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Pocky & Rocky 2

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Title Screen

Pocky & Rocky 2

Also known as: Kiki KaiKai: Tsukiyo Kayako (JP)
Developer: Natsume
Publishers: Natsume (JP/US), Ocean (EU)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: June 17, 1994
Released in US: November 1994
Released in EU: April 1995

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Pocky & Rocky was successful enough to get a sequel and thus, Pocky & Rocky 2 was born.

Regional Differences

Copyright Screen

US Europe
Pocky & Rocky 2 US Copyright Screen.png Pocky & Rocky 2 EU Copyright Screen.png

Both the US and European versions have a copyright screen that appears at bootup (there is no such screen in the Japanese version), each with different copyright and licensing info. The game's title also gains a trademark symbol in the European version.

Japan US Europe
KikiKaiKai2-SNES natsume animation.gif Pocky&Rocky2Natsume.png Pocky & Rocky 2 EU Publisher Logo.png

Like in the first game, the Japanese version has a fancy animated Natsume logo, while the US version's is static. The European version has an Ocean logo instead, since they published it there.

Title Screen

Japan US Europe
Pocky & Rocky 2 JP Title.png Pocky & Rocky 2 US Title.png Pocky & Rocky 2 EU Title.png

Each region's title screen has different copyright and licensing info, and the design on the card Pocky is holding has some kanji on it in the Japanese version, and a heart on it elsewhere. Rocky's eyes & Pocky's other hand were also slightly redrawn.

Options Menu

Japan International
Pocky & Rocky 2 JP Options.png Pocky & Rocky 2 International Options.png

The graphic in the bottom-right corner features Pocky next to a sign in the Japanese version, and Pocky and Rocky together elsewhere. Additionally, the first option is "Rank" in the Japanese version and "Difficulty" elsewhere.

Controller Setup

Japan International
Pocky & Rocky 2 JP Controller Setup.png Pocky & Rocky 2 International Controller Setup.png

The controller buttons in the Japanese version are the normal colored versions used in that region, while the US and European (despite actually sharing their button colors with Japan) versions use the US' purple buttons. Oddly, this change was not made for the Y, B, and A graphics at the top.