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Pokémon Stadium (International)/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Pokémon Stadium (International).

Like the localized Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, Pokémon Stadium underwent many changes during localization.

Graphical Changes

  • The background text for the Prime Cup was changed from "ULTRA CUP ULTIMATE BATTLE FOR ANY MONSTERS." to "PRIME CUP ULTIMATE BATTLE FOR ALL POKéMON."
  • In the Stadium Cups, the names of the Badges were changed to their localized counterparts.
Japanese International
PKMN-StadiumJP StadiumBadges.png PKMN-StadiumUS StadiumBadges.png
  • In the Japanese version, trainer names are aligned to the left in the battle preparations screen, while "COM" is aligned to the right in the trainer box during battle. In the localized versions, trainer names are always centered.
  • The in-battle text boxes were lengthened.
  • When a trainer makes their move, "OK!" appears in the trainer box in the Japanese version. This was changed to "READY" in the localized versions.
  • Nidoqueen's opening and idle stances were changed. The edited pose is slightly longer. This change carried over to all versions of Pokémon Stadium 2. While this was obviously done due to the original animation depicting Nidoqueen fiddling with its "breasts" as if adjusting a top, it's debatable if the changed pose (which involves it shaking its pelvis and chest in a rather sensual way) is any less suggestive.
Japanese International
PKMN Stadium JP Nidoqueen Pose.png PKMN Stadium EN Nidoqueen Pose.png
  • In North American version 1.1 and the European version, Jynx's skin color was changed from black to purple. This change carried over to all versions of Pokémon Stadium 2.
Original Design Later Design

Sound Changes

  • In the Japanese version, people's voices are heard shouting "Six-four!" when the Nintendo logo appears onscreen. In the localized versions, Pikachu's anime cry is heard instead.
Japan International
  • In the Kids Club, the Pokémon use their localized anime cries.
  • In the mini-game Clefairy Says, the Clefairy sing instead of repeating sound effects.
  • The opening cinematic plays a slightly different theme in the European and Australian versions, compensating for the slower frame rate on PAL televisions.
Japan/US Europe/Australia

Trainer Names

In the Japanese version, opposing trainers use their full names outside of battle and truncated names up to five characters long in battle. For instance, the male Cool Trainer is referred to as エリートトレーナー (Elite Trainer) outside of battle and エリート♂ (Elite ♂) in battle. The localized versions use trainer names up to seven characters long at all times; for instance, the aforementioned Cool Trainer is referred to as Cool♂.

Gallery Mode

PKMN Stadium US Gallery Menu.png

The North American version added a Gallery mode similar to Pokémon Snap. Players may take photos of Pokémon using any of the game's arenas as a background. The photos could be printed out at Pokémon Snap Sticker Stations for a limited period of time.

The main menu was changed as a result.

Japanese North American European
PKMN Stadium JP Gallery.png PKMN Stadium US Gallery.png PKMN Stadium EU Gallery.png

Stadium Cups

Japanese North American
PKMN Stadium JP Stadium Cups.png PKMN Stadium EN Stadium Cups.png

The biggest difference between the Japanese and the localized versions are the number of Stadium Cups; while the localized version has four Stadium Cups, the Japanese version has six Stadium Cups.

Both versions have the Petit, Pika, and Prime Cups. The Japanese version has three additional Cups: the Nintendo Cups '97, '98, and '99. These Cups are based on real life Pokémon League tournament circuits that took place in Japan from 1997 to 1999. In the localized version, the Nintendo Cups were replaced with the Poké Cup, which also appeared in Pokémon Yellow's Colosseum 2.

(Source: Pokémon Battle Historia)

Cup Rulesets

Nintendo Cup '97

  • The Nintendo Cup 97 uses the same rules as the Poké Cup.
  • All Pokémon except for Mewtwo and Mew are allowed.
  • All Pokémon must be between levels 50 to 55, and the combined total of the three Pokémon selected for battle can't exceed 155.
  • There is one division.
  • The background features Tauros and Starmie, two popular Pokémon among the 1997 Pokémon League's 15 finalists.
  • The tournament takes place in the outdoor arena that is used for Free Battle, which is similar to the outdoor arena used in the previous game.

