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pop'n music 8 (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

pop'n music 8

Developers: Konami Computer Entertainment Studios[1], Konami Software Shanghai[2]
Publisher: Konami[1]
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: July 3, 2003[1]

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A home port of Konami's pop'n music 8 arcade rhythm game. It is known to be the first installment in the series to have some involvement by Konami's Shanghai branch, which contributed with some of the new character designs.

Unused Graphics

NOTE: None of the graphics listed below have proper filenames; the names are given based on the order in which they are present in IMAGE.DAT.

Title Screen

File 4 contains the assets seen in the game's title screen. Within it, are also some leftover graphics from the game's original arcade release, including those for the coin counter, the stage number indicator, and even for the shop number ID seen in the top right corner of the screen.

Popn8PS2-redbutton1.png Popn8PS2-redbutton2.png
Popn8PS2-redbutton3.png Popn8PS2-redbutton4.png
Popn8PS2-redbutton9.png Popn8PS2-redbuttonA.png
Popn8PS2-redbutton5.png Popn8PS2-redbutton6.png
Popn8PS2-redbutton7.png Popn8PS2-redbutton8.png

Popn8PS2-shopID.png Popn8PS2-shopID0.pngPopn8PS2-shopID1.pngPopn8PS2-shopID2.pngPopn8PS2-shopID3.pngPopn8PS2-shopID4.pngPopn8PS2-shopID5.pngPopn8PS2-shopID6.pngPopn8PS2-shopID7.pngPopn8PS2-shopID8.pngPopn8PS2-shopID9.png




There also exists graphics for a "Debug" button, but the function itself does not seem to exist anymore. Using the following codes can make it appear in the title screen:

0019321c 28a20010
00193244 28620009
0019324c 24630009
00193258 2463fff7
00193228 28a10008
00193230 28a1000f
001932d4 28620009
001932dc 24630009
001932e8 2463fff7
00193080 24020008
0019308c 28420009


(Source: punk7890 & WindyFairy (code))

Unused Character Icons

File 6 contains the character icons seen in both the mode selection screen and during gameplay when using the "Character Pop-kun" ojama. Many of these never actually seem to appear due to its respective characters not being in the game.

Icons Character Song
Popn8PS2-walkerICON1.pngPopn8PS2-walkerICON2.png WALKER [7] Passacaglia (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-ninaICON1.pngPopn8PS2-ninaICON2.png Nina [7] Betty Boo (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-nancyICON1.pngPopn8PS2-nancyICON2.png NANCY [7] GET THE CHANCE! (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-cyberICON1.pngPopn8PS2-cyberICON2.png Cyber [7] CHICKEN CHASER (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-sandayICON1.pngPopn8PS2-sandayICON2.png Sanday [7] Disco typhoon (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-macICON1.pngPopn8PS2-macICON2.png Mac [7] Tropical Palette (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-kagomeICON1.pngPopn8PS2-kagomeICON2.png Kagome [7] platonic love (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-cookieICON1.pngPopn8PS2-cookieICON2.png COOKIE [7] S-S-L ~Super Special Love~ (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-judy7ICON1.pngPopn8PS2-judy7ICON2.png JUDY [7] Junai surrender (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-mzd5ICON1.pngPopn8PS2-mzd5ICON2.png MZD [5-ENKA] Oedo hanafubuki TEYAN-day MIX (pop'n music 5)
Popn8PS2-peetanICON1.pngPopn8PS2-peetanICON2.png Peetan [7] Free pass (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-pepeICON1.pngPopn8PS2-pepeICON2.png PePe [7] GLORIA (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-poet7ICON1.pngPopn8PS2-poet7ICON2.pngPopn8PS2-poet7ICON3.pngPopn8PS2-poet7ICON4.png Poet [7] HAPPY MUSIC (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-prettyICON1.pngPopn8PS2-prettyICON2.png pretty [7] Sweets (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-rie7ICON1.pngPopn8PS2-rie7ICON2.pngPopn8PS2-rie7ICON3.pngPopn8PS2-rie7ICON4.png RIE-chan [7] Dimanche (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-yoshioICON1.pngPopn8PS2-yoshioICON2.png YOSHIO [7] SA-DA-ME (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-yangICON1.pngPopn8PS2-yangICON2.png Yang-Yang [7] Jiayou! Genkizaru! (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-sebasICON1.pngPopn8PS2-sebasICON2.png SEBAS-chan [7] EXCALIBUR (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-risette7ICON1.pngPopn8PS2-risette7ICON2.pngPopn8PS2-risette7ICON3.pngPopn8PS2-risette7ICON4.png risette [7] Camomile bathroom (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-murasakiICON1.pngPopn8PS2-murasakiICON2.png Murasaki [7] Ringo to hachimitsu (pop'n music 7)
Popn8PS2-timerICON1.pngPopn8PS2-timerICON2.pngPopn8PS2-timerICON3.pngPopn8PS2-timerICON4.png Timer [6] Hashirinukeru kimi e, Hurry up! (pop'n music 6)
Popn8PS2-zizzICON1.pngPopn8PS2-zizzICON2.png Zizz [7] Denki ningyou (pop'n music 7)

Artist Graphics

File 34 contains the artist graphics seen when selecting a song. Much like the unused icons, there's a lot of unused graphics; many of them are arcade leftovers.

