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Power Stone Collection

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Title Screen

Power Stone Collection

Also known as: Power Stone Portable (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: November 30, 2006
Released in US: October 31, 2006
Released in EU: October 20, 2006
Released in AU: October 25, 2006

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Power Stone Collection is a compilation of Power Stone and Power Stone 2.

Unused Graphics

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The game contains some leftovers from the original games, like VMU related content not used in the collection. By using cheats for infinite money in Power Stone 2, you'll bypass the 99,999,999G amount and it'll actually be at 999,999,999G which lets one purchase multiple Emperor's Crowns. If you attempt to purchase 11 of them, this graphic leftover from the Dreamcast version will load.
Power Stone Collection-VMU.png
The file \data\cmn\pwsc_jam_u.imp is an image with the message "COMING SOON".

Regional Differences

In both games, Falcon is named Fokker in Japan. While fitting for the aviator, it was probably changed due to sounding offensive in English.

Power Stone

The Japanese opening scene has three narrations instead of one, which are presented in the same order: The first by a male voice (Jurouta Kosugi), the second by a female voice (Sakiko Tamagawa), and the third is in English. Only the English one is kept outside Japan (the audio files are still on the UMD, albeit unused).

The opening has Japanese subtitles with the English text, and the characters have nicknames alongside their names, like 赤い疾風 ("Red Gale") for Falcon. Curiously, translations of those nicknames (Red Whirlwind for Falcon) became the name of their transformations in the English PSP manual.

Power Stone 2

All voices of Mel and Pride from the Item Shop were removed (the audio files are still on the UMD, albeit unused).

Similar to the first game, the opening scene has an English and Japanese narration. The Japanese narration was dropped in overseas versions.

New & Removed Content

Several new features have been added to the original games, and a few removed. Below is a list for each game.

Power Stone

  • The ability to unlock and play as Pete, Julia, Gourmand, and Accel.

Power Stone 2

  • The ability to unlock and play as Kraken and Valgas.
  • VMU item features have been removed.
  • 12 new items have been added, including:
    • Soccer Ball (#122)
    • Crystal Ball (#123)
    • Twin Potion (#124)
    • Amenomurakumo (#125)
    • Decoy Bomb (#126)
    • Giant Boots (#127)
    • Manches Chainsaw (#128)
    • Totem Hammer (#129)
    • Turbo Helmet (#130)
    • Stone Sweeper (#131)
    • Wok Gun (#132)
    • Thunderbolt Rider (#133)