Nintendo Cup '98

  • Only 33 Pokémon are allowed: Beedrill, Fearow, Pikachu, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Dugtrio, Primeape, Arcanine, Alakazam, Machamp, Golem, Magneton, Cloyster, Gengar, Onix, Hypno, Electrode, Exeggutor, Chansey, Kangaskhan, Starmie, Scyther, Jynx, Pinsir, Tauros, Gyarados, Lapras, Ditto, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Aerodactyl, and Snorlax.
    • All of these Pokémon are present in Pokémon Stadium (Japan), and many of them were used by the 1997 Pokémon League finalists.
  • All Pokémon must be between levels 1 and 30.
  • There is one division.
  • The background features Jolteon and Electrode, two popular Pokémon in the 1998 Pokémon League.
  • In Round 2, the player faces a Youngster, then faces the 1998 Pokémon League's seven finalists in a random order. This is similar to the previous game, where the player faced eight random finalists from the 1997 Pokémon League in the Level 50-55 Division tournament.

Yamazaki Mamoru
(Hokkaido Representative)
Yamauchi Tomoyuki
(Kyushu Representative)
Hori Tomoyuki
(Kanto A Representative)
Yanagizawa Shouhei
(Kanto B Representative;
4th Place)
Pkmn stadium unused trainer 1.png
Pkmn stadium unused trainer 7.png
Pkmn stadium unused trainer 2.png
Pkmn stadium unused trainer 3.png
Yoshikawa Shinji
(Kansai A Representative;
3rd Place)
Hori Tatsuya
(Chubu Representative;
Hanamoto Norishige
(Kansai B Representative;
Pkmn stadium unused trainer 5.png
Pkmn stadium unused trainer 4.png
Pkmn stadium unused trainer 6.png

(Source: Japanese Pokémon wiki)

Nintendo Cup '99

  • Only 126 Pokémon are allowed. The 25 Pokémon used by the 1997 Pokémon League finalists (along with Mewtwo and Mew) are banned: Venusaur, Dugtrio, Alakazam, Golem, Magneton, Gengar, Hypno, Electrode, Exeggutor, Chansey, Kangaskhan, Starmie, Jynx, Tauros, Gyarados, Lapras, Ditto, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Snorlax, Articuno, Zapdos, Dragonite, Mewtwo, and Mew.
  • All Pokémon must be between levels 1 and 50.
  • There are four divisions.
  • The background features Hitmonlee, Seaking, and Porygon.

Poké Cup

  • All Pokémon except for Mewtwo and Mew are allowed.
  • All Pokémon must be between levels 50 to 55, and the combined total of the three Pokémon selected for battle can't exceed 155.
  • There are four divisions.
  • The background features Tauros and Starmie.
  • The opponents are the same as the Nintendo Cup '99 (Juggler, Biker, Medium, Rocker, Old Man, Beauty, Tamer, and Psychic).
  • The battles take place in an indoor stadium.

The opposing teams for the Poké Cup were created from scratch. The teams are generally more diverse than the Nintendo Cup '97 teams, which primarily used Pokémon that were popular in competitive play.

Game Boy Tower Upgrade

In the Japanese version, players unlock an upgrade for the Game Boy Tower after clearing the Nintendo Cup '99 Ultra Ball division. In the localized versions, the upgrade is unlocked after clearing the Poké Cup Ultra Ball division instead.

Surf Pikachu

In the localized versions, players can teach their Pikachu Surf if the Round 2 Prime Cup is cleared under the following conditions:

  • The player must use Pikachu and five other Pokémon from a Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow cart.
  • The player must select Pikachu for the final battle. However, Pikachu doesn't have to participate in the battle.
  • Continues may be used, but the game can't be suspended.

Japanese players could teach Pikachu Surf in the previous game or receive a Surf Pikachu from event distributions.


Nintendo Cup '98 Nintendo Cup '99
PKMN Stadium JP Nintendo Cup 98.png PKMN Stadium JP Nintendo Cup 99.png

In the North American version, the backgrounds for the Nintendo Cups '98 and '99 can be seen in the Gallery after clearing Round 2. Since Gallery mode was removed in the European version, the banners are never seen in that version. The background for the Nintendo Cup '98 appears in a calendar in My Room in all versions of Pokémon Stadium 2.

Rental Pokémon

Many of the rental Pokémon's movesets were tweaked in the localized versions. Many trapping moves (e.g., Wrap), sacrificial moves (e.g., Explosion), and weak moves (e.g., Ember) were replaced. The rental Pokémon have the same stats in all versions.