Graphic Song
Yuko Sensawa Sazae-san ikka (pop'n music 6)
Mami Nakayama Candy Candy (pop'n music 6)
Masayuki Yamamoto to Mori no ki jidou gasshoudan Yatterman no uta (pop'n music 6)
Mickey Masashi Tobe! Gundam (pop'n music 6)
(C)1974 by WATANABE MUSIC PUBLISHING CO.,LTD. Taiyou ni hoero no theme (pop'n music 6)
Parquets Suimin bousouku (pop'n music 6)
Sanae Shintani Yoake no michi (pop'n music 6)
Isao Sasaki Uchuu senkan Yamato (pop'n music 7)
Mami Nakayama Bara wa utsukushiku chiru (pop'n music 7)
kaco Lum no love song (pop'n music 7)
Nazonazo Papa Hajimete no chuu (pop'n music 7)
good-cool feat. Hideo Suwa SA-DA-ME (pop'n music 7)
SENAX Betty Boo (pop'n music 7)
Panda Banda Free pass (pop'n music 7)
Anettai Maji-SKA Bakudan feat.MAKI Ringo to hachimitsu (pop'n music 7)
natural bear Sweets (pop'n music 7)
Freddie Hatae to Eleharmonica Denki ningyou (pop'n music 7)
V.C.O. CHICKEN CHASER (pop'n music 7)
POST MODERN Passacaglia (pop'n music 7)
Mr.T Tropical Palette (pop'n music 7)
Orange Lounge Dimanche (pop'n music 7)
Yuu Tokiwa Camomile bathroom (pop'n music 7)
Shoichiro Hirata feat. Yumi Kawamura S-S-L ~Super Special Love~ (pop'n music 7)
N.A.R.D platonic love (pop'n music 7)
Seijou Sarugakudan Jiayou! Genkizaru! (pop'n music 7)
PRIORITY feat.Sana Disco typhoon (pop'n music 7)
Rock'n'roll King Kantan na koto dakedo taisetsu na mono (pop'n music 7)
The Chops Junai surrender (pop'n music 7)
Parquets HAPPY MUSIC (pop'n music 7)
St.Naya~n GLORIA (pop'n music 7)
NL&P EXCALIBUR (pop'n music 7)
Kaori Takada Minashigo Hutch (pop'n music 8)

Unused (New) Character Sprites

The character Elle [CS8], whose files are contained in Files 511 for the 1P palette and 510 for 2P, contain an unused sprite. Do note that the iteration of this character seen in pop'n music 4 has a similar sprite seen in the song selection screen, as well as before the song starts in the PlayStation and Dreamcast ports of the game, and that, considering this new variation seems to be a redrawn version of that, this sprite could have simply been redrawn without knowing it was no longer used.


Unused Characters

There's also three unused characters within the game's data; the Nyami variants for the songs Minashigo Hutch and THUNDER BIRDS, which are the two new licenses from the original arcade release that are absent from this home port, and the MZD variant from Oedo hanafubuki TEYAN-day MIX. This latter character can also be found unused in the arcade version, as that song is not present in there either.


File 195

File 994

Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-n (1).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-n (2).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-n (3).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-n (4).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-n (5).png Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-n (6).png Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-n (7).png

Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-g (1).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-g (2).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-g (3).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-g (4).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-g (5).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-g (6).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-g (7).png

Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (1).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (2).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (3).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (4).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (5).png Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (6).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (7).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (8).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (9).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (10).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (11).png Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (12).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (13).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (14).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (15).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (16).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (17).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (18).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (19).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-f (20).png

Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-m (0).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-m (1).png

Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-m (4).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-m (2).png

Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-m (5).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-m (3).png

Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-m (6).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-m (7).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-w (3).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-w (1).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-w (2).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-w (5).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-w (4).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-w (6).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-w (7).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-w (8).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (1).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (2).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (3).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (4).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (5).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (6).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (7).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (8).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (9).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (10).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (11).png
Popn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (12).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (13).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (14).pngPopn8PS2-nyamiTB-l (15).png

Nyami [TV&ANIME-8]

File 79

File 997
Popn8PS2-nyami8-n (1).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-n (2).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-n (3).png

Popn8PS2-nyami8-g (1).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-g (2).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-g (3).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-g (4).png

Popn8PS2-nyami8-m (1).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-m (2).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-m (3).png

Popn8PS2-nyami8-o (1).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-o (2).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-o (3).png

Popn8PS2-nyami8-d (1).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (2).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (3).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (4).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (5).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (6).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (7).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (8).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (9).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (10).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (11).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (12).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-d (13).png

Popn8PS2-nyami8-w (1).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (2).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (3).png
Popn8PS2-nyami8-w (4).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (5).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (6).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (7).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (8).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (9).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (10).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (11).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (12).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (13).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (14).pngPopn8PS2-nyami8-w (15).png


File 138

File 1000

Popn8PS2-mzd5-n (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-n (2).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-n (3).png


Popn8PS2-mzd5-g (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-g (2).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-g (3).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-g (4).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-g (5).png

Popn8PS2-mzd5-f (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-f (2).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-f (3).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-f (4).png

Popn8PS2-mzd5-l (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-l (2).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-l (3).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-l (4).png

Popn8PS2-mzd5-w (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-w (2).png

Popn8PS2-mzd5-fw (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-fw (2).png
Popn8PS2-mzd5-fw (3).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-fw (4).png

Popn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (2).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (3).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (4).png
Popn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (5).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (6).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (7).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (8).png
Popn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (9).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (10).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-spkr (11).png

Popn8PS2-mzd5-vinyl (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-vinyl (2).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-vinyl (3).png

Popn8PS2-mzd5-scr (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scr (2).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scr (3).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scr (4).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scr (5).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scr (6).png
Popn8PS2-mzd5-scrG (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scrG (2).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scrG (3).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scrG (4).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scrG (5).png
Popn8PS2-mzd5-scrM (1).pngPopn8PS2-mzd5-scrM (2).png

(Special thanks: W.F.)