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Persona 5/Unused Models

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
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This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Kamoshida.
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One of the finished card gates is actually unused in the final. Find out which one it is. There's either a weird duplicate of the unused fake Kamoshida wall with a different wallpaper texture or I loaded the wrong textures. Weird bits of collision at m151_002, are they used?


Early Character Models

Earlier versions of several characters models can be found unused in the game's data. A lot of these models have animations attached that appear corrupted when loaded into most model viewing software, but load perfectly fine in-game. A video of some of these unused animations in action can be viewed here.

Main Character

An earlier version of the protagonist's school uniform, where he looked a little more scruffier, as well as looking more like a delinquent. This model can be seen in the early Persona Stalker Club footage of Persona 5, except that he wore a necktie over his shirt.

Early Final
P5-earlyren.png P5-finalren.png

Ryuji Sakamoto

Earlier Ryuji's hair is a vibrant shade of blonde and his neck shading is darker. He also has buttons... on the other side of his jacket? What a rebel.

Early Final
P5-earlyryuji.png P5-finalryuji.png

Ann Takamaki

Ann's early model loads oddly in most rendering software. As her skeleton renders to a laying down animation, but only her head calibrates to the skeleton, the rest of her body loads in a classic T-pose. As such, both the head and body of her early model have been included as separate images.

Early Ann's model is closer to her design in official artwork, with a shorter skirt and messier pigtails. Like Ryuji, the shading on her neck was softened in her final model.

Early Final


Early Morgana wears the scarf of his Metaverse form around his neck, instead of a yellow collar. His early model is also heavily based off the generic cat NPCs, resulting in a more realistic, albeit terrifying, look. It was likely changed due to the earlier model clashing with the game's art style.

Early Final
Have fun trying to sleep after seeing this. P5-finalmorgana.png

Sojiro Sakura

The earlier Sojiro wears garishly bright clothing in comparison to the final's. He also has gray hair and doesn't appear hunched over, unlike final Sojiro.

Early Final
P5-earlysojiro.png P5-finalsojiro.png

Toranosuke Yoshida

Early Toranosuke's microphone, megaphone and podium are stored with his character model, as opposed to being seperate objects. Early Toranosuke is thinner than his final incarnation, has a drastically different facial structure and lacks gloves. The sash around early Toranosuke's body reads "Taro Oyamada" and the text on his podium says "Disband bad governments".

Early Final
P5 toraearly.png P5 torafinal.png

Akechi's Mouse Form

the great mouse detective

A mouse form for Goro Akechi, complete with animations. The only things capable of inflicting the Rattled status are the Mot enemies in Futaba's Palace and the Mementos Depths, as well as the statue puzzles in Shido's Palace. Akechi doesn't join the Thieves until long after Futaba's Palace is completed and leaves before Shido's Palace, rendering this unused.

Joker's Face

he has no style he has no grace

Joker's Phantom Thief model with an amusing face overlayed.

Niijima's Palace Guard Shadow

P5 bottlelad.pngP5 bottlelad ani.gif

A variant of the male guard shadow from Niijima's Palace wearing red and gold clothes. It has a unique idle animation and no animations for searching and chasing after the player, implying it was intended to be a static overworld encounter. While it goes unused in this game, it would later end up used in Persona 5 Royal as a boss guarding one of the Will Seeds in Niijima's Palace.

Unused Objects

Real World

Unused Confidant Gifts

P5 testtotempole.pngP5 sword.pngP5 knight.png

An unfinished totem pole, a sword embedded in a pedestal, and a knight. These are located amongst the objects for the protagonist's room and were likely intended to have been obtained from Confidant events.

(Source: NecroAlx (sword in the stone model ID])

Room Customization Leftovers

Despite the room customization feature being mostly scrapped, there are a few models leftover showing alternate states of various items in the protagonist's room, as well as a few that never appear there in game.


P5 lightthing.pngP5 talllamp.png

A glitter lamp(?) and a tall lamp.


P5 sofa.png

This is the only alternate sofa in the game, and is internally located after the sofa used in the protagonist's room in-game. This one duplicated three times, indicating that the other sofas weren't finished before the customization feature was removed.


P5 rug1.pngP5 rug2.pngP5 rug3.pngP5 rug4.png

Various rugs for the protagonist's room. The fourth one uses a Persona Q-themed placeholder texture.