Moveset Changes

Petit Cup

Pokémon Removed Moves Added Moves
Charmander Ember, Dig, Double-Edge Mega Punch, Fire Blast, Growl
Pidgey Razor Wind Double-Edge
Rattata Water Gun Bubble Beam
Spearow Fury Attack, Razor Wind Double-Edge, Toxic
Ekans Wrap Bite
Nidoran♀ Poison Sting Blizzard
Nidoran♂ Double-Edge Body Slam
Clefairy Mega Kick, Minimize Tri Attack, Fire Blast
Vulpix Quick Attack, Swift Double-Edge, Toxic
Jigglypuff Disable, Double-Edge Psychic, Take Down
Zubat Supersonic, Mimic, Razor Wind Double-Edge, Confuse Ray, Toxic
Oddish Absorb, Mega Drain Cut, Acid
Paras Body Slam Leech Life
Diglett Bide Cut
Meowth Water Gun Bubble Beam
Psyduck Seismic Toss, Take Down Submission, Mimic
Growlithe Ember, Body Slam, Dig, Reflect Leer, Fire Blast, Mimic, Bite
Machop Strength Fire Blast
Bellsprout Stun Spore, Solar Beam Growth, Poison Powder
Magnemite Sonic Boom Flash
Farfetch'd Razor Wind Sand Attack
Gastly Self-Destruct Thunder
Krabby Bubble Beam, Body Slam Surf, Strength
Voltorb Sonic Boom, Self-Destruct Screech, Thunder Wave
Exeggcute Toxic Reflect
Cubone Fissure, Submission, Strength Headbutt, Fire Blast, Tail Whip
Koffing Mimic, Self-Destruct Fire Blast, Thunderbolt
Goldeen Take Down Horn Drill
Eevee Take Down, Body Slam Double-Edge, Substitute
Kabuto Toxic Bide
Dratini Bubble Beam Fire Blast

Pika Cup

Pokémon Removed Moves Added Moves
Bulbasaur Cut Double-Edge
Charmander Ember, Rage Seismic Toss, Strength
Squirtle Bubble Beam Surf
Pidgey Gust Toxic
Pidgeotto Gust Sand Attack
Spearow Fury Attack, Sky Attack Double-Edge, Fly
Fearow Rest Peck
Ekans Double-Edge Leer
Pikachu Double Team, Rest Submission, Quick Attack
Nidoran♀ Tackle, Growl Thunder, Body Slam
Nidorina Bubble Beam Take Down
Nidoqueen Horn Drill Double Kick
Nidoran♂ Poison Sting, Double-Edge Thunderbolt, Body Slam
Nidorino Body Slam Double Kick
Nidoking Double-Edge, Rock Slide, Water Gun Poison Sting, Double Kick, Bubble Beam
Clefairy Psywave, Mega Punch Psychic, Tri Attack
Vulpix Ember Double-Edge
Zubat Bite Swift
Oddish Poison Powder Toxic
Paras Solar Beam Take Down
Venonat Double Team Double-Edge
Diglett Mimic Take Down
Meowth Pay Day Double Team
Psyduck Ice Beam Blizzard
Growlithe Roar, Rage, Body Slam Dig, Reflect, Double-Edge
Arcanine Double-Edge Bite
Poliwag Water Gun Surf
Poliwhirl Psywave, Ice Beam Surf, Double-Edge
Poliwrath Toxic, Mega Kick, Double Team Double Slap, Hypnosis, Metronome
Abra Rest, Metronome, Double Team Reflect, Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss
Kadabra Confusion, Flash Psychic, Metronome
Alakazam Reflect Mega Punch
Machop Mega Kick, Rock Slide, Earthquake Bide, Submission, Fire Blast
Bellsprout Wrap, Poison Powder, Solar Beam Growth, Take Down, Mega Drain
Tentacool Blizzard, Reflect, Wrap Surf, Acid, Toxic
Geodude Mega Punch, Explosion, Metronome Rock Slide, Defense Curl, Mega Punch
Slowpoke Thunder Wave Flash
Magnemite Flash Swift
Farfetch'd Reflect, Double Team Fury Attack, Rest
Seel Toxic Headbutt
Cloyster Surf, Ice Beam, Reflect Aurora Beam, Clamp, Hyper Beam
Gastly Thunderbolt Psychic
Haunter Lick Thunderbolt
Gengar Lick Mega Drain
Onix Dig, Bind, Body Slam Earthquake, Rock Slide, Strength
Drowzee Flash Tri Attack
Krabby Swords Dance, Double-Edge, Leer Ice Beam, Toxic, Body Slam
Kingler Bubble Beam, Take Down, Body Slam, Cut Surf, Strength, Double Team, Mimic
Voltorb Screech Take Down
Exeggcute Explosion, Reflect Psychic, Toxic
Exeggutor Hypnosis, Solar Beam, Reflect Psywave, Toxic, Barrage
Cubone Bone Club, Seismic Toss, Rage Strength, Blizzard, Tail Whip
Lickitung Stomp, Mega Punch, Swords Dance Thunder, Fire Blast, Double-Edge
Koffing Mimic Fire Blast
Rhyhorn Fissure, Skull Bash Substitute, Horn Attack
Chansey Soft-Boiled, Double Team Bubble Beam, Tri Attack
Horsea Bubble Surf
Seadra Surf, Double Team Bubble Beam, Smokescreen
Goldeen Tail Whip, Toxic Surf, Ice Beam
Staryu Tackle, Thunderbolt Surf, Tri Attack
Starmie Surf, Tri Attack Bubble Beam, Psywave
Mr. Mime Thunder Wave, Reflect Barrier, Tri Attack
Scyther Cut Double Team
Pinsir Double-Edge, Swords Dance Take Down, Mimic
Gyarados Surf, Reflect, Body Slam, Fire Blast Hydro Pump, Leer, Bite, Rest
Lapras Surf, Horn Drill, Body Slam Bubble Beam, Ice Beam, Skull Bash
Porygon Psychic Double Team
Dratini Surf, Toxic Fire Blast, Body Slam

