents' lines have text strings. In the final version, no text is displayed with these lines.

 EEPROM flag has been set.
 EEPROM flag has been cleared.

Helpful debug strings that would've been used during development.

G5 Building

Unused Objects

G5 Generator


One of this mission's objectives is to disable the dampening generator, but the generator itself is never seen. This generator model is likely intended to be it, but there's no unused pad that would correspond to its placement. It bears a strong (and odd) resemblance to the furnace in Goldeneye's Bunker levels.

G5 Dumpster


While dumpsters are present in this mission, they reuse the dumpster model from Chicago. This strange looking dumpster was intended for the G5 Building based on its filename.

Unused Pads

Starting Areas


The lift is actually modeled behind the locked doors at the start. There's a pad in there, too.


There are pads for three glass walls in the starting area. Also barrels.


More barrels here.


Strangely, there's a pad for a pane of glass standing right in the middle of this hallway. It would need to be broken to get to the doors leading to the hall with the laser control switches, and would most likely stop any guards that were alerted in the room with the light switch in their tracks. They don't normally do this in the final version; they will stop as far as the stairs and kneel instead; but if you use a Cloaking Device before the guards fulfill their script and begin to kneel, they will continue along the path to reach you and open the door past the second cloaking guard fight, allowing you to skip it completely. Presumably this glass sheet would have stopped the guards as a temporary measure at some point.

Laser Control Hall


Large mainframes would've been located by the laser control switches. There are even red caution stripes on the floor bordering where they were intended to be placed.

Unused Text

Obtain Door Exploder.
Door Exploder
Picked up Door Exploder.

A rename string for an unused device. This was probably intended to blow open the escape route, but the final mission just uses a remote mine without ammo for that.

Picked up Detonator.

Speaking of that remote mine, it was intended to be renamed. These strings are assigned to it, but since the mine is given to Joanna at the start of the mission rather than collected, they don't work, just like the renamed weapons in Carrington Villa.

Air Base

Alternate Intro

Action block 0401 has an alternate intro. Unfortunately, attempting to use it causes the game to display a black screen. It uses music track value 39 instead of 4B, which is a shorter variant of the track currently played in the intro. Its prerecorded camera is 016B instead of 0135. This camera does not work correctly with the mission as it is currently set up, and simply shows the front of the airbase from the hill Joanna stands on in the final intro for some time, then switches to looking at empty sky. This intro doesn't actually appear to do much other than some basic initialization for Joanna and other characters used in the mission. There is no dialogue, all of the character animations are set to nothing, Joanna does not use her horizon scanner, Trent Easton and his NSA goons are not present, the stewardess uses an action block used by one of the stewards by the suitcase in the final version, and at the end Joanna does not draw her crossbow, remaining unarmed instead.

Unused Objects

Alaska Doors

Two strange looking doors. The brown and gold one has textures that match parts of the exterior of the building, while the green and gray one matches the color scheme inside. The final mission uses doors from Area 51, the G5 Building, and Air Force One instead of these.

Airbase Chair 2

PerfectDark-airbase chair2.png

A chair with purple cushions and a strange metal lattice back. Like Area 51, this mission ignores the chair modeled for it and uses the generic black chair instead. As can be seen in the screenshot, characters can sit in this chair without problems. The model's filename is airbase_chair2, but there is no other Air Base chair model.

Unused Pads


Every bad FPS level designer's favorite thing to abuse.

There are pads for a whole mess of crates piled up in front of the base. These could be seen in a pre-release screenshot, but were removed from the final setup.


Overlapping the existing main entrance doors are pads for an alternate set of doors that would've opened vertically. They cannot be viewed from the front of the base when closed because they're placed too far back.


The secretary was supposed to have a chair. Unfortunately, her action block isn't set up to allow her to sit in it.

Stewards' Lounge

There's a pad for another one on the other side of the room but the plant placed on it ends up partially inside the wall.

Another plant would've kept the one already in this room from getting lonely.

Beneath Air Force One

Crates protected by lasers emitted from other crates.

The area under Air Force One has nothing but a laser grid in the final setup. There are pads for crates down here as well.

Air Force One


There are two ducts and one dumbwaiter that connect the upper level of the plane to the middle level. They would've made excellent shortcuts, but none of them can be used.


The first duct connects two bathrooms: There is a red grate hatch on the floor of the upper bathroom which can be seen in the ceiling of the middle bathroom. The hatch is locked, but guards will, unsuccessfully, try to use this duct to get to the middle level.


The second duct can be seen in the ceiling of the room with the bar and piano - its entrance is under a bunk in the room before the cockpit. The collision tiles applied to the bunk prevent this from being accessible, and the bunk is not a prop; it's part of the level geometry, making it impossible to remove.