Bed Sheets

P5 bedsheet1.pngP5 bedsheet2.pngP5 bedsheet3.png

Alternate bed sheets for the protagonist's bed.

Cat Beds

P5 monabed1.pngP5 monabed2.pngP5 monabed3.png

Evidently, Morgana was going to have his own bed instead of sleeping with the protagonist.

(Source: NecroAlx (Cat bed model IDs])


P5 poster1.pngP5 poster2.pngP5 poster3.pngP5 poster4.pngThe second game uses cinema for its thematics, how meta.

Several posters that use real-world movie posters with crude placeholder text slapped on top for textures. The films include Jubei Ansatsuken (using the cover from the book Japanese Movie Poster Collection - Toei-era Dramas Vol. 3), The Expendables 2, The Black Dahlia, Many Kisses Later and... Persona Q?


P5 buildings.pngP5 mcdonaldstex.png

While these buildings are not unused per se, as they are part of a larger object used in the field for the cutscene where Shido gives a speech in Yongen-Jaya, they can never been seen in-game due to the choice of camera angle during said cutscene. While these buildings are directly modelled after ones found in Setagaya, Tokyo and uses a photograph of said area with most of the shop signs altered for copyright reasons for the texture, the texture blatantly features a McDonalds restaurant with no attempt to edit out the copyrighted logos, barring a faint smudge on the "M" in McDonalds. Similarly, the Chiyoda building doesn't appear to have had its text or billboard altered at all, although the building's color was desaturated.

P5 unknowncharacter.png

Oddly enough, an untextured character model can be found within this model file as well, hidden inside of the Tatsuya building. The name for this model is test_size, and she is roughly the height of most other character models in the game, implying she was used as a reference model for height. While she doesn't appear anywhere in the final game, a character resembling her does appear in a piece of concept art riding in a car alongside the protagonist.

(Source: NecroAlx (female character model discovery))

Kamoshida's Palace

Map and Knife

P5 kamo knifemap.pngI'm feeling stabby!

A version of the map of Kamoshida's Palace with a knife. The ones found in Kamoshida's Palace in the final game do not have knives. This map also has an unused animation for being rolled out and stabbed.


P5 kamocorridor.png

A corridor stored with the object files. It has animations for the furniture in the hallway moving.

Two-sided Wall

P5 kamowall.pngP5 kamowall2.png

A two-sided wall. One side depicts a portrait of Shadow Kamoshida, while the other is a shield and two spears mounted on a brick wall. Of note is that the Shadow Kamoshida portrait is larger than what is used on the model, and it is labelled internally as f051_picture03, making it an earlier version of the portrait of Shadow Kamoshida used in the main hall.

Early Final
P5 earlykamoportrait.png P5 finalkamoportrait.png

Kamoshida Bust

P5 kamobust.png

A bust of Kamoshida that can be searched for treasure. They appear blue when scanned with Third Eye, instead of gold like other searchable objects. Five of these can be found in an unused field. These are separate objects to the Kamoshida busts that appear in the field where Torn King of Desire is fought (which are part of the field's geometry).


P5 kamoposter.png

A risque poster depicting a member of the volleyball team. This was likely meant to have been used in the hidden room of the library, adding to this is that there are golden pins on each side of the Kamoshida portrait in the hidden room which matches the width of this poster.


P5 kamobed.png

A bed with Kamoshida's cognitions of the volleyball team on top of it. It was likely intended to have been used in the Slave Room of the Central Tower if the odd collision data in the permanently locked rooms is anything to go by.

Placeholder Slaves

hug mode activatedP5 placeholderslavefall.pngP5 placeholderslavekneel.png

Blocky, textureless placeholder people, likely meant to be slaves. This model appears three times in the object folder, the first having the model sat upright, the second one being flipped on its back, and the third placed as if begging. For some reason, these placeholder slaves have particle data attached to them.

Nude Switch

P5 nudebodyswitch.png

One of the nude statues that line the walls of the upper area of Kamoshida's Palace, except with a marble texture applied. Unlike the other nude statues, it appears blue when scanned with Third Eye.

Central Tower Elevator

P5 fancyelevator.png

A variant of the elevator found in the upper area of Kamoshida's Palace without the volleyball team statues in the pillars.

Madarame's Palace


P5 womanpainting.gif

A painting featuring a woman and some flowers. It has a single animation depicting the flowers and woman moving about. It doesn't fit in with the paintings seen around Madarame's Palace in the final, and is likely a leftover from an earlier revision.