Poké Cup

The rentals are compared to the Nintendo Cup '97 rentals, as both tournaments use the same ruleset.

Pokémon Removed Moves Added Moves
Bulbasaur Reflect Body Slam
Ivysaur Mega Drain, Body Slam Double-Edge, Growth
Venusaur Mega Drain Take Down
Charmander Fire Blast Dig
Charmeleon Fire Blast, Swords Dance, Double-Edge Flamethrower, Strength, Seismic Toss
Charizard Dig, Mega Punch Swords Dance, Fire Blast
Squirtle Mega Punch, Skull Bash Body Slam, Dig
Wartortle Counter, Submission Strength, Rest
Blastoise Toxic, Mimic, Strength Seismic Toss, Skull Bash, Withdraw
Butterfree Solar Beam Stun Spore
Beedrill Agility Toxic
Pidgey Sky Attack, Swift Toxic, Double-Edge
Pidgeotto Sky Attack, Agility Fly, Quick Attack
Pidgeot Wing Attack Sand Attack
Rattata Rage Hyper Fang
Raticate Bubble Beam Hyper Beam
Spearow Leer, Sky Attack Double-Edge, Double Team
Fearow Agility, Fly, Razor Wind Drill Peck, Fury Attack, Swift
Ekans Mega Drain, Wrap, Glare Body Slam, Acid, Screech
Arbok Acid Strength
Pikachu Flash, Mimic Seismic Toss, Thunder Wave
Raichu Growl Flash
Sandshrew Poison Sting Sand Attack
Sandslash Strength Seismic Toss
Nidoran♀ Bide, Double-Edge Thunderbolt, Blizzard
Nidorina Tail Whip, Body Slam, Bite Toxic, Thunder, Double-Edge
Nidoqueen Fissure, Bubble Beam, Rock Slide, Submission Toxic, Earthquake, Double Kick, Bite
Nidoran♂ Toxic, Reflect, Mimic Blizzard, Body Slam, Focus Energy
Nidorino Poison Sting, Fury Attack Double-Edge, Focus Energy
Nidoking Mega Punch, Horn Attack, Bubble Beam, Double Kick Earthquake, Substitute, Horn Drill, Rage
Clefable Thunder Wave Tri Attack
Vulpix Fire Blast, Reflect, Fire Spin, Toxic Flamethrower, Double-Edge, Dig, Confuse Ray
Ninetales Bide, Dig Tail Whip, Skull Bash
Jigglypuff Thunderbolt, Ice Beam Psychic, Seismic Toss
Wigglytuff Strength, Psychic, Defense Curl Thunderbolt, Double-Edge, Submission
Golbat Wing Attack Bite
Oddish Stun Spore Petal Dance
Gloom Swords Dance, Double-Edge, Absorb, Poison Powder Petal Dance, Stun Spore, Take Down, Mega Drain
Vileplume Hyper Beam, Bide Cut, Acid
Paras Reflect Dig
Parasect Swords Dance, Double-Edge Solar Beam, Take Down
Venonat Reflect Double-Edge
Venomoth Stun Spore, Toxic Swift, Solar Beam
Diglett Fissure Sand Attack
Meowth Mimic, Thunder, Bubble Beam Double Team, Thunderbolt, Swift
Persian Thunderbolt, Double Team, Pay Day Growl, Bubble Beam, Mimic
Golduck Swift Disable
Mankey Dig, Metronome Screech, Rock Slide
Primeape Seismic Toss, Mega Kick Fury Swipes, Screech
Growlithe Dragon Rage Dig
Arcanine Dig, Agility Substitute, Dragon Rage
Poliwag Hypnosis Amnesia
Poliwhirl Amnesia, Toxic, Psychic, Double-Edge Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Psychic
Poliwrath Bubble Beam Hydro Pump
Abra Toxic Thunder Wave
Kadabra Psybeam, Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss Psychic, Dig, Counter
Alakazam Dig, Kinesis, Recover Tri Attack, Metronome, Disable
Machop Metronome, Strength Focus Energy, Rock Slide
Machoke Dig, Fissure, Mega Kick Submission, Focus Energy, Strength
Machamp Karate Chop, Seismic Toss Focus Energy, Strength
Bellsprout Wrap, Slam, Toxic Razor Leaf, Stun Spore, Growth
Weepinbell Growth, Stun Spore, Cut Toxic, Acid, Wrap
Victreebel Sleep Powder, Mimic Slam, Acid
Tentacool Toxic, Acid Blizzard, Mega Drain
Tentacruel Wrap, Toxic Acid, Supersonic
Geodude Take Down, Strength Earthquake, Seismic Toss
Graveler Metronome Strength
