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Plants vs. Zombies (iOS, Android)

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Title Screen

Plants vs. Zombies

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: February 15, 2010 (Paid version, iOS), March 31, 2010 (HD Paid version, iPad), May 31, 2011 (Paid version, Android), November 13, 2014 (Free versions, iOS and Android)

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Plants vs. Zombies on your mobile device! Now with ads!

To do:
Check for unused graphics.

Source Code

# Bump version numbers for a build
# Look for:
#        <key>CFBundleVersion</key>
# and then increment the number in the following line (e.g):
#        <string>21</string>

$doupdate = 0;
   if( /<key>CFBundleVersion<\/key>/ )
      $doupdate = 1;
   elsif( $doupdate )
	$doupdate = 0;


A Perl script for changing version numbers exists in bumpver.pl.

Unused Text

More vases incoming!
{STREAK} of 3 waves cleared

Originally unused in the PC version, this text was later used for the Quick Play version of Level 4-5 (iPhone and Android) and the mini-game version of "Vase Breaker" (iPad). When the Quick Play menu was combined into Adventure mode in the free versions, this text became unused once again for iPhone and Android, but is still used on iPad.


Your trial version of ZomBotany has expired!

You must register your copy
to continue playing.


Invalid Code

The license code you entered is not valid for that name.

Make sure the name and registration number are entered correctly.

Unused text for a trial version of "ZomBotany." This may refer to the mini-game of the same name, but it may also be leftover text from a prototype of the PC version, as "ZomBotany" was another name considered for the game. However, this text is not present in the PC version or its known prototypes. First found in paid iPhone version 1.2, even though the ZomBotany mini-game wasn't added into the game until version 1.6.

PvZ Store


You've successfully updated PvZ, enjoy a wealth of new content

Restore Game Pack

If you already have purchased this game pack, click OK to re-download the pack at no extra cost

PvZ new content available

Did you know, we have new content available to purchase for PvZ. You can play new game modes like barnd new Mini-Games, its super awesome!


Go to PvZ store!

You already own this game pack

Text relating to in-app purchases for game packs. In the final game, game packs cost in-game coins instead of real money. Seems to be unfinished as it has several typos. First found in paid iPhone version 1.6, and removed in version 1.8.

Unlock this mini-game for {COINS} coins?

Unlock 8 mini-games for {COINS} coins?

In the final game, you cannot ever purchase individual mini-games or 8 mini-games at once, only three at a time. First found in paid iPhone version 1.6.

Buy all locked mini-games at a discount! You'll get {NUM_GAMES} mini-games for just {PRICE}. You save {SAVING}!

Something about buying mini-games in bulk. Again, you can only ever buy three at a time in the final game. First found in paid iPhone version 1.6.

Red Nose Day!


No idea what this is. Found in an unused early LawnStrings.txt from paid iPhone version 1.7.


I dug up this Golden Glove and it does Craaazzzyyy suff.{MOUTH_SMALL_SMILE}

Now you can pick up plants and move them somewhere else! 

Those Zombies are dead meat....no wait....never mind.{MOUTH_SMALL_SMILE}

Move a plant by dragging it to another spot or touch a plant then touch where you want it to go.

You can even plant a plant on a plant to swap them over. Who writes this stuff?

And this is exciting...

You can use more fingers to drag multiple plants at the same time. 

You couldn't make this stuff up!

And don't forget to USE ANY SUN YOU COLLECT TO BUY CONSUMABLES. Is that even a word?

Unused dialogue from Crazy Dave about a Golden Glove that can move plants around the lawn. First found in paid iPad version 1.9.5, but can also be found in every free iPad version. This text is not present at all in any iPhone or Android versions.

Unused achievements

Beat it

Defeat a dancing zombie before he summons backup dancers.
Even Morticulturalist

Use every plant at least once.
Nom Nom Nom

Stop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wallnut, and Chomper on any level
Disrespect The Dead

Remove 10 graves during a single nighttime level
Gold Farmer

Plant 5 Marigolds and a Gold Magnet in a single level
Face To Face

Complete a Level with Digger Zombies without any of them reaching the left side of your lawn
Heavy Weapons

Complete Last Stand using only Cob Cannons to kill zombies
Zen Profit

Earn a total of $100,000 through your Zen Garden

Various unused achievements from various versions.

Early achievements

May Not Contain Nuts

Defeat a nighttime level without using Wall-Nuts or Tall-Nuts.

Unused alternate version of Wall-Not Attack, first found in paid iPhone version 1.2. Wall-Not Attack was finalized and added in version 1.6, being changed to apply to ZomBotany instead of a night level.

Sultan of Spin

Upgrade all your plants in Beghouled Twist

Early name and description for Diamond Beghouler, found in an unused early LawnStrings.txt from paid iPhone version 1.7. Diamond Beghouler was finalized and added in version 1.6, being changed to apply to Beghouled instead of Beghouled Twist.


Complete Last Stand with 2,000 sun left

Early name and description for Sol Invictus, found in paid iPhone version 1.6. Sol Invictus was finalized and added in version 1.8, along with Last Stand itself.

