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Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee Golf (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Peter Jacobsen's Golden Tee Golf

Developer: Incredible Technologies
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: September 20, 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Development Text

Present at 0x8BC in SLUS_011.30.


Present at 0x940 in SLUS_011.30 is text for some debug displays.

Pos x  = %f
Pos y  = %f
Pos z  = %f
Tee    = %d    MR  = %d
Stroke = %d    GDR = %d
Recon  = %d    GDT = %d

Present throughout GOLF.PCK are various developer notes.


c:\golf4io\makesnd\snd.asm(1000): Error! E648: Symbol PChole15 not defined
c:\golf4io\makesnd\snd.asm(1002): Error! E648: Symbol PChole16 not defined
c:\golf4io\makesnd\snd.asm(1004): Error! E648: Symbol PChole17 not defined


99.10.28 18:33 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\coral.drm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata coral.drm
99.10.28 18:34 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\coral.txt --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata coral.txt
99.10.28 18:35 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\coral.vrm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata coral.vrm
99.10.28 18:36 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\coralt.drm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata coralt.drm
99.10.28 18:36 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\coralt.txt --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata coralt.txt
99.10.28 18:37 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\coralt.vrm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata coralt.vrm
99.10.28 18:38 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\pine.drm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata pine.drm
99.10.28 18:38 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\pine.txt --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata pine.txt
99.10.28 18:39 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\pine.vrm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata pine.vrm
99.10.28 18:40 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\pinet.drm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata pinet.drm
99.10.28 18:40 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\pinet.txt --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata pinet.txt
99.10.28 18:41 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\pinet.vrm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata pinet.vrm
99.10.28 18:45 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\red.drm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata red.drm
99.10.28 18:45 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\red.txt --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata red.txt
99.10.28 18:47 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\red.vrm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata red.vrm
99.10.28 18:47 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\redt.drm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata redt.drm
99.10.28 18:48 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\redt.txt --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata redt.txt
99.10.28 18:48 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\redt.vrm --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata redt.vrm
99.10.28 18:49 B R:\PSXGolf\FinalData\newdata\test.txt --> ftp-www.earthlink.net /webdocs/stuff/newdata test.txt


;This has the golf load icons
;Type.file to include
VRAMSPACE 0 256 320 256


;autoarrange on
;Type.file to include
ART GAME\PSI\EFFECTS.ART  ;Sand explosions and other effects
ART GAME\PSI\WATERANI.ART ;Art for the animating water
RAW game\psi\icon01.tim ;First frame of the memcard icon
RAW game\psi\icon02.tim.;Second frame of the memcard icon
RAW game\psi\icon03.tim.;Third frame of the memcard icon
ART game\psi\intrface.art ;art file to the hud displays
;ART game\psi\reacts\\5rg4.art ; the biggest 5 iron good reaction
;ART game\psi\reacts\\5rb8.art ; the biggest 5 iron bad reaction
;ART game\psi\reacts\\prg15.art ; the biggest putter good reaction
;ART game\psi\reacts\\prb18.art ; the biggest putter bad reaction
TIM GAME\FONTS\FONT1.TIM ;Art for font1 font
TIM GAME\FONTS\GRYNUMB.TIM ;Art for the gray numb font
TIM GAME\FONTS\MEMFNTC.TIM ;Art for the memcard font in the game
TIM GAME\FONTS\STRKFNT.TIM ;Art for stroke font
TIM GAME\FONTS\GAMEMEN.TIM ;Art for game menu font
TIM MENUART\SMUD.TIM ;In game menu art
TIM MENUART\SMLR.TIM ;In game menu art
ART game\psi\pine\pineback.art    ;Background art
OBJDEF game\data\pine\pineobj.bin  ;Object info for the course
ART game\psi\pine\pinecrek.art    ;Textures for the objects in the course
ART GAME\PSI\COMPSWNG.ART ;Golfer swing data
;;Below are the art for the terrian textures
TIM NULL.;//0, no material assigned  
TIM game\tims\pine\FAIR.TIM.;//1 "FAIRWAY"         
TIM game\tims\pine\GREEN2.TIM.;//2 "TEE".//jds 6-23                  
TIM game\tims\pine\NSAND.TIM.;//3 "WAIST BUNKER"         
TIM game\tims\pine\NSAND.TIM.;//4 "SAND"                 
TIM game\tims\pine\CLIFF2.TIM.;//5 "CLIFF"                
TIM game\tims\pine\SANDLGT.TIM.;//6 "SANDLGT"              
TIM game\tims\pine\NSANDDRK.TIM.;//7 "SAND EDGE"            
TIM game\tims\pine\SANDLGTE.TIM.;//8 "SANDLGT EDGE"         
TIM game\tims\pine\WATER2.TIM.;//9 "WATER"                
TIM game\tims\pine\MUD.TIM..;//10 "WATER EDGE"          //was
TIM game\tims\pine\STONE5.TIM.;//11 "PEBBLES"             //was
TIM game\tims\pine\ROUGHR.TIM.;//12 "ROUGH"               //rough9
TIM game\tims\pine\GREENFR.TIM.;//13 "TEE FRINGE"          
TIM game\tims\pine\FAIRFR.TIM.;//14 "FRINGE"              
TIM game\tims\pine\GREENFR.TIM.;//15 "GREEN CUT"          
TIM game\tims\pine\GREENFR.TIM.;//16 "GREEN DARK"  new tee fringe name jds6-23          // DON'T HAVE TEEF FROM STEVEN SO IT GOES TO 1ST ENTRY IN .MPC FILE
TIM game\tims\pine\GREEN2.TIM.;//17 "GREEN LIGHT"
TIM game\tims\pine\CLIFF2.TIM.;//18 "NEW CLIFF"               
TIM game\tims\pine\SANDLGT.TIM.;//19 "PEBBEACH"            
TIM NULL.;//20 "OCEAN",              
TIM NULL.;//21 "OB, "RED MATTE"      
TIM game\tims\pine\WATER2.TIM.;//22 "not OB, FAIRWAY DARK,these are deleted" //was
TIM NULL.;//23 "DESERT SAND"         
GOBMODEL game\psi\flag.gob ;3d flag object
GOBMODEL game\psi\bird.gob ;3d bird object
RAW GAME\data\pine\holes.dst.;starts and flags ptrs
TIM game\tims\dul.tim..;dula head for easter egg
TIM game\tims\carl.tim.;carl head for easter egg
TIM game\tims\ru.tim..;stephen head for easter egg
(Source: Ferrox)