Fake Passage Painting

P5 madaramepainting.pngP5 alt passagetex.png

A painting depicting regular Madarame standing in front of a fake passageway. The passageway doesn't match up with how Madarame's Palace looks in the final, and like the painting above, is likely another leftover from an earlier revision. An interesting thing to note is that the texture for Madarame is named katsu_ani0001, a reference to Madarame's original surname Katsushika, several references to which can still be found internally within the game. Also of note is that Madarame here has a pipe in his mouth, which he can be seen smoking in concept art too but doesn't use in the final game. A duplicate of this model with a different texture for the fake passageway also exists.

Signed Painting

P5 signedart.png

A large painting of a corridor signed with "Cat" (likely a shortened form of Katsushika).


P5 fan.png

A simple-looking placeholder fan with a single animation doing exactly what you think it does.

Art Hall

P5 arthall.png

A small area of untextured geometry with a painting on both sides.

Colored Doors

P5 greendoor.pngP5 bluedoor.pngP5 purpledoor.png

An untextured door with no animations attached. Avaliable in green, blue, and purple flavors.

Angel Statue

The one who shoots with his eyeYet remains unseen

A statue of an angel, obviously. It has an animation where it shoots lasers out of its eyes. Despite its name implying it was intended for Madarame's Palace, it doesn't fit the theme of his Palace at all, which implies either Madarame's Palace was very different at some point or this is a leftover object from another Palace.

Purple Platforms

A bunch of platforms that have a single texture. Like the aforementioned angel statue, these platforms don't really fit anywhere in Madarame's Palace in the final game and are likely leftover from an earlier version.

Kaneshiro's Palace


P5 earlybank.png

An untextured placeholder for Kaneshiro's Bank. The sign reads "Bank" in English, instead of 金城銀行 (Kaneshiro Bank) like in the final version.

PIN Input Device

Early Final
P5 pininput.png P5 pininputfinal.png

An early version of the PIN input devices found in Kaneshiro's Palace. It looks like the early version was originally going to be attached to the walls, instead of being housed within a terminal like the final's.

Futaba's Palace


P5 coffin.pngP5 coffinexplode.gif

What appears to be an unfinished sarchophagi intended for Futaba's Palace. Two of them can be found in an unused field. It has an animation showing the door of the coffin exploding rather violently.

Niijima's Palace

Early Bridge of Judgement

Early Final
P5 untexturedbridge.png P5 finalbridge.png

An untextured and less detailed version of the Bridge of Judgement. Its animations are mostly identical to the final's, but the animation for it turning is less dynamic as the scales lack any sort of movement.

Slot Machine

Early Final
P5 earlyslots.png P5 finalslots.png

A partially untextured slot machine with low quality textures applied. It has an animation for the wheels spinning.

Large Slot Machine

P5 untexturedslots.png

A large untextured slot machine, which was likely an earlier version of the large slot machine seen in the final. It has animations for the wheels spinning.

Die Game Table

Early Final
P5 diegame.png P5 finaldiegame.png

An early version of the die game table that is lacking textures, except for the dice. The animations appear to be identical to the final's.


P5 rustgate.pngP5 goldgate.png

Two rough-looking gates that were likely intended for the Battle Arena. The texture for the gold gate has a watermark credit for 123RF on it, and specifically comes from this texture.


P5 elevator.png

An untextured housing for an elevator. The final's elevator housing are part of the field models.

Card Gates

Early Final
P5 cardgate.png P5 finalcardgate.png

A rough version of the card gate with a choppy opening animation attached. Similar to the above, the texture for the cards on the gate has a watermark crediting it to Pixta. The final card gate has more variety in suits used and has a border with lights around the cards, as well as not being watermarked.

P5 earlycardgate.png

Another early card gate. The cards used for this one don't appear to be watermarked.

Roulette Door

Early Final
P5 roulettegate.png P5 finalroulettegate.png

A rough version of the roulette door seen in the Manager's Room. It lacks much of the detail seen on the final's, with the roulette wheel itself being completely flat and having a lower quality texture compared to the final.


The following can be found under the file header m192. These objects are structured similarly to the moving floor pieces of Kamoshida's Palace, and use only two textures. It is unknown why they are listed with the file header m192, as 192 corresponds to the generic Mementos tunnels, and these objects don't fit there at all.