Fingers of Speed

WOW! You scrolled to china in {TIME} seconds

Early name and description for Peking Express, first found in paid iPhone version 1.6. Peking Express was finalized and added in version 1.8.

PC version leftovers

Dog Walking Zombie

Dog Zombie

Propeller Zombie

Names of cut zombies.

Dog Walking Zombie description

Dog Zombie description

Propeller Zombie description

Placeholder description text for cut zombies.

TEMP - Dave put more vases on your lawn!
The shovel needs time to refresh before digging again

In the final game, the shovel can be used instantly all the time.

Do not be alarmed
Plants are not real

This text was probably used in I, Zombie puzzles before Crazy Dave's proper introductions were implemented.

Survival mode unlocked!
Play it from the main menu!

Survival mode is never unlocked from a present item, so this text is not used.

You have defeated the Boss Zombie!

Congratulations!  You have most triumphantly fended off the zombie attack!  Your lawn is safe... for now!

This message was used in the original version, but became unused in GOTY version. In GOTY version, if you beat the final boss, the "achievements unlocked" screen will appear, but this message is not displayed.


Not sure if this is unused, but it looks like a placeholder.

Mysterious Vase
You found a Mysterious Vase!
Now you can play
Vasebreaker Mode!

In the final game, you unlock puzzle mode which comes with I, Zombie and Vasebreaker.

More seeds?
Would you like to be able to plant more kinds of seeds?

Not sure if these are unused either.

Vasebreaker Facebreaker

An unused level for Vasebreaker.

{NO_SOUND}{NO_CLICK}Get more levels, more plants, and more zombies in the full version of this game!

{TIME_275}End of the line, buddy!{DELAY_50}

{TIME_275}Yup, you knew this talk was coming.{DELAY_50}

{TIME_325}You wanna go further? You gotta get the FULL VERSION.{DELAY_50}

{TIME_275}Ok, I'll level with ya, sassafras...{DELAY_50}

{TIME_325}If you get the FULL VERSION, I'll give you more PLANTS!{DELAY_25}



{TIME_275}{HANDING}and later on, I'll even throw in THIS ONE!{DELAY_50}



{TIME_150}And hey...{DELAY_50}

{TIME_175}You want action?{DELAY_50}






{TIME_150}Well, what are you waiting for?

Full version only

Get the full version of this game 
to use this awesome plant!

Full Version Only

Get Full Version

Would you like the purchase the full version?

Get Full Version

Maybe Later

This item is only available in the 
full version of the game!

This plant is only available in the FULL VERSION!

Replay level?

Do you wish to replay level 3-4?

Leftover text from the PC version's free trial.

Hardware Acceleration cannot be enabled on this computer.

Your video card does not
meet the minimum requirements
for this game.

Your video card may not fully support this feature.

If you experience slower performance, please disable Hardware Acceleration.

Leftover text about hardware acceleration.

Unused Graphics

Unused level icons

Unused Used
PvZ iOS Wall-nut Bowling 2 unused icon.png PvZ iOS Wall-nut Bowling 2 used icon.png

An unused icon for the Wall-nut Bowling 2 mini-game. In the final game it just uses the same icon as the first Wall-nut Bowling. Found only in paid iPad versions 1.0-1.0.5 before being removed.

Unused Used
PvZ iOS I, Zombie unused icon.png PvZ iOS I, Zombie used icon.png

Early version of the I, Zombie icon, found in paid iPhone version 1.6. This icon resembles the PC version's I, Zombie icon, but the zombie has a bigger head. It was likely changed because the seed packets don't look like this on the iPhone version. It was changed to the final version by the time I, Zombie was added to the game in version 1.9.

PvZ iOS Bungee Blitz unused icon.png

An icon for the scrapped mini-game Bungee Blitz. The icon was redone from the PC version even though the mini-game remains unused. Found in paid iPhone version 1.6. It was eventually removed.

Unused seed packets

Unused Used
PvZ iOS unused seeds.png PvZ iOS used seeds.png

Seed packets for Giant Wall-nut from Wall-nut Bowling 2 and the backwards Repeater from Vasebreaker have existed since the first versions of the game, however by the time these modes were added, the seed packets had been redone at a higher resolution, leaving the original versions unused.

Red and green-eyed zombies

PvZ iOS green-eyed zombie 1.pngPvZ iOS green-eyed zombie 2.pngPvZ iOS green-eyed zombie 3.png

PvZ iOS red-eyed zombie 1.pngPvZ iOS red-eyed zombie 2.pngPvZ iOS red-eyed zombie 3.png

PvZ iOS green-eyed gargantuar 1.pngPvZ iOS green-eyed gargantuar 2.pngPvZ iOS green-eyed gargantuar 3.pngPvZ iOS green-eyed gargantuar 4.png

In paid iPhone version 1.6, the plants and zombies sprite atlas contains various zombie heads with red and green eyes. The basic zombie heads were eventually removed, but the green-eyed Gargantuar remains in the game to this day, albeit improperly upscaled. They may be related to the Giga-gargantuars which have red eyes, however the Giga-gargantuar sprites were also unused in this version.