Golem Rock Throw, Mega Punch, Self-Destruct Seismic Toss, Metronome, Fire Blast
Slowpoke Flash Amnesia
Slowbro Dig, Bide Withdraw, Disable
Magnemite Toxic Thunder Wave
Magneton Thunder Wave, Flash Screech, Supersonic
Farfetch'd Agility Toxic
Doduo Take Down, Sky Attack Tri Attack, Double Team
Dodrio Fury Attack, Hyper Beam Reflect, Agility
Seel Strength, Take Down Body Slam, Horn Drill
Dewgong Horn Drill Rest
Grimer Minimize, Fire Blast Sludge, Screech
Muk Mega Drain Hyper Beam
Shellder Toxic Surf
Cloyster Aurora Beam, Self-Destruct Clamp, Ice Beam
Haunter Thunderbolt, Mimic Explosion, Confuse Ray
Gengar Metronome, Self-Destruct Thunderbolt, Hypnosis
Onix Dig, Double-Edge, Bind Earthquake, Rock Slide, Strength
Drowzee Double-Edge, Flash Tri Attack, Dream Eater
Hypno Psychic, Poison Gas Meditate, Headbutt
Krabby Ice Beam, Swords Dance Blizzard, Guillotine
Kingler Body Slam, Leer, Surf Crabhammer, Substitute, Stomp
Voltorb Double Team Swift
Electrode Explosion Self-Destruct
Exeggcute Egg Bomb, Stun Spore Psychic, Toxic
Exeggutor Toxic, Psychic, Self-Destruct Egg Bomb, Stun Spore, Mega Drain
Cubone Bone Club, Dig, Ice Beam, Thrash Earthquake, Strength, Submission, Blizzard
Marowak Rage, Seismic Toss Thrash, Fire Blast
Hitmonlee Rolling Kick, Jump Kick Seismic Toss, Metronome
Hitmonchan Fire Punch, Mega Punch Submission, Strength
Lickitung Supersonic, Mega Kick, Earthquake, Thunderbolt Strength, Thunder, Blizzard, Fire Blast
Weezing Haze, Thunder Hyper Beam, Fire Blast
Rhyhorn Thunder Rock Slide
Rhydon Horn Drill, Earthquake, Bubble Beam Surf, Strength, Thunder
Chansey Sing, Double-Edge, Reflect Thunder, Fire Blast, Rest
Tangela Rest, Double Team Toxic, Double-Edge
Horsea Surf Hydro Pump
Seadra Hydro Pump, Take Down Surf, Toxic
Goldeen Toxic, Ice Beam Blizzard, Supersonic
Seaking Horn Drill, Skull Bash Ice Beam, Horn Attack
Staryu Psywave, Surf Psychic, Hydro Pump
Starmie Hydro Pump, Thunder, Recover, Psywave Surf, Thunder, Harden, Swift
Mr. Mime Counter Seismic Toss
Scyther Swords Dance, Swift, Focus Energy, Hyper Beam Slash, Double Team, Wing Attack, Leer
Jynx Bubble Beam Mega Punch
Electabuzz Quick Attack, Seismic Toss Mega Punch, Psychic
Magmar Confuse Ray Mega Punch
Pinsir Slash, Toxic, Bind Strength, Seismic Toss, Harden
Tauros Stomp, Rage, Rest, Fissure Double-Edge, Fire Blast, Bide, Tail Whip
Gyarados Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Bide, Take Down Surf, Fire Blast, Dragon Rage, Bite
Lapras Confuse Ray, Thunderbolt Ice Beam, Solar Beam
Eevee Double-Edge Swift
Vaporeon Aurora Beam, Double-Edge Quick Attack, Sand Attack
Jolteon Double-Edge Sand Attack
Flareon Fire Spin, Double-Edge Sand Attack, Take Down
Porygon Double-Edge, Recover, Thunder Wave Tri Attack, Psychic, Sharpen
Omanyte Blizzard, Reflect Ice Beam, Double Team
Omastar Seismic Toss, Double-Edge Withdraw, Submission
Kabuto Slash, Reflect, Toxic, Ice Beam Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Double Team, Slash
Kabutops Hydro Pump, Double Team Surf, Submission
Aerodactyl Take Down Double-Edge
Snorlax Amnesia, Body Slam, Self-Destruct Mega Kick, Rest, Rock Slide
Articuno Peck, Bubble Beam, Toxic Sky Attack, Substitute, Razor Wind
Zapdos Thunder Shock, Fly, Toxic Thunderbolt, Flash, Sky Attack
Moltres Fire Spin, Hyper Beam Substitute, Swift
Dratini Double Team, Blizzard Thunder Wave, Body Slam
Dragonair Toxic Swift
Dragonite Thunder Wave, Surf, Hyper Beam Slam, Agility, Thunder

