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pop'n music Animelo

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Title Screen

pop'n music Animelo

Developer: Konami GMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami FireBeat)
Released in JP: March 2, 2000

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

pop'n music Animelo is the first of two anime-focused releases of the rhythm game franchise.

Unused Graphics

The game's program data contains early versions for three files, dated around two weeks earlier than their final counterparts.


An early version of howto_1.gcz/howto_1.xcz, which is displayed in the How To Play screen.

Early Final
PopnANIMELO-howtoEARLY.png PopnANIMELO-howtoFINAL.png
  • The standalone button graphics are slightly smaller in the early graphic.
  • The receptor area in the gameplay HUD graphic is orange in the early graphic, while the final is colored purple.


Early versions of title_1.gcz and title_2.gcz, respectively, which are displayed in the song selection menu.

Early Final
PopnANIMELO-title1EARLY.png PopnANIMELO-title1FINAL.png
  • The outlines in the Tiger Mask logo were slightly tweaked.
  • The early graphic does not feature sprites for SAKI and the Setagaya Jidou Gasshoudan, who were credited as vocalists for several of the game's songs.
Early Final
PopnANIMELO-title2EARLY.png PopnANIMELO-title2FINAL.png
  • The logo for Himitsu no Akko-chan is positioned slightly differently.
  • The outlines for the song title names are much bolder in the final graphic.
  • The title sprites for the songs Getter robo! and Makafushigi adventure! lack their exclamation marks in the early graphic.
(Source: tikal.)

Development Text

Security Strings

The game's security strings, present at 0x5123C of a decompressed FIREBEAT.EXE, all consist of lyrics for several playable songs:

String Song
Saint shinwa ~soldier dream~
Kinnikuman Go Fight!
Makafushigi adventure!
Hana no ko Lunlun
Majokko Megu-chan
Moonlight densetsu
Cutie honey
(Source: tikal.)

Build Date

A build date can be found as the title of the main program ISO:

(Source: tikal.)

License Over Mode

pop'n music Animelo has a rather unique licensing arrangement with, presumably, Toei Animation; five years after the listed starting date (February 28th, 2000), the startup screen will show a teal LICENSED PERIOD IS OVER notice. Although this doesn't affect gameplay at all, this mode will completely remove any graphics relating to the anime that the songs in the game come from. This mode would later return in the second game.

As the game released at the beginning of March of 2000, these graphics would only have been visible until (approximately) March of 2005

Well, the nice teal color makes this seem a bit nicer than the sequel

Title Screen

License No License
All your favorites! Also all your favorites, if you only like this game's logo!

The title screen removes the Toei Animation logo, as well as the series logos tiled in the background.

The attract mode was also completely removed, removing the little slideshow of the featured series and their characters.


Song Selection

License No License
Change, Getter!! It's what it says on the tin, I guess.
Popnanm-songname.png Popnanm-songnameover.png

The song selection screen removes the copyright text and the big ol' series logo, replacing it with stylized text. Additionally, this change carries over to the song start screen after selection.

Song Artwork

License No License
Manly, unbreakable bonds!! ...did Getter-1 take a sick day?

The artwork that appears after clearing a stage is removed, and replaced by the pop'n character assigned to that song along with the song name. The series title in the background is also removed.

This screenshot brought to you by Vegeta This screenshot brought to you by Juzo Kabuto

Curiously though, the graphics in-game do not change. Specifically, the specialized borders for each song are not removed, meaning stuff like the extremely obvious Mazinger Z chest on Mazinger Z are still very much visible.

Scoring Screens

License No License
It just feels right! I certainly am All Stage Cleared, I certainly am.

The logos have been excised from the score summary.

(Source: Original TCRF research)