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Pokémon Stadium (Japan)

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Title Screen

Pocket Monsters Stadium

Developers: Nintendo, HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: August 1, 1998

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The first game in the Pokémon Stadium series which was only released in Japan. Unlike the sequel, Pokémon Stadium (known as Pokémon Stadium 2 in Japan), it only featured 42 Pokémon instead of the full 151 first generation Pokémon.

Nintendo 64DD Compatibility

An expansion disk for Pocket Monsters Stadium was planned, but was never released. The following error codes can be triggered supporting its existence.

Error Code Number Error Message Description
41 DEVICE_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE N64 Disk Drive or N64 Control Deck may not be connected properly.
43 POWERONRESET_DEVICERESET_OCCURED N64 Disk Drive may have broken down.
44 RAMPACK_NOT_CONNECTED Jumper Pack may be left in N64 Control Deck.
(Source: adonfjv)

Display Rarity

As with the other two Pokémon games, there is code to display the rarity on the Pokédex Map. The rarity will be displayed as percentage, yet it is not accessible during normal usage. To see this, use the GameShark code 8016D877 0001 on the Pokédex Map screen to expose this.

(Source: Zoinkity)

Team Battles

While the next title did have support for team battles, this game was also planned to have team battles too, but was never finished on time. Needless to say, some code for the team select menu still remains in the game.

(Source: Zoinkity)

Debug Display

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There may be more debug features/leftovers.
PocketMonsterStadium DebugDisplay.png

With a GameShark device, enter the following cheat code:

8105F682 0003
8105F686 0002

This display shows the current CPU usage, RCP usage, and memory usage with graphical meters and numbers.

(Source: Nekokabu)

Preliminary Pokédex Menu

A very barebones menu for the Pokédex was left in the game. Most of the options don't function anymore and will send you back to the title screen.

With a GameShark device, enter the following cheat code:

810261EA 8A00
810261FE 0026
81026202 0026
81026206 2620
8102620A 1F00
PocketMonstersStadium unused pokedex menu.png

(Source: Zoinkity)