Test Hablerie


A Lying Hablerie enemy from Persona 4, this is a newly made model (not reused from Persona 4 Golden or Persona 4: Dancing All Night). Likely here for testing purposes as it's the first model in the "items" folder (it0000_000). In addition, a giant plain lime green billboard texture can be found in the "items" folder with the filename it0000_007.

Protagonist in the Electric Chair

P5 protagexecution.png

An untextured model of the protagonist sat in an electric chair. The head on the model of the protagonist matches that of his early model, which is most noticeable with the hair shape, although his uniform is closer to that of his final model. This model has a single animation showing the switch turning on.

Early Morgana in a Brown Bag

Joker, I don't feel so good

A model of Morgana in a brown bag. While it appears to be a duplicate of the used Morgana in a brown bag model, the model of Morgana is slightly different from the one used for the final, as the early model has less definition to its fur and a smaller head. The pupil and iris mesh on the early Morgana model are one mesh, as opposed to being seperate like Morgana's final model.

Early Final
When you stare into the Mementos Depths The Depths stare right back at you

Debug Markers

Located alongside the assets for several Palaces in field_tex/object are some debugging markers.

Treasure Chest

P5 treasurechest.pnginterior

Found near the beginning of the field objects folder is a treasure chest that isn't seen anywhere in game. It has animations related to... opening and closing. The treasure chests found in the final game do not have closing animations.


P5 lockpick1.pngP5 lockpick2.png

Evidently, picking locks was going to involve playing a minigame.

(Source: regularpanties)

Lock with Gears

P5 gearlock.gif

Three chains holding up a lock surrounded by gears. While it doesn't show in a model viewer, the lock and gears are a golden color when it is loaded in-game. It has animations for the lock bobbing about and the gears and lock falling off.

(Source: regularpanties)

Castle Door

P5 castledoor.png

An untextured castle door. While its name implies it was meant for Kamoshida's Palace, its filename does not correspond to objects for that Palace.


P5 securitycamera.png

A security camera that shares the same filename number with the aformentioned castle door.

Left Gun


A gun with a giant pink kanji symbol saying "left" floating above it.

Placeholder Weapons

P5 placeholdergun.pngP5 placeholderknife.png

A set of untextured weapons that act as placeholders for Futaba, who doesn't actively take part in battle beyond support.

Unused Model Features


P5 lokimouth.png

The mouth on Loki's model is set up so it can can open, and its teeth are modelled. However, none of its animations actually use this property.

King Frost's Hidden Frosts

P5 frostbois.png

King Frost's model has several Jack Frosts stored in its chest that go unseen in regular gameplay, implying the model was ported over from Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, where King Frost had a skill where it summoned Jack Frosts which in turn used an animation of its chest opening up to reveal these hidden Frosts. The model for Jack Frost here is noticeably different from the final's, which is most visible in the head and shoe shapes, as well as the final Jack Frost missing the smiley face from its cap.

Early Final
P5-hiddenfrost.png P5-finalfrost.png
(Source: NotLemres)

Madarame's Pipe

P5 madaramepipe.png

Stealthily hidden inside of Madarame's character model is a smoking pipe, similar to the one he can be seen holding in concept art and the unused fake passage painting seen above. Madarame never holds it at any point of the game, thus it remains unseen inside of his character model. This pipe is not present in the model of his shadow form. This is still present in Royal. Interesting however, in Yusuke's ending photo in Royal, Madarame is smoking his pipe.

Unused Duplicate Models

  • 5909 in the main character model folder contains two duplicates of Robin Hood's model with no associated animation files. The entries for the Personas in the main character folder are used for cutscenes and Second Awakening. While Robin Hood does appear in the cutscene before the fight with Cruel Leopard in Niijima's Palace, the model and animation is loaded from its entry in character/persona instead.
  • 0000 in the character/persona folder is a duplicate of Mokoi which has Oberon's animations for some reason. In-game, 0000 is used to refer to a null Persona (e.g. no Persona), so this model and its animations are never called.
  • m002_000 in field_tex/object is a duplicate of the map of Kamoshida's Palace, likely intended to have been used during meetups on the rooftop. This unused duplicate has equally unused animations.
  • m052_060 in field_tex/object is a duplicate of the swinging blades seen in Kamoshida's Palace. The m052 header is used to refer to the dungeons, and the ones used in the normal area of the palace have a seperate entry in the m051 header, meaning the blades were likely intended to have appeared somewhere in the dungeon area at some point.