Gym Leader Castle

Pokémon Removed Moves Added Moves
Bulbasaur Reflect Body Slam
Ivysaur Body Slam Double-Edge
Venusaur Vine Whip Take Down
Charmander Fire Blast, Fire Spin Seismic Toss, Dig
Charmeleon Swords Dance, Double-Edge Dragon Rage, Slash
Charizard Mega Punch Mimic
Squirtle Mega Punch Dig
Blastoise Seismic Toss Withdraw
Butterfree Psybeam, Solar Beam Psychic, Hyper Beam
Beedrill String Shot, Agility Focus Energy, Double-Edge
Pidgey Swift, Sky Attack Double-Edge, Toxic
Pidgeotto Sky Attack Fly
Pidgeot Wing Attack Hyper Beam
Rattata Quick Attack, Rage Hyper Fang, Dig
Raticate Thunder Dig
Spearow Leer, Sky Attack Double Team, Double-Edge
Fearow Mirror Move, Razor Wind Double Team, Swift
Ekans Mega Drain, Bite Strength, Acid
Arbok Wrap Rock Slide
Pikachu Slam Seismic Toss
Sandshrew Poison Sting Sand Attack
Sandslash Swift, Strength Rock Slide, Fury Swipes
Nidorina Double Kick Toxic
Nidoqueen Growl, Double-Edge, Horn Drill Double Kick, Body Slam, Thunder
Nidorino Blizzard Ice Beam
Nidoking Mega Punch, Horn Attack, Bubble Beam Earthquake, Horn Drill, Poison Sting
Clefairy Psychic Metronome
Clefable Minimize Tri Attack
Vulpix Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Toxic Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Dig
Ninetales Ember Fire Spin
Jigglypuff Rest, Ice Beam Seismic Toss, Psychic
Wigglytuff Defense Curl Disable
Golbat Wing Attack Hyper Beam
Oddish Toxic Petal Dance
Gloom Sleep Powder, Bide Stun Spore, Acid
Vileplume Swords Dance, Double-Edge, Absorb, Poison Powder Petal Dance, Acid, Cut, Stun Spore
Paras Reflect Dig
Parasect Swords Dance, Double-Edge Growth, Mega Drain
Venonat Reflect, Stun Spore Double-Edge, Toxic
Venomoth Stun Spore, Psybeam Psychic, Swift
Dugtrio Cut, Hyper Beam Rock Slide, Substitute
Meowth Thunder, Mimic Thunderbolt, Double Team
Persian Pay Day, Substitute Bide, Screech
Psyduck Confusion Seismic Toss
Golduck Toxic, Swift Confusion, Mega Kick
Mankey Mega Kick Strength
Primeape Rock Slide Screech
Growlithe Dragon Rage Dig
Arcanine Dig, Ember Fire Blast, Leer
Poliwhirl Toxic, Double-Edge, Psychic Hydro Pump, Strength, Earthquake
Poliwrath Counter, Bubble Beam Mimic, Surf
Alakazam Recover Reflect
Machop Metronome, Strength Rock Slide, Body Slam
Machoke Dig, Mega Kick, Rock Slide, Fissure Earthquake, Submission, Strength, Focus Energy
Machamp Counter, Seismic Toss Fire Blast, Dig
Bellsprout Wrap, Mega Drain Acid, Growth
Weepinbell Mega Drain, Cut, Stun Spore Razor Leaf, Slam, Toxic
Victreebel Sleep Powder, Solar Beam, Reflect, Mimic Mega Drain, Acid, Wrap, Toxic
Tentacool Supersonic Mega Drain
Tentacruel Wrap, Poison Sting Acid, Screech
Geodude Strength Body Slam
Graveler Seismic Toss, Metronome Rock Slide, Strength
Golem Fissure Self-Destruct
Ponyta Agility Reflect
Rapidash Ember Agility
Slowpoke Strength Thunder Wave
Slowbro Rest, Confusion, Bide Surf, Headbutt, Disable
Magnemite Toxic Thunder Wave
Magneton Flash, Swift Supersonic, Screech
Farfetch'd Agility Toxic
Doduo Sky Attack, Take Down Tri Attack, Double Team
Dodrio Agility, Fury Attack Reflect, Substitute
Seel Take Down Double Team
