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Pingus/Unused Levels

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Test Levels


A weird level with a pink background, cut metal pipes through the blocks and triangular prisms with numbers printed on the front. Used for testing pingus' actions such as walking, climbing, etc.

Pingus-Unused Actions.png


A level for testing bashers, miners, and bombers.

Pingus-Unused Basher.png

Multiplayer Remnants

These levels seem to be remnants of a cut multiplayer mode.


A simple level with 2 exits and some ground. Half of the pingus are error sprites but work mostly the same as the normal pingus.

Pingus multi1-grumbel.png


A more complex level compared to the first one. All of the pingus are controllable by the player but each group has a different exit.

Pingus multi2-grumbel.png