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Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes/Test Cutscenes/Persona 5 Royal

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This is a sub-page of Persona 5 Royal/Unused Cutscenes/Test Cutscenes.


Test Cinematics

Test Scenes


A test scene of the group playing billiards.


A test scene of the group playing darts. A NPC named Mabota makes a bet with the group and you get 3000 yen if you "win." This may suggest that you could compete against NPCs.


A test scene of hanging out at Jazz Jin.


A cutscene of Ryuji calling, testing the confidant phone calls.

Cut/Draft Cutscenes


A draft of 490_010. a piece of Kamoshida's past, but translated. The text runs off due to having no line breaks placed.


An early scene of the group leaving the school, with Yusuke with them unlike the final, where he's missing.


A scene of the protagonist in bed being called by Caroline and Justine to come to the Velvet Room right away. The final scene takes place in the overworld instead.


A scene in the Velvet Room where the twins ask the protagonist to escort them through the real world, starting with Big Bang Burger.


An alternate version of the Big Bang Burger hangout with the twins.


Alternate version of the follow up to the Big bang Burger hangout with test text.


An alternate version of the cinema hangout with the twins.


A hangout scene with the twins at the amusement park in Suidobashi. It's replaced with a hangout scene in the Shibuya gym in the final.


A cutscene of Ann visiting Shiho in the hospital. Mishima shows up in this scene as well, according to the end dialogue, but the scene ends before he can show up.


I... I'm...

I'm sorry...I don't know what else to say, Suzui.


An untranslated, alternate version of Ann asking the protagonist something (leading up to her apology/third awakening).


An alternate version of Sumire's third awakening.


A early draft scene of the unused White Day event in Maruki's reality. It loops Makoto's dialogue before awkwardly ending.

It contains more text from the other women, but due to how the scene is structured, it never plays.

It seems that you don't really understand girls, but... Heh. I guess I knew that.

He said he didn't have any friends. Could it be thanks to me? ...Just kidding.

I'm an adult and I understand you have your reasons, so I won't say anything.

I'm just happy to drink the coffee you make...

So this is White Day. Are you happy, senpai?

I think so...
I'm not sure.

You seem uncertain. Are you having trouble actually feeling happy? Oh, or...
Did you mess something up?

Are you so happy that it seems unreal? Oh, or could it be...
Did you make a mistake?

...I served everyone coffee and the White Day was over.


A draft of playing darts with different music and sound effects for earning points.