Dewgong Headbutt, Bubble Beam Take Down, Surf
Grimer Minimize, Fire Blast Sludge, Mega Drain
Muk Thunderbolt, Pound Thunder, Screech
Shellder Toxic Surf
Cloyster Supersonic Clamp
Gastly Mega Drain Night Shade
Haunter Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Explosion, Lick Psychic, Thunderbolt, Self-Destruct, Confuse Ray
Gengar Toxic, Night Shade, Self-Destruct, Metronome Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Thunderbolt, Confuse Ray
Onix Dig, Bind, Double-Edge, Toxic Earthquake, Rock Slide, Explosion, Screech
Drowzee Dream Eater, Flash Seismic Toss, Reflect
Hypno Confusion, Poison Gas, Tri Attack Dream Eater, Counter, Headbutt
Krabby Swords Dance, Double-Edge, Ice Beam Toxic, Body Slam, Blizzard
Kingler Guillotine, Body Slam, Surf Crabhammer, Strength, Bide
Voltorb Toxic, Double Team Thunder Wave, Reflect
Electrode Thunder Wave Toxic
Exeggcute Stun Spore, Explosion Solar Beam, Psychic
Exeggutor Self-Destruct, Psywave, Toxic Hypnosis, Mega Drain, Egg Bomb
Cubone Bone Club, Thrash, Dig Bonemerang, Body Slam, Seismic Toss
Marowak Rage, Fissure, Seismic Toss Thrash, Fire Blast, Focus Energy
Hitmonlee Rolling Kick, Jump Kick, Mega Kick Strength, Counter, Focus Energy
Hitmonchan Fire Punch, Comet Punch Submission, Strength
Koffing Explosion Fire Blast
Weezing Self-Destruct, Thunder Hyper Beam, Smokescreen
Rhyhorn Stomp Body Slam
Rhydon Horn Drill, Bubble Beam, Take Down Strength, Surf, Substitute
Chansey Sing, Mimimize Thunder, Double-Edge
Tangela Rest, Solar Beam, Double Team Poison Powder, Take Down, Growth
Kangaskhan Mega Kick Leer
Horsea Surf Hydro Pump
Seadra Take Down Agility
Goldeen Horn Drill Double-Edge
Seaking Horn Drill, Skull Bash Blizzard, Horn Attack
Staryu Psywave Psychic
Starmie Flash, Toxic Thunder, Minimize
Mr. Mime Metronome Seismic Toss
Scyther Quick Attack, Swift Double Team, Toxic
Jynx Bubble Beam Psychic
Electabuzz Quick Attack Flash
Pinsir Toxic, Bind, Swords Dance Mimic, Harden, Guillotine
Tauros Stomp, Rest, Fissure, Rage Strength, Bide, Fire Blast, Tail Whip
Gyarados Bide Leer
Eevee Double-Edge Focus Energy
Vaporeon Double-Edge Quick Attack
Jolteon Double-Edge Double Kick
Flareon Fire Spin Sand Attack
Porygon Psybeam, Thunder Wave Psychic, Tri Attack
Omanyte Reflect Double Team
Omastar Horn Drill, Seismic Toss, Bubble Beam, Double-Edge Hydro Pump, Spike Cannon, Leer, Withdraw
Kabuto Reflect Hydro Pump
Kabutops Mega Kick, Double Team Submission, Take Down
Aerodactyl Agility Reflect
Snorlax Amnesia, Body Slam, Metronome, Self-Destruct Thunder, Headbutt, Rest, Bide
Articuno Toxic, Fly, Bubble Beam Ice Beam, Rage, Mimic
Zapdos Toxic, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Fly Thunder, Sky Attack, Substitute, Flash
Moltres Fire Spin, Reflect, Hyper Beam, Fly Fire Blast, Sky Attack, Take Down, Bide
Dratini Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt, Double Team Body Slam, Blizzard, Thunder Wave
Dragonair Toxic, Wrap, Agility, Double-Edge Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Thunder Wave
Dragonite Thunder Wave, Bubble Beam, Razor Wind, Body Slam Slam, Mimic, Surf, Substitute