Unused Classic button

PvZ iOS Classic button 1.pngPvZ iOS Classic button 2.png

A strange unused button whose purpose is unknown. It matches the shape of the Pool button from Quick Play.

Unused sun bank

PvZ iOS unused sun bank.png

In paid iPad versions 1.9.5 and up, as well as all free iPad versions, an unused sun bank sprite can be found. It resembles the one used on the iPhone and Android versions, but it has been redrawn at twice the scale.

Upsell screen

PvZ Android Upsell bg.jpgPvZ Android Upsell note.png

PvZ Android Upsell button 1.pngPvZ Android Upsell button 2.png

A screen meant to advertise the full version of the game, found in early paid Android versions. Doesn't seem to have ever been used, as there was never a trial version available for Android.

Main Menu

PVZMobile old mainmenu sprites1.png

Some of the old main menu graphics from free versions 1.0-1.9.13 still remain in with the current version of the game's files.

Unused Zombie Vase

PVZMobile some unused sprites.png

The unused zombie vase from the PC version still remains in the game's files in all versions.

Early Coin Sprites

Old Old

Early versions of the coins in the Ipad version which is a redrawn version of the coins in the PC version.

Early Main Menu


An early Main Menu for the Ipad version which uses the PC art style. This background aligns with with the backgrounds in the GOTY version of the Main Menu.

Unused levels

Scrapped mini-games

All of the scrapped mini-games from the PC version are still in the mobile versions and can be accessed via hacking. The only exceptions are High Gravity and Grave Danger, which are absent from the iPad versions as of paid version 1.9.2 due to their IDs being overwritten by the Zombiquarium and Vase Breaker mini-games.

Unused Quick Play levels

Only half of the levels from Adventure mode can be accessed through Quick Play mode. Despite this, every single Adventure level has a Quick Play version, leaving half of them unused.

As of later free versions, the Quick Play menu has been combined with Adventure mode, leaving *all* of the Quick Play versions unused.

Day 4-5

PvZ iOS Day 4-5.png

In later paid iPad versions, the unused Quick Play version of Level 4-5 (Vasebreaker) is incorrectly set during the day instead of at night. This causes the Hypno-shrooms to be unusable as they fall asleep.

Inaccessible levels in early versions

In very early paid versions, most of the side content from the original PC version was not available. However, almost all of it was actually in the game already in a broken state and could be accessed via hacking. Gradually all of this content was fixed up for mobile and made officially available.

Survival Hard Levels

The Survival Hard levels function exactly like the other versions except the waves are broken causing the game to skip 2 waves.

Survival Endless Levels

Leftover from the PC versions. It functions almost the same as PC except the same issue from Survival Hard is still there.

Revisional Differences

Removed Achievements

  • Popcorn Party - Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.

An achievement from the paid versions. It was removed in the iPhone and Android free versions for an unknown reason, but can still be found in the iPad free version.

  • Alive and Planting - Get 40 Flags in Survival Endless.

An achievement from the paid iPad version. It was removed in the free iPad version for an unknown reason.

  • Thrilling the Zombies - Hypnotize the lead Zombie Dancer.

Found only in versions 1.0 and 1.0.1 of the paid iPad version. Replaced in version 1.0.2 with Disco is Undead due to the new design for the Dancing Zombie.

  • Down the Hole! - Dig your way to see the chinese zombies.

Found in paid iPad versions 1.0-1.0.5. Replaced by Peking Express in later versions, which is similar but also records the player's best time.


In the free versions, the credits was changed from a video of Zombies on Your Lawn to a generic scrolling credits screen, with Choose Your Seeds playing when clicked on from Roll Credits. Related code as well as the video file were also removed. Despite this, the final note still mentions the music video.

Title Screen

Old New
PVZIOS oldtitle.png Plants vs. Zombies (iOS)-title.png

The title/loading screen was changed at some point. Higher quality visuals and wider art aside, the appearances of the zombies were completely changed to be more in-line with how the appear in-game. Additionally, the Basic Zombies in the background were replaced with the Football and Newspaper Zombies.

Main Menu Panorama

PVZMobile old mainmenu.png

PVZMobile new mainmenu.png

The original iOS/Android versions of the game's main menu used graphics from the Xbox 360/PS3 port of the game, which was replaced for a more modern and sleeker design in both the paid and free iPad versions, and later the iPhone and Android free versions as well. In the updated main menu in the free version, the stone gnome zombie was removed in favor of the zombie near the main grave, and the "Bonus Games" grave.

Original Dancing Zombie and Backup Dancer


In the first release on the IOS version, it originally had the Michael Jackson Zombie along with the 80's Backup Dancer. these were removed shortly after release being replaced by the GOTY Disco Zombies.


Melon-pult Seed Packet


For some reason, Melon-pult lacks eyebrows in its seed packet. It still has it in-game when planted, and its upgrade, Winter Melon, has eyebrows in-game and in its seed packet.