Like the ducts, the dumbwaiter in the middle of the plane has a door on the upper level, but only moves between the lower and middle levels. The upper door is always locked, preventing it from being used to reach the other levels. Preventing access to this is understandable, since it could be used to completely bypass Trent Easton and his Mr. Blonde guards.

Unused Objects

AF1 Cargo Door

PerfectDark-af1 cargodoor.png

A silver door intended for the cargo hold. It's unknown if it was intended to be used as a normal standing door or in place of the gratings on the floor, but it looks better as the former.

Unused Pads

Interestingly, there are pads overlapping several of the unique furniture pieces and other props which are modeled as a part of the map itself, meaning they may have been intended to be made into objects.

Unused Text

Obtain Crossbow.
Picked up a Crossbow.

Joanna does not get her crossbow back in this mission; obtaining it would have to happen fairly early in the mission since it's likely you'll have the entire Air Force One staff turn hostile at you.

Obtain remote mine.
Remote mine
Picked up a remote mine.

A remote mine isn't used in this mission, but a timed mine is. You also obtain said mine with your belongings in the suitcase in the final game - it's likely these two Objective texts were consolidated into "Locate and retrieve equipment" in the final game (you receive a Laptop Gun instead of a Crossbow there).

Adrenaline pill
Picked up an adrenaline pill.

An old name for the combat boost. You start with the Combat Boost in the final game.

Crash Site


How'd she manage to get that snowsuit on so fast anyway?

Joanna's HUD is supposed to be displayed in the mission intro. Her arctic head lacks the HUD model, however, so it can only be seen if her outfit is swapped for another one. It would make sense for Joanna to continue to Crash Site wearing her Stewardess outfit, but she is magically reverted to her Arctic outfit after being knocked out in Air Force One.

Unused Dialogue

Maybe there's a beacon in there.

Technically this is used in an action block, but it can never trigger. This seems like it would've been used as a second line for Joanna after discovering the escape pod.

Pelagic II

Unused Objects

Pel Chair 1

Seriously, what is up with that frame?

An odd-framed shiny blue metal chair with black cushions. The Pelagic II mission doesn't actually have any chairs, nor any unused pads that seem intended for them.

Unused Dialogue

Cripple the engines and the ship will 
drift... Perfect!

Joanna never has to do anything to the ship's engine in this mission, nor does there seem to be any location remaining on the map in its current state that could be used to place said engines. Instead, various systems are disabled to make the ship drift.

Deep Sea

Unused Objects

Cetan Doors

Based on their filenames, these two doors were intended to be used as the left and right side of a pair. Attempting to use them that way reveals that their coloration doesn't match. Pairing two left or two right doors together, as shown in the screenshots, works fine.

Unused Dialogue

This antibody masking will protect us from 
the automatic defenses

Elvis has a line about antibody masking which can never trigger. This isn't surprising, since antibody masking never actually comes up in the mission. The Cetan does have automatic defenses, but they act and can be destroyed like standard autoguns.

Unused Text

Antibody masking has been obtained.

A text string for obtaining the antibody masking mentioned in Elvis's unused dialogue.

Mysterious Guard with Shotgun

Much like the ones found in Area 51: Infiltration and Attack Ship. In Perfect Dark Mode set the Enemy Health to 1000%; go past the dead Skedar, through the doors, turn left and at the very end of the room is a guard that is standing idle and not doing anything. Unlike the others, this one wields a Shotgun other than a CMP150.

Attack Ship

To do:
Check this setup for more stuff, take screenshots.

Mirror, Mirror

The area Joanna must enter to open the hangar bay doors on Perfect Agent is a mirrored copy of the area she begins in. The door leading to what would be her cell in the first section is locked, but beyond that there is actually a Skedar warrior and another locked door. Joanna's cell was originally also mirrored in this section for completeness, and the developers simply locked the doors that would have led to it. Later the room was removed entirely to save memory.

(Source: Rareware.com - Perfect Dark Rumour Mill])

Mysterious Maian

There is a third Maian soldier in this mission, who is placed in the corridor leading to the engine room. He's set to do nothing and is killed at the start of the mission. He drops a shield on death, but the shield is flagged to only appear on Agent, and this area is not accessible on that difficulty.

Unused Pads

The hangar bay has pads for crates and several large, floating objects, possibly Skedar shuttles.


These pads seem to be intended for doors in the corridors leading to the engine room. There are two on each side, but they're placed too far south to fit in the frames.


There are pads for another set of doors behind the wall at the top of the first elevator leading to the bridge. They're opposite the doors to the second lift.

There are pads for numerous wall monitors in both the section with the shield generators and the mirrored section with the hangar bay controls.