(Source: Various contributors)

Rental Teams

Players can register 12 rental teams per format in the Japanese version, but only 10 teams per format in the localized versions.

Japan International
PokemonStadium2 RegistredPokemons-JP.png PokemonStadium RegistredPokemons-US.png

Localization Errors and Oversights

Despite the extensive localization efforts, some mistakes and oversights still slipped through the cracks.

Substitute Behavior

In all Japanese Generation I games, HP-draining attacks such as Mega Drain have no effect against a Substitute. In the localized Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, these attacks can damage a Substitute. In all versions of Stadium, HP-draining attacks have no effect against a Substitute.

Poké Cup Description

In the localized versions, the Poké Cup is referred to as the official Pokémon tournament. This is a holdover from the Japanese version, as the Nintendo Cups were based on official tournament circuits.

Pika Cup Trainer Oversights

Several trainers in the Round 2 Pika Cup use three Pokémon that can't be obtained at eligible levels in the localized Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow: a level 15 Muk, a level 15 Golem, and a level 15 Kangaskhan. All three Pokémon can be obtained at eligible levels through in-game trades in the Japan-only Pokémon Blue.

A level 15 Muk and Kangaskhan can be obtained in the localized versions by trading with Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. However, it is impossible to obtain an eligible Golem in the localized versions, as the localized and Japanese versions of the Generation I games are incapable of trading with each other.

(Source: Bulbapedia)

Illegal Movesets

Some of the rental Pokémon in the Pika Cup in the localized version have illegal movesets.

  • Poliwrath knows Double Slap which is only possible if it could be found in the wild coming as one of its default moves. Since it cannot be found in the wild in Gen 1 or 2 naturally, the only way to get a level 15-20 Poliwrath is to evolve a level 15-20 Poliwhirl, which does not learn Double Slap until level 26.
  • Cloyster knows Aurora Beam and Clamp which is only possible if it could be found in the wild coming as two of its default moves. Since it cannot be found in the wild in Gen 1 or 2 naturally, the only way to get a level 15-20 Cloyster is to evolve a level 15-20 Shellder, which learns Clamp at level 23 and Aurora Beam at level 30.
  • Gyarados knows Hydro Pump, Bite, and Leer, which are its default moves in Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue if it could be found in the wild coming as 3 of its default moves. Since it cannot be found in the wild in Red, Green, or Blue naturally, the only way to catch a Gyarados is in Pokémon Yellow at Level 15 in Fuchsia City, where Gyarados only knows Tackle naturally. Alternatively, to evolve a Magikarp at level 20.

(Source: Bulbapedia)