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Pokémon Sword and Shield/Unused Abilities

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This is a sub-page of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Some of the removed Pokémon have special abilities in previous games that are actually coded into these games despite never being used. These unused Abilities are as follows:

ID Name Pokémon Description
0x0010 Color Change Kecleon The Pokémon’s type becomes the type of the move used on it.
0x0028 Magma Armor Slugma-line, Camerupt The Pokémon is covered with hot magma, which prevents the Pokémon from becoming frozen.
The number of cycles needed to hatch an egg are halved if a Pokémon with this ability is in the first slot of the party.
0x003B Forecast Castform The Pokémon transforms with the weather to change its type to Water, Fire, or Ice.
0x004A Pure Power Meditite-line Using its pure power, the Pokémon doubles its Attack stat.
0x005A Poison Heal Shroomish-line, Gliscor Restores HP if the Pokémon is poisoned instead of losing HP.
0x0060 Normalize Skitty-line All the Pokémon’s moves become Normal type. The power of those moves is boosted a little.
0x0079 Multitype Arceus Changes the Pokémon’s type to match the Plate or Z-Crystal it holds.
0x007B Bad Dreams Darkrai Reduces the HP of sleeping opposing Pokémon.
0x0089 Toxic Boost Zangoose Powers up physical attacks when the Pokémon is poisoned.
0x00A8 Protean Froakie-line, Kecleon Changes the Pokémon’s type to the type of the move it’s about to use.
0x00B3 Grass Pelt Skiddo-line Boosts the Pokémon’s Defense stat on Grassy Terrain.
0x00B8 Aerilate Mega Pinsir, Mega Salamence Normal-type moves become Flying-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little.
0x00B9 Parental Bond Mega Kangaskhan Parent and child each attacks.
0x00BD Primordial Sea Primal Kyogre The Pokémon changes the weather to nullify Fire-type attacks.
0x00BE Desolate Land Primal Groudon The Pokémon changes the weather to nullify Water-type attacks.
0x00BF Delta Stream Mega Rayquaza The Pokémon changes the weather to eliminate all of the Flying type’s weaknesses.
0x00C5 Shields Down Minior When its HP becomes half or less, the Pokémon’s shell breaks and it becomes aggressive.
0x00CE Galvanize Alolan Geodude-line Normal-type moves become Electric-type moves. The power of those moves is boosted a little.
0x00D2 Battle Bond Ash-Greninja Defeating an opposing Pokémon strengthens the Pokémon’s bond with its Trainer, and it becomes Ash-Greninja. Water Shuriken gets more powerful.
0x00D5 Comatose Komala It’s always drowsing and will never wake up. It can attack without waking up.
0x00D8 Dancer Oricorio When another Pokémon uses a dance move, it can use a dance move following it regardless of its Speed.
0x00DB Dazzling Bruxish Surprises the opposing Pokémon, making it unable to attack using priority moves.
0x00DF Power of Alchemy Alolan Grimer-line The Pokémon copies the Ability of a defeated ally.
0x00E9 Neuroforce Ultra Necrozma Powers up moves that are super effective.